What Is a Cool Virtual Chat Game for Kids 8 and Up?

imvu - its kinda more teens (u get some weirdoes there tho) u can download it (just type into google) but u can dress up ur character and chat, its cooll runescape- a kl game were u go around in a medevil style world doing medevil stuff (browser based) u buy armor and weapons etc, its really addictive, u meet people all the time to ^^ haboo hotel- for 8-13 year olds.. kinda lame, but yeah, giv it a go, u get ur own room etc...

1. Looking for a good real life sword fighting game for kids/adults and where can I purchase swords and gear?

U could try Zelda Skyward Sword on WII as I have it and am finding it really good

2. im looking for an online game for kids?

wow uhm thats some distance from what i know of on line video games. each and every of the internet video games i know are for like teen and mature game enthusiasts, like combating and taking photos and stuff like that sorry. attempt toontown in uncomplicated terms pastime i know.

3. fusion fall game for kids?

Depends on your definition of 'safe', I suppose. It's mostly cartoon-themed battling... no real blood... some bad-guys, and a *lot* of characters from Cartoon Network

4. Is metal gear Solid 4 a bad game for kids?

the game is great, u should get it

5. What is the best board game for kids of 14 of age?

Chess..Its educational,helps make better decisions in life,Its helps in all subjects in school.(Proved)Education and having fun learning

6. I am making an interactive space game for kids of age group 9-11. What colors you suggest for it.?

I am a school teacher, and here are the colors I think would be best for kids of this age group: Black for space (obviously) White for stars The spaceship should be a turquoise or a neon green to make it stand out. A neon green with red trim, for example, or a turquoise with hot pink trim would really stand out. Planets could be many different colors. Again, I would have a base color, like blue, and have highlights to it, such as silver craters or electric yellow rings. Colors like these would definitely keep my 4th and 5th graders interested!

7. Whats a good game for kids about doing their chores?

You should play "do your chores or I will beat you."

8. Is Sims a Good Game for Kids?

i own it ( because i secretly own an xbox 360) and it makes me jealous because its funnier than me

9. is modernwarfare2 a good game for kids?

No its not!!! Get something like Silent Hill or Condemed 2 Much more suitable for kids

10. what is a good online game for kids?

Awesome game for kids

11. Which is the best horror game for kids in 2020?

1) Spy Spooky Mansion. This is a point and click game about a haunted house. The player will have to unravel the secrets of the estate left by its inhabitants. The mystical atmosphere keeps the player in suspense, and the mysterious sounds from different rooms are a little scary. Age rating - 7 (according to Commonsensemedia).2) Five Nights at Freddy's is a point and click game with survival elements. The protagonist of the game is a guard in a pizzeria, who remained to guard the building at night. As it turned out, sinister toy bears (animatronics) live in the pizzeria, from which the guard will have to hide in order to survive until dawn. Age rating - 13 (according to Bark). But I think that the game is acceptable for children from 10 years old.3) Plants vs. Zombies 2. A fun tower defense game in which you need to manage a squad of plants and shoot zombies to prevent them from getting a farmer's home. Not really horror, but just right for the kids. The age rating is 10 (according to IGDB).4) Minecraft is a sandbox with survival elements in which you need to build a house and hide in order not to be eaten by zombies and skeletons. Although, the game is all cubic and not scary at all. But for a small child, it will be a horror. The official age rating is 7.5) Realmcraft is also a sandbox with elements of survival. It is considered one of the best free analogs of Minecraft. For children, it can be better in that if the player was eaten by zombies, he will respawn without losing resources. It's also 7.6) Halloween Forever is a cute retro-style pixel platformer. The main character is a pumpkin man who is trying to save Halloween from the forces of evil and find his destiny. In the game, you will encounter maniacs, skeletons, bats, and other sinister creatures. I did not find an age rating, but it seems to me that this game is suitable for 5 children. Which is the best horror game for kids in 2020?

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