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1. Focus of bedroom Much of his work focuses on sex and sexuality. "In my work I try to use 'sex' or the body as this thing that does not create boundaries or separation with an audience, but instead gives my audience back their humanity." He is openly gay. ------ 2. History of bedroom Members of the group have attacked asylum accommodations with explosives and conducted several attacks on refugee supporters. In March 2018 FTL members were convicted of founding a terrorist organization and some in attempting murder. Members of FTL/360 got support by some citizens of Freital, members of the group met in a pub of an AfD member on a regular term.

Members of Gruppe Freital had first met in the summer of 2015 during protests against a refugee home in the Saxon city of Freital. Timo Schulz, a neo-nazi originally from Hamburg, worked as a bus driver in Freital and was leader of the terrorist gang. They used explosives to attack foreigners and refugee workers, and attacked Michael Richter, a politician from the Left party (Die Linke).

In March 2016 federal police GSG9 arrested five members of FTL/360 in Freital. Later, seven men and one woman were accused of terrorist crimes. An attack on a refugee apartment was assessed by the Dresden Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht Dresden) as an attempted murder: FTL/360 members had pushed high explosive firecrackers through the windows into the bedroom of refugees while they were sleeping. ------ 3. Brontez Purnell of bedroom Brontez Purnell is an Oakland-based writer, musician, dancer, and director. He is the author of the books The Cruising Diaries (2014), Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger (2015), and Since I Laid My Burden Down (2017) and the zine Fag School; frontman for the punk band The Younger Lovers; and founder of the Brontez Purnell Dance Company. ------ 4. Biography of bedroom Purnell grew up in Triana, Alabama where he created his first zine, Schlepp Fanzine, when he was fourteen years old. After moving to Oakland at 19, he created Fag School out of "wanting there to be a Sassy for gay boys." "I hadn't really seen a zine or at least a personal gay zine that dealt with the difficult subject of gay sex with both humor and frank talk. It covered some real issues."

His electro rock band Gravy Train!!!! gained national prominence for their live shows. His punk band The Younger Lovers started in 2003 as a bedroom demo project. ------ 5. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Grove Road, Harrogate (North Yorkshire) of bedroom The Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is a Grade II listed building in Grove Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. It was built in 1896 as a 1000-seat Wesleyan Methodist chapel but has since been converted into a six-bedroom house.

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  • Awards of Table Lamp

    Poulton's designs have won numerous awards, including seven French "Etoile de l'Observeur du Design" prizes, twelve German Red Dot Design Awards, five German "IF" International Forum Design prizes, three French "Janus de l'industrie" awards, two "Recommendation Premio Compasso d'Oro" and the "Best of The Best" Red Dot Design Awards in 1994 and 2007. Poulton has also been a judge of international design competitions including the 'IF' International Forum Design Award and the Hong Kong Design Award (HKDA) in 2018.

    2017 European Product Design Award, Gold Winner, USA : 'Chromé', hard drive, designed for LaCie.

    2017 European Product Design Award, Silver Winner, USA : 'Scopas', pendant light designed for Artemide.

    2016 International Design Award Silver Winner, USA : 'Scopas', pendant light designed for Artemide.

    2016 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Chromé', hard drive, designed for LaCie.

    2016 Label de l'observeur du design 2016, France : 'Mobi-One' terminal, designed for Mobi-Rider.

    2016 Label de l'observeur du design 2016, France : 'd2 Thunderbolt2' hard drive, designed for LaCie.

    2014 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Rea', wall lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2013 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Scopas', designed for Artemide.

    2011 "Menzione d'Onore Premio Compasso d'Oro ADI" : 'Veio' Table Lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2010 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Sound2 Speakers', designed for LaCie.

    2009 'G -Mark' Award, Japan : '5big' RAID server.

    2009 'IF' International Forum Design, Germany, Award Winner : '5big' RAID server.

    2009 Red Dot Design Award Winner : '5big' RAID server.

    2009 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Lacinema Rugged'.

    2008 'Janus De l'Industrie' Award, France : 5big' RAID server.

    2008 "Recommendation Premio Compasso d'Oro" : 'Talak' Table Lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2008 Time Magazine "Design 100" Selection : 'Firewire Speakers'.

    2008 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Hard Disk Designed By Neil Poulton'.

    2008 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 2 Big' hard drive.

    2008 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : '2 Big' hard drive.

    2008 Étoile de l'Observeur du Design Award :'Nessie' lighting system in Ductal concrete, designed for Atelier Sedap.

    2008 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' Award :'Firewire Speakers'.

    2007 'Janus De l'Industrie' Award, France : 'Firewire Speakers'.

    2007 Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' Award : 'Little Big Disk'.

    2007 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : 'Little Big Disk'.

    2007 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' : 'Rugged' hard drive.

    2006 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Rugged' hard drive.

    2006 Red Dot Design Award 'Best of the Best' Award Winner : 'Talak' table lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2006 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' : 'Talak' table lamp.

    2003 APCI 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' : 'D2' hard drive range.

    2003 'Augusto Morello 3rd Edition/Intel Design Prize' : 'Talo' lighting system, designed for Artemide.

    2002 APCI 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 APCI 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Design Zentrum, Germany : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 "Recommendation Premio Compasso d'Oro" : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2000 'Design Plus Lighting + Building' Prize, Germany : 'Surf' lighting system, designed for Artemide.

    1999 'Janus De l'Industrie' Paris, France : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'Red Dot Best of the Best' Winner : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'Parcours Design' Prize, Batimat Trade Fair, Paris : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'Smau Industrial Design Award' :'TX8000 Raid Tower'.

    1995 'Design Oscar', Paris, France : 'Click!' table lamps for Vianne/Domec.

    1995 'Mat De Bronze', France : 'Eclipse' & 'Bolide' wall lamps for Atelier Sedap.

    1994 Red Dot Design Award 'Best of the Best Product Design' Award Winner : 'Coq' disk drive for électronique d2.

    1994 'BBC Design Awards' Nomination : 'Coq', disk drive.

    1985 SIAD Chartered Society of Designers Product Designer of the Year (Student Medal), London, UK.

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  • Why Is Indian Railways Not Planning to Have Automatic Doors in Trains Similar to Metro, As This Will Help in Preventing Crimes and Illegal Travelling?

    Metro trains do have automatic doors since these are exclusively for suburban passengers of short-distance travel. Hence it necessitates having automatic doors since mainly plying on underground and elevated areas, taking in to affect the safety of passengers onboard.In normal trains, these may not work out, because of distance, nature of trains like exp or mail, loading, and unloading of luggage of passengers have to be taken into consideration.

    Even at times, there are hundreds of passengers who enter the train and the existence of automatic door is likely to cause hindrance to passengers by the way of accidents etcu2026Why is Indian Railways not planning to have automatic doors in trains similar to metro, as this will help in preventing crimes and illegal travelling?

  • Why Don't Automatic Doors Ever Open Quickly Enough so that I Can Walk Through Without Breaking My Stride?

    Inertia. Those kinds of doors are typically very heavy, thick tempered glass so they can't be easily broken. It takes a lot of energy to start one moving. The sensor can't sense you when you're a long way from the door and start opening early, because it would detect random passers-by and open unnecessarily.

    That would waste electricity and let the heat out. It could be done with more powerful motors, but it's probably not worth the expense.Why don't automatic doors ever open quickly enough so that I can walk through without breaking my stride?.

  • What Is the Difference Between Executive Chairs and Mesh Chairs?

    Image sourceThis image is of executive chair. Executive chairs are more likely to be thick and with wheels having long back seating. Executive chairs are purchased for executive of the company to be placed in center of their cabin, something like the picture below.

    Mesh chairs are also used foroffice decor. Mesh chairs are precisely made of the mesh forming units in their back. Well, these chairs are something which most the offices have for their working staff.

    See the image of the mesh chair below.

    Image source.

  • Is It Bad to Manually Pull on Automatic Doors on a Car?

    It can be. At work they're the bane of our job because there's 3 types of electric doors. These doors have a motor, piston and likely actuators by forcing them you're literally pushing against the motors and could strip the teeth or burn the motor by making it go against its design of a slow steady speed. The actuators could get stuck because they've been exceeded ame with the pistons.

    Most non-automatics have higher heights than the automatics thus has to do with both gravity and mechanical exertion. See a door frame is fairly flexible and easily warps the more pulling upon 1 side there is which most electric systems have 1 motor for pulling/pushing and can't effectively be used both sides.Fully electric- These are our bane as you pull and it opens itself and cannot be turned off only stopped and direction changed.

    Very convenient for lazy people or ones with children but wholly unnecessary. These can be dangerous especially if it has an auto lock upon closing that's also electric.Semi-Electric- We love these doors as they allow us to work in or near at our needs dicatate.

    The first pull opens the door second pull again at any point disengages the electrics and it's now manual and can be reset by pushing all open or shutting the door. They also allow for emergency exit in event of power loss.Assisted electric- These are funny ones as they are often only seen on really big heavy doors or on specialty vehicles and often times get ignored by everybody.

    The mechanism is operated by a lever and it activates the motor disengaging the door latch and opens it wide. They're often seen on physically disabled Vans or upon certain emergency vehicles to prevent crowding and allow for minimal assistance that can be easily averted. The added benefit is they can be operated as normal doors without any special system in place like on semi-electrics where you use the handle twice or flip switches.

    In short if you don't want automatic doors then disable the feature on the drivers controls or with the settings if it's new enough. Just don't break the motors they're extremely expensive to replace in most vehicles due to accessing them being difficult. At my work we've replaced on one van alone the electric motor 3 times because someone forgets and forces the damn ramp door open breaking the motor and its actuator badly!Is it bad to manually pull on automatic doors on a car?.

  • What Is the Program Code for Automatic Door Opening System Using Arduino and PIR Sensor?

    You will also need 12v Electronic Lock. I bought them from banggood with free shipping. Check the links below:12v Electric Lock( 27x29x18mm)12 v Electric Lock (53 x 39 x 25mm)You will also need to use transistor as a switch to supply 12v DC to the lock.Code:int lock = 13; // choose the pin for the Lock (via Transistor)int inputPin = 2; // choose the input pin (for PIR sensor)int pirState = LOW; // we start, assuming no motion detectedint val = 0; // variable for reading the pin statusvoid setup() {pinMode(lock, OUTPUT); // declare Lock as outputpinMode(inputPin, INPUT); // declare sensor as inputSeria.

    begin(9600) //optional if debugging required}void loop(){val = digitalRead(inputPin); // read input valueif (val == HIGH) { // check if the input is HIGHdigitalWrite(lock, HIGH); // turn Lock Opendelay(2000) //keep the lock open for 2 secondsif (pirState == LOW) {// we have just opened the lockSerial.println("Motion detected!");pirState = HIGH;}} else {digitalWrite(lock, LOW); // //Locked againif (pirState == HIGH){// since no motion is detectedSerial.println("Motion ended!");pirState = LOW;}}}What is the program code for Automatic door opening system using Arduino and PIR sensor?.

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Best Center for Quality and Affordable Kids Bedroom Furniture in India
Kids room is one of the important part of home. You should not avoid this room because this is important for your kids growth and development. Decorate your kids room with attractive furniture and create a new world for him. Furniture such as wardrobe, study table and many more will definitely make their room attractive. You can buy Kids Bedroom Furniture in India at Habios with ensured quality. A range of colors and designs will surely attract you and your kids as well. Why you should consider special furniture for your kidsEvery kid is special and needs special care and attention. Our Kids Furniture in Delhi are made and designed especially for this purpose. You can help your kids to learn various things and make them involved in various activities with these furniture. For example, you can help your kids to learn how they can arrange their stuff in an attractive wardrobe.What you will get at this Kids furniture shop in DelhiHabios is offering a wide range of variety, colors, and designs. Here you are going to find quality and genuine price range. Variation in range and designsHere you can find a variety of designs and colors in Kids Bedroom Furniture in India. You can bring contemporary chair, classy pouf, clock, wall decor, table top, garden and kitchen decor items, and many more. Apart from dedicated kids furniture, we are also offering you a lot of other decorative items that will give a unique look to your home. In fact you will get a perfect piece of furniture and decor items for kitchen, garden, living room, library and other parts of your home.Customized theme based furnitureIf you are willing to decorate your princess room based on Cinderella story or you want to decorate it with any other fancy story based theme, you will get all the furniture and stuff at our center. There is no need to say that you will get solution for your demand. Just come with an idea or you can get an idea at our center too; we will help you to design your kids room with perfect furniture and stuff that your kids will definitely love.We are providing a perfect solution for your home. Bring comfort and design and give a modish look to your home with our furniture. For more information, visit our website or center for Kids Furniture in Delhi RELATED QUESTION What are the steps to design a coffee shop interior? I think that the first thing to realise and to convey to your designer is that you are trying to build a financially sustainable business, not providing a 'home away from home' for you and your friends nor create a work of art to simply be admired. With this in mind, making something so comfortable and appealing that people sit for hours on a cup of coffee or two, may actually be the worst thing you can do to build a financially sustainable business. Think about how the financially successfully fast-food chains design and fittout their premises. You may not want to copy their materials but the underpinning principles and concepts should not be ignored. See, business is 'hard nosed'. It needs turnover and a reasonable financial return on all assets invested, including the interior design. It craves easy maintenance, hard-to-break fittouts that maximises the number of 'bums on seats' in the available space. Having bland, impervious and functional surfaces is more important to your profits and hygiene requirements in a coffee shop than how it may look and feel to you and your customers. Coffee shop interior design is not about creating a painting to hang admired and untouched in some exclusive gallery. Hopefully you are building a financially sustainable business where hundreds of customers each day, will tramp through the space bringing in the street grit, spilling their drinks, dropping their food and putting their feet in places you never expected. So for me, with the many coffee shops that I have built and operated, the visual designer's job was to make my very functional, easy maintenance, ergonomically laid-out and turnover maximising space as aesthetically pleasing as possible . not the other way round. There are secrets to a successful coffee shop and one of those is to rely on experience when opening one. So step 1 is to only work with people who have both built and managed coffee shops and get them to help you with the layout, seating arrangements, customer flow patterns, food/drink production system and service/payment process. Once that has been designed to ensure a financially sustainable business, then engage whoever you like to create the shop themes and aesthetic pleasing visuals. As an inexperienced non-professional owner, your role in the process is to make sure you don't blow your budget, that you ask the 'why' questions about everything and that you engage the right people to help you with the design, approvals and construction. Anyway, in a very busy and successful coffee shop, your customers are less likely to remember the interior design or visual theme, but will never forget this . a warm, welcoming, friendly smile. So the steps would be: Determine your target market, point of difference and assortment - read this Select a site based on the above Engage an experienced coffee shop builder/operator to help you layout the seating arrangements, customer flow patterns, food/drink production system and service/payment process Engage an architect to convert your ideas into drawings and plans Get plans approved by the local health/food authority Engage a contractor to fittout the premises according to the plans Apply the visual finishes (paint, graphic design, decor) Add the furnishings Open
Kids Bedroom Furniture and Toddler Bed in Singapore Online at Competitive Prices
Choosing the best quality and highly advanced kids bedroom furniture or bringing home the new range of latest toddler bed in Singapore is easy and hassle-free now. For this, what all you have to do is find a reliable store or reach manufacturer directly. You will find a number of reputed names that are bringing you a variety of kids bedroom furniture. Among some of the top names that are offering you them at competitive prices, name of Piccolo-House comes on the top.The leading company has carved a special niche within a very short span of time for crafting a variety of pieces from solid wood and finished with non-toxic paint. These products are made with your family in mind; while you will find modular beds, thematic cabinetries, play desks and all essential storages that cater to your every need. They also maintain a wide range of bed frames and mattresses.There is a lot more that you will get from Piccolo-House. Prices are competitive and will be in your budget; while you can place your order from anywhere and anytime. Main motive of the store owners is to fulfill requirement of parents for the most contemporary bedroom for their kids. So dont wait for more, place your order for Kids bedroom furniture, toddler bed in Singapore or bunk bed in Singapore RELATED QUESTION Does X Product Exist?: Yes, there is an automatic opener/closer for room doors. You can buy stainless steel door closer for automatic closing of your room doors. This door closer comes with adjustable closing force and adjustable closing speed. It also combines a hinge & door closer in one product.This door closer also offers following features:Stainless Steel: No maintenance and save time and moneyInternationally recognized durability: Save you the cost of re-purchasing the fragile door closersPatented speed controllers: Intuitive and fast adjustmentVersatile adaptation: Fitting for doors of all kindsUS ADA standard: Light and effortless door openingDoes X Product Exist?: Is there an automatic opener/closer for room doors?
Bring the Bathroom into the Bedroom with Bathroom Furniture
With the rising popularity of adding elegantly designed furniture to the bathroom, many people are starting to realise how bathroom furniture can create a consistent theme from an en suite to bedroom. Most traditional bedroom setups favour the warmth and classic design of wooden furniture and with wooden bathroom furniture currently taking centre stage within interior design trends, it seems that anyone can achieve a coordinated bathroom and bedroom setting. Although this design look works best with an adjoining bedroom and en suite, those with a separate bathroom don't have to miss out on the trend as the look can work just as well with a continual theme throughout the home. Achieving the trend in your own home simply requires adding furniture to the bathroom that wouldn't look out of place in the bedroom. Furniture that falls under this category includes vanity units. Choosing a vanity unit with a classic wooden finish would instantly pay a nod to the bedroom decor of a country home or any traditionally styled bedroom. If the vanity unit also has a chest of drawers this again lends a similar design to bedroom furniture due to how popular it is for people to add chest of drawers to the bedroom. By having a vanity unit in a similar design to the furniture within the bedroom, it creates that chic and continuous theme - certain to gain both rooms some interior design credit. The important thing to remember when creating this design theme in your own home is to opt for traditional units rather than modern. Having modern storage units or a contemporary styled vanity unit in an en suite would clash against the traditional vibe of the bedroom. A vital aspect of this design trend is to make sure you purchase furniture in a similar finish or colour to the furniture in your existing bedroom. If your bedroom favours dark wooden pieces over light wooden finishes then make sure you select bathroom furniture in a similar finish to effortlessly create a sense of continuity from bedroom to bathroom. For those who don't want to take this trend fully on board, there are ways that you can pay a subtle nod to the trend. As there is a whole host of different furniture units you could choose, simply choosing a storage unit or bathroom cabinet in a complementing wooden finish to furniture in your bedroom will pull of the continual theme in an understated yet sophisticated fashion.
Elegant Bedroom Designs That You Fall in Love with |Live Enhanced
Whatever the age is, the bedroom is the place where you want to sleep like a baby and enjoy your most private space and cut-off from the world. To have this pleasure at its highest, Live Enhanced has some fabulous and elegant bedroom designs you will surely fall in love with.In modern dcor, you can never fail by going with the Less is More rule. Going for monochromatic design by mixing the muted but modern colors such as grey, white, and neon and having classic wallpaper over the headboard will make it irresistible to jump into the bed. Combine this with some decent and minimalist fixtures. You can also add a moon photographic print to make it more unique. A bedroom is more beautiful when it is kept soft, cozy and simple. White and rose gold is the ultimate colors to make your bedroom have the desired sophistication and elegance. Go for furnishing for only the things you need as anything more than that is clutter. The most essential thing to enjoy your dreamy retreat is going all white with high rise ceilings and only the essential pieces of furniture having a pop of dark color. Dont overlook the ceiling as its the fifth wall and decorating it with silver-leafed ceilings or chandelier of a crystal will be pure elegance and keeping it open to sunlight will make the room feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner.Elegance is recognizing the huge change a simple color can make to your room. Going all modern and luxurious by adding a touch of purple will make your bedroom a lively and fun place. To make it look something out of the box, mix it with teal to make it gracious. Add small plants to make it more natural. You may know also like to know about 20 Stylish Headboard That Makes Your Bed Beautiful.If you want something more than just regular colors and fixtures, glam up the room with some art deco lighting and an art deco print. Artistic print and paintings work wonders with polka dot prints and patchwork. You can also go for metal work with wall art or magical lightings or mystical moon decor RELATED QUESTION What are POP materials when it comes to advertising? Here are the most common POP signage. The Pop Up Counter These are used when a brand wants to give out product samples or do product demos. Image source: Portable Counters | Exhibition Tables | Fast TAT AUS Wide The Cardboard Display Stands Bunting Flags Bunting flags are not as common as before however a small number of brands still use this. Image source: Shelf Talkers Product Bins These are some of the most popular displays that brands use to promote their products in-store.
Have a Bedroom of Your Little One with Handmade Baby Accessories
One of the best things with the arrival of a baby to the family is the setup of their bedroom or the possibility to make with our own hands that decorates your room. Now, many of these accessories are very useful key factor like the Handmade Baby Accessories which can be found in todays market. Well, the truth is that every mother can put the magic touch that a baby wants on each of the decorative accessories that have a bedroom of your little one. Now, for that little thing, one thing youd want is to do it with little imagination and the assurance that can be done with one hand with full of love. Here, the choices does varies and each of the moms will seek for some particular designs as per her taste and style of decoration that your baby will want to wear. So, it is best to seek for different options and then make a decision knowing which one will suit best. Sorting the babys roomThe clothes of your kid will be one of the problems that mostly concerns to mothers. Fundamentally this has to do with your company and save. In order to do this, you must ensure that the Bamboo Blankets you will choose for the closes have the proper size to the width of the baby. Knowing the size is not a hard chore for mothers as they usually take every detail of their loved ones and child is not so far to reach out.You can find the blankets in lot many online stores that dedicate to sell kids accessories. Here, you can find any type of accessories both in large and small size. This is one of the options, where highly professionals and experience experts make and turn thing into great dcor accessories.Uses of handmade baby accessoriesIf youll spend some time over internet finding for ideas and make Handmade Baby Accessories, you can realize the amount of things that is been done. Here, you can catch a glimpse about the imagination of the people that have made such decorative accessories making it more functional and beautiful. Sometimes, things that are recycled are the bamboo fabrics but you can also recycle accessories of any material including wood. This becomes a matter of taste and utility youd want to give to them.Environment friendly nature of bamboo blanketsBamboos eco-friendly nature arises mostly as it has a high ability to grow quickly. Some varieties grow 3 to 4 feet everyday without any need for water, pesticides, or fertilizers. Now, a typical bamboo grove releases 30 to 40 % more oxygen in air and also matures within a span of 7 years. This help to prevent erosion and also improve soil condition. Further, it grows faster yielding 20 times more timber than any other trees on the same field.The final thought!Finally, these days, customer become environment savvy by using bamboo material like Bamboo Blankets for their baby. It becomes an economical and functional and is great in winter seasons to protect your baby from cold weather. Since these are soft and cozy being made from 100% bamboo, these feel like cashmere and can be availed at a very low price. The range of these blankets offered is large and wide.Joseph Smith is one of the best baby accessories designers who have a deep understanding about baby bed and other accessories. If you want to learn more about Handmade Baby Accessories, you can contact her and avail quick solution to your specific buying needs. Her taste in baby product set is impeccable and advises precious RELATED QUESTION What are the custom packaging boxes? I have wrote a great article about this on our blog some time ago. You can read it here. (Why does a pretty box matter? ). My friend who works in marketing once told me that Packaging is the only marketing channel that reaches 100% of customers. I think there is something in it. Unboxing experience is the thing now and every e-commerce store owner should consider this as a great opportunity to build customer loyalty. Custom packaging can be really easy. For instance if you dont know how to design a custom box you can use Packhelp online editor . If you have any questions regarding custom packaging feel free to PM or visit our website .
Online Shopping for the Ideal Furniture for Your Bedroom
Choose the best, the most comfortable furniture for the bedroom it is all online! And in good time from BangaloreThe word bedroom signifies comfort and a restful space, where you have exclusive priorities, especially for yourself. So what stops you from picking exactly what you need, as per your personal comfort requirements, and then add all those dream fancies you would want like a lovely mattress and comfy pillows, all the other trapping and trimmings. So you now know what you want so how do you begin?Make a list of your requirements Judge the space you have. Space will define all your choice majorly. Zone in on the type of lighting, you will need lights, near the dresser, reading table, while you work, near the headboard if you are a reader. Decide on the size of the bed The other furniture you will want The storage space you will want for clothes The storage you will want for other things in your bedroom. Now that you know what are your priorities you can start browsing online check the many options. While browsing and checking out products, you can also check out customer reviews, and comments about the product. Check for availability and other services. Some vendors, offer services and customization. They go beyond just customization of furniture; they will help with complete interior designing. Help you plan and improvise on the various models you have approved, for better storage and utility, also placement and esthetics. They will in addition help with allied interior designs like wall texturing and cladding as well as laying the flooring also recessing ceiling lights if required. In the event it is a complete redo or a new interior decorating requirement, it would be best to first take cognizance of every detailing and then find a vendor who suits you best. Better still email and consult with a few take in their opinions and ideas as well as the quotations. The cheapest is not always the best. You need to get value for your money not in just terms of the many wood that will reach your home, but the satisfaction from them; your NEEDS Neat work Esthetics and finish Economic and viable Design options and durability Service to your likingBedroom for the QueenAdopting the Minimalist theme is the Apatite Queen Size bed made of Mango solid wood, with walnut finish. The Mango wood is easily machined and crafted well, and takes paint, stain and varnish well. It is durable wood and comes from mature trees after its succulent fruit bearing years are over. So buying Mango wood is doing a bit for ecology. The King Size bed is matched with a bedside table or nightstand, and a clothes dresser and a taller dresser an all purpose set of draws, upon which is placed a period footed urn, an antique bedside clock and a neat row of books. The minimal use of display is adapted here. The minimalist them carries with it neutral walls, which are contrasted with the grey of the duvet and matching bed-sheets and pillows. The throw-pillows take the hue of the walnut finished furniture to add balance to the contrast employed. A throw bed-woolen is used to layer, as with the pillow, but please note in the minimalist theme layering is kept to the minimum. The venetian blinds keep with the neat lines of minimalist theme, including the headboard of the bed. The minimalist theme requires neat defining lines sometimes in opposing geometry to add balance and contrast.The Minimalist theme running again as it is the most trending one right now. The magnificence of this King Size bed does dominate the room and rightly, while the other furniture is designed to match, keeping the bed as the central theme itself. It is made from plywood with laminate finish. It is custom made the head board is sectioned with upholstery keeping the design theme and color of beige and floral. The headboard accommodates recessed lights and a bedside console to one side. The two tiered headboard, the neat lines playing the minimalist theme angular and patterning themselves. The final and topmost splat running the length is affording more recessed lighting for the room and it creates ornamentation with the lights. The wardrobe is 84 X 84 a good size, and there is the dresser with a draws and mirror. The entrance door is almost the same hue of the furniture. The duvet, pillows and the curtains run nearly the same colours, but in different patterns. The wall paper dressing the poster wall is playing the theme of all the soft fabrics. The carpet reflects the hues of the fabrics and furniture, the floor is wooden. I liked these two features from Scale Inch. Since they customize furniture to suit your requirement, and they have a variety of furniture of different materials, so that makes it more interesting and they offer allied services like they do the ceiling designs as in the featured picture, the use of plaster of Paris with recessed lights. I like their catalogue take a look and order from them, and they extend their service in Bangalore
Marlo Furniture Sells One of the Best Bedroom Furniture
This article shows us the various reasons why the people buy bedroom furniture from the Marlo furniture.The Popularity of the Bedroom Furniture of the Marlos:Marlo furniture excels in the field of furniture manufacturing. The bedroom furniture which they sell is of high quality and they are very popular among the online shoppers. There are very few Bedroom Furniture Stores who can compete with the bedroom furniture of the Marlos. Since the popularity of the bedroom furniture is high people tend to buy more and more furniture from the Marlos. The bedroom furniture is very popular among people because bedroom is the place where we become intimate with our families and we also rest when we are tired. So this room needs to be decorated with comfortable furniture. We should choose the right type of bedroom furniture. With the Marlos it is not a problem at all. The Bedroom Furniture that is Offered by the Marlo Furniture can be Stated Below:The products of the Marlos bedroom furniture store are varied and they come in different designer designs. They sell a wide range of bedroom furniture items.Beds the beds which are sold by the Marlo furniture are of different types like queen size beds, upholstered beds, beds for the kids and many others. One can choose the perfect bed in accordance with their choice.Nightstands the nightstands which are manufactured by the Marlo furniture are of various designs and can be matched with the beds we have. They are very useful as they are placed beside the bed. Media chests the media chests of the Marlo furniture are widely bought by the people because they are very helpful and they can be used to keep our television sets or our computers as desired.Dressers and mirrors this item of the Marlo furniture is widely used because they are useful as well as decorative. The chests can be used to store items.Chests chests are used to store items of importance. They are used to store things. They can be placed anywhere in a bedroom.Bedroom setsthis offer is very much liked by the people because they do not have to take the tension of choosing bedroom items according to the other items. The total set will complete the look of the room. The sets are cheap and they can easily buy to make our bedrooms comfortable
Big Brother Housemates to Be Split Between Grotty and Luxury Bedrooms As New-look House Is Divided
BIG Brother contestants are in for a nasty shock when they enter the house next week becausetheir sleeping quarters have been dividedup into one luxury bedroom and one grubby one. A devilish twist will see housemates forced to live and sleep in separate spheres in the house, in keeping with the series' class-oriented theme, The United Kingdom of Big Brother. In almost every series, most of the blazing rows come out of disagreements over who sleeps where, so the bedroom divide is bound to raise hell. Those sleeping inthegrotty bedroom will have to deal with graffiti on the walls and furnishings, rickety wooden bed frames, a dirty carpet, old hand-me-down bedding and minimal storage. There's also a small fireplace with logs, suggesting the temperature may drop considerably in the room, and a washing line to give a rough-and-ready feel to the room. Meanwhile the luxury bedroom is the definition of cosy, with beautiful turquoise walls, animal imagery, pristine bedding and a homey atmosphere. How the housemates will be divided up, or whether they'll have to decide themselves, remains to be seen but much arguing is undoubtedly on the horizon. Luckily the rest of the house is all mod cons, with just a few glimpses of the less savoury aspects of British society included in the decor. However, viewers should expect the new residents of the Borehamwood bungalow to be divided between a group of "haves" and "have-nots", with luxuries taken away from less fortunate contestants. This year Channel 5 is really going to town with its topical theme, inspired by the debates surrounding the June 8 general election. Like actual party leaders, potential housemates hoping for stardom will have to campaign to viewers so they'll vote them into the house. Some of the famous faces you can expectto see on the new series include Stephanie Davis' old friend JSky and one half of The X Factor's Bratavio . A recent trailer for the show promised an "extremely revealing" series, hinting that the housemates will be stripping to their birthday suitsat some point . Got a story? email or call us direct on 02077824220
What Is a Loft Bedroom? | Ehow
A loft bedroom can have many different configurations depending on the architectural space and the furniture used to create it. It can utilize one bed or several in a modern day makeover of the shared bedroom bunk bed concept. A loft bedroom can fit into any living space from an RV to a loft building. The kinds of loft bedrooms are endless, as their configurations make it easy to rearrange the sleeping and living spaces they occupy. A loft bedroom unit combines a raised or floor-level bed platform with raised or floor-level bookshelves, a study desk, and a computer work station or closet in one free-standing unit. Sometimes these components can be switched around to change the look and use of the loft bedroom unit. There is usually an attached ladder or small set of stairs for access to the raised components. A loft bedroom in a home or an apartment is an open area on an upper floor that is usually contained by some type of railing and a staircase or permanent ladder leading to it. The loft area may be viewed from below and contains a bed, dresser and other bedroom furniture. An open loft bedroom may fit into the upper interior of a building with an A-frame or flat-roof style. A loft bedroom can also be a bedroom whose bed is raised up on a loft frame anchored to the wall. A small ladder is attached for access to the bed. The frame holds the elevated bed platform only. A separate dresser or study desk and computer work station may be placed beneath the loft or around the room. A loft bed creates more ways to use the bedroom's space, including adding another bed below. Loft apartment buildings are usually re-purposed industrial spaces. A loft apartment may be one big open area divided into smaller areas by using furniture, wall dividers or other means to demarcate different use areas. For example, a double bed can be placed foot first toward a bank or bay of windows with the back of a bookshelf against the back of the headboard to provide a private loft bedroom that cannot be seen from the rest of the loft apartment.
Colin and Justin: Bedroom Tips and Tricks
Colin and Justins Cabin Pressure airs on Cottage Life at 9 p.m,, Sundays. Catch up with previous episodes at If your decorating style can best be described as 1980s time warp with just a hint of gloom and a pinch of dowdy chances are youd have liked this bedroom as we found it. Possessing all the allure of a clapped out Breaking Bad motel room, it lacked even the vaguest whiff of nocturnal appeal. Surveying the space, however, we saw potential by the lakeside bucket load. Hell, it literally shrieked opportunity. Our first point of correction? Banishing the sidewalls and lowered ceiling, aspects that effectively ruined that which should have been the perfect A frame configuration. Okay, so walkable space wouldnt actually increase but perceived scale would appear to grow. And substantially, at that. In the projects favour: none of our dry wall moderations were in any way structural all services, therefore, were easily repositionable below floor and behind the pine cladding which now embellishes our coursing cathedral ceiling. Space re-shaped, we added a brand new dormer (more of that next week) to accommodate clothes storage and a generous master bathroom. As much as wed love to showcase the latter today, wed have our guts for garters (our TV producers hate spoilers) if we reveal too much too early. So grab next weeks Sun for a virgin ride on the frothy waves of our bathing beauty. For today, were concentrating on portal perfection, a triptych of barn doors that slides: one to reveal a closet, one to conceal a TV nook and a third which affords privacy in the new wash space. The credit for creating the intricate system lies with artisan Mark Livingstone from Rebarn, part of our team (on various shows) for as long as we care to remember. And with good reason, his work standards hark back to the days of master craftsmanship. For this project, Mark constructed the doors using lumber from a decommissioned (and responsibly dismantled) Ontario barn. The astute Mark knew he was on to a winner when he saw the beautiful barnboard aged gracefully over a century, its soft grey scale is the perfect foil to our walnut toned ceiling and wide planked Kentwood flooring which runs underfoot. On this Sundays show, youll see us visit Artemano ( ), source of this imposing metal and wooden bed. Our quest, therein, to bridge our cottage/urban design predilections in one fell swoop. The beds steel frame adequately ticks the urban box, while the cottage vibe is elicited via the rough-hewn wooden headboard and frame. Either side sit nightstands (again, from Artemano) whose irregularly shaped top surfaces are formed from cross cut ebony stained tree trunks. Dressed with steampunk anglepoise lamps, the resultant tableaus are moody and atmospheric. To dress the bed we used a combo of on trend chevron pillows and dark grey linens. Our signature pop of vibrant red appears courtesy of a ruby toned pillow, scarlet throws from Ikea and a red ottoman from Urban Barn ( ) which floats on the textural woven hide rug picked up in Marshalls. To provide extra seating, we visited a favourite secret source, MFKTO ( ) in Toronto. Positioned on Dupont, behind an inauspicious storefront, the furniture mecca has a staggering inventory (priced at a fraction of competitors) that draws inspiration, largely, from the mid- century period. The Carl Hansen inspired Shell chair seen here has a bentwood cherry frame, softened by a comfy black felt pad. Illuminated from above by a close copy of the original tri armed Serge Mouille floor lamp (again from MFKTO) the resultant vignette adds function to the bedrooms style package. Next week, right here, as previously mentioned, well reveal our master bathroom suite: prepare for an overload of freshening wash zone counsel. In the meantime? Chill out, on Sunday, with a full extrapolation of bedroom tricks and tips. You wont be disappointed

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