What Do You Think of "Free Range" Children?

What do you think of "Free Range" children?

Free range children are delicious, but more expensive than factory farmed children. Honestly, I am willing to pay the extra few bucks so that I know my meat is cruelty-free

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Would you eat animals if you knew that they lived on a free range farm and were treated kindly?

No, I never really liked the taste of meat

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Are free range or organic eggs more nutritious?

There's no standard for organic eggs. That means , they don't exist. At least in the UK .so free range

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Organic, free range eggs?

Well, if the chickens are free- ranged, ensuring no animal cruelty is involved, and the eggs are not fertilized (meaning that roosters do not get anywhere near the hens during the days before egg-laying ;), why should not an egg be okay to eat? The chicken is not hurt before and while laying the egg, and there is no hope of a chick resulting from an unfertilized egg. If chickens eat insects in the fields, then that is natural instinct at work, and one should not feel guilty eating eggs that came from an omnivorous chicken, when you are not the one who caused those insects' deaths. If they are kept healthy and relatively stress free before slaughter, then it's like a kosher diet, which stresses humane treatment of animals until ready to be eaten. And the slaughtering aspect of the business has little to do with the egg producing aspect. They are basically two different facets of the business. Anyways, if there is not any argument that will convince you enough either way, I would say go with what you think is best for your daughter's well being. If that means feeding her eggs that are not fertilized and are produced by well-treated hens, but in a distantly related part of the business the slaughtering of the chickens is as humane as is possible, then feed her eggs. It may seem a bit uncaring, but an infantile human shows much more potential and promise for the world than adult chickens who can not think coherently. I am vegan, but that's how I view it.

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I really want to let my rats free range in my room..?

Hi! Rats usually do not pee or poop too much out of thier cage but you can always lay down some newspaper, towels or fleece material just in case! :) Hope this helped!

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How much do 12 free range organic eggs cost?

In the Washington, DC area, organic free range eggs are $3.99/doz. at the Giant (grocery store). And most likely they are not really free range, but yarded instead. So your eggs sound like a deal to me

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What's it called when you only eat free range, ethically produced meat and animal products?

well, your health-conscious and dont want to profit mass-slaughter companies, its a good start i say

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Why exactly do Vegans abstain from eggs? What if the chicken is raised organically, and the egg is free-range?

Many if not all vegans do not agree with the notion that humans can use much less raise raise any animal at all ( some do not even approve of pet "ownership") especially for food/use/exploitation regardless of how they are treated. Animals make or produce (eggs,milk honey etc) for their own use not for humans. Commercially available eggs, organic,free range,cruelty free or otherwise, are a product of humans using animals for their own purposes hence against the vegan principle

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Do McDonalds irish chains sell free range beef?

Irish beef is fine, but it's what they do it it at MacDonald's afterwards that I would be worried out. I was reared on free-range, organic Irish beef. However, I am convinced that MacDonalds pumps their products full of horrible, nasty additives to prolong their shelf life, and so I would not put any of their so-called food into my body.

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Can you pls explain to me what Organic/free range meats are?

most feeder cattle raised in the mid west and the west are considered "free range"because they are raised on ranches where the cattle are free to eat the grasses in the pasture.my cattle are free to eat on 640 acres that i own and i also lease land from a neighbor for a total of 1280 acres of land for 250 head of cattle and the only time they have "supplements"of hay is when the weather is bad and they cant get to the grasses so i hitch up the draft horses to the wagon with two tons of grass hay to go to the cattle to feed them.this is called pasture management and free range. organic basically means that the cattle is not fed growth hormones but that does not mean that they cant be injected with antibiotics for an infection or other inoculations that all cattle need so they do not become ill or spread diseases to the other cattle.in Europe like Slovakia there is not enough room to "free range"cattle because of the land is used for the growth of crops instead of pasture so the cattle are raised in corrals and barns and the cattle are not treated as well as they are in the western united states.

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