Which University Would Be the Best Choice for a Biology Major? CNU Or JMU?

IMHO, CNU has the better biology department, however, both are good. Enjoy!

1. Jobs for a biology major?

pre-med, go to med school, research, teaching and you could go to law school---one of my friends is a Bio major and he's planning on going to law school!

2. My cousin has done 12th with science and had biology as a major subject. What kind of courses can he look for in Dr. MPS College?

Biotechnology is the best course for the students having Biology, in 12th class. Biotechnology is an integrated utilization of engineering and Biological principles for extremely career-oriented professional course for Human welfare. Biotechnology is a modern science with plenty of career options in academics, higher researches, agriculture, Industries, Human health care, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Biotechnology professionals can establish themselves in Government Jobs, Industries, Corporates, Academics, Food manufacturing, Dairy Industries, Agricultural companies, own business etc. Dr MPS College will be the best option for such Biology students for taking admission in B.Sc. Biotechnology course. Dr MPS College has highly skilled facilities, multidisciplinary laboratories, very good academics, extracurricular activities, cultural events, sports activities, in house dissertations, industrial/Institutional visits, seminars/conferences/ symposiums etc for the 360 degree development of our learners.

3. What are benefits to being a biology major or any other science major if you want to go to medical school?

Does science major is important to teach science? The answer should be used on mt study. Thank you

4. If I want into Medical school in several years would I be better off with a Biology major or one in Pre-Med. ?

Bilogy would be the best best. You can fall back on biology if you do not get into medical school. Also with a biology degree there are several fields that you can further your education in, Pre med are just prereqs for medical school, and alot of those prereqs are also needed for a biology degree

5. Prospective biology major issuess?

Biology is between the matters you cant flow on without. Biology is the learn of existence, and as a result regardless of in case you propose to graduate as a company or Psychology or English substantial, you are able to be able to desire to take a biology course, properly a technological expertise course yet many chosen biology because it makes it less complicated and exciting than chemistry. i am majoring in Biology and the reason being using the fact i choose to flow into Med college. however explanation why I substantial in biology is in view which you get to verify something extra exciting info related to the existance of existence and how it incredibly works

6. What kind of jobs can I get with a biology major? Is there a lot of potential?

Biotechnology, Forensic Science, Politics and policy, Business and industry, Economics, Mathematics, Science writing and communication, Art

7. What kind of job can a Biology Major get?

I am graduating this year with my biology major, and am going to post-grad for clinical genetics. My friends are mostly going for more school as well, whether it be back for their masters, or med school. You can do anything from working in a lab, to working for the government doing research or public health. all in all, there is only a very small proportion of bio majors who become doctors or nurses.

8. What career options are there for a biology major who doesn't want to be a doctor or a teacher?

Doctor or teacher(?)** are just two options for a biology major person. Other streams are:Veterinary practitionerDairy husbandry and technologyAgriculture a plethora of lines are thereBiotechnologist (in various branches of biology -basic and applied)BioinformaticsPharma industryEcologistForestryPlant biolgistAnimal biologistMicrobiologistAnthropologistWildlife expert** N.B. 'Teaching" is an integral part of all disciplines. Your exclusion of 'teaching practice' means you shall confine your activities to research and/or outreach/extension (interaction with user agencies/stake holders/consultant)

9. What type of person should be a biology major?

So, looking at that school's website, it looks like you can do more specialization with a biology degree. They offer a physiology and neurobiology specialization, which is something you might be interested in. The classes look pretty cool. Take a look at their website and see what they offer. Getting a biology degree does not mean you have to go into research. That's just one thing people can do with a biology degree. They were probably just trying to advertise their research opportunities to you at the session. If you want to do physical therapy, biology is a good way to go. It looks like that school also offers a kinesiology degree, which is probably even better and more up your alley. Regardless, med school is NOT what you are trying to do if you want to go into PT. Med school and PT are two very separate things and have their own schools. If you want to be a head honcho, you probably want to do a doctorate in PT, which is definitely going to require an undergrad degree.

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