Who Discovered Halloween the Holiday?

Halloween was not "discovered". It was passed on. Halloween in the USA is like a version of the "Day of the Dead" in Mexico. The Day of the Dead is a day where the spirits are honored and candles are placed in the front of every grave. The colors are black and orange. The kids celebrate with lollipops that look like skulls with the name of a person who has passed on.

1. What is Dublin like for a holiday?

ok i live in dublin temple bar is nice to go in the day but in night you would not trust it the new wax museum open right beside and i went i thought it was good , town is good for shopping and all but its not very cheap Dublin i kinda expensive but we do have some nice hotel some bad ones but some good too well i hope you do go its nice around this time but dublin is cold in the summer and it rain but this summer is are one i think so its good to go around this time

2. Question on Ghosts while on Holiday

Yes it's possibe. Usually big castles in different countrys have ghosts in it. My mother has this friend and the friends sister was in this haunted castle for lunch and they took a picture of my moms friends sister saw this ghost right behind her in the castle

3. Best place to holiday in hawaii?

Hawaii is more expensive than, say, Mexico. Depending upon where you live, tickets to get here can be prohibitively expensive. If you are on the west coast and if you fly at the "right" time (ie: not a holiday period or most of the summer), then you can get some good deals. Hawaii is one of the United States of America (as I am sure you already know). ;) Once you get here, the costs on each island are about the same for food, activities, hotels in the same quality category, etc. Which island you choose for your honeymoon will depend upon what you want to do once you are here. Are you into nightlife, shopping, having a variety of restaurants at your disposal? If you are, then Oahu and possibly Maui are the best for you. Keep in mind that Oahu is not *just* Honolulu! The island is beautiful...particularly once you get out of the city. People will sometimes say, "Honolulu is just like L.A. on an island." Those people have obviously never lived in either place! LOL. I am from Los Angeles and I visit Honolulu frequently. It is *nothing* like Los Angeles. But I digress. Kauai is very scenic and green. It is relatively quiet and though there are a few resorts and some high-end restaurants, it's more "local style" here (I live on Kauai). Some shopping and very little nightlife. Waimea Canyon is spectacular and there are lots of great hiking trails on Kauai if you are into that kind of thing. Other fun activities too, like ziplining, innertubing down an old sugar cane irrigation ditch, ATV riding, and tours to sites where many movies were made, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Dragonfly, and 6 Days 7 Nights. The Big Island (aka Hawai'i) is also pretty laid back and remote. The state's only active volcano, Kilauea, is on the Big Island and the hiking there is fantastic! Seeing the lava flowing -- especially at night -- is amazing. Something you will surely never see again in this lifetime. There are a lot of historical sites on the island as well as waterfalls, black sand beaches, and top resorts. I have not been to Molokai or Lanai yet so I can not tell you much about either of those islands. Molokai is billed as "the most Hawaiian island" and I know both it and Lanai are very sparsely populated and rural. Quite beautiful too, from what I hear.

4. Why is halloween a holiday?

Halloween began as a Harvest Season Ritual. The people of the towns would dress in scary garb to ward off evil spirits so crops would produce a bountiful harvest. It evolved over time to what it is today.

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