Ziguang Zhao Weiguo: Ziguang Is the Largest Chip Enterprise in China

The "top ten economic figures of the year 2016" hosted by sina finance, people's daily client and Wu Xiaobo channel was held in Beijing on January 10, 2017. Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Ziguang group, attended and won the award. It said that Ziguang is an enterprise standing behind the Internet and a service providing basic products and key technical services for the whole information industry and Internet industry.

Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Ziguang group

The following is the transcript of some speeches:

Zhao Weiguo: let me tell you about Ziguang. Ziguang's business is summarized in four words, "from core to cloud". Core refers to chips. We are the largest chip enterprise in China and provide more than 1 billion chips every year in the design field. In the mobile phone field, we provide one baseband chip of mobile phone, that is, CPU transmission part, for every four mobile phones in the world. We provide one ID card chip for every four people here. Every three of you here have a mobile phone SIM card provided by us. There are also some chips that are of great significance to the country, but it is inconvenient for me to talk about them here.

In addition, we started the construction of our storage base in Wuhan last year and 2016, with an investment of US $24 billion. This year, we have two other semiconductor manufacturing bases, one in Chengdu and one in Nanjing. The total investment of these three bases exceeds US $70 billion. As we all know, this is the Internet age. Networks are everywhere and information is everywhere. In fact, chips are everywhere. Ziguang is an enterprise standing behind the Internet. We are the service that provides basic products and key technical services for the whole information industry and Internet industry.

This industry has four characteristics: the first is cutting-edge technology. Compared with aerospace, it is not bad at all. It is nanoscale. The second is capital intensive. In the core investment area of the plant, the investment intensity exceeds 30000 US dollars per square meter. Take 100 dollars, 30000 dollars, 300 pieces, and you can't shop a square meter. The third is talent intensive, which requires many high-level international talents. The fourth is global competition. The competition in this industry is very, very fierce.

I won this award today, not on behalf of myself or purple light. I shoulder the responsibility and the future of the integrated circuit industry. So thank Sina and the jury for giving me such encouragement. The competition in this industry is very fierce. If we let go of one mountain, we will not break the Loulan and never return it.

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