Will You Support Your Children to Go to Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Competing for excellent talents, artificial intelligence education began to flourish in China

Japan Economic News reported on February 19 that artificial intelligence (AI) education is very prosperous in China. At present, the world is competing for outstanding talents in the field of AI, and China is no exception. China's large Internet enterprises gather children together and AI experts of the company regularly hold training courses. The government also decided to formally introduce AI related courses in some primary and secondary schools from the spring of 2019.

"Does anyone know which program to use in this case" and "teacher, it's very simple". Netease held a five-day AI training course for primary and secondary school students in Hangzhou at the end of January. The course content of the day was to actually write a game, but the children were not unfamiliar with it and operated it directly on the computer.

Netease began to hold such training courses a few years ago by taking advantage of longer holidays such as winter vacation. The project leader said that AI technology has been integrated into all corners of society. Now there is a shortage of talents. He hopes to stimulate children's interest through this activity. Tencent and other large Internet companies are also holding similar activities.

The fee for the training course is 5000 yuan for five days, which is not cheap, but 50 places will be full immediately at the beginning of registration. Ms. Yang, 37, attended the training class for her 10-year-old son in the fifth grade of primary school. She believed that "if the child is interested and we try our best to support him in order to have a future, we have to spend the money we should spend".

Many Chinese parents are not stingy about their children's education, which is further exacerbated by the one-child policy. Many parents in their 30s are well-educated and pay great attention to their children's education. They are not very active in giving birth to a second child. They concentrate all the education expenses on one child. They have no hesitation in the face of the expensive expenses of tutorial classes and specialty classes.

In addition to English, Japanese and other subjects, the "Ai education" course is also very conspicuous on the signboard and website of a language school in Shanghai. Ms. Wang, a housewife who lives in Shanghai, asked her children who are still in primary school to take AI education courses. She said, "I heard that programmers are very popular and their wages are high. For the sake of children, we have to study hard from now on".

Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University are the main battlefields for training AI talents in China. From a regional perspective, about 60% of talents come from Beijing and Shanghai. The imbalance of talent training in China has also become a subject.

According to the data of boss direct employment on the recruitment website, the average salary of AI technicians is rising year by year, and now it has reached about 29000-33000 yuan. In contrast, the average monthly salary of all enterprise employees in Beijing is about 12000 yuan and that in Shanghai is about 10600 yuan. The AI industry is far ahead.

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