Where Can I Find Cheap but Nice Leather Boots.i Want 2 Pairs White and Black???

define cheap? leather is NOT cheap at all. so maybe u can go with faux leather. gluck

1. TOP 10 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | Buyer's Guide 2021 in the UK

10 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers From $17 to $56 | Greater Comfort for Your Longer Trips | Buyer's Guide 2021 When the heat is shockingly merciless outside and your car seems like a scorching vehicle on the road to hell, then it's high time to shop for the cooling car seat cover that can save you from burning heat and trickling sweat. We are here to help! In this exhaustive buyer's guide, you will learn about various types of the versatile cooling covers and how they work. We will also review the TOP 5 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers to make choosing one less of a pain. Cooling car seat covers are essentially the cushions that keep you cool by utilizing a specifically designed cooling technology: cooling gel, technologically advanced ventilation with air fans and massage, or good-old natural wood beads. Now let's look at these types in more detail. Types of cooling car seat covers and how they work Types of cooling car seat covers and how they work Ventilated car seat covers are made with porous materials that allow the body to breathe and make you feel cooler and less sweaty. Cooling car seat covers with fans provide additional air circulation with built-in fans that spread the cool air through the seating material. Combined seats with both cooling and heating modes can be adjusted for optimum comfort to either cool you down or heat you up. Wooden beads are a natural way to keep your body cool by preventing it from sticking to the leather seat and providing the same or better airflow as the mesh mats. Cooling gel pads utilize the gel foam technology that keeps you cool for about 20 minutes, which is enough before you get your car AC going full speed. The cooling car seats come in different designs, and there are a number of value-added functions to look for when comparing them. Thus, let's briefly describe the best representatives of the above-mentioned types so that you choose the right one for your car. This is a high-end model that has a sleek design and is made of high-quality luxurious materials. There are numerous reasons for buying this thing but what I like most is its universality. Whether you are wearing an expensive suit or casual shorts, sitting on this seat cover will be equally comfortable and relaxing. You can choose from 5 cooling temperature zones, easily switching between them with the help of a wireless remote control that comes with the product. This will allow you to adjust the unit so that you could feel most comfortable in your car. Another benefit I highly appreciate lies in the product's moisture wicking technology. The idea is that the material pulls moisture away from your body and helps it evaporate quickly, making this seat invaluable in humid or hot weather. This technology is unique to Viotek, distinguishing the product from its analogs on the market. One more reason to opt for this model is an almost noiseless operation of its fan enclosure. It does produce some whisper-like noise but normally it does not disturb you and you will get accustomed to the sound quickly. And finally, this seat is environmentally-friendly as it consumes a small amount of energy. Actually, you can safely plug two items into one DC outlet in your car. Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Viotek is a tech company specializing in accessories for computers, cars, and offices with a focus on eco-friendly solutions. No wonder that customers like this product. Many of them buy this seat cover for their office chairs and claim the unit works well. It is particularly helpful for those who tend to sweat through clothes while sitting in chairs made of faux leather. Purchasers note the product's "smart and nice" design, for example, they like the idea of the fan being between the seat and the back, rather than between the legs like in many other models.

2. How do I dye Faux leather?

You need to figure out how to get that off as much as possible. You can not dye it but there are spray paints you can use. I actually did the inside (doors,seats) of my college car and it was neat. Lasted very well. I think I actually bought it in the auto store too-check homestores also

3. How do you clean leather boots?

1. The first thing you need to determine is if the leather of your boots are treated or untreated. As leather comes from the skin of a cow, it is naturally porous and therefore susceptible to water stains. It is a good idea to treat boots with an oil or wax product. You can buy a shoe brush for application, but a cotton rag works just as well. 2. Before you apply the protective product, you want to clean your shoes first of dirt, dust and grime. Take a dry cloth, wet it a bit with water and scrub gently. Be extra gentle around zippers and seams. Then dry off. 3. Using a rag or brush, apply an even, fair amount of the oil or wax product to your boots, especially the seams. You want to make sure the leather soaks in it completely. Then using another cloth, wipe away any excess product left behind. Avoid wearing these boots for the next 24 hours, as the product needs time to penetrate the leather. 4. Patent leather is a little trickery. To get rid of marks and obtain a glossy finish, use a little Crisco oil applied with a cloth. Use Murphy's Oil Soap for particularly dirty boots. Remember these guidelines are for real leather boots. If you have faux leather, determine the exact material first before you start cleaning them.

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