Energy-efficient Prefab House Built in Just Two Days

Modular One is a energy-efficient prefab house designed by Washington, DC architect Robert Gurney.Description by Robert Gurney: A successful builder/developer with a history of constructing modular houses purchased a lot in a desirable neighborhood near Washington, D.C. with the intention of building a spec house. When a potential buyer expressed interest in the lot, the developer proposed a modular house as a solution to a tight budget and time constraints.

However, the craftsman and colonial style modular houses typically built by the developer did not appeal to the potential client, who desired a light-filled, modern house.The house is designed to both fulfill the wishes of the clients and to provide the developer with a modern house typology that fills a void on their menu of modular houses. Relative to similarly sized custom houses in the expensive Washington, DC real estate market, this house is designed to be flexible, efficient and Modular One is composed of thirteen modules and was constructed in two weeks in a plant in southern Virginia. It was then shipped to the site on flat-beds and assembled on-site within two days.

Energy efficient shells arrived to the site with windows, plumbing, electrical and HVAC ducting in place. The interiors were dry-walled and primed, ready for finishes. The foundation and basement were constructed with polished concrete floors on-site, while the modules were being fabricated off-site.

High energy-efficient goals are further enhanced as a result of a geothermal HVAC system, and tight, super-insulated, exterior floor, wall and roof systems.The house employs repeatable parts that can be combined into custom configurations. This is exemplified by the fact that the modules are arranged to meet restrictive zoning requirements on an irregularly shaped lot. The modules are delivered primed, yielding a blank canvas, and allow for the extent and level of finishes to remain flexible.

In this case, finishes include maple flooring, walnut millwork, aluminum stairs and other materials specific to this clients preferences, while large expanses of glass are designed to allow for varying orientations. The house brings together durable corrugated metal siding with stucco and Spanish cedar. The massing provides opportunities to combine several exterior materials so that the house can be adapted for different environments.The first of an undetermined amount of future versions, this house can be modified to meet differing clients needs and varying sites.

Both Modern and filled with light, the house employs all of the intended benefits of modular building without compromising proportion, light, scale and texture. [Photography by Maxwell MacKenzie]Subscribe to our Updates!Originally published at on September 21, 2015 RELATED QUESTION What are some unique types of office chairs?

In times where a professional seat has taken the front seat, most of us spend a significant part of our day at the office. Thus, it has to be stylish, comfortable and practical. Remember, your office speaks of you as a person and work, therefore, it has to be done meticulously.

Let the clients and visitors walk out impressed by the office interiors. The range of office chair choices available are sure to leave you confused, but here are few types of office chairs available to choose from:1.Big and tall office chairs:These chairs are comfy for employees who are little taller and heavier as they can take weights up to 300 pounds. They are made of sturdy material making them a little expensive but a lot safer.2.Club chairs:The club chairs are ideal for the reception area for the visitors as these are large arm-chairs that are well stuffed.

These are available in fabric, velvet, and corduroy. You can choose in different colors and designs keeping the office interiors in mind.3.Computer chairs:People are going to spend most working hours sitting on the computer chairs, to ensure that you pick them carefully. The back of the chair must be comfortable and provide rest to the people so that they don't have to take frequent breaks to stretch themselves.

They are available in different styles to choose from.4.Conference chairs:Conference room is the most important area of your office. This is the place where almost all business meetings and decisions are made. More than often this place is flocked by visitors and guests.

Thus, it is imperative to pick the office furniture with great care. Pick the chairs that are comfortable, stylish and add grace to the conference room. The upholstered conference chairs look great.5.Drafting Chairs and Stools:If you have always dreamt of stylish office interiors then there is nothing better than drafting chairs and stools.

These office chairs have no back and thus give you the freedom to sit on the chair in any direction as you like. These are not too high chairs and can be used at both regular and dining tables. These are ideal for group projects where all need to hunch around the single sheet.

These chairs are quite light and can be moved around easily. 6. Ergonomic Office Chairs:Are you looking out for ways to improve the efficiency of the office workers?

Then it is best to replace old office chairs with ergonomic office chairs. These chairs help in reducing the load on the neck, back and shoulders of the people and thus keep them hooked to work for longer hours. The mesh seat, air grid seat and adjustable lumbar support are added advantages.

No doubt, these benefits come at a little extra cost.7.Executive Office Chairs:These chairs feature tall back, natural leather, fine wood material, and many other adjustable features. These chairs are comfortable and have ergonomic seating facility and thus little expensive. Before buying these chairs check for the lumbar support, padded back, seat and armrest.

Also, adjustable height, tilt, and headrest are few other features that make these office chairs popular.8.Folding chairs:Folding chairs are gaining popularity as office furniture as they are great space savers. They help in keeping the office space neat and tidy. These chairs are made of heavy-duty folding chairs but yet light in weight.

You can remodel and redesign the office as per your convenience. These are also housekeeping friendly. 9.

Mesh Office chairs:These chairs are fast replacing the cushioned regular chairs. At first they may look like ordinary office chairs but actually, they are made of fabric that breathes. It is very comfortable and supports to your back.

You must pick the office chairs carefully to provide comfort and ease to the employees and add to the working environment.Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair in Office

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  • Zones and Attractions of Water Slide

    Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark is divided into 6 zones. There are 3 zones with water slides including Omniverse Zone, Adventure Zone and Cartoonival Zone, added up to 18 different slides. The other 3 zones without water slides are Mega Wave, Riptide Rapids and Surf Arena. All slides are supplied by Polin Waterparks.

    Omniverse ZoneThe largest zone of the park, including 6 thrilling water slides inspired by characters from Ben 10.

    Humungaslide A dual-lane raft slide inspired by Ultimate Humungousaur. It sends 2 riders through twists and turns then drops them from 8 meters high at a speed of 51 km/h.

    Intergalactic Racers A multi-lane slide inspired by Bloxx. 4 riders lie headfirst on mats racing each other from series of bumps, twists and serpentine tubes to the final open flume.

    Goop Loop The ride starts in Goop's enclosed capsule where a trap door releases below the feet, dropping the player into a 12-meter free-fall then propelling him/her into a 360-degree loop. It was listed as the park's most exciting water slide of 2015

    XLR8-TOR Player plunge from a height of 18 meters resembling XLR8's lightning-quick. XLR8-TOR is named as one of the tallest and steepest rides in Asia.Alien Attack 2 player rides raft through a 110-meter adventure. It is divided into 3 parts from 3 characters, from Cannonbolt's to NRG's to Swampfire's. Each of them consists of twists and turns connected by huge space shuttles

    The Omnitrix One of the most iconic attractions of the waterpark. The ride starts as 4 player riding a raft through a long twisted tube into a 23-meter tall sphere, featuring digital projection and surround sound. It is inspired by Ben 10's famous alien device.Adventure ZoneA zone houses 3 water slides, featuring characters from Adventure Time and Johnny Bravo.

    Jake Jump Jake's huge yellow slide. 2 players ride a dual raft down from a tall and steep flume, the speed will help them reaching Jake's face before bouncing back into a pool below.

    Banana Spin Jake Spidermonkey and Johnny Bravo's green gigantic bowl will swing a raft around before it drifts into a plunge pool.Rainfall Rainicorn A short ride, inspired by Adventure Time's Lady Rainicorn as a couple riding raft from steep flume into a splash pool landing.CartoonivalA zone for children featuring characters from The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Chowder, The Amazing World of Gumball, Dexter's Laboratory etc. It includes 9 water slides and other 150 water features such as Disco Fountain Rain Fortress, two huge buckets of water from Four Arms and Omnitrix and many more.

    Mega WaveA large wave pool where guests can enjoy riding on gentle waves or sunbathing on rows of deckchairs nearby. There are various shows and characters on a stage in front of a pool as well as delightful music played by DJs all day long and even a pretend shark fin.

    Riptide RapidsA 335-meter long river lying around Omniverse Zone and Adventure Zone surrounded by flowers and palm trees where guests of all ages can relax on a raft drifting along a stream.

    Surf ArenaA dual-lane Flowriding surf simulator, the first lane is for bodyboarding which is suitable for beginners, another one is for flowboarding which requires more advanced skills. There also are trainers who provide instruction and guidance for any player all day.

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  • Why Centrifugal Pumps Cannot Transfer Air but Centrifugal Blower Can?

    centrifugal pump cannot transfer air but centrifugal blower can thogh both works on the same principle that is converting the kinetic energy the rotating impeller to the pressure energy of the fluid they handle.fluid particles thrown out from the tip of the impeller with high kinetic energy to the pressure energy by the special volute design of casing.both work on the same principle but have a different clearace level and dimenstions and rotations speed.

    centrifugal pump perfomance will largely depend upon the clearance ow wear ring.if the clearance of the pump is high,the fluid inside the casing will be pumped back to the suction eye and reduce perfomance of pump.normally centrifugal pump handling the fluid have relatively higher clearance and centrifugal compressors have Read more.

  • What Is the Most Ergonomic Office Chair in India?

    Every company claims to offer ergonomically designed chairs however most of them failed to deliver the same. Sadly there are only few companies that manufactures office chairs with ergonomic designs and with high quality material which doesn’t result to face heavy maintenance expenses moreover long term back issues.There are few companies in India you can trust when buying genuine ergonomic office chairs.

    I will try to list them from the best one 1st and so on.Bluebell Ergonomics Pvt LimitedThis chair manufacturers bases in Pune, Maharashtra has a very high capacity of manufacturing. they are actively aware and develop all their chairs ergonomically and this is the only company in the word to apply and implement 7 chakra’s do designed best chairs.

    With a huge variety inoffice chairs, Premium chairs, executive chairs and visitor chairs.with frequent practices to enhance the quality of chairs this company has proven they benchmark the chair manufacturing industry.Specializes in B2B bulk purchases with discounted prices, most of the industries rely on Bluebell for their office seating segment as they also believe their performance is getting better as all the employees find it comfortable to work for longer hours without having any back issues.

    feedback from their clients also mention the positive vibes at workplace and that elaborates the 7 chakra implementation while designing the chairs.You can buy Bluebell chairs on their official website and:AmazonFlipkartIndia MartIndustrybuying & etc.Apex ChairThis company develops good looking designs for chairs which adds the grace at the workplace however in my opinion extremely good looking chairs might not be the best when it comes to comfort and long run back health.

    but they have shown good sales graph too. with my research on number of blogs this company operates from Malaysia.Also sell bulk purchases with discounts, the company has the workforce of 600 people as mentioned on their website.

    they believe the Philosophy of continuous improvement and development should position us to stay focus on our customers highly expectations on quality, competitive price, speedy delivery, pre-sale consultation and after-sales can buy Apex Chairs fromApex chair official websiteAmazonIndia MartGreen SoulNew entrant in the chair manufacturing market, Green Soul was established in 2016 known for manufacturing ergonomically designed chairs. this company manufactures chairs that really look good with thick cushion and fancy colors, i have found their designs interesting to keep at the workplace but at the same time i believe durability and maintenance are two major aspects you should look for before buying ergonomic chairs.

    I could not find much in terms of content on their official website to refer for my answer here but the existence of this company on multiple platforms does make a sense that Green soul really tries to establish good future in the industry.You can buy Green Soul chairs fromOfficial WebsiteAmazonIndia MartIndustry buying and etcCONCLUSIONIn my opinion all these companies are leading the chair manufacturing market in India, and at the same time roadside shops are soiling the market badly by selling chairs at very cheap cost but that really affect employee health at a workplace. Bluebell in specific is the leading office chair manufacturer as i have personally experienced their after service is great and the chairs are durable.

    Hope this answer was helpful.

  • What Is an Automatic Door?

    Do you want both the aesthetic appeal of your property? What to do to improve the values of property at very affordable prices? To do so, you can install the automatic doors at your home, malls, and restaurants or numerous other places. As well, you donu2019t need to do more efforts to open or close the door. A place, where a lot of people are coming and going throughout the day can be benefited from the installation of an automatic door.

    These are quite good for the shop as well as it improves the appearance of the store at the present moment.To get an elegant look at your place, you can make the installation of these automatic doors. It is better known as transparent or that will help a large number of people to come or go inside the place.

    All the automatic doors are transparent for the skin on how to avoid the confusion. Nowadays, you can see the automatic doors mostly in the supermarket. Always the sliding doors can be used or operate silently without getting any noise or disturbance.

    At the present moment, there is a huge difference in the automatic doors as compared to traditional doors. Automatic doors are highly energy-efficient also. These days, you can be installing the double band that can be used to reduce the cooling or heating of the room.

    Also, it prevents the air from passing out of the room by edges. Besides, the installation of automatic dots at the shop comes under the budget or space budgeted also. So now you have to install the automatic doors in congested places.

    Are you thinking about the installation of an automatic door at your shop, office or home you should see the different kind of dots that is available in the market? As well, you have to see the feature of all these doors. There are different kinds of colors or designs available in the automatic dots that you can purchase through the market. All these doors are made up of the different material that has its benefits or disadvantages.

    To know more about the automatic door wales, you can surf on different websites. On there, you can find the company provides high-quality doors at economical prices. Moreover, you can ask the company about the quality that they offer to all their clients.

    What is an automatic door?.

  • What Is the Function of a Single Phase-shaded Pole Motor?

    Small C frame shaded pole squirrel cage motor.The shaded-pole motor is the original type of Ac Single Phase induction motor. A shaded-pole motor is a small squirrel cage motor in which the auxiliary winding is composed of a copper ring or bar surrounding a portion of each pole.

    This auxiliary single-turn winding is called a shading coil. Currents induced in this coil by the magnetic field create a second electrical phase by delaying the phase of magnetic flux change for that pole (a shaded pole) enough to provide a 2-phase rotating magnetic field. The direction of rotation is from the unshaded side to the shaded (ring) side of the pole.

    Since the phase angle between the shaded and unshaded sections is small, shaded-pole motors produce only a small starting torque relative to torque at full speed.The common, asymmetrical form of these motors has only one winding, with no capacitor or starting windings/starting switch, Making them economical and reliable. Larger and more modern types may have multiple physical windings, though electrically only one, and a capacitor may be used.

    Because their starting torque is low, they are best suited to driving fans or other loads that are easily started. They may have multiple taps near one electrical end of the winding, which provides variable speed and power by selection of one tap at a time, as in ceiling fans. Moreover, they are compatible with TRIAC-based variable-speed controls, which often are used with fans.

    They are built in power sizes up to about 1u20444 horsepower (190 W) output. Above 1u20443 horsepower (250 W), they are not common, and for larger motors, other designs offer better characteristics.What is the function of a single phase-shaded pole motor?.

  • What Are the Brand New Quality Office Executive Chairs on the Market?

    The brand new qualityoffice executive chairsin the market are high back. Some of them high back chair are:-1.THE ARRUGA EXECUTIVE HIGH BACK BLACK2. THE CASCADA EXECUTIVE HIGH BACK CHAIR3. THE COHETE EXECUTIVE HIGH BACK BLACKBENEFITS OF HIGH BACK CHAIRS:-Support-This chair is supporting the head, neck and total back.Posture-Promotes higher posture by creating it easier to possess your complete back in associate degree upright position.

    Comfort-When you have smart posture you suffer from fewer back pains, migraines, and stress. A happier employee can offer higher, and additional quality work than that of a miserable worker who cannot concentrate.Adjustable features-Go for a backed chair with most adjustment capability.

    Whenever you would like to customize components of the chair in keeping with your height and habits, adjusting ought to be simple and convenient.Overall comfort-Comfortable employees square measure happy employees, and happy employees square measure productive employees. If your entire body receives the comfort it deserves, you'll be able to perform routine tasks with ease.

    A high back workplace chair aids you with this.Ergonomics-High-backed chairs were designed to stay the mind and body relaxed amidst a pressured atmosphere like the work. backed workplace chairs do not solely reduce stress, it additionally helps forestall bodily injuries.

    At VJ Interior provideexecutive chairs, mesh office chairs andworkstation chairs

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Tips For Bedroom Wardrobe Design
Tips For Bedroom Wardrobe Design
Home decoration not only involves beautifying your space but also includes planning, spacing, floor and ceiling design with customised furniture. All the factors reflect a premium effect to your space. When it comes to designing your customised furniture, the wardrobe is the most crucial furniture you should design practically. A functional wardrobe needs to be spacious yet innovative. Unlike traditional almirah and cupboard designs, designers are transforming interiors with trendy design wardrobes. These are generally made of interior veneers based on the requirement of the clients. Lets check out the essential tips for wardrobe design:Multiple Panels: Multiple panels add to an extravagant look to the bedroom. Personalized wardrobe, colored doors, mirror glass, etc. enhance the classy appeal of the interior. Multiple panel storage prevents the room from congestion. Storage with proper consumable space is convenient for usage. With multiple panels storage maximization is possible. It also helps to keep the storage clean and tidy. Hence choosing a wardrobe with multiple panels is essential as well as efficient in operations.Sliding Doors: Excellent choices are sometimes made when sliding door wardrobes opt for bedroom storage. Unlike traditional cupboards, sliding doors storage help in improved visibility. The entire storage can be seen at one glance and thus saves time. They also impart a classy look to the bedroom space. Sliding doors provide the maximum storage space and with a broader reach. It can also be fitted into the wall easily without destroying the look of the interior. Decorative veneers are mainly used for making sliding doors and impart a classy yet innovative look. Space Planning: For smaller space, efficient and organized planning is important. To manage space better, sometimes drawers can be eliminated, and instead, clothes can be hung. If you have ample space clothes and accessories can be arranged in a two-door sliding wardrobe with an aesthetic touch. Elevated cupboards created on top of the wardrobe consumes less space and easy to use anytime. Hanging concept helps to maximize vertical space and long hang should be the first priority.Pull Out Shelves: For smoother operations pull out shelves are affordable. It is easy to access and with increased storage space. When you are having a spacious wardrobe pull-out shelves are best for proper and organised storage. It can be used for multiple purposes and can also be placed not only in wardrobes but in several places in your house. Moreover, pull-out shelves are much more durable than any other type of cupboards.The essential part of remodeling your nest is to plan according to space and designing furniture according to the tone. To focus on a fresh look of the interior styling, customizing and minimalism are necessary. You should have ideas that are clear and specific. Creating amazing organised storage for bedroom brings peace and comfort to your inner space RELATED QUESTION Were can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project? If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance. You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your homes external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, its significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes? Outdoor LED lighting may be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lightings LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient. Whatever options you settle on, youre sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
What Are the Essential Clothing Items for a Wardrobe?
Try a dress. I know you say you're not girly, but there's heaps of dresses out now that look really funky and are kind of like long shirts. You can wear them over tights with your Converses and it looks AWESOME. Also, try a coloured satin blouse, like a yellow, green or blue. You can team it with a pair of skinny jeans (grey maybe) or with your good pants, and a nice pair of shoes. If heels aren't your forte (it doesn't really sound like it), try some open flats, like some dressy thongs (flipflops) or some ballet flats, maybe pointy ones. That way, you have an outfit that is suitable for a meeting, a nice dinner with your partner's parents, a job interview, etc. Plus satin tops are cute. · Related Questions How do I get my daughter to care about her appearance? Ok, Your daughter is getting into the stage where she is either finding herself or already has found herself and is happy with the way she looks. She seems very independent and feels that she doesn't need to have anybody tell her how to look, but at her age it way past time for her to start becoming more of a woman. My first advice would probably be to talk to her about why she wants to be this way like when your driving in the car or walking around. Take her shopping and try new things with her together let her know you support her choice, but try to pursued her into buying more things. for her hair you should take her with with one day when you go get your hair done and suggest that she get something done to hers and let the stylist back you up and help pursued her into trying something new that she would like. As of makeup, one night whenever you guys are just hanging out tell her you would like to play around with her and just have fun trying makeup styles on her just to have fun and who knows she might like it. :) If this doesnt work then your daughter just wants to be left alone lol ------ Advice on infected skin around nipple? (girls)? you're a silly in case you hear or agree the genital mutilation cult's lie. Circumcision completely had no earnings contain well being or hygiene in any respect. The researches of circumcision reward continually had the weak point that would desire to in basic terms be considered by using sharp questioning people. 70-80% of international's male inhabitants are not circumcised. in case you believed the God,you would be able to desire to think of this sentence : "If the circumcision fairly very stable & the God care its follower,why did the God provide the foreskin to the new child adult males?" All issues that the God created are very useful to the tip of the flaws' stay. Genesis a million:31 "And God observed each component that he had made, and, behold, it replaced into very stable. And the nighttime and the morning have been the 6th day." The circumcision promise between Abraham & God is fulfiled by using Jesus' holy blood (for people who believed Jesus in basic terms). while you're male & replaced into circumcised earlier 2 many years previous,you will desire to hush your self considering you do no longer sense actual feeling of being intact. the actual feeling of being intact would desire to be felt once you're 2 many years previous or later through fact the sexual purposes of foreskin are activated on the age of two many years previous or later. i do no longer wish you to believe me through fact it is your decision,I in basic terms help what i will do to open your eyes approximately intact male's earnings ------ Will anyone make me an outfit??? in any of those colors with depending on the shirt:: black with the maroon shirt grey with the grey shirt naturalwith the yellow shirt -------------------------- with the skirt and grey boots above. ----------------------------- ------ What willl be in style for fall in 07-08 school year? I was going to say the 80's are back, but I guess you are too young to remember the 80's. Bright, neon colors are going to be huge but make sure to only wear one piece with a neutral or jeans or only wear neon accessories. Layering is always can either layer shirts in the same color family (pastel blue with turquoise, etc) or contrasting color families (red with yellow). You can also layer different ways, a long tank under a shorter shirt or a long tank OVER a shorter t shirt. You can also layer multiple tanks with straps in different places (a racerback over a traditional tank). Textures are going to really be in for Fall/Winter, think plaids, herringbone, argyle. And remember fashions change every season, so it's all about cut and fit. Everything on the fall runways is either laid back "college" prep or very sophisticated. tiny hoodies with a really cute tshirt and jeans with ballet flats are going to be great for school. ------ How can i make a mickey mouse costume? We are going to the Mickey Mouse Halloween party at Disneyworld next month. For the last 2 weeks, DS keeps saying he wants to be Mickey Mouse. I really don't like the costumes online and I want something lightweight and easy to remove for potty breaks (ideally bottoms separate from top). Anyway, I have been doing my research on how Mickey dresses (pathetic that I do this instead of paying bills). He is all black (legs ad arms) with red shorts that have white buttons. And then he has huge yellow shoes. My question is. Can I just put DS in black long underwear with a pair of red shorts and sew on some white buttons? He would wear his ears and I could pin on a tail on his rear end. Is this tacky or will it do just fine for the Halloween party at Disneyworld? Any other creative ideas? ------ How to stop yellow sweat stains? severe sweating may well be a demonstration of a situation talked approximately as Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhydrosis is a style of situation that motives sweating fantastically for the period of situations of sunshine or no interest. some strengthen out of this situation as they grow previous. Others, like me, do no longer. (I propose you obtain the instruction manual: "supply up Sweating and initiate up residing" - see source link under. ) I joined an internet hyperhidrosis community the place human beings shared their reviews with treating sweating issues and that they noted why we sweat lots and what we are able to do to get rid of the indicators. Hyperhidrosis, like diabetes, would be controlled by way of weight-help plan, workout and organic remedies. they have a instruction manual: "supply up Sweating and initiate up residing" that I propose you obtain. It incredibly worked for me. i've got secure the source under. i'm hoping this innovations enables :) And enable me know in case you desire any help! ------ I'm going school shopping tomorrow! 10pts Help? Clothing- 1. Leather jacket; though it is still summer season a biker jacket is great for fall - 2. floral skirt; can pair it up with a tshirt or a cute camisole and a cardi - 3. white losse v-neck; for those day were you just aren't feeling it you can pair it up with denim and a a killer necklace 4. pastel blouses; you can't go wrong with a pastel blouse it instantly gives you and ummf, - 6. colorful shorts; not bright stick to nautical colors such as mustard yellow navy blue.try forever21 they have a great variety 7. vintage tees; like : try hot topic * for shorts i think you should have about four depending on were you live, pants same depending on the weather i'll say about 6 Make up the basics; mascara (estee lauder is good) coral blush netural lipstick :) ------ where can i get a Tears for Fears fan shirt? Unfortunately, you just missed the boat. There used to be a small selection of TFF t-shirts on until 2/1/2008. Because they've taken it offline (well, then again, it's been up for almost 3 years), the only place you can get t-shirts is on ebay. I've seen some shirts for "The Hurting" and those are clearly knock-offs.if any real Hurting shirts were in existence they'd be yellowed out with age. There used to be a bunch of shirts on cafepress until they got pulled too. Maybe you can post a "Want It Now" on ebay and see if anyone has a shirt to sell you. T-shirts come and go on ebay, so you have to check every week for the right size and look. Most of the ones are usually vintage and the newer ones are all from the "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending" tour. Good luck! ------ Style question for LGBT :p? Definitely go for comfortable. I think that there's a blurry line between being in style and overdoing it. Besides, if you look good with jeans and a t-shirt, then it doesn't matter if you look like a model off the D&G collection. If you feel like you should upscale your way of dressing, buy a good pair of jeans. Nice t-shirts. A good shirt for some occasions. Do what I do, I go into H&M, and try everything in the store (almost) until I find something I feel comfortable in, feel good in and looks good on me. I figure the whole style thing is about boosting your confidence through your clothes. And if you feel confident, then you let others feel it, and then they want to approach you. I'm really not a stylist, this is just my approach on fashion
What Is the Importance of Wardrobe Doors in Houses?
As we all know wardrobes play an important role in keeping things well organized and enhancing the overall look of entire room. So thats why you should prefer to opt for the wardrobe that actually complement your interior dcor. Always try your level best that you choose the color that will match with the color or your room interior. Presently slim and smart wardrobes are very much in fashion. So prefer to opt for these wardrobes instead of buying readymade wardrobes. Presently people use to prefer adding different colors in the bedrooms and want to have an attractive bedrooms so that they could add a spice or colors to their life. Darks shades are no more in trends these days so while installing wardrobes you should prefer to use light and attractive shades to make it look more beautiful. Here in this article we are discussing about the importance of wardrobe doors in your house.The Importance of Wardrobes Doors in The Room:While installing the wardrobes always prefer to utilize the corners of the room so that you could save lots of space for placing other furniture in the room. For this you can opt to hire the Sliding Door Wardrobe Company UK that will help you to select the best possible style for your room:1. Wardrobe Doors Will Help Keeping Things Organized:As we all know sometimes it become so difficult to hold the stuff within the wardrobe, so for holding everything within wardrobe it is so important to have wardrobe doors, you have lots of choices in door design from which you can select the one design that you like the most just like you can opt for sliding doors, simple doors etc.2. Mirror Sliding Doors Will Make Your Room Look Bigger:You can consider to opt for a sliding mirror doors for your rooms wardrobe as it will make your room look bigger than it actually is. It will look really amazing especially if you have small bedroom, as this design of wardrobe will solve two purposes at once. Firstly it will provide storage space and secondly it will make the room look more spacious.3. Helpful in Designing the Interior of the Room:You can opt to integrate lighting in your wardrobe to make it look more attractive and beautiful. Obviously if you have free-standing wardrobes, then you should rely only on external light sources to get the illumination, particularly on cloudy or gloomy mornings. However, corner built in wardrobes could be designed especially with integrated light fittings. Prefer to opt for spotlights that should be installed at the top of your wardrobe and other than that prefer to have LED strip lights that should be installed at interior shelves. 4. Wardrobe Doors Will Add an Element of Style:Wardrobe Sliding doors will add elegant aesthetics to types of houses and will add a glossy and modest look that will definitely blends with different types of architectural styles. These wardrobes are really looks functional and practical and will gives you amazing views and easy to maintain and handle option
How Trendy Womens Tops Can Reinvent Your Style
Wanna upgrade your fashion funda? To improve your fashion style, you need to update and organize your wardrobe as regularly as possible. Ensure that you have the essential fashion gear ready at your disposal. Organizing your wardrobe can also help you think better in terms of fashion. If you dont update yourself with the latest fashion trends, you shall never be able to organize your wardrobe properly. And no matter what you wear, you will always look best when you are fit.Once visit Southern Honey Boutique to spice up your wardrobe with our latest collection of Trendy Womens Tops. Short-Sleeve T-shirtA short sleeve printed tee with a skinny denim bottom with kitten heels perfect for a night out on the town or a black-tie party. Black round hat and a long delicate chain with hoop earrings glam up your look.The Carli Cold Shoulder TopFlaunt off your funky style when you wear this white-colored off-shoulder top with shorts and gladiator sandals. Accessorize with trendy delightful jewelry and open hair look gorgeous when you are planning for an outing with friends.Fancy Floral TankLight up your look with this sleeveless floral design tank team up with denim bottom and Ballerina flats. A shiny touch of makeup with fragile accessories looks superb at the Christmas party 2019. Sweet Sweater Weather TeeThis graphic tee with a printed message is evergreen for the routine that keeps you comfortable all day long. With a piece of denim bottom and loafer with the glossy touch of makeup like thick eyeliner and dark lipstick with long-chain looks perfect for the evening parties. Layer your tee with a full sleeve cardigan that keeps you warm during this winter season. Gorgeous Grace PlaidWhite and Black colored checkbox pattern with v-shaped neckline and lace at the bottom of the plaid coupled with cotton pants is suitable to go from the office to after-hours.Fuzzy Follow Me SweaterA creamy designer sweater offers softness in this winter season. Tailoring with deep V-neck and full sleeves appropriate for parties and outings both. Couples with a denim bottom and heels look Amazing!Always in style sweaterA red-colored full sleeve sweater keeps you warm throughout the day. Pair it with a skinny tight bottom and leopard printed shoes. The trendy woolen cap adds more cuteness to your look. Its best to go out with your loved ones.Dashing Dots SweaterThis Rose Beige colored dotted sweater is both comfy and fashionable. The piece of denim bottom and boots gives a dazzling look for the festive winter season. Long-chain, dangle earrings, and stylish goggles add more beauty.Its time to add womens designer tops to your wish-list now, so you can grab the best deals instead of wandering around in an offline store and hope to get your favorite deals on time. Its never too early to start shopping. Check out the cutest and homiest options from Southern Honey Boutique.
Men Sports Shoes Have a Distinct Place in Their Wardrobe Lakhani Vardaan
Mens shoes are a necessity for every occasion and they are available in different categories. There are different types of shoes for every different occasion and the user needs to buy the shoes according to the requirement. There are men who are mad for shoes and prefer wearing different shoes for different occasions. But there are also stereotype men who dont care about their shoes and so, doesnt like to shop the shoes in the market. You can find people with an extensive collection of shoes in the wardrobes. For some people, a shoe is a necessity and for some, it is an obsession. Sports shoes for Men are the type of shoes mainly preferred at the time of playing any sport. But people not involved with sports also can prefer the sports shoes mainly because of the comfort factor. The sports shoes are taking care of different aspects of your feet. It is time-consuming to select and buy a shoe from a shopping mall or any market. But today every type of shoe is available on the online shopping sites. So, a user needs to just choose the type of shoe along with the shoe size for ordering the product. The process consumes less time and the person can order the shoe sitting at home or work within minutes.Here is the guide list that men should look for in their next pair of shoes:Make a perfect fit. If you are a runner or sportsmen then it is absolutely necessary to select the perfect fit for the shoes. The shoe should be providing adequate ankle support. A good pair of sports shoes should be adequate for the upper foot, heel, and ankle. It is important to understand the shape of the feet and the way the ankle moves during running. The shoes should provide proper arch support. The adequate arch support is closely tied to their promotion. Determine the type of arch with the help of a wet footprint test. The shoes should have the terrain-appropriate design. The shoes designed for the sportsperson should be designed for the type of terrain they usually travel.The shoe should stylish and affordable. Choose a stylish sports shoe matching your choice and that should be affordable too. Running and walking is among the natural forms of exercise and for them, you need sports shoes. Choose the correct type of shoes for the sports event as a lot of strain goes into the foot while running or walking. Place your order of sports shoes on the online shop and get instant delivery at your desired location. You can now get everything sitting at home, all thanks to online shopping platforms.Sports shoes are demanding products and they should be selected carefully. Know about your feet before buying a shoe online. Get the sports shoes online matching your feet size? Stability is a big factor in the selection of shoes and that is guaranteed by renowned shoe manufacturing companies
Types of Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Party Wardrobe
Your shoes say it all, even that you are trying not to say! That is why; you need to be extra careful with what goes on your feet when you step out to attend a party or any social gathering. Whole of your effort in makeup, hair and dressing up can go down the drain if you have chosen the shoe that is simply not right. Parties are the gatherings where you assemble to socialize with friends, family or colleagues. There is a different tone set for each kind of gathering. Accordingly, where pumps work, stilettos may look a bit overboard. So, we crack the code of wearing the footwear correctly here. a. Sandals the most suitable everywhereBarring the beach party, sandals are the most dependable style staple for all types of get-togethers. These can be a flat, mid-heel, or high heel. These can also be strappy with buckles or simple slip-on. Sandals look great on women of all age groups and these do have a charm of their own that simply refuses to fade with changing times. The good branded sandals like Schutz sandals never fail the user with their style, class, and oomph hitting the right chord always.b. Evening pumps for wedding receptions and cocktail partiesEvening pumps are quite a feminine thing that suits the women who dress up smartly. The heels, front and the top together create an irresistible sight perfect to go with formal clothing like pantsuits, skirt and jacket dresses and stylish ones like evening gowns as well. Evening pumps, when embellished with floral design as available in brands like Schutz, make perfect styling companion for brides. Buy these in beige, black and tan shades to find the perfect shade that complements very many dresses easily. c. Strap up stilettos for red carpet events and special occasionsYou can ooze oodles of charm by styling your feet with stilettos while dressing up for red carpet events or other special occasions. The needle-thin heel is the distinguishing feature that sets it apart from strap sandals. The stilettos are best suited for short ladies, but the taller ones also cannot resist their fashion quotient. Dressing up for the important events wearing the most stylish clothes becomes complete when complemented by stilettos.d. Block heel sandals suit the business meetingsBlock heels have something quite authoritative about them. These look beautiful yet very organized and offer exceptional support to the feet. The stride becomes quite confident when supported by block heels. That is why; women going to meetings find the best bet for creating an impression in this style of sandals. Block heel sandals make perfect after-hour fashion staple too, as these go well with short bodycon dresses and other party dresses too. So, stock up your shopping cart with these styles when you go for trendy footwear while updating your party wardrobes. These styles never look out of fashion; makers do their bit by introducing interesting variations too
10 Easy and Cute Fashion Clothing Style Tips to Improve Your Wardrobe
Fashion sometimes appears a great deal simpler than it really is. You see adorable outfits all around the area, and you could think, how difficult is it? But as it happens, it could be quite hard. For a good deal people, creating our own awareness of personal personality can have quite a while. You need to determine what you are comfy in, whatever you enjoy best on your own, and the way to design your garments in a exceptional way.I mean, sure you can only set a cute shirt with boots and jeans, and call it a day, but why do this if there are all those simple clothing design tips out there that will help you perform better? What makes a outfit unique is how you design it the accessories you put in, how that you set different clothes bits together.As youre working to determine your own method of doing things, do not be reluctant to try out the awesome design tips which are in your fingertips around Pinterest, sites, and style magazines. At least one of these ideas have the capability to change a dull outfit into one which will capture everybodys interest. Listed below are 10 of the top simple and cute clothes style Suggestions to immediately plug up your attire:Next=> RELATED QUESTION Where can I purchase sugar rush kids clothing in wholesale? Hey,Honestly, there are just too many kids wholesale clothing seller in the world, and most of them claim to offer their collection at the cheapest price. And choosing the best wholesale clothing seller is very critical and not easy. You need kids clothing in wholesale, its good but exactly where are you from, I dont know. If you are from USA, Australia, Canada or Saudi Arabia, I have a suggestion, give a look atAlanic Clothing, one of the bestwholesale kids clothing manufacturer & distributorin the world. They supplies cheap & best wholesale clothing for kids. And if you needwholesale sublimation kids clothing, I recommend you to check outOasis Sublimation. They have same location as Alanic Clothing, Both they have private label option. I know many people who has bought wholesale clothes from them. But one thing, you must have your own decision to choose the best wholesale kids clothing seller. Good Luck.
Our 3 Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Wardrobe
If you are redecorating or are moving into a new home and are thinking about how you are going to design your bedroom then there are many things you may need to consider.The second most important item of furniture in your bedroom is the wardrobe.IQ Furniture have three simple steps to help you design your very own bespoke wardrobe to perfectly match the rest of your bedroom. Step 1: Measure your spaceThe first step to creating the ideal wardrobe for your space is to make sure that you measure the available space very carefully. IQ Furniture are able to provide you with a guide to help you measure up, but you can also visit the new showroom for extra peace of mind.Step 2: Choose your doorsThere are many options when it comes to choosing the doors of your wardrobe. You are able to choose your door fascia style, then decide on whether you would prefer hinged, sliding or flush-sliding mechanisms. After this you will need to select a colour, finish and handles from the extensive options available.Step 3: The interiorAlthough it is very important to focus on how you want the exterior of your new wardrobe to look, it is also key to pay some attention to the interior. Internal fittings and fixtures can be optimised to meet your storage needs. It is very simple to design the interior of your wardrobe and put the pieces together, especially with expert advice from designers. IQ Furniture are able to offer custom-made designs that are far more flexible than your standard shop bought wardrobes. Extra ElementsOnce you have chosen the internal finish you can then select the extra elements you need to supplement the basics in order to keep your shoes tidy, suits smart and everything else neat and accessible. Each module comes with two rails and one shelf, but you can add various options. These include glass shelves, drawers, a pull out mirror and display cases for trousers, belts and shoes. Wardrobes by LemaThe Nur Hinge and Fina Sliding Door Wardrobes by Lema stand out due to their handle built-in frame in the same finish as the rest of the wardrobe. These finishes include natural glossy anodized aluminium or a bronze colour. These bespoke wardrobes can be adapted in depth and come with doors in a range of materials including 10-colour lacquered glass, mirrored doors or upholstered in fabric or eco-leather. The Precious DetailsShelves and hanging bars with built-in lights are also available in these wardrobes. There are many precious details that can be made from leather and fabric such as the mats for the drawers and boxes for the shirt compartment.Originally published at RELATED QUESTION Are customers ready to pay more for online bespoke furnitures? A bit of warning: online and bespoke seldom mix. And another: I can say that in some cases you actually pay less when you order bespoke furniture. Which seems like a contradiction, actually. What happens is that when you go directly to an artisan, you end up cutting the whole distribution chain of the brands - wholesaler, distributor, retailer - and end up paying the raw cost without any step-by-step charges. The con is that your furniture will not have any market value afterwards, as it will be manufactured to your specifications, rather than have a brand protecting it and insuring its marketability. You know, a Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau is like a Rolex: you can sell it anytime and it will retain its value. That said, there is a huge market for online distribution of furniture, both branded and un-branded, and we have only begun exploring its potentials. But furniture is less a commodity than most of the other goods. It is more like going to a tailor for him to cut your new bespoke suit, rather than go to a branded shop and buying pret-a-porter. So, the business model standing behind the furniture has to be geared towards providing customization and service, and this is not easy to do.
Best Ways to Select Wardrobe Sliding Doors
Best Ways to Select Wardrobe Sliding Doors
Showers and toilets, laundry or utility rooms, and wardrobes or armoires all make them thing in like manner: they are unsupported walled spaces that are regularly confined and could doubtlessly utilize more space for capacity. That is the reason one other thing they have in like manner are space-sparing openings, ones that may slide sideways and dispose of any requirement for floor space for customary openings swung in reverse or forward. Wardrobe sliding doors are without a doubt as space-productive as a storage room bi folds doors, wherein a solitary unit comprises of many panels collapsing in sets like garage accordion doors, however maybe more alluring. One popular sort of wardrobe sliding doors, called sidestep doors, contain two panels that slide along two parallel bolster tracks, generally in either heading with the goal that they seem to sidestep or cover each other when seen from the front. The other popular sort, called stash doors, makes utilization of two panels that slide the distance into hid pocket or compartment in the divider. Either sort is accessible marked down at similarly shabby costs. In some cases just a single panel coasts and the other is tied down.The track framework normally contains steel rollers to which the panels are attached. In an upper track framework, the sliding door systems for wardrobes are dangled from an overhead track. Since the track is intended to oppose gravity by propping the panels up, it needs no identical base track for support. The downside is not all panels are sufficiently light to be propped up. In a story track framework, the sliding panels lay on a base track, and clearly, can be of any weight. The inconvenience is, with weight pulling the panels down, a proportionate overhead track is expected to keep them set up.Space efficiency is clearly esteemed in storeroom doors, which is the reason another normal sort is bi overlap doors, in which the panels containing every unit are accumulated to the side in sets simply like collapsing doors are stopped where the tracks end to make multi-reason spaces. Concerning wardrobe sliding doors, panels are attached to a roller framework, which is the thing that keeps running along the bearer tracks. Many shower, clothing, utility and study rooms additionally make utilization of sliding passages.Wardrobe sliding doors are anything but difficult to introduce, with panels that might be glass, stainless steel or wood confronted. Panels edges and tracks and additionally pivots, metal balls and other, for example, equipment might be stainless steel, PVC or aluminum material, which dont should be greased up and oppose consumption, so they are anything but difficult to keep up. Soft close sliding doors really wed capacity and frame as they are additionally utilized as veranda and yard doors, for the swimming pool range or building hall The Global closet door sliding Leader. Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. will build a unique portfolio of Pinzheng Furniture and related brands, striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation and value, and elevating our image to become the closet door sliding company most customer turn to worldwide.
Minimize and Start Your Capsule Wardrobe  Complete step-by-step guide
Minimize and Start Your Capsule Wardrobe Complete step-by-step guide
Are you utterly tired of spending hours in front of the closet, looking at so many clothing options and yet not being able to find something to wear? That was me 4 years ago. Ive reclaimed the empty space in the closet, and made more time for myself each day via a capsule wardrobe.During my initial research, the first blog I found made total sense. Its from a lady named Caroline, a blogger, she calls it un-fancy. I read through her what-is and how-tos. This got me excited but a little overwhelmed at the same time. But, I knew a change was stirring in me, a paradigm shift in the matter of closet organization, had started. As a result of some minor soul-searching, I started pinning A LOT as a way to discover my new style and modern outfits.Fall & Winter FashionSpring & Summer FashionBecause I work as a professional real estate agent, I have to include some very classy business outfits on top of what most bloggers use in their capsule wardrobe.I LOVE MY CLOSET and my style has never been this fashionable. Me. Another really important tip is to find out your seasonal colour for the reason that not all colours really make us look our best. I did the test on this page Outfit Ideas 4 You and saved the pallet of colours that fit my profile to my smart phone. In the beginning, youll probably want to refer to it when your picking off clothes from the rack. The time finally came, I was ready to change my clothing/morning habit and try a capsule wardrobe.Step 1 to your capsule wardrobe: Empty itThrow all your clothes on your bed.Step 2 to your capsule wardrobe: HangersKeep only the really good and sturdy (even matching ones if youre like me) hangers. You will want to feel good next time you look in that dreaded closet.Rule #1:The total number of items you will have in the end will be around 40.Yes just 40! These will include: shoes, top, bottoms, dresses and outerwear. You are not limited to the number of accessories (this is how you can create an exponential amount of styles), physical training clothes, undershirts, underwear, sleepwear and special wear (holiday or that little je-ne-sais-quoi that you might have ).Step 3 to your capsule wardrobe: SeasonsDetermine which quarter (or weather patterns) you are in.There are 4 quarters depending on your part of the country. Here in BC, I use:Jan Mar (really cold) (yes you can laugh but I get really cold even in +5C weather, thats 41F my American friends)Apr-Jun (mild)Jul-Sep (warm)Oct-Dec (mild)Rule #2: The GOLDEN rule.Without pondering on it too long, choose the pieces of clothes on your bed that feel like Oh my God, I would wear that right now!Choose those pieces that are appropriate to the quarter you are in. The other OMG pieces (like summer shorts) can be stored in a box or drawer, out of sight and out of mind. Rule #3:For every type of clothing, you want 3 of each:3 x T-shirts, 3 x button-up shirts, 3 x blazers, 3 x jeans, 3 x shorts.The other part of this rule is for every set of 3, you will have 1 of each:1 x Casual (i.e. graphic t-shirt, or ripped jeans)1 x Medium (i. e. plain shirt, normal jeans), and1 x Fancy (i.e. nicer materials maybe).Step 4 to your capsule wardrobe: List itMake a list. What did you choose as your OMG for this quarter? My list looks like this:Tops: What do I keep? Mark next to each: A for fancy, B for medium, C for casual) What am I missing? (i. e. long sleeve B type, T-shirt C type). Repeat the list for: Bottoms, Outerwear, Shoes and Dresses.You can even get very precise with whats you have and are missing. For example, I was missing a casual T and I wanted my new one to be a graphic T. Another example is I had two white jeans but I only wanted to keep my ABC brand ones, so I listed them as that. Yes I know, Im super-duper organized but it has, as a result, made shopping easier. Now youll know exactly what you are looking for. Are you ready for step 5?Step 5 to your capsule wardrobe: Trash itSay goodbye to the rest of the pile on your bed! I quickly threw them mine in a big bag; I ripped that band-aid right off! LOL I highly recommend bringing your clothes to a consignment store for money. This will help with step 6.Step 6 to your capsule wardrobe: Go shopping!Yay! Time to go shopping. Finally the fun part of going back to your favourite stores for whats missing. Try your best to stick to your list and colour palette. I like to mix pricier items that have a classic look with more affordable items that will likely be out of style next year.This Fall I ended up with 18 tops, 10 bottoms, 4 jackets, 3 dresses and 9 shoes. My clothes now take only about 2. 5 feet of space in my closet Super grin!Step 7 to your capsule wardrobe: Mix itFinally, the realization that youve accomplished what you set to do. Its morning and you can now look in your closet and feel proud. Today you get to mix and match. Will you maybe wear a fancy top with ripped jeans, and some heals? Maybe a graphic T, white skinny jeans and a loose blazer? Youre getting an almost unlimited amount of matches, youll always look good and for once, you already know you absolutely cant wait to wear any and all your pieces. Step 8 to your capsule wardrobe: Get inspiredSpend some time on Pinterest. Look for new styles. What pieces could you get for next quarter?Follow my boards and start your own. I regularly pin for different seasons, accessories Pinterest is where I get my inspiration. Step 9 to your capsule wardrobe: Repurpose itAt the end of a quarter, you keep your OMG pieces that fit the next quarter. Bring others out of storage. Do it all over again. The great thing is that you dont have to buy a whole new wardrobe because many pieces will last over many seasons. Youll probably only need to buy a few new items to stay in fashion. A BONUS step to your capsule wardrobe: Budget itKeep tab of how much you spend on clothing. At the end of one year, youll be able to budget how much youll need to save for clothes shopping each month. Think how much money, time and energy you will save with your new plan!Tell me your thoughts? Will you try this too? Have you done your own version? What does yours look like?If you like what you read, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more inspirations. Check out my blog site here. la prochaine!HlneThis is an old post I wrote in 2015 on creating a capsule wardrobe. Ive since changed my approach slightly, however, the foundation is still here. For that reason I hope you read it first and find it informative. Then, you can find my new post here. We would like to offer our comprehensive service to our customers who interested in helen harper.

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