Which Is the Best Heat Dissipation Between Xiaomi Note and Glory 6plus

In 2014, Huawei drew a successful conclusion for itself with a glorious 6plus. The relatively affordable price and reliable configuration make it popular all the time; The Xiaomi note launched by Xiaomi in early 2015, which is "born for fever", continued the hot sales momentum of Xiaomi mobile phones. If you don't grab it, you have to pay more to buy it, in tit for tat with glory 6plus. So the question is, who can "have a fever" between Xiaomi note and glory 6plus?

Both products should be regarded as strong machines with high cost performance in the current market. Finally, it is the turn to choose "real hands". The author still shows the "fever" degree of the two machines to you according to the actual situation for your reference.

Glory 6plus focuses on photographing with bionic dual cameras. Let's take a look first. Is glory 6plus more "feverish" than Xiaomi note with only one camera? We took photos with Xiaomi note and glory 6plus for 30 minutes in a 25 degree room, and then recorded their temperature with an infrared thermometer.

Millet note and glory 6plus took photos at the same time, and the temperature was tested after 30 minutes

It can be seen that after 30 minutes, the maximum temperature of glory 6plus is only 40 degrees, and the overall temperature is uniform. It doesn't feel hot. The overall experience is good. The "fever" degree of Xiaomi note completely exceeded our expectations. Whether on the front or back, the upper half is red as a whole, and the maximum temperature is close to 53 ℃. It feels very hot. If you call at this time, will you answer it or not? If you don't want to burn your ears and face, it's better not to answer. Considering that Xiaomi note has only 3000mAh battery, it is estimated that it will be used only with a mobile power supply.

In addition to the differences in cameras, Xiaomi note is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 801 CPU, while glory 6plus is equipped with Huawei Kirin 925. What is the comparison between the two?

We use 3D game scenes to test and compare. Similarly, we play the game with Xiaomi note and glory 6plus for 30 minutes in a 25 degree room. During the game, the author found that with the passage of time, Xiaomi note's grip became more and more uncomfortable and his hands were hot. With an infrared thermometer, I know that at this time, Xiaomi note has reached 49.3 degrees, close to 50 degrees. No wonder it will be uncomfortable to hold it. Take another look at glory 6plus. After 30 minutes, only the local temperature of the mobile phone reaches 42.6 degrees. Most of the temperatures are relatively cool. Holding it is only a little warm, and there is no burning feeling of Xiaomi note at all. So it seems that Qualcomm 801 is more "feverish" than Kirin 925!

Millet note and glory 6plus play 30 minutes of post game temperature test

Overall, Xiaomi note inherits Xiaomi's fine tradition of "fever". Qualcomm Xiaolong 801 is like this. If it has been rumored that the release of Qualcomm Xiaolong 810 is delayed due to fever, the consequences are unimaginable. "Fever" is still, and friends who change their mobile phones at the end of the year are still quick and slow.

About the glory of better performance 6plus:

Glory 6plus has a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1280, using full bonding incell process; The built-in Hisilicon Kirin 925 processor has eight cores, the main frequency is 1.8GHz, supports FDD and TDD LTE 4G standard, and has dual cards and dual standby; The memory combination is 3gb ram 16GB ROM, and the maximum support is 128G SD card expansion; Built in 3600mAh battery, running emui3.0, deeply customized based on Android 4.4.2.

Glory 6plus is equipped with the world's original bionic parallel dual camera, which has twice the light input and photosensitive area than the single lens camera, and the imaging resolution can reach 13 million pixels. Thanks to the 3ie algorithm engine system independently developed by Huawei, glory 6plus can not only realize fast focusing, but also adjust the aperture (f0.95 to F16), and has a panoramic depth of 70mm to infinity, achieving the virtual effect of SLR in the large aperture mode. Through dual camera iterative exposure, multi frame noise reduction algorithm of 3ie algorithm engine and vision camera technology, the machine can strongly suppress noise during night shooting and achieve excellent night scene.

At the same time, in the environment with high contrast such as backlight, dual lens HDR can effectively reduce the adverse effects caused by mobile phone jitter or subject motion, and make backlight imaging clearer and stable. In addition to the perfect photographing experience under the three scenes of large aperture, night shooting and HDR, the camera is flat and not prominent, the front 8 million pixel back illuminated beauty camera, axis shift based on panoramic depth information, sketch, monochrome, cartoon and other groups of filters are completely different from the past.

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