Why Is It That I Look Good in Mirrors but Horrible in Pics.?

its very simple, in the mirror u will be watching ur face continuously i,e like a video .....but wen u take an image it captures that instant picture, i mean , the pose which u hav given at that time will be captured....u may hav posed good or may be bad, bad in the sense not intentionally....some kind of face movements .. It also depends on the lighting and camera also......and mirrors will also be different, some long some broader....it depends on the mirror size, ur face may look thin or little broader like that.....

1. Which is the best smartphone to buy under 15k with the Lollipop version?

You can even get Moto G 2015 for 15k. It should cost around 12 k. The specs and camera are better than Moto G 2014 and other comparable phones and with Moto you are guaranteed Android updates earlier than other manufacturers. Moto G also has near stock Android and there is very less junk in the phone itself.Asus zenfone 2 is also good but is beaten handily by Moto G 2015.

2. Is there faked Soviet footage of Yuri Gargarin's space flight?

I could not find any other notable mention about faked footage, and Joe Rogan's claim that the capsule was too small to fit a camera is simply ridiculous.Faked footage: A quick search of "Vostok 1 faked footage" only results in the typical 'everything about it is a hoax' conspiracy claims, rather than anything specifically focused on faked footage during the flight. Unless Rogan actually states which footage he believes is fake, I do not think this claim can be fully addressed. Below is a frame of the video purportedly televised to flight command from the capsule:Camera inside the capsule: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the equipment specs for the Vostok 3KA capsule Gagarin was in so I can not say for sure what exactly was in the capsule with him. However, I can say that Rogan is severely underestimating the size of the capsule he was in:The diameter of the capsule was 2.3 meters, or roughly 5 cubic meters of space. Even full of the control, navigation, monitoring, and other equipment, it does not seem unreasonable that they would have been able squeeze a simple handheld video camera into the capsule.Addition: After further searching, I still cannot find any solid source on what camera system was used in the original Vostok mission. However, the second mission featured video taken by cosmonaut Gherman Titov using this handheld camera, and the mission was performed using the same capsule design as Gagarin's mission. Several sites mention a "Seliger-Tral-D" slow-scan TV system as the system used in the Vostok missions, however none of these sites give any real evidence and most state the claim in almost the same few sentences. This suggests a source of the claim that these sites are repeating, however I've been unable to find it

3. How do i upload pics from my cannon camera onto my mac book pro laptop?

You are screwed-a Canon AND a Mac! Wow! No, I am just kidding. There are two ways this could go. The first is if you have a card reader. If you do, it will be a number of little slots on the side of your computer. If those are there, you will take the memory card out of the camera, and slide the memory card into the correctly sized slot in the card reader. Done. If you have no card reader (the most likely way, since you have a piece of sMac) you will need to locate the USB cable that came with your camera. It should be rectangular on one end, and an indescribable shape on the other end. You will attach the indescribable shape to you camera; the hole will match the indescribably shape. The hole MIGHT be underneath a cover...the cover will likely have the USB symbol on it. (Refer to the sources to see a sample of the USB symbol.) Now, plug the rectangular end of the USB cable into your Mac. There will be a rectangular hole into which it goes, just push it in. If it wo not go in, try flipping the rectangle over. Now, make sure your camera is on. If the camera is not on you will not be able to get the photos off the camera. Now, to get the pictures onto the Mac, just drag them into a folder. Make sure not to drag them onto the desktop, they will just go away when the camera is turned off or the memory card is pulled from the Mac. If you need help making a folder you have serious issues, and should probably be taking a computer course instead of using Yahoo Answers. Now good day, and I hope you can get your photos onto your Mac.

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