What's in a Patio Table? Simple Ways to Bring Life and Excitement to Your Picnic Table

So you have yourself a picnic table - the perfect centerpiece to your outdoor escape. Together with the perfect chairs, a grill, and a little shade, your garden is complete. But there is a small problem with your table: while it brings everything together, it feels just a little bland. While the table is a work of art, it just looks like a table. Over time, you've lost that loving feeling...and your table is just a table.

Yes, the excitement of your brand new picnic table can wear off over time. Don't feel bad about it - this is a common experience for the outdoor furniture owner. And you are certainly not alone in feeling this way. As time passes, you eat outdoor less. And as a winter or two approaches, your picnic table becomes just another table.

As time passes, your love for your picnic table doesn't necessarily have to. Depending on your choice of a picnic table, bringing a new love and new life to it can be as simple as adding a table cloth, or complex as redesigning around your table!

A simple starting point for your picnic table is considering the season, or any approaching holidays. In the spring, the outdoors is awakening from a deep winter sleep, bringing out a palate of greens. Consider putting out a weather-resistant table cloth to color-coordinate with the season. Any vinyl table cloth will be able to stand the rain and humidity of springtime showers and summer heat. If you're getting close to a holiday, use a tablecloth that reflects the occasion. Easter is a great time to break out a pastel-colored table cloth (great for dying eggs with the kids), and Memorial Day and Independence Day are good occasions to use a patriotic tablecloth!

Perhaps the problem is that your picnic table is catching a few too many sun rays. While a little warmth is always welcome, too much sun can be an unwelcome sight for your family and friends. This is easily corrected by the perfect umbrella for the perfect picnic table! Your table should come with a hole in the middle, to place a patio umbrella in the middle of the table. If it doesn't, you can always drill out a hole in the middle to accommodate an umbrella! Bringing an umbrella to the middle of the table creates an oasis from the heat of the summer months, and welcomes your family and friends by putting the perfect shade in your patio!

If you're having an outdoor get together, nothing dresses up a picnic table like a centerpiece! Putting down the perfect centerpiece creates a welcoming atmosphere, and can warm up a discussion like nothing else can, and allows your creative side to bloom! Floral centerpieces can reflect the seasons, and gives your table a fresh breath of beauty. Other ideas can be inspired by the holiday or season. Creating a centerpiece around growing herbs will not only welcome your guests, but give your table a great scent! For the ultimate centerpiece, consider putting a potted plant on your picnic table. This gives your table a living and growing centerpiece that can be cherished throughout the season!

Any picnic table can be brought back to life with careful consideration and a little love. Building new and exciting creations around your patio and its furniture will give you years of enjoyment from your furniture, and increase the value of your investment for generations to come!

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4 Ways in Which Aluminium Outdoor Furniture Is the Perfect Choice
When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, it can always be a difficult task. This is especially because there are multiple options to choose from. Right from wooden furniture to the aluminium ones and more, there is a variety out there which ensures the fact that you are comfortable outdoors as well.Since it is the summers, spending a lot of time outdoors is something that frequently happens especially when friends and family come over for a quick chat. When you are out there making plans on what to choose for your outdoors, considering aluminium furniture over the classic wooden ones can be a good choice for a change.With a variety of outdoor garden furniture made up of aluminium, you should choose something that fits your outdoor setting perfectly. Here are a few benefits associated with buying aluminium furniture for the outdoors.They are lightweightIf you like moving and changing the setting of the outdoor furniture often, the aluminium ones get to fit your requirements well. Since it is lightweight, it is easy to pick up and place wherever required. This makes rearrangements easy without causing permanent marks on the flooring. If you prefer putting back your outdoor furniture during the winters, this makes it easy to carry it indoors.Aluminium doesn't rust or deteriorate in qualityWhen compared to the metal furniture, everything else is prone to rust except aluminium. Even wooden outdoor furniture requires polishing and treatment to keep away pests, but aluminium furniture stays intact for years altogether. Aluminium outdoor lounges are known to be an ideal purchase if you live close to the sea or your area witnesses more rainfall than the rest. It stays as it is and occasional cleaning and dusting is all that you need to do.You do not have to spend time and effort on its maintenanceAs already said that it doesn't rust nor is prone to pest infestation, it is one of the best types of furniture to maintain. There is hardly any maintenance required where all you are to do is use a moist cloth to wipe of settled dust or use the garden hose to clean it. If there is a food stain or spill, cleaning with soapy water and wiping it off is enough.Economical yet stylishWhen comparing aluminium furniture to the rest of its type, it is known to be economical and easy on the pocket. You do not have to end up spending a lot of money just because it is stylish and trendy. Due to its material, it turns out to be affordable while allowing you to save money for other purchases. You can modify it in multiple numbers of ways while giving it a cool look that matches the likes of wooden furniture.While aluminium is one of the most preferred material when it comes to durability, it is something that allows your outdoors to look aesthetically appealing. When you put them in place, you wouldn't know the difference.·RELATED QUESTIONIs Tejas or the JF 17 better?Yes, Tejas is better than JF-17. Both are LCA. India created a better matured product before mass producing it, while Pakistan sticked with assembling JF-17 even after it's technologically inferior. Mass Production of Tejas is on! And neither JF-17 Block 1 nor Block II can match Tejas Mk. 1.If you want quick answer, then here's an image for you which explains why Tejas is superior.If you want to read long answer than you may continue reading below...Tejas is intentionally made to have aerodynamically unstable design for achieving better maneuverability. While JF-17 isn't that much aerodynamically unstable. The advantage of Tejas here would help it in dogfight.Tejas have 3 axis FBW (roll, yaw & pitch) which gives it again better maneuverability which would help in dogfight. While JF-17 only have pitch axis FBW.Tejas have lower wing loading of 50lb/sq.ft which again helps it in better maneuverability. While JF-17 have around 75 lb/sq.ft wing loading. Proving that Tejas is better again.Tejas with tailless compound delta wing design & lower wing loading helps it in better Instantaneous Turn Rate (ITR) & Sustained Turn Rate (STR) than the JF-17. The dogfighting advantage goes to Tejas again.Tejas body design allows it to have tighter turn radius of 350 metres which is even smaller than F-16, and this capability also helps in dogfight. And F-16 is better than JF-17 anytime, anyday. Once again, Tejas is proved to be better than JF-17.Tejas have better G tolerance (both positive & negative G) than JF-17. Giving Tejas better maneuverability again (laughs a bit)Tejas engine thrust output is 4kN higher than JF-17′s, while Tejas is lighter than JF-17. This gives better T/W ratio of Tejas which helps in maneuverability. Another factor favoring Tejas.Tejas have OBOGS, which means unlimited oxygen supply, while JF-17 have an oxygen tank with just 3 hours of oxygen supply. It also increases JF-17′s maintenance time.Tejas have HMD/S, a crucial technology for utilizing High Off-Bore Sight (HOBS) WVRAAM like Python 5, which greatly helps during dogfight. JF-17 still don't have it.Tejas have FADEC based engine which reduces the maintenance time of Tejas. JF-17′s Russian engine don't have FADEC and it also increases the chance of crash because the pilot won't know engine's health (coz of no FADEC)Tejas have an advanced autopilot feature that automatically pulls up Tejas if its going down too fast and crossed the danger line of altitude. Making Tejas one of the safest jet fighter on earth. And JF-17 don't have such features.If for some rare reason, the engine of Tejas fails or have uncontrollable spin, Tejas can deploy parachute to regain control (spin arrest/ recovery) or to have a soft landing to minimize casualties (Yes! You read that right). And JF-17 don't have such feature. Another reason why Tejas is one of the safest jet fighter on earth. Three JF-17s already crashed.13. Tejas have 8 hard points/ pylons. While JF- 17 have 7 hard points (nothing to explain here)14. Tejas have 25% lower take off distance than JF-17 (460 metres vs. 610 metres). Its because of better aerodynamically unstable design, which creates a better drag to lift off ratio.15. Tejas have more composites than JF-17, which helps it in having better stealth. In any given scenario, w.r.t. current radars of both fighters, Tejas will detect JF-17 first.16. Tejas even have higher Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) due to more hard points and stronger pylon rating.17. Tejas have larger volume fuel tank, which helps it achieve greater ferry range than JF-17 (2037 km vs. 2300km)18. Even after all the things above proving the superiority of Tejas over JF-17. Tejas is still cheaper than JF-17, coz the latter have 95% imported Chinese parts, Pakistan just assembles it.N.B - If any pakistanis wants to point out the "combat radius" of JF-17 being higher than Tejas... a piece of advice for them...Combat Radius is a relative measure which is illogical to compare. Combat radius changes with the different types of mission having different speed, altitude and payload. If an aircraft chooses hi-lo-lo trajectory with heavy offensive payload, the combat radius for an LCA would be 500km, and if the aircraft chooses hi-hi-hi trajectory with external fuel tanks, an LCA can reach 1300km combat radius.Is this answer looking biased to you? Sorry I can't help you with it then. But is it really biased? Absolutely nope! Tejas qualifies to be a 4th gen fighter, some even calls it 4/4.5 gen fighter, while JF-17 is a 3/ 3.5 gen fighter. Even China says Tejas is better than JF-17.However, JF-17 Block III is the real deal here. Technological wise, it will surely come closer to Tejas Mk. 1 capabilities. But JF-17 Block III is still a year away from mass production (2018-19). Until then, who knows Tejas might get some additional upgrades?
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