Aluminum Formwork: a New Leader of Green Building

Reporter recently learned from the green building high quality development activities, compared to wood formwork, we used to choose in the past project, aluminum formwork has much more advantages of reusability, environmental protection and better result. It is expected to lead the green building on the development of new high quality road. The reporter sees in the spot, here does not have the fine day a suit of ash, the rainy day a foot mud the construction site scene, more does not have the dust to float in the sky.

Walking all the way from the project site, the road is very clean despite the construction site on both sides.The project has carried out fine management, intelligent creation and green construction in quality control, dust prevention and other aspects, and has achieved certain results. According to the person in charge of the project, aluminum formwork is used in the construction of Xiahe garden project. Compared with the 8 times of using traditional wood formwork, The Times of using aluminum formwork can reach 200 to 300 times, and the quality of wall forming is better.

Normal wood formwork construction technology, verticality and roughness are 0 to 8 mm, aluminum formwork construction completion of the measurement data is 0 to 4 mm, and the wall can be directly growing without secondary plaster construction work, the product surface level off is smooth, uniform color, after dismantle concrete wall can achieve marble mirror effect, and can directly reduce the cost and plaster. Aluminum formwork construction can also improve the construction efficiency. The traditional wooden mold construction needs 4 to 5 days to construct a layer, but the use of aluminum formwork can be increased to 3 to 4 days, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Compared with wood formwork, aluminum formwork reduces the potential safety hazard caused by sawing and other operations. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, there is no fire risk. The aluminum formwork is lighter in weight and lower in hoisting frequency, which greatly reduces the probability of accidents during construction and provides a good guarantee for the safety of construction personnel.

In addition, aluminum formwork in the conservation of wood, energy saving and environmental protection at the same time more reduce the cost of use, the overall economic benefits of the construction unit, construction efficiency, civilized construction level, construction safety and so on have been greatly improved. As a whole, although the aluminum formwork industry has not started for a long time, in recent years, with the promotion of green building, it has accounted for about 20% of the entire formwork market in 2017. At the same time, efforts will be made to improve the recycling effect of aluminum formwork, extend the service life of aluminum formwork, and promote the continuous development of green building RELATED QUESTION How comfortable is long distance(around 14 hours) chair car journey in Indian Railways?

More comfortable than coach/economy class in an airplane, but less than business class.Indian railways offers different types of "chair car" accommodations and comfort levels depend on which class you are in.Non AC chair car is basically no frills second class with 3-3 seating, can be reserved or unreserved. Legroom is comparable to a budget airlines economy class, decent for 3-4 hour journeyAC Chair Car is reserved with 3-2 seating and preassigned seats. They are well padded and have airline style fold down tray table.

I have done 8 hour journeys in this class in comfort. Longer should also be fine if you are ok sleeping uprightAC Executive Chair Car is available in only "Shatabdi" class of trains. It has wide 2-2 seating with generous legroom and is very comfortable for long journeyCaution: If you are traveling in Garib Rath or Yuva category of trains, stay away from chair car.

They have an economy version of AC chair car with 3-3 seating and seats that do not recline. Not comfortable for more than a couple hours

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  • Inflatable Water Slides

    Inflatable water slides are designed for the home user. They are typically made of a thick strong PVC or vinyl and nylon, and are inflated using an electric or gasoline powered blower. The water slide is attached to a water hose in order to generate the supply of water. There are small-sized inflatable water slides for private house uses or larger inflatable water slides for school, picnic, corporate, or carnival style use.

    There are also swimming pool water slides which users can set up to slide straight into a pool.[citation needed] Most parks avoid this due to safety concerns, and will have swimming sections in a separate pool.

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  • Why Shouldn't the Indian Railways Bring a System of Automatic Doors in Suburban Trains to Prevent People From Footboard Traveling?

    So many reasons. I point fewCost. If all doors of trains to be automatically, it will cost a lot of money for railways. Railways will pass it over to travellers. Most of Indian travellers are spending more than 10% of earnings on travel.

    It will be a burden for them.

    Not just cost of the doors.

    Also the lost income to the railways due to less people travelling as there would be no foot board space available.Sceptical about the quality. Look at the quality of our train rakes. New rakes look acceptable only for few years and not maintained later. I remember traveling in a train with one window not closing fully and it was peak winter in Delhi area.

    If something like that happens with automatic doors, it could be quite big problem.Doors will be broken to make space for travelling. People travel on footboard not because they want to travel that way.

    Generally, that happens due to insufficient space inside. We do not have sufficient number of trains to cater to the demand existing. One can think of automatic doors after we are able to meet the unmet demand for the trains.

    Why shouldn't the Indian Railways bring a system of automatic doors in suburban trains to prevent people from footboard traveling?

  • Why Does a Shaded Pole Motor Rotate From an Unshaded Portion to a Shaded Portion?

    To understand it's working you should know that-To create a rotating magnetic field, you need to have at least two different magnetic fields separated in phase by some angle. 90u00b0 in case of 2 phase machines and 120u00b0 in case of 3 phase machines.The windings that create the above magnetic fields must also be separated in space by same angle.

    That is why 3 phase machine windings are also separated by 120u00b0 in stator and rotor.Rotating magnetic field is nothing but the culmination or interference of the magnetic fields produced by the respective windings, attaining their peaks according to their phase differences.The rotating magnetic field rotates from leading phase axis to lagging phase axis (obviously).

    The rotor of the motor follows this rotating magnetic field.Having worked out the above requisites, you can now easily figure out the function of shading ring.The primary function of shading ring/coil is to create a phase difference between the main flux and flux passing through shading ring.

    It's function is similar to that of a capacitor in a ceiling fan. All these methods are categorised under split phase methods for operation of single phase induction motors.Now, the shading ring creates a phase difference in such a way that the main flux leads the flux passing through shading ring by an angle, which depends upon loads of factors like resistance of the ring.

    Not going into the details of phasor diagram, I can give you the final phasor diagram.Since the main flux leads the flux through shading ring, the direction of rotation of the rotor follows the same pattern.Why does a shaded pole motor rotate from an unshaded portion to a shaded portion?.

  • How Was the Transport System in the Western Countries Before the Advent of Automatic Doors for Buses and Trains?

    Before the advent of automation in doors trains and metros in cosmopolitan cities used to have manual doors u2026or open door system.The chicago u201cLu201d transit system was introduced in 1892 is a good example..until 1982 there was no automatic doors was just hop in hop out system .automatic doors have made travel safer these have saved thousands of lives .

    there was a exceptional fall in no.

    of deaths due to falling of a train due to automatic doorssadly , these have not been introduced in developing countrieseg- Mumbai Suburban - the most crowded transit system lacks the most important safety normsmore than 9 people die daily in this major transit systemHow was the transport system in the western countries before the advent of automatic doors for buses and trains?

  • How Do I Increase Static Pressure of a Centrifugal Blower?

    In order to augment the static pressure, there are 2 things you can do. You can pressurize the whole system OR you can lower the blower OR you can heat up the room.Now, it depends how much of an augmentation of pressure you need.

    If youre dealing with ventilation, pressurizing the whole system may be complicated, since it isnu2019t a closed system, generally. So your other option is to lower it.Around sea level, you get an augmentation of ambient pressure of 100 Pa for every 10 meters. So lowering your blower to the bottom floor may only give you roughly ~50 Pa more, on atmosperic pressure or 101325 Pa, bringing you up to 101375.

    Not very efficient.

    The third way, if you bring your ambient temperature up from 15 deg C to 20 deg C (in a closed system) then your pressure may go up from 101325 to 103000 Pa, an augmentation of roughly 400 Pa per deg C.The last option of course is to set up another blower in serial, to augment the pressure coming into your system. It may be the only way if you need a high augmentation of pressure.

    How do I increase static pressure of a centrifugal blower?

  • What Will We Do to Make an Automatic Door Open Using a Sensor?

    Well, if itu2019s an automatic door, it will come with a sensor and all you have to do is install it properly for working.It works pretty simple, when there is obstacle in the path it reflects the light and thus the door opens.Like this!But if you are asking to open an automatic door with other kind of sensors,All you need is the infra red gun and the right frequency.

    Hide and shoot the gun towards the sensors and get the attendant go crazy What will we do to make an automatic door open using a sensor?

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restaurant booth manufacturers Nordic Style Solid Wood Sofa Chair And Coffee Table SJ002-1 information
restaurant booth manufacturers Nordic Style Solid Wood Sofa Chair And Coffee Table SJ002-1 information
Starting business from 2006, FOSHAN SHUNDE SHENGYANG FURNITURE CO., LTD. is a leading fabricator in the coffee shop and restaurant furniture manufacturer industry. We have been in business for over 12 years. Our clients spread all around the world. We supply and serve table and sofa group, , , ect.. Nordic Style Solid Wood Sofa Chair And Coffee Table SJ002-1 is the best name product among them.Nordic Style Solid Wood Sofa Chair And Coffee Table SJ002-1 is made of qualified wood,Imitation leather. It is widely used in coffee shop and restaurant furniture and with its great performance and high quality. It is designed to meet the industry criterion. Every size and shape is available according to client's specific requirements. It embodies characteristics such as High density foam upholstered in leather or fabric. Owing to High density foam upholstered in leather or fabric, , and , . We use the latest advanced high-precision sander, high-speed automatic bench saw, wood drying device and other equipment to make this product the most outstanding one in the market. We are honored to mention that it has earned the . From our fully equipped machines we can produce Nordic Style Solid Wood Sofa Chair And Coffee Table SJ002-1 to your exact specifications. The product is covered by a warranty. If the return is caused by the product quality or the mistake from us, you will be guaranteed to get 100% refund. Check it out at: continued success of SHENGYANG FURNITURE has been built upon consistent and competitive pricing, quality workmanship, quick response time and outstanding customer service. At SHENGYANG FURNITURE, customer satisfaction and professional service as well as competitive prices are very important to us, a happy customer is what we strive to achieve. Our customers speak highly of our products and services. So, no matter where your business is based, please contact SHENGYANG FURNITURE for a competitive quote and we will be happy to help.
My Dog Is a Germmen Sheperd/labe Mixed. He Has Toys but He Gose for the Couch, Gloves,and More Help.?
One good trick: When he starts to chew on the couch, gloves, etc., place a toy in his mouth and hold his mouth shut for a few minutes. It may seem cruel to some, but it will not hurt him. This will teach him that he is supposed to chew on the toys and not the couch, gloves, etc. Also, remove any toys that may be the same texture as the furniture. Your dog's toys should be of a material unlike other material in your house. We buy toys made of rubber, bone or raw hide. · Related Questions Puppy starter kit? Good idea? and non etable chew toys? Puppy packs vary but all should contain information. In South Africa a puppy pack contains a sample of dog food and a booklet - I feel they should contain a bowl, a toy and a chewy of sorts something like a hoof. Good luck with getting a new puppy. Your existing dog will enjoy the company. Take your dogs to dog school and you will enjoy a better more positive relationship with them. Regular walks will also reduce the amount of time your dog spends digging. Try getting a KONG toy. Speak to the local reputable pet store and hear what they suggest. I also think a BUSTER CUBE is an excellent toy. Try playing ball with your dog - great game but you keep the ball when you are finished. Remember games are twice as much fun when shared - so play with your dogs every day! Good luck ------ I think my dog might have brain damage!? I highly doubt it's brain damage, but in fact a lack of socialization and learning as a pup. It could be possible that she was taken from her mother too soon and in fact does not know how to interact with other dogs or even know how to play. Maybe the previous owners would talk in a "sweet" voice to get her to come to them, then beat the hell out of her (poor thing :( ). She obviously was not trained well to the leash or even with housetraining. Just keep working with her. It's great to know that she has a good home now. ------ When she greets me, why does my dog bring me a toy? It's hard to tell without other information. My cocker carried a toy with him everywhere he went. I think he just liked the attention he got because it made him "cute". He went to my place of business everyday and the store looked like we ran a day care.because of all his toys. But when a customer came in he went immediately to his toy box and selected something to take to the customer. He liked to share. Some time a customer would bring in their dog and he would give them a toy also. ------ Problem taking toys from dog? When my child was younger he lost toys to the dogs. He also learned to tidy up his room. Your dog is showing you who is in charge, and it isn't you. He gives up doggy toys because they don't mean as much to him. The child's toy was sought and captured; great prize. I wouldn't like to suggest anything online for you to do yourself because you may get bit. Find a trainer who is willing to work with you and the dog. Have you gone through a basic obedience course with him? Often people don't realize how "in charge" their dog is until they get into an obedience class and Fido is no longer the easy-going guy (because he is no longer making the decisions) ------ DS: Multiple dog owners. Do your dogs form "mini packs"? I have weird dogs,LOL, I have 5 dogs total and most of the time we have 2 mini packs,3 dogs that usually hang out together,follow each other around and sleep in a "clump" on my rug,although 2 of them will get a hair crossed the wrong way on occasion and they'll boot the other dog out,they'll completely ignore him and literally snub the poor little dude.The other two keep there "pack" maintained all the time,my one dog is DA so she cannot socialize with the other 3 but her other "pack" member(which she gets along with,I told you they were weird) will on occasion cross over into the 3 dog pack,she usually just plays with em' and than leaves,LOL ------ Our female dog plays with a squeaky toy and whines? One of my female dogs use to do this when she was close to coming into heat. It was a good warning signal for me. Keep an eye on her for a while as that might be the reason. Although it is not cheap, please consider, if she is not a pedigree dog from whom you plan to breed, having her desexed. The same thing goes for male dogs. Remember that these are dogs, not people, and if you have entire males and females you run the real risk of finding yourself looking after puppies you didn't really want, apart from the mess of females in heat, and possible aggression and wandering with entire males. Good luck ------ Alternative to rope dog toys for tough chewers? I think your idea of buying men's long socks is a good one. I always do this for my puppies. If you tie a knot in the middle of the sock it will serve the same purpose as a rope chew. I don't know about the empty water bottles though. These could be dangerous if they are plastic because the dog could chew large pieces of the plastic and they may cause an obstruction in his intestines. My young dogs love to drag the fleeces from their beds so I decided to cut an old one into long wide strips and now they play tug of war with these. They seem to last a lot longer than the expensive toys I have bought in the past. ------ We just bought our dog a new toy and now she is protective of it just like if it was her own pup, why? Take away that toy and NEVER give it back to her again. How are you raising this dog? Is she being treated like a dog or a human? Who is setting the rules in her pack, you or her? Is she being trained properly on a leash and choker? Does she get corrected when she makes mistakes? These are all things that DO make a difference in the dog's mind, if not yours. Take away the toy and give her something you want her to have ONLY when you want to. YOU decide what that is, when she has it and for how long. There should be no BS about you taking it away. Correct her HARD for any infraction of the rules. ------ Homemade toys for a Shorkie puppy? Another person who fell for the "designer dog" scam. Yes, you were scammed. There is nothing you can do about it now, so just educate others. Reputable breeders will never mix dog breeds purposefully because there is no standard to breed to. I recommend you spend money on just ONE more toy, a kong. With these toys you can stuff them full of treats which really keeps their attention. Remember to always correct the dog for biting an inappropriate object (only if you catch her in the act!) and then redirect the behavior with a kong toy. ------ My dog is scared of everything including squeeky toys!? Socialize! Socialize! I know you sound like you're already doing that but he's really going to need a little extra sounds like or he may become a fear biter. I know two of my dogs were somewhat fearful and it kind of funny at times. Sometimes when I pick something up my Corgi will act like I'm going to beat the crud out of her but no one, as far as I know has every hit her. She's just silly like that. I would just socialize that little fart every chance you get. And when he acts appropriately to something I would praise and or give a treat. Good Luck! ------ why dogs hump on people and toys? He is not trying to mate. He is showing you that he is the boss or the dominate dog in the pack. You need to leash train the dog and make sure you show him you are the pack leader and in the dominate position. Training should be done in these steps: Exercise, (a walk on the leash) discipline, (correcting any bad behavior), reward, (praising the dog for correct behavior). All puppies try to hump, even females. It about dominance not the need to procreate. Make sure the dog is submissive to you when you walk and play. Never let the dog lead you with the leash and when playing the dog should be taught to lay on it's back and you should rub it's belly. Never let the dog get on top of you while playing, it will assume dominance. ------ Do Your Dogs Willingly Share? Very sweet. :o) Mine take turns, which is kind of like sharing. One chews on the rawhide while another watches intently and waits for the first dog to lose focus or walk away, so he/she can pounce and take it. :o) They know they are not allowed to fight, so they have learned to wait patiently. Unfortunately, my latest foster dog seems determined to carry something in his mouth 24/7, which means anyone waiting for him is out of luck.Ive seen the chihuahua following him around, waiting for him to drop a rawhide, but he never does. ------ How can I get my dog to play with toys? what you could try is getting a treat ball, if she is food oreintated thats how i got my dog to start playing, and just make like she cant get the toys, but after the second time of her trying to grab give it to her so she dont lose interest in it, then when shes been interested in that for awhile try giving her other balls and toys, also shes part terrier have you thought of buyinig her a little cat toy buit its one of those fluffy mouse toys cats get, terriers go nuts for those ------ Money saving dog supply ideas? I don't know if your city does this, but you might want to check out your local freecycle websites. They are great. You just request at these freebee local websites what you need and you communicate with other people who are giving things away and vice versa. And its all free. Another great place if you shop online is: where you can get discounts at your favorite stores. Also, go to the Walmart Website and click on free samples, and usually there are free pet samples for your dog or cat. Sometime the samples are good size. Good luck. ------ how to know who is alpha out of dog pack? There tends to be only one Alpha but the ranks below can be less obvious. The Alpha tends to be the dog (usually male but could be female) with the most assertive personality and not necessarily the biggest of the bunch or the most vocal. Start with the oldest as rank has to be earned in dog society, watch them closely and note their behaviour towards the other dogs. If the other dogs allow them to sniff their privates without complaint and/or if the other dogs roll over and lift their back legs to them often then there's a good chance this is the alpha. If not then look for the same with the next oldest dog in the group. There are other signs of Alpha dogs but this is probably the easiest to see quickly.
Knowledge About Couches
1. Elijah Howarth of couches Elijah Howarth (1853 1 April, 1938) was an English museum curator. Elijah was the son of a labourer. In 1871 he started work at the Liverpool Museum. His early exhibition work helped establish the Walker Art Gallery and allowed him to develop his skills as an art conservator. However he was also trained in astronomy by John Couch Adams. In 1876 he was appointed curator at newly opened Sheffield City Museum in Weston Park. He went on to set up the Weston Park Observatory in 1880 and two years later developed the Weston Park Weather Station. He also founded the Mappin Art Gallery and High Hazels Museum. He was the founding editor of the Museums Journal, which he edited from 1901 to 1909. He was also an active freemason. ------ 2. Biography of couches Nolte was born in Essen on 6 August 1973. She studied Nordic Studies, German Studies and Political Science in College and went on to get a PhD in 2002 from Linkping University. She has worked as an editor but went on to work as a translator in English and Swedish. She has translated for Laini Taylor and Mary E. Pearson. Her own writing has been published since 1999. Nolte's work is published in both science fiction magazines and as novels. Her second novel won the German Science Fiction Prize for "Best Novel" in 2007. Nolte is living in Hamburg and is married. Her married name is now Raimer-Nolte. She and her wife had a son who died in 2014. Since then they have had a second son. ------ 3. Female Nude of couches Female Nude is an 1876 painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, also known as Nude Woman Sitting on a Couch, Anna (after its model), After Bathing and Pearl. Now in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, it was in Emmanuel Chabrier's collection until 1896, when it was bought by the art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel. Two years later Durand-Ruel sold it on to the Moscow businessman Pyotr Shchukin for 15,000 francs, though its new owner dared not exhibit it in his gallery and so kept it in his bedroom for fourteen years before selling it to his brother Sergei in June 1912. The Soviet state seized the work in 1918 and exhibited it in the 1st Museum of New Western Painting, then the State Museum of New Western Art and finally in its present gallery from 1948 onwards. ------ 4. Bibliography of couches NovelsJgerwelten (2000) Die fnf Seelen des Ahnen (2006)Mrchenhaft (2017)NonfictionSchwedische "Social Fiction": die Zukunftsphantasien moderner Klassiker der Literatur von Karin Boye bis Lars Gustafsson (2002)Short FictionDie Gehirndrfer (1999) Paradiesvgel (2000)
Introduction to Couches
1. Places of couches Balme, comune in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont Cheignieu-la-Balme, commune in the Ain department in the French region Rhne-Alpes Col de Balme, a high mountain pass of the Alps on the border between Switzerland and France Couches de Balme, a geologic formation in France La Balme, commune in the Savoie department in the French region Rhne-Alpes La Balme-d'py, commune in the Jura department in the French region Franche-Comt La Balme-de-Sillingy, commune in the Haute-Savoie department in the French region Rhne-Alpes La Balme-de-Thuy, commune in the Haute-Savoie department in the French region Rhne-Alpes La Balme-les-Grottes, commune in the Isre department in the French region Rhne-Alpes Saint-Salvy-de-la-Balme, commune in the Tarn department in the French region Midi-Pyrnes Tte de Balme, mountain in the Mont Blanc Massif ------ 2. Music video of couches Scenes of the music video are shown with Avila sitting on a couch in a room, looking at pictures on the wall and showing her anger at her friends boyfriend. The music video premiered on eTalk on February 25, 2009 ------ 3. Damned (song) of couches "Damned" is the second single taken from Eva Avila's Give Me the Music album. The single reached Chum FMs 10 Most Wanted countdown numerous times and peaked at 21 on the CHUM Chart and 83 on the Canadian Hot 100. ------ 4. People with the surname of couches Augustin de la Balme, French cavalry officer David Mowbray Balme (1912-1989), British-born educator in Ghana Eugne Balme (18741914), French participant in 1910 and 1914 Summer Olympics (shooter) Gerry Balme (1885-ca. 1960), Australian football player, WWI medal recipient Harold Balme (1878-1953), British medical missionary to China Henry Balme (1367-1439), Geneva-born Franciscan theologian John Balme (fl. 1970-present), US musician and opera manager Neil Balme (b. 1952), Australian football player Tim Balme (b. 1967), New Zealand actor and screenwriter
Introduction to Couches
1. Requiem for a Nun of couches Requiem for a Nun (French: Requiem pour une nonne) is a play by Albert Camus, adapted from William Faulkner's 1951 novel of the same name. The play was published in 1962. Camus had a great admiration for Faulkner. In his play, he changed the dialogues substantially. According to John Philip Couch "In Requiem pour une nonne Camus achieved an unusual density and tension appropriate to tragedy. One may conclude that for the first time in his career Camus was capable of writing a serious play worthy of his accomplishments in the novel." ------ 2. Joe Kaminer of couches Joe Kaminer (25 January 1934 in Warmbad) was a South African rugby union player. Kaminer, who is Jewish, was born in Warmbad and schooled in Pietersburg. He played a single test for the Boks, making his debut on 16 Aug 1958, with the Boks losing against France at Ellis Park. Kaminer played for Wits and Transvaal. ------ 3. Life of couches Charles Franois Lacroix of Marseille was a landscape and marine painter, in the style of Claude Joseph Vernet, Jean-Joseph Kapeller (1702-1790) and Henry of Arles. He was a pupil and imitator of Joseph Vernet, and stayed in Rome in 1754. From 1776, he exhibited with great success and spent a good part of his life between Italy and Provence. In 1780, he published an ad to welcome students in his studio in Paris. Jean-Jacques Le Veau and Nol Le Mire engraved some of his paintings ------ 4. Misrepresentation in Indian Law of couches A concept of English law that has been adopted in India, a misrepresentation is an untrue or misleading statement of fact made during negotiations by one party to another, which then induces that other party into the contract. The misled party may normally rescind the contract, and sometimes may be awarded damages as well (or instead of rescission) ------ 5. Canada of couches Saint-Maurice (Lower Canada), an electoral district 17921838 Saint-Maurice (Province of Canada), an electoral district 18411867 Saint-Maurice (electoral district), a former federal electoral district represented in the House of Commons, in Quebec 18671896, 19682004 Saint-Maurice River in Quebec Saint-Maurice (provincial electoral district), in Quebec 18672018 Saint-Maurice, Quebec, a parish municipality in the Mauricie region of the province of Quebec Saint-Maurice, a community within the City of La Tuque, Quebec Saint-Maurice, a community within Wellington Parish, New Brunswick Saint-Maurice-de-Dalquier, a community within the City of Amos, Quebec Saint-Maurice-de-l'chouerie, a community within the City of Gasp, Quebec ------ 6. Biography of couches Colletet was born and died in Paris. He had a great reputation among his contemporaries and enjoyed the patronage of several important people, including Cardinal Richelieu, which whom he sometimes collaborated and who once gave him 600 livres for six verses. Colletet married, in succession, three female servants, one of whom, Claudine Le Nain, he attempted to pass off as a poet in her own right, himself composing works which she then signed. When he realised he was dying, he produced a poem stating that she was giving up poetry following her husband's death; but no one was fooled. Jean de La Fontaine wrote an epigram on the subject. ------ 7. Literature of couches The Finishing School (Spark novel), 2004 novella by Scottish writer Muriel Spark The Finishing School, 1984 novel by American writer Gail Godwin The Finishing School, 2005 book by American writer Dick Couch Finishing School (series), a four-book young adult steampunk series by American writer Gail Carriger ------ 8. Films of couches Finishing School (1934 film), American romantic drama directed by George Nichols, Jr. Finishing School (1953 film), Italian romantic comedy directed by Bernard Vorhaus; also known as Luxury Girls; original title Fanciulle di lusso The Finishing School (film), 1969 Spanish horror feature directed by Narciso Ibez Serrador ------ 9. Gallery of couches Works Charles-Franois Lacroix de Marseille Marine, effet de nuit, Dijon, muse Magnin. Bord de mer, muse des beaux-arts de Marseille. Les cascades de Tivoli, muse des beaux-arts de Libourne. Effet de soleil brumeux, muse d'art de Toulon. The Villa of Maecenas in Tivoli (1764), Berlin, muse de Bode. Marine de nuit (1765), muse des beaux-arts de Dijon. Scne portuaire au coucher du soleil Dallas Museum of Art. ------ 10. In India (under IPC section-90) of couches In India, the federal laws defines misrepresentation under "Misconception Of Fact". This is dealt with under the Indian Penal Code in Section 90, which states: Consent given firstly under fear of injury, and secondly under a misconception of fact, is not consent at all. That is what is explained in the first part of Section 90. There are two grounds specified in Section 90 which are analogous to coercion and mistake of fact which are the familiar grounds that can vitiate a transaction under the jurisprudence of India and other countries. The factors set out in first part of Section 90 are from the point of view of the victim; the second part of Section 90 enacts the corresponding provision from the point of view of the accused. It envisages that the accused has knowledge of - or reason to believe that - the consent was given by the victim in consequence of fear of injury or misconception of fact. Thus the second part lays emphasis on the knowledge or reasonable belief of the person who obtains the tainted consent. The requirements of both parts should be cumulatively satisfied. In other words, the Court has to determine whether the person giving the consent has done so under fear or misconception of fact; the court should also be satisfied that the person doing the act (i.e. the alleged offender) is conscious of the fact or should have reason to think that but for the fear or misconception, the consent would not have been given. This is the scheme of Section 90 which is couched in negative terminology. ------ 11. France of couches Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Savoie Saint-Maurice, Haute-Marne Saint-Maurice, Nivre Saint-Maurice, Puy-de-Dme Saint-Maurice, Bas-Rhin Saint-Maurice, Val-de-Marne Saint-Maurice-aux-Forges, in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department Saint-Maurice-aux-Riches-Hommes, in the Yonne department Saint-Maurice-Colombier, in the Doubs department Saint-Maurice-Crillat, in the Jura department Saint-Maurice-d'Ardche, in the Ardche department Saint-Maurice-d'telan, in the Seine-Maritime department Saint-Maurice-d'Ibie, in the Ardche department Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost, in the Ain department Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille, in the Gard department Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans, in the Ain department Saint-Maurice-de-Lestapel, in the Lot-et-Garonne department Saint-Maurice-de-Lignon, in the Haute-Loire department Saint-Maurice-de-Rmens, in the Ain department Saint-Maurice-de-Rotherens, in the Savoie department Saint-Maurice-de-Satonnay, in the Sane-et-Loire department Saint-Maurice-de-Tavernole, in the Charente-Maritime department Saint-Maurice-de-Ventalon, in the Lozre department Saint-Maurice-des-Champs, in the Sane-et-Loire department Saint-Maurice-des-Lions, in the Charente department Saint-Maurice-des-Noues, in the Vende department Saint-Maurice-du-Dsert, in the Orne department Saint-Maurice-en-Chalencon, in the Ardche department Saint-Maurice-en-Cotentin, in the Manche department Saint-Maurice-en-Gourgois, in the Loire department Saint-Maurice-en-Quercy, in the Lot department Saint-Maurice-en-Rivire, in the Sane-et-Loire department Saint-Maurice-en-Trives, in the Isre department Saint-Maurice-en-Valgodemard, in the Hautes-Alpes department Saint-Maurice-la-Cloure, in the Vienne department Saint-Maurice-l'Exil, in the Isre department Saint-Maurice-la-Fougereuse, in the Deux-Svres department Saint-Maurice-la-Souterraine, in the Creuse department Saint-Maurice-le-Girard, in the Vende department Saint-Maurice-le-Vieil, in the Yonne department Saint-Maurice-les-Brousses, in the Haute-Vienne department Saint-Maurice-ls-Charencey, in the Orne department Saint-Maurice-ls-Chteauneuf, in the Sane-et-Loire department Saint-Maurice-ls-Couches, in the Sane-et-Loire department Saint-Maurice-Montcouronne, in the Essonne department Saint-Maurice-Navacelles, in the Hrault department Saint-Maurice-prs-Crocq, in the Creuse department Saint-Maurice-prs-Pionsat, in the Puy-de-Dme department Saint-Maurice-Saint-Germain, in the Eure-et-Loir department Saint-Maurice-sous-les-Ctes, in the Meuse department Saint-Maurice-sur-Adour, in the Landes department Saint-Maurice-sur-Aveyron, in the Loiret department Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire, in the Rhne department Saint-Maurice-sur-Eygues, in the Drme department Saint-Maurice-sur-Fessard, in the Loiret department Saint-Maurice-sur-Huisne, in the Orne department Saint-Maurice-sur-Mortagne, in the Vosges department Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, in the Vosges department Saint-Maurice-sur-Vingeanne, in the Cte-d'Or department Saint-Maurice-Thizouaille, in the Yonne department ------ 12. Works of couches Divertissements  ; poems (tragedies, pastorals, etc.), including le Banquet des Potes (1646) ; Epigramme (1653) ; Histoire des potes franais . Much-esteemed treatises on moral poetry, sonnets and eclogues, gathered under the title d'Art potique, 1658 Translations, including of the Couches de la Vierge by Jacopo Sannazaro and of works by Scvole de Sainte-Marthe.
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