What Is a Tactical Led Flashlight?

According to some people the word "tactical" is just another marketing ploy used to sell flashlights, a mere adjective that is used to make buyers believe that they are purchasing a product that is better than most run of the mill flashlights.

The reality is that a flashlight designed for tactical use is indeed different from a regular flashlight. However, not every product sold with the tag "tactical led flashlight" meets the design requirements that would make it appropriate for field work.

First introduced in 1900, the tactical flashlights of the time were bulky, heavy, not nearly as sturdy and worked on dry cells. In fact, the bulbs often gave way in response to the acceleration created by firearm recoil. A decade down the line, the first US patent was filed for tactical lights with a series of improvements. These lights were designed to be mounted with a gun.

Over the years, tactical lights underwent mammoth changes and by the 1980s they were a common sight in the hands of law enforcement personnel and were being used independently of weapons. Despite the upgrades, the tactical flashlights manufactured 3 decades ago were no match to the products available today.

The current range of tactical flashlights are not just smaller, brighter and lighter, but also more effective than the older versions. They are actually meant to work as self-defense products, even when used on their own. Powered by LED bulbs and lithium ion batteries, these flashlights perform extremely well when used indoors as well as outdoors.

They are light: A well-made tactical LED flashlight can easily be held in one hand and operated at the click of a button. In fact, its light weight means that it can be held in the left hand, leaving the right hand free for the use of a weapon or pepper spray.

A tactical LED flashlight should offer no less than 500 lm of light output. In fact, if you can get 600 lm or even more (Real Lumens Output) from your flashlight, it can double up as a self-defense gadget as the brightness will be enough to blind an attacker.

Tactical LED flashlights are designed to work in a range of situations; from lighting up the backyard in the dark to blinding intruders with the strobe mode, these portable devices should be able to do it all.

The Zoom feature give the Tactical light the flexibility to be operated in various conditions, whether to shine on a distant object or to light up a wide area.

The 26650 lithium battery has at least double the capacity then the standard 18650 battery. This will gives you twice the run time enabling you to operate your flashlight for up to 15 hours without recharging your battery.

This is very important since you want to operate you tactical flashlight in all weather conditions, unfortunately many brands claim to have IPX5 or even more which will enable them theoretically to operate in all weather conditions. But...when you check to see if they have an O ring gasket sealing their LED you will find among many of them that there is none, thus exposing their LED to rain and snow. So make sure to stay away from such brands.

Unfortunately many flashlight brands that are marketed with the 1000 lm claim or even more offer on an average only a Real output of 325 lm. Fortunately Brightex Technologies in cooperation with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has tested the real lumens of 7 popular flashlights all claiming to be the brightest flashlight with stated lumens ranging from 700 up to 1200 lumens, test results reveal that many of them delivery only a fraction of the promised lumens claim. So if you are looking for a truly powerful tactical flashlight make sure that the lumens claims are backed up by an independent lab test results.

So before buying your next tactical flashlight make sure they have all the above features and that their stated claims have been verified

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What Are the Advantages of LED Light Source DLP Splicing Products
As a new large screen video technology, LED light source DLP splicing products have always been one of the key industrial innovations concerned by the industry. The adoption of sub era light source LED technology is not only a simple change in light source technology, but also will fundamentally change the practical performance of DLP splicing products, and even create many new application modes. So, what unexpected new surprises will the new LED light source DLP splicing bring to industry customers?Lower system cost of ownershipThe first significant change in the application of LED light source to DLP splicing wall products is that the cost of users is significantly reduced. Although the use of LED technology will increase the first investment of DLP splicing wall project by 30%, the service life of LED light source reaches 60000 hours, which is about 20 times that of traditional mercury lamp. In other words, the customer's lifetime hit on the DLP splicing wall will save at least 20 bulb replacement costs. This cost can not only offset the increase of DLP splicing unit cost caused by LED technology, but also "save a lot of investment".Another feature of LED light source technology is that the three primary colors emit light independently. This makes the DLP projection system no longer need the previous color wheel beam splitter. As a mechanical operation product, the maintenance and replacement frequency of color wheel is also an important part of customer cost. Although color wheel components are not the core consumables of DLP splicing wall, the economy of LED light source products without color wheel can not be ignored.The long-life LED light source also greatly reduces the maintenance frequency of DLP splicing wall. The annual maintenance quantity can be reduced by at least 50%. This will also serve as an important "money saving" node and become one of the important added values for customers to purchase LED light source products. In addition, as an efficient light source product, LED will also bring higher luminous efficiency and higher light utilization, thus reflecting another part of the "low-cost" characteristics of saving electricity.Higher system reliabilityLED light source products are solid-state cold light source products. The utility model has the advantages of high working efficiency, low heat generation and less accidental damage in solid state. The traditional mercury lamp light source has the same vulnerability as an ordinary electric bulb. Its product temperature is very high in the high-light working state, and it is more likely to be damaged, burned or burst due to accidents. The solid-state emission of LED light source significantly increases the stability of the light source itself.Different from traditional mercury lamp products, LED light source is driven by low-voltage DC pulse. The power supply part does not contain high voltage and high current components, so the service life and stability of the power supply are more controllable. Combined with the natural luminescence of the three primary colors of the LED light source, there is no need for mechanical color wheel components for light splitting, which makes the LED light source more stable than the traditional mercury lamp in terms of power supply, control and light splitting.The three primary colors of LED light source work independently, which also makes the whole machine can still display the picture in the lack of color even if a "bulb" fails. This is in sharp contrast to the situation that the traditional single lamp DLP splicing unit cannot work once the bulb is burned out. It can display without color, so that once the light source appears unexpectedly, the LED light source can minimize the loss of customers to the greatest extent, or even no loss. Compared with the simple single lamp DLP splicing unit, the reliability of LED light source products is closer to the dual lamp backup system.Green environmental protection and low carbonLED light source technology is a famous green environmental protection technology. The characteristics of its semiconductor process make it easier to control toxic metals. Unlike the traditional mercury lamp, once damaged, it is likely to cause the leakage of toxic elements in the internal mercury lamp. As a semiconductor element, LED light source can also be recycled, and important metal elements can be recycled in the smelting process again.In addition, LED light source products are also light source products with high luminous efficiency.Under the same brightness conditions, it has lower energy consumption. Moreover, the LED light source emits light in digital pulse mode with independent three primary colors. The LED light source works only when the DLP light valve chip DMD needs light of a certain color. This is quite different from the continuous ignition mode of the traditional mercury lamp. LED light source does not work continuously. It only makes valuable luminescence when needed, which also makes it better meet the needs of low-carbon and environmental protection for future economic development.Bright colors make the picture more gorgeous
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