Would You Buy a Personalised Letter From the Tooth Fairy?

No. The tooth fairy does not leave letters, she just leaves the cash :-) If you want the letters, it's up to you... it's your money! But personally, I say no

1. Good morning. How did you sleep last night?

I was fine until 4:30 a.m. the trash company came to empty the garbage dumpster at the property next to me. I stayed awake after that writing letters in my head to the trash company. Surely there is a noise ordinance they are violating or something. At least it's Friday!.

2. Sending letters to the troops?

APO and FPO addresses are technically still in the US, even if they are overseas, so you can use a flat rate box from the post office to send a box of letters. As for addresses, I am going to suggest anysoldier.com. I am sure they would be thrilled to have letters and pictures of kids, any of them.

3. Teen girls: What does your bedroom look like?

Well, I painted my walls purple when I was eight, (it was my favorite color then) and even though it's not my favorite color now, I've worked around it. My desk is green (THAT'S my favorite color now-you can usually paint a wooden desk any color you want to fit your personality!), I have a GIANT teddy bear in the corner (I like to dress him up-I am still a five year old at heart), and on my book shelf I have my fish, Ferdinand Alexander Cornelius the Third. I have lots of pictures of my friends, and also pictures of my travels hanging on the walls, along with drawings and letters my friends have given me, and also paintings I've bought at local art fairs. Books are piled everywhere (It gives me that "intelligent" look :]), along with random crap that I buy but never use. Hope this helps-just decorate with things that suit your personality and feel natural! :)

4. Permutations on 5 letters

Name the points as $A, B, C, D, E$, and suppose that you always start and end at $A$. Then we can encode a polygon as a string such as: $$ AEBCDA $$ Focusing on the inner four letters, there are $4! = 24$ possible strings. But notice that we are double-counting, since traversing the points in reverse will yield the same polygon. For example, the following string also encodes the same polygon as above: $$ ADCBEA $$ So our final answer is $frac242 = 12$, as desired.

5. Letters to my future wife?

how 'bout writing a letter to your future psychoanalyst?

6. Showing the minimum of letters needed for a palindrome

Even though I dont really understand CDo you know about Levenshtein distance? It's very fastIt's just to find de minimum edit distance between 2 stringsI tried to pass the reversed string and curiously I got a result that was the double from what I espected. But taking a look seems like a rule that by dividing the result by 2 it gives the answer I want.But take care as soon as I am not sure of what you are trying to get I might be wrong because that calculation of distance considers insertions and deletions at any positions not only begin and end. And if you are interested only in insertions you probably would like to remove the part of deletions from Levensthein algorithmsome tests I did (considering insertions, deletions AND replacements):AAAA = 0AAAB = 1AABB = 2ABBA = 0ABAB = 1

7. Foods that start with these letters?

-eggplant parmesan -esprezo coffe - -red tomato sauce -vinegar -nesprezo coffe - -noodles -raviollo

8. words with double letters?

princess letters grass weed yahoo hannah door green glass mass boom broom loom zoom batter flatter dell swell little full accurate guarantee tell bell all ball swallow cheese sneeze mccain haha kennedy okay done.

9. Are college acceptance letters permanent?

Ok, let's dispel some of the inaccuracies once and for all. Universities accept freshman based on the applications, which reflect how you have done to date. The only requirements are that you have not lied on your application, and that you finish HS. There have been more than a few acceptances that have been pulled for, among other things: Lying on transcripts, Forging letters of recommendation, Plagiarizing essays - things of that nature. If you do not graduate from HS, you have violated one of the acceptance criterion. By definition you cannot enter the freshman class, so your acceptance is pulled. Short of that, you are accepted. No college will ever see your last grades except to verify you graduated, and I guarantee without a doubt no college will ever examine your HS midterms. It's not a good idea to slack off, because college will be a hellava lot harder than HS and you do not want to form bad habits. But no one cares if you get an A, B or C - but you do have to pass. So do not worry about an individual midterm or them pulling your acceptance - just worry about passing and honing your studying skills.

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