Why Is America the Only Country That Cares About Age?

Why is America the only country that cares about age?

Because we do not want our young girls getting stuck with (and forced to bear the children of) perverts like you

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I have a wedding problem?

Put all the children in one or two rooms. Turn your basement or family room into one of the rooms for the children. Do you have a back porch that can also be used as a bedroom? Or, will you have a tent in the backyard, and can some of the kids camp out? That could free up some room. It will be tough, my dear. Maybe some may prefer a hotel, or to bunk with the neighbor.

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Do functional families have negative impacts on the children in that family?

A functional family is one that meets the needs of it's members. There is no such thing as a perfect family. Obviously every family has conflicts and the children benefit from seeing conflicts being resolved. Children do not benefit from seeing conflict escalate to violence or abandonment unless they can determine what resolution could have been taken. I think children have a great level of tolerance for new experience but take away their security and they will be damaged or stunted by things they could otherwise benefit from

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Do you have an inexpensive wrapping idea for presents?

If you have any children of your own, or look after someone elses kids, you could buy a roll of lining wallpaper, (it's very cheap) and get the children to draw/paint/stick etc.their own Christmas designs on it. This can then be cut to any size you need. It's a lovely way to personalise a gift

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Are children in general SPACEY?

No not in general. If a child is spacey, it could be any number of causes, some temporary, some permanent. allergies, medication, forms of autism, sleepiness, lazy caregivers that drug the children to make them more manageable and quiet (it happens), being in an unfamiliar environment, some forms of retardation, mind numbing hypnotic type children's shows that are so common these days, growing up in overcrowded daycare, and then school classes where they do not get enough attention and learn to be ignored and passive, a head cold, some other sickness, heavy metal poisonings, boredom, having an off day, carbon monoxide poisoning, black mold, swelling of the brain, consistent abuse. I probably have not even touched on half of the reasons why a child might be spacey.

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My 4 year old son is hypersensitive and demanding. What can I do to stop this behavior?

The reason why he is demanding is because he has learned if he cries or whines about it long enough .you will give it to him. He believes that he has to get his way just because he wants it, and he knows how to m.a.n.i.p.u.l.a.t.e. you. He does not appreciate what he has because he is a child. He does not know (or care) that others have less than he does. You can show this to him, I point out the homeless and explain they do not have a home, food, the homeless children (and there are a lot of them these days in shelters, etc) don' have toys, their own room, etc. We hand out food to homeless.he is not too young to do so. I grew up with a Mom who would give in, eventually, if we whined and cried and begged long enough. So guess what, if she said no.we whined.we begged.we explained why we had to get what we wanted.and then crying worked cause it made her feel bad and prob she just wanted to shut us up. So, reading your explanation also it seems like he has a lot of things on his plate. Make sure you are not over scheduling him, he is only 4. He needs a lot of time with his parents, just reading, playing or hanging out. I do not blame you for being exhausted. But you have to realize it is actually your fault he is how he is because you did not put the time in to train him correctly. But the good news is that you CAN CHANGE, Do not negotiate with your son. You tell him what needs to be done, and he has to do it. He will FIGHT you in the beginning. I suggest you read some good parenting books to give you some tools to do so. Supernanny is a good show to watch too. Ask the teachers what their rules are and tell them what happens at home. They will give you good advice. Teachers explain what they expect from the children and then they hold the child accountable EVERY time if the child breaks the rules. Consistency. And do not threaten something you will not or can not follow through on "if you do not stop crying I will never bring you to ___ever again.". Follow through on what you say will happen (unless it would be abuse). If you are at the zoo and you tell him to stop or you are leaving, and he does not stop, then you have to leave. If you would not want to leave, then tell him he will have time out for 4 min. then follow through on that. It is a lot of work to train your child right, but it gets very rewarding when it works and your child is obedient, thankful and happy. Children need rules to makes them feel safe. They also constantly challenge you and the rules, which is okay, it is how they feel safe. Believe it or not, he feels insecure because he can push you around, and he knows instinctively that he is too young to get his way all the time.

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