Would You Let Your Husband Be at Hospital for the Birth of Your Child If He Did This?

Would you let your husband be at hospital for the birth of your child if he did this?

You will regret it later if he did not come to the hospital when your child is coming into the world especially if it's a girl, when she's around 14 she would want to see her photos when she was a baby and she will definitely notice her dad missing and will ask you "where is dad in my photos?" will you have the guts to say "he did not want to be around when I was giving birth" or "he was not around when I was pregnant so I kicked him out from the hospital when I was having you". Think of the possible scenarios... Maybe he regretted that he was not around when you were pregnant and wanted to start things over.

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Anybody else ever experience anything this stupid?

In public pools, I actually think no flotation devices of any kind is a common rule. While life jackets are designed to aid in preventing drownings, they are not able to prevent all accidents. I am sure you are very responsible and would not leave your youngest alone, but unfortunately, some parents will overly trust the life jacket and not pay as close attention as they should to a child in one. Sometimes other young swimmers or inexperienced swimmers will struggle a bit and inadvertently grab onto another person's life jacket thus pulling the life jacket wearer under without meaning to. Again, if you are with your child you can off set this, but if a parent has left a child unattended, for even a few seconds, thinking he/she is safe in a life jacket, tragedy can strike before you know it. Even with 3 lifeguards on duty, parents still need to keep an eye on their children and not all do so. I think it is a liability issue for pools and not stupidity. If you are talking about a swim ring or something your daughter wears around her waist when you say "life preserver" those are not designed for protection at all. I am assuming you mean a personal flotation device which is often also called a life jacket.

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how do you give the journey russack to my child in harvest moon tree of tranquility?

1. Well, after that sequence, the next day your child will tell you he/she got told by the Harvest Goddess she needs help. 2. Go to the Harvest Goddess Spring, which will trigger an event, the Harvest Goddess saying that another Island needs help, and it's your child that needs to do it. 3. She will tell you you come when you are ready. Leave out, then go right back in. 4. Collect these ingredients: - Shining Wool Yarn - Process Shining Wool. - Shining Flax Yarn - Process Shining Flax. - Black Pearl - Find on beaches. - Rare Metal - Refine Rare Ore. 5. Give them to the Harvest Goddess. 6. Give the Rucksack when your child is at home or he/she will not take it. Your new game should start immediately afterward.

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Need help figuring out meal planning?

You really do not need to raise your child as a vegetarian. Get some books on the subject? I know families who the parents are vegetarian but the children are not . The child wo not eat meat until it's about a year old though. Hope I Helped x D.

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How old do you have to be to get a passport in the US without a parent?

For All Minors Under Age 14 : * Each minor child shall appear in person. * All applications for children under 14 require both parents' or legal guardians' consent. ( See Special Requirements for Children Under Age 14 ) For All Minors Ages 14 to 17: * Each minor child shall appear in person. * For security reasons, parental consent may be requested. * If your child does not have identification of his/her own, you need to accompany your child and present identification. * Follow instructions below. as for "security reasons", it's for your own safety. For example, with this rule, it's a lot harder for some sicko to kidnap a bunch of underage kids, get legal travel papers for them, and transport them to be sold into the Cambodian sex trade.

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Guys - If You Got Custody of Your Children...?
Guys - If You Got Custody of Your Children...?
Guys - If you got custody of your children...?I know one guy who got sole custody of his daughter when she was 2 years old; her mother is unfit. He received no child support. He stayed home with her full time and was supported by public aid. When his daughter started school, so did he, taking classes while she was in school. She's twelve now, and he will graduate in May. So by this example, yes. He completely changed his lifestyle to accommodate his child— — — — — —custody help please ex not following order?Your man's lawyer is right. Build up a better case, and then forget Contempt of Court. Tell the lawyer to file for sole custody of the boy. Whether you win or not is something else, but you ask the Court to sanction her in a such a way that if he does not give your man custody, she is on notice that she can lose her son for not following the Court's orders. Tell your man to keep a diary of phone calls, visitation, late pickups, early drop offs; i.e., if he's supposed to pick up the boy on Tuesday night but does not get him until Wednesday afternoon, or is supposed to bring him back Friday afternoon but she demands him on Thursday night. It does not have to be extensive, but something like this: Tuesday, February 25, 10.00 a.m.: Called Susan to make arrangements to pick up John. When I got there she refused to answer the door. I was there for 35 minutes and she never answered the door. I tried to call her cell phone, but she would not answer. She told me I could not pick him up because he was going to a birthday party that afternoon. Told her it was my time with him and I would take him to the party and she flat refused.30 I called to talk to John, but Susan would not allow him to come to the phone.30 Susan called and demanded that I bring John back on Thursday night because she had a thing on Friday morning. I told her, why not leave him with me instead of a sitter and that she could pick him up on her way back from her thing, and she had a fit. If she's badmouthing your fiance to the boy, write it down -- only what you hear, not what you *think.* If the boy comes and complains that mom is doing this or that, write it down. Do not exaggerate. Lies have a way of coming back to bite you on the butt, especially where kids are concerned. At the end of the month, give a copy of the diary to the lawyer and start a new diary. At the end of that month, give a copy of the diary to the lawyer and start a new diary. Advise your man to be polite, and always be on time. Do not be snarky, and do not retaliate. Do not try to trap her. Do not talk bad about her to or around her son. Do not tell her you will be there Tuesday at 10.00 a.m. and then not show up until 4.00 p.m. Do not tell her you will be there at 10.00 and show up at 10.15. If he's stuck in traffic, do not call her, text her and tell her, Stuck on the 405 freeway, be there as soon as I can, whatever, but a paper trail. Make sure that text messages are saved and printed. Do not give her any fuel for her fire. I have seen judges strip parents of their custodial rights for not following court orders. I saw a mom move her son out of state after the judge ordered her not to, and at the very next hearing, that judge instantly removed that boy from mom's custody and gave the boy to the dad. Poor baby boy. Tell your man to be patient and kind towards the mother, loving and gentle with the boy. Let there be a real difference between your house and his mom's house. And YOU also be gentle and patient and proactive. Do not take a hands off approach. If you marry this guy, you will be that boy's "sane" womanly example. Do not waste it. Good luck.
As a Single Mother, Would You Prefer to Get Along with Your Child's Father If He Provided and Willin
As a Single Mother, Would You Prefer to Get Along with Your Child's Father If He Provided and Willin
As a single mother, would you prefer to get along with your child's father if he provided and willing to co-parent?Of course, but you have a duty to try your best to do that even if he does not , for your child's sake. And that has got to be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but it will speak volumes to your child— — — — — —Caught younger boy with older girl. What should I do?Since neither is your child, I think it would be extremely innappropriate for you to discuss it directly with the kids themselves rather than informing their parents. I, personally, think you should speak to both sets of parents so each can address the situation in a way that best fits the needs of their child and their beliefs and values— — — — — —What NOT to name your child?my husband loves the name emily but i had to tell him no with every pregnancy its tooo popular. I like emma as well and that is because i loved the spice girls as a child,lol. isla i too liked because of mrs.borat.she is on the wedding crashers-she has red hair. sookie isnt cute Bella-i love this name but because of twilight it has ruined the name. x names like xander and xavier i love and lastly the name lola is like the cutest name too me. ahh— — — — — —Is it wrong to kiss your child on the lips?Honestly there is alot of people that do this. I think it all depends on how you view it and how you feel about it. Of course if your doing it because shes your baby i dont see anything wrong only sick people would think anything wrong about that. i think its just a way you show affection to her and like you said its because you love her so it shouldnt matter what your mom thinks your mom is sick in the head no offense to even mention that to you like that. ps. my best friend still pecks her mom in the lips and shes 17 i honestly dont see anything wrong with it i guess because thats how many parent are.— — — — — —What is your child eating for breakfast?scrambled eggs with sausage links and milk to drink. age 4— — — — — —Can breastfeeding cause a shorter Luteal phase?The breast feeding and the pregnancies will change your hormones and your bodies natural cycles, Hormones can also cause the breast milk to taste different, or cause upset tummies and gas in nursing children. You may want to wean before getting pregnant, or wait for your child to wean himself before trying. Breast milk contains natural organisms and antibodies that babies need, and if you want your weaning child to reap all the benefits of that, you may want to wait to start trying. If you think he has nursed long enough, and want to switch him to formula, your body will level out faster. It is a personal decision, but your body will change so it does not get worn out with child bearing, and since it sounds like you want 6 or 7 kids, you may want to try to take it easy on your body for the sake of your own health rather than trying to conceive as soon as possible— — — — — —What do you think of "kid's leashes/backpacks" ?I think they are wonderful especially if you have a child that is full of energy. I have 2 daughters. a 5 yr old who loved hers and her friend had one to and she loved it. I also have a 4 month old and plan on using one when she is about 2 or 3. They are terrific and keep your children safer then if they are in a stroller. You can not always see your child unbuckling a stroller harness. It's also so easy for people to run off with your baby in the stroller. The leash is certainly better than making your child hold your hand all the time and it will help your kid burn off some of that excess energy because they are walking not riding. You really should get one. it's certainly better than your child running into the middle of the street or just running away from you. EDIT: For those of you saying that a child should just hold your hand: Hold a soda can in the air for an hour. Do not switch arms. hurts does not it. That's how your kid feels. also hands get sweaty and slippery and you are not able to look at stuff well when you are shopping in a mall or the like. sometimes carrying your kid is not an option. whether it's that your hands are to full or your kid just gets to heavy after a while.
Will You Support Your Children to Go to Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Competing for excellent talents, artificial intelligence education began to flourish in ChinaJapan Economic News reported on February 19 that artificial intelligence (AI) education is very prosperous in China. At present, the world is competing for outstanding talents in the field of AI, and China is no exception. China's large Internet enterprises gather children together and AI experts of the company regularly hold training courses. The government also decided to formally introduce AI related courses in some primary and secondary schools from the spring of 2019."Does anyone know which program to use in this case" and "teacher, it's very simple". Netease held a five-day AI training course for primary and secondary school students in Hangzhou at the end of January. The course content of the day was to actually write a game, but the children were not unfamiliar with it and operated it directly on the computer.Netease began to hold such training courses a few years ago by taking advantage of longer holidays such as winter vacation. The project leader said that AI technology has been integrated into all corners of society. Now there is a shortage of talents. He hopes to stimulate children's interest through this activity. Tencent and other large Internet companies are also holding similar activities.The fee for the training course is 5000 yuan for five days, which is not cheap, but 50 places will be full immediately at the beginning of registration. Ms. Yang, 37, attended the training class for her 10-year-old son in the fifth grade of primary school. She believed that "if the child is interested and we try our best to support him in order to have a future, we have to spend the money we should spend".Many Chinese parents are not stingy about their children's education, which is further exacerbated by the one-child policy. Many parents in their 30s are well-educated and pay great attention to their children's education. They are not very active in giving birth to a second child. They concentrate all the education expenses on one child. They have no hesitation in the face of the expensive expenses of tutorial classes and specialty classes.In addition to English, Japanese and other subjects, the "Ai education" course is also very conspicuous on the signboard and website of a language school in Shanghai. Ms. Wang, a housewife who lives in Shanghai, asked her children who are still in primary school to take AI education courses. She said, "I heard that programmers are very popular and their wages are high. For the sake of children, we have to study hard from now on".Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University are the main battlefields for training AI talents in China. From a regional perspective, about 60% of talents come from Beijing and Shanghai. The imbalance of talent training in China has also become a subject.According to the data of boss direct employment on the recruitment website, the average salary of AI technicians is rising year by year, and now it has reached about 29000-33000 yuan. In contrast, the average monthly salary of all enterprise employees in Beijing is about 12000 yuan and that in Shanghai is about 10600 yuan. The AI industry is far ahead.
Is It Legal to Put Your Child on a Leash?
And the best answer goes to a conceited parent....just answering the answer respectfully would be just fine desmeran1. Should you train a puppy while on a leash?I would say that using a leash is more than ok. Another thing you might want to try is finding your pup's favorite treat/toy. I would also advise that if your dog is "toy driven" enough, then use toys to train so that your dog does not pork up. I would suggest the classic tennis ball, merrit balls, or squeeker toys. Squeeker toys are especially good for the ADD dog because the sound can regain his attention. Other advice is just set yourself up in the least distracting room. At this point, going outside could be even worse because of all the smells. Also, keep training times short, ten minutes and under for now. Always end on a good note, and consider clicker training, which does require treats but can be very beneficial. If you do use treats, I recommend taking that amount of kibble out of your pup's dinner2. Should you train a puppy while on a leash?We potty trained our puppy using a leash, we didnt want to crate him. Now, he is very very friendly always wants to be by your side (hes only 4 months) but 90% potty trained (pups still tend to have some accidents but not too often after they are trained) So if you have the time to be with him all the time, keep him on a leash instead of in a create, just make sure you take the puppy out often to use the potty3. Puppy only listens when on leash.?Well, your pup sounds pretty bright actually! On leash she "understands" that you are actually in control, off lead she obviously is letting you know that she does not want to be controlled. There are some tricks with this issue. I would put the lead on her and just let her walk around without you holding the leash. Then call her to come, when she does not come to you, step on the leash, tell her "no"then pull her gradually toward(holding the leash) you in a calm manner and praise her, even if she is resisting, growling, nipping. do this several times a week until she understands, that you are the boss ALL the time, not at her discretion. Give it a try!4. Proper Collar and Leash for my dog?i would say a harness for the trachea problems and ask a trainer to fit a gentle leader to teach her to walk on leash5. How to leash train not the brightest little dog?First off that is a terrier breed and they have A LOT of energy, especially a puppy. Try a frisbee in a backyard, that is a great exercise to get some pent up energy out from being in a crate all of the time. After she has burned some energy, and rests for a few minutes, this is the time to walk her. She has released a lot of energy, but has rested enough to still have energy for a walk. Walking may require some work for a human, but to a dog this should be a calm experience, not play time. Now look up "Loose leash walking". There are numerous sites that all say the same thing and explain it greatly, and do not get discouraged if she does not pick it up right away, she would be a miraculous dog genius if she did. My pit bull took about a month to get it down perfect, and he still has his moments. This is NOT impossible by any means, it just takes work. And terriers are not "not so bright little dogs" they are actually quite smart, they are just easily distracted and energized, which is why you need to get some energy out first for her to focus on you as a leader. Hope this helps, good luck! With some proper training that little girl should be great by the end of the summer6. Puppy doesnt want to walk on leash?my dog does dat all da time it jus takes time an yes u could juds drag them they will learn pretty soon
Will You Send Your Child to a Residential School If You Had to? My Son Has Autism, Schools Are Not H
You should have him evaluated by a private evaluator and than have a school IEP conference and see if you can get them to pay for a private school for kids with learning disability. They have to if you can prove that being in the public school system has not helped him. If he's out of control than you may have to consider getting therapy for both of you. You do not say what part of the country that you live in so I can not help you with specific information, I am in NY and only know about the services available on the east coast. If you live here than e-mail me and I may be able to give you some more detailed information.1. when and where was electricity first in use in chicago in a residential application?According to the source links I posted below, the house of John W. Doane, at 1827 South Prairie Avenue, was the first Chicago residential home to be lit with electricity. This occured on November 10, 1882. Mr. Doane was a founder of the Western Edison Light Company, the company that supplied electricity to Chicago at that time. Unfortunately, that house was demolished in 1936.2. What is the best location to buy a residential plot near Indore, India?If you are planning for residential plot in Indore then super corridor is best location in indore.Let me clear why you should plan to purchase plot in super corridor .Airport is 5km away from super corridorTcs is just 1 km from super corridorInfosys is very close to super corridorAll kind of public transport, hospital, airport are available in indore. If you are planning to buy plot in indore then call us on 62603372593. Is it legal to have security cameras in residential building if signs are up to notify people?CCTV systems (closed circuit television) is perfectly legal to install in residential buildings as long as it does not breach "personal space", like looking into peoples apartments. A camera on the front door is a good idea, make sure you account for indoor lighting and direct lighting coming in the doors, dont want to wash out the picture. Placing a sign up is a good idea, it makes people think they are on camera where ever the go!4. Can I buy residential land and not build a typical house right away.?You can generally buy vacant land and leave it vacant forever, unless you have been sold some agreement that includes other obligations, such as tax incentives or other rights that disappear if you do not use them soon enough. Every municipality or county has its own zoning regulations, including some that have no regulations at all. When I was shopping for a country home, I examined zoning regulations in over 30 towns, all different, before finding one that conformed to my sense of personal freedom (i.e., $1 building permit, no inspections, regardless of what type of house and how big it is).5. free quotes on cleaning residential and commercial properties?do it by the hour. figure what you want to get per hour, and then figure how many hours the job will take6. who is the best residential real estate agent in los angeles?Los Angeles is a really big place, and Realtors specialize by neighborhood and type of property. Best for what, exactly?7. Is it possible to tell what residential address your computer is transmitting from?This is not possible. The only people that would be able to get your address from your IP would be the people that actually work at the service provider that you use. Sure your IP can tell a person what city and state you are in but locating the exact location by IP would be impossible to just a random person. What is possible is that if you are using wifi, there can be someone intercepting your data packets and knows exactly where you go and what you do on the internet or an application to intercept data was secretly installed on your system that does the same thing. Overall it is a long shot for these. Probably just some local bum that did it. Sorry to hear about your loss man
Does Your Child Have Autism? Do You Know a Child Who Does?
First I agree with the person, not to worry what could happen There are several things that could happened to a child, autism is not the worst. You can not control life My daughter has PDD-NOS, it's a high functioning form of Autism She has been put on and taken off the scale of Autism twice The school is fighting with me, about services I talk to my daughter doctor before she was born about vaccines and autism. He said she will give the MMR vaccine at two and not one. My daughter start showing signs at 18 months. I now that the MMR did not cause her vaccine. There is a case in Georgia, that won a federal law suite. For what I understand that it was a group of vaccine and her body that together caused the autism. When looking for a doctor, look for a doctor that will be willing to work with the vaccinations and spread them out for four years and not two. For what I understood, children like the one in Georgia, if they were spread out more like other country, she might not have the reaction she would. Have her doctor give her the MMR at two and not at age one. Most children start showing signs before their second birthday, even if it is not found for years Do not worry about Autism I know many parents that have Autistic children, we go to the same doctors and do a lot of the same things. Parents with really bad cases love their children just as much or more than any parent. Try not to worry about this. The worst thing in my pregnancy was stress. A part of me wonders if that could of caused my child autism. That is not proven, but I have seen others that also had a lot of stress, and wonder the same thing. If you know you are having a girl, you can worry less. Boys are most likely to get Autism, it is something like for every one girl that has autism, four boys has it. If you are having a girl you can worry less. I would look for a pediatrician that will be willing to work with you if you are worry about autism and vaccine1. Why do you think there are so many children diagnosed with autism these day?Todays world is alot different than when I was a child. Parents are gone all the time, kids are raising themselves, there are far more pollutants in the air, more immunization requirements and chemicals used on our foods. I work with children who have autism and other severe behavior disorders and disabilities. I believe autism is caused by the immunizations. I have a child who has autism. He was a happy smiling baby until he got an immunization. Then he changed literally overnight. 1 in 166 children are born with autism of some variation. This is way too many. I would love to find a cure so that the children I work with could be "normal". Until someone does and autism no longer exists I will continue to do my work and help the children with autism learn lifeskills and anything else I can teach them. I do not believe ADD and ADHD exist. I have said this many times. I believe those are some form of autism. Doctors just see kids who are hyper and quickly diagnose ADD or ADHD, give them meds and send them on their way instead of spending time getting to the real problem. ODD is just a bored child who has no rules layed down for them by the way. Edit to my answer: Children will give you exactly what you expect of them. If you expect the child to be "bad" that is what you will get. When the "bad" students come into our room I let them know what I expect of them. I have high expectations. I expect good behavior. I have yet to have a serious problem with a child I have been told is terrible.2. What is Autism and WHY do so many children have it now?THe truth nobody knows.My son is three and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I knew something was up when he was 18 months old. Its not a lie THe truth is nobdy knows for sure. I personally dont beleive it was from the vaccines. Im not sure were it came from it just happens and i love my son very much and you know what it part of him and he is in therepy and preschool and hes doing good. so Take it for what you want unless youve experienced it first hand dont make judgements.3. Help - Worried my 15 month old (almost 16 month old) may have autism?What has your pediatrician said about his head growth? Is this even an indication of autism or just something random about him that concerns you? Honestly, from what you describe, your son does not sound autistic to me. I was also a late talker, and I know many other children who barely spoke at all until 2 years
How Old Was Your Child the First Time You Did the Whole Easter Basket Thing?
Well we got them a basket their first year but we didnt do a "hunt" with our oldest until she was 3 almost 4 and understood if i follow all these chocolates im gonna fine more lol We usually do a stuffy, crayons, a coloring book(easter themed), They have cool felt boards at Micheals as well as really neat foam stickers and mats, a new cup, and some candy....Those are the kind of things we do. Crafts and what not.1. ideas for themed crafts and activities?I would go with the Beach party theme. You could make palm trees just out of card board, get a little sand at Lowe's, add a few beach balls, a volley ball net and some towels then refreshments on the beach on blankets! None of these things should be something they could get hurt on...maybe a little sand in the eyes but all in all pretty safe and oh do not forget some carribean music! Hope this helps!2. Looking for crafts to do with my 20 month old?The most obvious place to look would be GOOGLE. Type in something like "crafts for toddlers". We have greatgranddaughter who just turned 2 last month. I make her toys for our house. They are called "the ugly toys". I make them out of whatever is at hand. Rattles are fun to make as long as they do not look like "baby" items. Ask around for some of those plastic lemon and lime squeeze juices (empty of course). I put a small amount of rice in one and a few dry beans in the other and glue the caps on. We use these for keeping beat with practically any music...mostly Micky Mouse Playhouse at the moment. Toddlers also love cardboard tubes for "humming" in. I am getting her a kazoo later.3. What are some fun fall crafts for 18 month old?*Clean crafts* Squishy bags Materials-zip lock bag, paint -Place different colored pain in a zip lock bag(close and seal bag). Allow the child to move the paint around inside the bag. Marble painting Materials-Container, marbles, paint, paper -Get a small container(Tupperware, or old wipe box works well). Cut paper to fit on the bottom of the container. Place dabs of paint on the paper, and put in marbles. Close the container and allow the child to shake, bang, etc container to create a design. Sticker Art Materials- Stickers, paper -Get stickers and give them to the child one by one and allow her to stick them to the paper. *Messy Crafts* Sand painting Materials- clean sand, paint, paper -Mix sand into paint and allow child to paint paper with the sand paint. This is great for sensory. Ice Painting Materials- Paint ice cubes, paper Add paint to water, and freeze in an ice cube tray. When the paint in frozen allow your child to paint with the cubes. Some children enjoy this more than others b/c the ice is too cold for some children. Jello Painting Materials- powdered jello, paper, spray bottle of water. Get the powered jello and sprinkle some on white paper. After sprinkling it spray with water. Child will enjoy "painting" with the jello, and tasting it. Painting with different materials -Get regular finger paint, and use different materials. Have child paint on tin foil, or use sponges, or certain toys, hands, brushes, etc.4. Steric Effects in Friedel-Crafts ReactionsBased on literature, I would say the unsuccessful Friedel-Crafts reaction between benzoyl chloride and mesitylene is not due to steric reasoning. My argument is based on at least one report of Friedel-Crafts acylation on following polymethylated aromatic compounds (Ref.1):The mono- and di-acylation have been taken place between 1,3-substitutions in each occasion as indicated in the abstract:The reasoning for the resistance to dibenzoylation on m-xylene must be rationalized due to the deactivation of in-plane carbonyl $pi$-electrons of benzoyl group on aromatic ring after first benzoylation (highly possible 1-benzoyl-2,4-dimethylbenzene). All other instances (2-benzoyl-1,3-dimethyl substitutions), the benzoyl carbonyl group is in out of plane with the corresponding aromatic nucleus (Ref.2), probably due to steric hindrance:$$ beginarrayc|ccc textCompound & u_ceC=O (ceCH3C=O) & u_ceC=O (ceC6H5C=O) & textECA (c.a.) hline textAcetophenone & pu1688 cm-1 & - & - textBenzophenone & - & pu1664 cm-1 & 42^circ text2,4,6-trimethylacetylbenzene & pu1703 cm-1 & - & 73^circ text2,4,6-trimethylbenzylbenzene & -& pu1672 cm-1 & 90^circ, 40^circ text2,4,6-trimethyl-1,3-diacetylbenzene & pu1705 cm-1 & - & - hline endarray $$ $^a$ ECA: Effective Conformational Angle (whenever two angles are given, first refer to the angle with mesitylene ring).A comprehensive study of mono- and di-acylation of mesitylene have been done and in all cases, at least mono-acylation was achieved in $gt 90%$ whenever anticipated Ref:2). The abstract states:Overall, these results suggest that Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction would not effected by steric hindrence, at least created by 1,3-dimethyl substitutions. For example, 2,4,6-trimethylacetylbenzene (acetylmesitylene) was achieved in 92% yield; 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylbenzene (benzoylmesitylene) in 83% yield; 2,4,6-trimethyl-1,3-diacetylylbenzene (diacetylmesitylene) in 95% yield; and 2,4,6-trimethyl-1,3-dibenzoylbenzene (dibenzoylmesitylene) in 89% yield (Ref.2).It is also noteworthy that the nitration of mesitylene is not effected by steric effects as well. You can find more details on this aspect in here.References:
How to Choose a Balance Bike for Your Child | Live Better
Balance bikes are more popular than ever. With so many styles, sizes and materials available, how do you know which one is the best for your child? To help you make the right choice, here is a quick guide to the main things to consider when buying a balance bike. When it comes to balance bikes, size should be your number one consideration. When standing over the bike, your child needs to be able to put both feet flat on the ground and have at least 2 to 3 cm clearance above the seat. Another way to measure this is by using your child's inseam measurement. The inseam measurement is the distance from your child's crotch to the floor. Do not be tempted to buy your child a bike 'to grow into'. The right size bike will be easier to ride and will be used more often. If you want to make your child's bike last longer, look for features such as adjustable seatposts and handlebars. As a rule, a balance bike should not weigh any more than 30% of your child's weight. If the bike is too heavy, your child will have trouble moving and turning it around. Besides, if you are the parent of a toddler, you will be the one carrying the bike when your little one decides they do not feel like riding - so a lighter balance bike could be a better choice for you. Balance bikes comes in three main materials: wood, metal and composite. Each material has its pros and cons, so choose the one that suits your child best. Wood. Wooden balance bikes are light, come in a range of trendy styles and tend to be more eco-friendly. However, bikes made from wood are not as adjustable as metal or composite ones. Metal. Made from steel or aluminium, metal balance bikes often have seats that you can adjust as your child grows. Steel balance bikes are heavier, while aluminium bikes are lighter yet less durable. Both are prone to rust if kept outdoors. Composite. These balance bikes are typically made out of a heavy-duty composite plastic. Extremely durable, composite plastic balance bikes wo not crack, rot, or rust. They can be more expensive but it could be a wise investment if you are planning to pass the bike down from child to child. Safety is another important consideration when choosing a balance bike. Make sure the bike has rounded or recessed bolts, rather than exposed ones that could scratch little legs. Also, look for handlebar grips that have a rounded rubber knob on the end. These will protect your child's hands during falls and will stop the handlebars scratching your walls. Some balance bikes are fitted with brakes, some are not . Whether or not you choose a bike with brakes depends upon your child's age and preference. Younger children and toddlers probably wo not use brakes. Their natural instinct will be to use their feet to stop. Having brakes may confuse or frustrate them. Plus, unless designed for toddlers, most handbrakes will be too large for little hands to use. Older children are more likely to want to go at faster speeds, so a balance bike with a handbrake will be the safer and more useful choice. Learning to use handbrakes will also prepare your child for when they move on to a larger pedal bike. Cadel Evans offers one more piece of useful advice for choosing the right balance bike. "The best bike for your child is the one that is safe and enjoyable to ride," he says. "Do not forget that your local bike shop can help you find it. The right bike can start a love of cycling that will last for life."1. from only child to older child?One of the easiest ways to ensure that he does not feel replaced is for you to accept that you are not replacing him. You are adding to your family and it's normal and natural and exciting and healthy. Kids are not stupid though, if he feels for a moment that he's getting some kind of attention because he "should" be feeling left out...he will feel left out and then you are doomed. If you guys are happy about it and include him in as many decisions as you can...let him pick out some of the clothes, talk to him about names, let him come with you to choose toys and "equipment" (it's okay to buy him a little something to, a book or new pj's whatever but do not go overboard, it's not Christmas!), he will be excited to have a little brother and anxious to show him all the new stuff he's got to play with! Have fun, it will be great, do not worry!2. i'm a 24yo man, dreamt that i was pregnant with 2 babies???I've had pregnancy dreams sometimes, also. My mom is pregnant at the moment, so if someone you are close to is presently with child, that may have something to do with it. Otherwise, you might have some particularly important task to complete; you are "pregnant" with responsibility.3. hevent seen my child for 3 months im in UK child in USA?you know what you really want, push yourself to do it :)
Parents Instead of Sending Your Child to School with Their Own Dispenser of Hand Sanitizer, Wouldn't
Or they could dress them up in a ghey costume with a ghey mask1. Will my cat need to be trained to be able to drink water from dispenser (link provided to product)?When using these kinds of bottles, I usually start by keeping a small dish of water sitting right underneath the bottle so the cat can drink from either the dish or the bottle. Most cats learn to drink from the bottle, probably because the water in the bottle stays fresher than the water in the bottle. I keep an inch deep plastic tub with the lid turned upside down so that when certain of my cats play in their water dishes, the lid is deep enough to contain the spilled water inside the upside-down lid. Another way of preventing spills is to get a heavy glass bowl for water. I bought a heavy glass punch bowl at a Goodwill store and this has been ideal for a water bowl for my cats. In addition, using glass bowls prevents cats from getting chin acne and abscesses under their chins.2. i touched raw pork and went to wash my hands and bumped a scented oil dispenser we have?just wipe it down, u dont need to trash it!3. GuestSupply US | Essential Elements® Bathe Shower Gel Dispenser Bottle, 9.6oz/285mlSafai Coffee uses 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee grown and shipped from 11 countries around the world. Master Roaster Mike Safai visits coffee farms to build direct relationships with the farmers. These relationships mutually help our roaster understand the growing conditions and the farmer to understand the roasters' preferred quality characteristics and coffee consumer feedback. For the conscientious consumer, every purchase and every product consumed should work toward a positive impact in the supply chain for the greater good. Show your guests that by doing something as small as brewing a cup of coffee, they can help better the lives of those truly in need.4. My water dispenser in my fridge quit working. I changed the filter but it still won't work. its a GE Any idea?If you can hear the valve humming when you press the dispenser then it is likely the tank (coil of tubing) in the bottom of the refrigerator or the line in the door is frozen. (common -more so if you have it set real cold). If you can not hear the buzz then the dispenser switch, control, or the valve is likely bad. I am not sure on yours but some had a triple valve, one before the filter and two had to open to run water.5. Are you the only person in your household capable of putting a roll of toilet paper on the dispenser?Not so much at home, but definately at work. Because I have nothing better to do with my time than do what other people are too lazy to do.6. Native English speakers, could you please help me with these issues:?dispenser can be a person, an instruement , a machine a vending machine is a type of machine dispenser that requires payment before it works7. Have you ever tried to use a motion sensor faucet or paper towel dispenser in a public restroom?I used to get frustrated with the motion sensor faucets until just recently. If you want them to work for you ALL the time, I found you need to leave at least one hand in front of the sensing device and it will work continuously for you with no interruptions. I have done this for the last five times I've been in a public washroom. Try it for yourself and you will see the difference8. Can a house cat survive on its own for 2 weeks if we live it with a food and water dispenser?I would say no. Either take it to a pet sitter or have someone come around daily to top up water and food. Even the best dispensers(that I have seen) do not provide two weeks worth9. My water dispenser on my fridge is temperamental. It rarely works- is this an issue with the water filter?I guess it could be your filter but I had that problem on an old refrig. we had and the service guy replaced a switch on the rear of the fridge which controlled the incoming water from the wall
Finding the Perfect Mattress for Your Child
Every parent wants his child to have a quality dream. Sleeping is extremely important, especially if you have a baby or a toddler. Mattress factory points what it takes to find the perfect mattress for your child.Sleeping needs are changing as your child grows. If he is between 18 months and 3 years - it's a perfect time to move him from a cot to a bed. In the beginning, you can buy a single size mattress. Or think on a long-term and buy king - single or double sized mattress. It is obvious it will affect positively on your domestic economy. But perhaps the most important benefit is the comfort your child will have from a larger mattress. Especially for a child who often move during sleep.The types of mattresses are almost identical as mattresses for adults. Choose between a latex, memory foam or innerspring mattress. These types stand out as best for little children. Children are fragile creatures who need a softer mattress. They are still growing and their need for best skeletal support is essential. You, as a parent need to do a good research before buying any mattress. Look for a mattress with the right body support. Now is not a time to save; give your child a chance for a good sleep.Another aspect that has to be kept in mind is the existence of allergies and eczema. At least you want your child to stop his sleep because of coughing or sneezing. The number of children suffering from such diseases is increasing each day. You should invest in a natural latex mattress, which has hypoallergenic and antibacterial nature. It is resistant to mould and dust mite. For even greater protection - replace the bedding on a regular basis.To protect your mattress from damage, it is a good idea to flip and rotate it regularly. It's appropriate to flip it each week in the first month of use. Then, it should be flipped on every three months. You should not apply this on mattresses that are described as non-turn.The material from which one mattress is made is as important as the previously mentioned aspects. The perfect mattress is made of natural materials, such as organic wool and organic cotton; bamboo, horsehair and natural latex. If you have a chance, read the product manufacturer descriptions to know if exists any chemicals or synthetics. Factories offering quality mattresses will give you a warranty for over 20 years.
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