What Was Voyager's Final Crew Count?

144This is making two assumptions. OK, three actually. The first is that the number Neelix gives in Author, Author is accurate:NEELIX: In my hat I hold one hundred and forty six sequentially numbered isolinear chips, one for every member of the crew. Each chip entitles the bearer to three minutes of uninterrupted comm. time with his loved ones back in the Alpha quadrant. Good luck.This seems like a good number to take as an accurate count, considering the care that was probably taken in setting up the communication queue. There was a question as to whether Neelix gets a chip. In the transcript he gives it to EMH/Doctor so that the EMH can call his publisher:EMH: No, but a rewrite could take weeks. My publisher is expecting a final draft tomorrow. NEELIX: Maybe you should give him a call. (hands over his chip)After the EMH has made his first call. So both EMH and Neelix are included in the 146 count.And secondly that except for the following two departures, there are no off screen deaths/abandoning of ships. Which as Richard notes in his comment on his answer, actually seems likely to have occured considering the random and often unexplained fluctuation of the number (which makes the 150 equally likely, imho).However with that assumption we hit 145 when Lt. Carey is killed in Friendship One[Bridge]PARIS [OC]: are you doing?(sound of weapon firing)JANEWAY: Tom?EMH: Sickbay to Bridge.[Sickbay]EMH: They've killed Lieutenant Carey.And then we hit 144 when Neelix departs in Homestead.The third assumption, as noted in the comments, is that we count the EMH/Doctor as a crew member. As he is given some legal rights at the end of Author, Author which convey at least partial personhood:ARBITRATOR: We are exploring new territory today so it is fitting that this hearing is being held at Pathfinder. The Doctor exhibits many of the traits we associate with a person. Intelligence, creativity, ambition, even fallibility, but are these traits real or is the Doctor merely programmed to simulate them? To be honest, I do not know. Eventually we will have to decide because the issue of holographic rights is not going to go away, but at this time, I am not prepared to rule that the Doctor is a person under the law. However, it is obvious he is no ordinary hologram and while I can not say with certainty that he is a person I am willing to extend the legal definition of artist to include the Doctor. I therefore rule that he has the right to control his work and I am ordering all copies of his holo-novels to be recalled immediately.And that he clearly has a position on the ship, I would lean to counting him as a crew member. Also, Neelix considered him a crew member in his original count (which is why he got a chip in the first place).

1. Keeping a project alive with a "skeleton crew”? Bad/good idea?

Questions I would ask - Is there an original project plan and are you meeting those timelines (i.e. the client's timelines) with this delay of 6 months?I can foresee mgmt asking why would you need senior devs back after 6 months as the junior would be fully up-to-speed by then. That's a typical management non-understanding of the project risks. There would always be another fire to put out for the seniors - so it's not guaranteed that they will be back.If this project needs to be fully delivered as per the client's requirements - then I would assume you need the best guys to work on it and complete it. If the client is not worried about a delay, then it's an internal risk management. There's always the likelihood (happened to us once) that the junior dev screws up things - and creates a nice little fire for the seniors to get back to

2. Is it possible for a flight crew to purposefully fly an aircraft on one engine?

Air Vietnam (1951-1975) once flew 727's based in Saigon to Hong Kong. On one flight one of the three engines failed. For whatever reason the pilot decided against waiting for a replacement aircraft or even repairs in Hong Kong and so flew a regular passenger flight from Hong Kong back to Saigon in a 727 with only 2 engines operating. On the up side Air Vietnam served some pretty good food

3. 17 year old trying to get on recruited on a crew

Since youre still underaged you will at minimum have to get a full ok from your parents or other adult in charge of you (cant find the right word). And I may say that most companys will find you a bit youth espeacially for a tough deck job. Also be sure to check out both the rules in your homeland as well as the rules were youre going to work in. If youre reciving nos due to your age try to find other educations that will give better job opertunites in the future like a seamen school (officer (or simular) school). Johan

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