What Color Eyes Will the Child Have Father Has Grey Eyes Mother Has Blue Eyes

The eyes will most likely be blue as the gene for blue eyes is dominant over the gene for grey eyes. However, there is the possibility that the mother has a recessive gene for grey eyes and in this instance the child would have grey eyes. However, it is morel likely that the child will have blue eyes.

Eye color question blue green eyes?

The kid could either have blue eyes or green eyes or a mixture of both, ie., blue-green eyes


GREEN! it looks very exotic wen u hav dark hair and green eyes..plus greens eyes are very pretty :) and they will look even prettier and greener compared to your dark hair!

What color are my eyes?

I would say hazel..or hazel/amber

Subtle smokey eyes--my eyes are blueish gray?

if you are going for drug store brands i, as a makeup artist HIGHLY reccomend loreal's HIP line of eye shadows.. it is as close to pro quality eye shadows you are gonna get in a drug store. it would help to see a photo of you but if you are going for HIP, there is a compact, forget the name with a skin tone goldish light shade and a dark green second shade. using a flat shadow brush apply the lighter shade over the whole lid, up to the brow bone, getting lighter the ligher you go. now on a small slanted eye shadow detailer brush tak some on the darker shade on the the brush, just a little anbd tapp off the excess. apply lightly abou, starting from the outer cornerr and blend downwards towards the center of the lashline. now take a smudge brsh 9the kind that sometimes comes on the back of a liner pencil in drug stores) and smudge the darker shade lightly, upwards and outwards towards the outer eye lid. keep smudling till you get the desired effect. now take what is left on the smudle brush and rub is lightly under your lower lashline, again about half way to the canter. now apply a lifting black mascara. i reccomend max factor lashlift, to top and bottom, focussing on the outer corners on the upper lashes. that should do it

replica sunglasses is good for our eyes or bad for our eyes?

they wont offer UV protection, so i really would not bother, Ive got some ray ban, u no the difference straight away, the way they fit, and work

Black hair and light eyes?

eh she dosent look to good. so thats why you said i was ugly.

Best Eye Cream/Eye Make-up Remover For Sensetive Red Eyes?

L'oreal De-Maq Expert Its a milk so its really soft on your face i use the pink one but i think they do one for sensitive skin but this one works for me and my eyes are a tad sensitive and all you do is massage it in and then wipe off with cotton wool or rinse you could also use johnsons eye makeup remover i have never tried it but a few of my friends use it as they say its good

Expired eye drops? Eyes burn terribly?

when ever my eyes burn like that i find it helpful to have my Bf *** on my left foot. for some reason the warmth trickles up my body and causes the pain to go away... and it makes for a great snack

Are blue or brown eyes dominant?

A dominant gene is more powerful than a recessive gene. A dominant gene will mask the effect of a recessive gene. Therefore a recessive gene cannot show its characteristic if it is paired with a dominant gene. Some common examples are , 1. Being tall > dominant Being short > recessive 2. Being right-handed > dominant Being left-handed > recessive 3. Having black/brown eyes > dominant Having blue eyes > recessive

Are these called Hazel eyes?

not really.. more bluish green and gray

Cat eyes & Smokey eyes?

Bare Minerals has a Smokey Eye Tutorial Kit. They sell them at their store or at Sephora

Are green eyes a pretty eye color?

I love green eyes, since my favorite color is green. My eyes are hazel. They go from gold tones to browns to greens.

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How to Apply Eyeshadow Shades
How to Apply Eyeshadow Shades
This palette was then carefully implemented into every single one of the wedding's elements. These colours were used throughout the stationery, tablecloths, and every little detail, from the ribbon on the bridal bouquet to the shade of the bride's eyeshadow. This commitment to the colour palette created a seamless, cohesive look.What to do with eyeshadow colors u no longer want or hardly ever wear? Please help!?Well if you do not like it, there is no use in keeping it! loll. Your not suppose to share eye makeup because it could lead to eye infections, but i suppose if it was hardly used then it could not be that dangerous! You could give it to a friend, sibling, or relative. or maybe you can give it to away to a director of a play. For example, my music teacher is the director of the school play every year. Last year I gave her some of my old makeup that I did not use that much and now she uses it on kids who are in her plays! :)Why are the younger rock bands out now wearing eyeshadow?I think there just a bunch of little girlsI have hazel eyes, what colur of eyeshadow goes with it? and how do you apply it?I HAVE HAZEL TEW(x Get Almays Eye Shadow the one that says BRING OUT THR HAZEL member that Apply the light pink on your eye lids once you have done that apply the brown above the pink BUT not too much and the white shadow apply on your eyebrow bone(: Good Luck xoxo AlexHow do i apply my green eyeshadow?There are 4 shades....?you can apply the smokey technique to this color family, I would go to youtube.com and watch the video tutorialsWhats the best eyeshadow to match with brown eyes and a white dress?When someone wears a white dress, he/she refers a sign of purity. Everyone wearing white dress looks beautiful in a simple make-up. As you have brown eyes, you can turn a smoky look in your eyes. Besides, you can use brown,peach or coffee shadows. I think you will look most beautiful with your dress and shadowsWhat kind of eyeshadow would look good on me?Green eyes would work best with brown or light purple or teal eyeshadowWhat is the best eyeshadow colour for brown eyes?i personally like golden or yellow colors on brown eyes. i would suggest e.l.f. eye shadow, because not only is everything $1, but the quality of the makeup and the brushes is just as good if not better than any high-dollar stuff i've ever tried! right now they are running a special on shipping. if you spend $15 (that's a LOT of makeup!) you pay only $1. 98 for shipping. the coupon code to use when you check out is EGSHIPT. this way, you can order several shades and choose for yourself....and will only be out a buck a piece. i know i sound like a pitch woman for e. l. f. but i am hooked!.How do i get my eyeshadow like this...?Basically start the accent colour in the center of your eye, close to the eyelash line, pull the brush toward the outside of they eye, and when you meet the crease where your lid folds. Follow the crease up until the center of your lid. You are drawing a "C". Blend in and up. Be careful not to bring the color past your eye. Draw an imaginary line from the corner of your nose, to the outside edge of your eye, to your eyebrow. Hold a pen up to your face. Your eye color must not go outside your eye area. If you do, cover with concealer to clean it up. The dark line under the eye should be done if you do not have hooded eyes. ie can you see the fold in the lid? if you can see your whole eye, you can use the bottom line. Try it. Blend blend blend.Where can I find silver, eyeshadow cream, that comes in a jar?Go for the make onse they do it all creams and paint pots ,, if oyur on a budget go for a barry m one you can buy those at any drugstore in all colours :) Good Luck x
Do Wearing Pants Make a Woman Feel More Confident ?
Do Wearing Pants Make a Woman Feel More Confident ?
Do wearing pants make a Woman feel more confident ?I feel more confident in a dress or skirt. Dark eyes, I hope that is not true :-)— — — — — —Why does it seem that about 85% of the human population has black hair and black (or dark) eyes?i think it is all about how God created human being.... or probably we came from one common origin.... that is from the middle of the earth or we call it the "equator" . .. i think thats my answer.— — — — — —Play A Short Baby Name Game? :)?1. I am 25 years old when I meet my soulmate in a coffee shop :) His name is Welsey James & he is tall, tanned, muscualar with dark hair and dark eyes. He's gorgeous. 2. Aww how sweet :) I wear an ivory and white wedding dress and I hunnymoon in Tobago in the Carabien. We stay in a wooden hut on the beach. 3. I am an author/freelance journalist. and yay for being pregnant! 4. Elisabeth Autumn. ''Elle/Ella'' 5. John Christopher. ''Johnny'' [After John Christopher Depp ''Johnny'' -i am not that keen on this name, but I LOVE JohnnyDepp, so i will keep it] 6. They are girl/girl. We name them Sienna Lily & Violet Isabel. 7. Boy :]. We name him Noah Rupert. 8. We get a springer spaniel pup, female called ''BellaLuna'' her nickname is Luna. 9. Ireland :) In a stone cottage in the country side. Log fires and card games all round! 10. Very clever ;) They are --> Elisabeth, John, Sienna, Violet & Noah. ''Elle, Johnny, Sienna, Violet & Noah'' This was fun, sorry there are no pics.— — — — — —Black hair and black (very dark) eyes on a male, or black hair and blue/green (very light) eyes?I would say the blue/green. Looks wise. But if you are choosing someone, and they have these traits... go with the one that treats you better, and the one that you ACTUALLY want to be with. Do not base it off of looks.— — — — — —Does race play a factor when you go out and seek a bf or gf?not really just as long as they are good looking. but im mostly attracted to hispanic and black guys or anyone with dark eyes.. dark hair. And for the casual sex part.. i dont sleep around so— — — — — —how to make dark eyes lighter?You can get unpresciptioned colored contacts from beauty supply stores— — — — — —Colorful eyes! What color?Blue, Greenish, anything but plain brown Mine are hazel too, Sorry but I dont like dark eyes, I like light eyes colors— — — — — —What brand of contact lenses should I buy to lighten dark eyes?I would recommend color blends from Freshlook— — — — — —How come green eyed couples often have dark eyed children, shouldn't it be the same as it is with blue eyes?Well eye color is a little more of a complex phenotype than most others. Eye color is sort of an incomplete dominance. Which means that if parents have different colored eyes, most of the time the eyes of their kids will be in the middle of their eye colors. So for a person to inherit their eye color, the parents must give their genetic information. With green eyed parents, this means that they carry the gene for lighter, blue eyes, and the darker brown eyes. Because more than likely one of their parents had brown eyes, and the other had lighter blue eyes. So when they were born they had a mixture of colors. So now the people born with green eyes have the gene for dark eyes, and the other gene for light eyes. So, they can give their kid the gene for dark or light eyes, and the other parent, also having green eyes, can do the same. So if the two green-eyed people have kids, the kid will get either two dark eyed genes, one dark eyed gene, and one light eyed gene, or two light eyed genes. And because dark eyed genes are dominant to light eyed genes (meaning that in the presence of both genes the dominant one is expressed), the dark eyes are more predominantly expressed, or they may also have a sort of green hazel eye— — — — — —What color eyeliner always looks good with a chocolate complexion and dark eyes?black eyeliner or dark blue or dark colors, it really brings out your eyes. trust me i am a chocolate complexion with medium-brown eyes
Eyeshadows That Look Good with Brown Hair and Blue/green Eyes? and Makeup Ideas!?
Eyeshadows That Look Good with Brown Hair and Blue/green Eyes? and Makeup Ideas!?
I have blue eyes too and I've been using "All That Glitters" by MAC this summer a lot!!! It's $14! It's really expensive but in my opinion it's worth it but theres "Mink" by covergirl that looks very similar! Hope this helped!!!1. cute (natural looking) doll eyes makeup?there is no such thing as natural and doll eyes makeup. there is no way it can look natural. MASCARA, A LITTLE EYELINER (top only), LIP GLOSS2. How would I bring out the lighter brown color in my eyes with makeup?Try putting a very light brown eyeshadow on the eyelid and put a dark brown color on the crease of the eyelid and blend. Put a small amount of bronze highlighter (I suggest the one from Clinique) along the browbone3. She's got black hair & green eyes. Makeup tips :) ?I do not know, but you sound gorgeous4. How to get rid of bags under my eyes with makeup?Try concealer from Maybelline called "mousse". You can find this at your local pharmacy/CVS! Match it to your skin tone and put a little under each eye. Also, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and this should go away naturally! No, the bags are from lack of sleep and/or stress!.5. I have hazel eyes, makeup ideas?u should put on ... eye litner ....(black .....) and mascara6. What Color Are My Eyes???? Makeup Help too :)?Brown tones or neutral taupe/tan tones can make blue/gray eyes pop with out making you seem too made up. Any colour that's the opposite of your eye colour will aid make them stand out7. HOW DO U GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES UNDER UR EYES WITH NO MAKEUP ?!?Suprisingly, frozen cucumbers arent good for nothing. :)8. I have small eyes! Makeup tips??Try to apply white eyeliner to your waterline. This will help make your eyes look bigger. Also, use a maybe toupe or light brown col,or in the crease to deepen it.9. Light Purple Dress, Blue eyes, makeup help!?I would go with natural browns for the eyeshadows, in a smokey-esque form. But not entirely. I would use a plum liner, with a dark brown mascara10. How do i draw more attention to my eyes with makeup?use eyeliner to outline your eyes and make them stand out more11. i have brown eyes... makeup ideas?i have extremely dark brown eyes so i wear light blues & purples because it makes my eyes look darker but also pop because of the light color12. I wanna do different tricks with my eyes...makeup and or lashes any type of things let me kno??liquid eyeliner is the best13. I have these enormus bags under my eyes... and makeup makes them look worse! What do I do???you may have low iron. get that checked out. and more sleep. (:14. I have green/brownish eyes, MAKEUP TIPS?i have the same color!!! i went to a makeup specialest and she said, salmon, pinkish brown, muave! hope this helps!15. Is $299 to much to pay for a just eyes makeup class?Yes, go to the mall and have a makeup artist sample new shades, see how it looks than buy what looks nice16. Do I have pretty eyes/makeup tips? (pics)?it seems like you have the same skin tone as me [minus the unnatural light coloring...] i have the same eye color too. dark brown. i would suggest some beige/brownish eyeshadow. do not make it too dark though or else it will look weird. line the inner rim with glittery white eyeliner. oh, curl lashes too and apply mascara. then line your eyes thinly with a dark brown eyeliner. and apply on a little mascara on the bottom lashes (:.17. question about eyes and makeup?I use a taupe eyebrow pencil for eyeliner, it brightens the eye and yet it's not as obvious as a white eyeliner, I would use the white eyeliner for when you want to go glam and like everyone else is saying, shades of green eyes shadows always make the eye pop18. How to get smokey eyes with makeup?the best advice i can give you is to look on youtube...you will find tons of videos...i think its easier to learn by watching rather than reading..anywho...hope i helped...=)
How Can I Look More Exotic ? Please Answer ?
How Can I Look More Exotic ? Please Answer ?
How can I look more exotic ? please answer ?her eyes look as though somebody went into paint photoshop and spray painted her eyes. i am enormously confident it particularly is you. you asked this question many circumstances till now. . i've got seen you.— — — — — —My puppy won't look up when a ball is tossed to her or bounced from the floor?It's not normal, but before you panic, get her eyes checked by your vet when you take her in for her vaccination— — — — — —How do I make my eyes stand out??if you want them to stand out wear light blue contacts, my girlfriend has some and they just make her eyes boom. but make sure that you get a subscription for them or it will hurt your eyes— — — — — —Do you think this girl is attracted to me?As difficult as it may be, stop looking at her legs for a second. Look at her eyes. If they smile at you, she likes you— — — — — —Do you think Megan Fox is gorgeous?yea, her eyes are also really nice— — — — — —Whats with the end of my eyes?if your skin is and olive colour or tanned you might be Eurasian my friend is Eurasian she loves her eyes now XD— — — — — —how to do makeup like this? [pic included]exactly what the second person said except she has dark circles so she probably uses concealer under her eyes too— — — — — —What a 16 year old wants forhazel eyes greens pruples browns with red undertones will make her eyes pop if you can find some eye shadow colors that are in that range the wet n wild eye shadow plattes are really nice they have alot for only 4 two 12$ every pigmented and cheap last along time get her that and mabye a perfume or body spray instant of a tinted moistuzier or bb cream. wet n wild eye shadows are in any drug store and all so the maybelline tatto color ceam are really nice two there quit nice have some nice colors— — — — — —I have a bichon frise how do I keep her from getting dark stains around her eyes?there is a thingy called petgold, it works, but you have to rub it really hard to get the stains off, theres also something they eat and then they wont get stains from thier eyes, but ive never tried that— — — — — —How can I wrap a swing and a highchair that is already put together?Buy some baby blankets and throw them over it. Get one of those big Gift bag/ sacks (they have them at the dollar store) or find a HUGE box to put it in. I would probably just keep them out of site for for the shower and have her close her eyes. Bring them out one by one and let her open her eyes— — — — — —How to make this paragraph shorter? ?Wren looked at Glimmer and smiled at her beauty. Her light blue eyes sparkled and her silver-white hair went down her back in waves. Glimmer wore tall white boots with a light blue trim and a mini skirt to match. Her white top revealed her stomach. The puffy sleeves flowed in the wind. She wore light blue fingerless gloves. Glimmer had a scabbard that held her sword at her waist and a large gem necklace matching her eyes, like the rest of her outfit. To be honest, I think that it's a little TOO descriptive with the outfit. I mean, I do not really think that people would care too much about the length of her gloves. Or maybe it's just me. Why do not you also describe her features: lips, smile, skin color, something? Just a little advice.— — — — — —How do I make my brown eyes stand out?you sound like you have the same eye color as me. I get told all the time that mine look green in the sun. and they have a goldish tint to them. try white eyeshadow or a greenish/blue color. I have this great eye shadow that is a aqua color that is slightly more green, that was a drugstore brand and it was made for hazel eyes and it looks really good on me. i get compliments all the time when i wear it. So i would suggest trying colors that were made for hazel eyes. and black eyeliner will really make your eyes pop if you have medium to dark skin tone. if you have a pale complexion it might look a bit harsh though. Use mascara also, it helps to make the eyes appear bigger. oh and for hair if you have a pale complexion DO NOT GO dark, it will make you look washed out. If you arent super pale then you could try going darker but i must warn you that is VERY hard to get out. I am paying for it now. i would not suggest going black because if you do not like it you can not just go and dye it back. it is almost impossible to get out. You could also try getting blonde highlights. My mom has the same type of eyes as me and she got blonde highlights in her hair (alot of them) and it looks GREAT on her. They really make her eyes pop and if you do not like it, you can just dye your hair back brown. which is SOO much easier. hoped this helped a little :)
How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?
How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?
How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?Both mirrors and eyes are real— — — — — —Can we see sound with our eyes? [closed]What we perceive as "sound" are (mechanical) oscillations of molecules from the source to the ear. This is for example why you cannot hear anything in vacuum, because there is no matter to oscillate. Light on the other hand is an electromagnetic wave. Therefore, there cannot be sound in our visual spectrum. It's in the wrong category.However, if you want to ask "are there sound waves that you can perceive with your eye". In principle: if the sound pressure is high enough, you should be able to "feel" the pressure osscilations in the eye (and anywhere else in your body), so your brain would notice the sound even if you could not hear it, but still you can not see it. If instead you ask yet another question, namely whether you can hear a sound and also believe that you have seen some light alongside, so that it seems that you have "seen" the sound, then you are no longer in the realm of pure physics: this is a known information processing error in many brains, where sometimes accustic signals are interpreted by the visual cortex. This is also known (especially in its more extreme forms) as synesthesia, but clearly belongs to biology and neuroscience— — — — — —Do vampires have the ability to remain unvisible to our eyes in front of us?I've never heard of vampire invisibility before— — — — — —What is the official name of the crusty stuff we develop around our eyes during sleep? And what causes it?We call it "morning star". Funny name though. The real name is "eye crusts".When we sleep, our eyes dry up, and we do not blink around this period. Blinking stops dirt from going in our eye. While we are asleep, dirt goes into our eyes, particularly at the side when we sleep. The dirt then combines and forms a crust of dirt— — — — — —How do our eyes detect light at different frequencies?Short answer Action potentials generated to different colors are indeed similar throughout the nervous system and do not encode color as such. Instead, the different color- sensitive cells in the retina are connected to different neurons and these color-specific signals are kept segregated up until the higher visual cortical areas.Background Action potentials are indeed pretty similar throughout the nervous system. However, the color-sensitive sensory cells in the retina, called the cones, come in three flavors: red, green and blue. These colors form the RGB system just like in your LED TV and can together make all the available millions of colors. These three cones synapse ultimately onto color-specific secondary sensory neurons (Fig. 1). Hence, R, G and B cones indeed generate identical action potentials in downstream neurons, the trick is they do so in different retinal ganglion cells, and at different firing rates depending on the intensity of light that particular cone is sensitive to. These different classes of retinal ganglion cells project onto different classes of neurons in the brainstem (lateral geniculate nucleus, or LGN) and ultimately onto different neurons in the higher cortical visual areas in the brain. Fig. 1. Different classes of cones synapse onto different classes of secondary sensory neurons in the retina. 2). Basically, the different cones converge pairwise onto opponent color-sensitive cells. The red-green opponent system, for example, operates by weighing the amount of red and green in the incoming signal. This weighting results in an analogue system that can code millions of colors along the red-green axis (Fig. 3). Fig. 2. Hering model of color vision. 3. Red-green color axis.— — — — — —Since our eyes can't see all spectrums of energy, wouldn't it make sense we can't see God?If you redefine god to mean "a type of energy" then why call it god at all? It's too far removed from the original meaning to mean anything at all— — — — — —What are the food materials, fruits, vegetables that are very helpful for keeping our EYES healthy?Carrots are extremely good for the eyes— — — — — —Have you ever thought that World is just an image in our mind and brain through our eyes?of course... how can we possibly believe in others when all we know is what we see as individuals? The world is a funny, funny place my friend
What Are the Best Colors for People Dark Brown Eyes?
What Are the Best Colors for People Dark Brown Eyes?
What are the best colors for people dark brown eyes?if you wanted to make some colors, why not pink or turqoise? But I love to see dark brown with a-one-step-lighter color such, hazel. Try it.— — — — — —What kind of eye makeup for really dark brown eyes?Try green or gold— — — — — —which one of these eyeshadows would look best for dark brown eyes?I actually think the hazel eye organics would make your eyes pop. Line the lashes with the darker color, then apply the pink to your top lid and then just use a little mascara. Simple and pretty.— — — — — —what color will my newborns eyes be?my husband has dark brown eyes, and I have bright green eyes. We were completely expecting our son to have brown eyes since brown is dominant, but he was born with dark blue eyes, that over the first month turned into a very bright blue. Now everyone comments on his beautiful blue eyes. He's 11 months old now and still has those bright blue eyes. I do not know if they will change or stay blue. With your baby, brown is usually dominant, but that does not always carry. They could be just about anything.— — — — — —How can dark brown eyes look good?Over the years, I have learned to love my brown eyes. They are beautiful, sparkling, and affectionate if you feel good in them. To make them stand out, Try wearing lighter clothing, because it would contrast with the brown. Wear neutrals like light brown, gray, and beige. To make them really stand out, wear bright purples, greens, and oranges. Also, do not be jealous of your friends eyes! Always have a nice smile, and be happy. What you feel about yourself can reflect on your eyes. =)— — — — — —What colours suit someone ith fairish skin, dark brown eyes and brown hair with highlights?try a pale pink or light red— — — — — —What color eyeliner goes best with brown eyes?I have dark brown eyes, and what I have been using for over 10 years is dark brown. Black is often too much against the browness of your eyes...when you go to the store, look for eyeliner that is dark brown shade. ..hope this helps.— — — — — —How will green freshlook contacts look on dark brown eyes?Good of course! I also have brown eyes and got green and gray pair. They are almost the same but i think gray look more natural. You gotta try them too!— — — — — —What are the best eyeliner and eyeshadow colors for dark brown eyes?you should try greeny gold eyeshadow it wud look beautiful on brown eyes.ty maybe navy or plum eyeliner with loads of mascara and no eyeshadow.browns or golds would really go well if you have fair skin.you could get away with anything really if you have fair skin and dark hair. .green definitly though.— — — — — —how do i make dark brown eyes pop?Ohhhhhh, i thought you were being literal. I have no idea then— — — — — —How to make my dark brown eyes stand out?Hmmm... light colors, something were your eyes would not blend in but would look good with. Like a light blue eyeshadow and black or dark blue eyeliner. Hope I helped!— — — — — —Will colored contact lenses show really well on someone with dark brown eyes?Yes, they will make your eyes hazel— — — — — —I have dark brown eyes but the rim is blue in both and I'm African American is that right?Sounds like you have beautiful eyes. Good luck. 2D— — — — — —Would sterling gray CONTACTS look green in dark brown eyes?yes, contacts are slightly translucent— — — — — —My Really dark brown eyes are turing blue from the outside in. Help!?The following is the results of several controlled studies done in Africa, the following results are from the Bantu population which from age 10 more than 85% of this African population in South Africa is graced with this blue ring. Arcus corneae is a phenomenon frequently observed in the White (Caucasian) population, particularly in the older age-groups. In contrast to Adrican decent in the West, heart disease and hypertension is almost unheard of among the African population in Africa.. This phenomenon is also present in the Eskimoes, in whom no chemical defect in the plasma can be demonstrated." In North America, the incidence among Negroes is higher than among the White population.". Arcus appears to be a great deal commoner among the Bantu in South Africa than among the Whites, and is particularly frequent among the younger age-group. Indigenous groups around the world also have this ring not related to age or hypertension. Contrary to previous studies predominantly in White population groups, no significant differences were observed in the serum lipid levels in the majority of South African Bantu subject with arcus senilis corneae. except that a higher percentage showed in rea ed triglyceride levels. In view of the low prevalence of ischaemic heart disease and the frequency with which arcus senilis is found in the South African Bantu. it seems apparent that there is no relationship between atherosclerosis. ischaemic heart disease and arcas senilis in the South African Bantu. The fact that this condition is frequently found in young Bantu subjects suggest that it is unrelated to the ageing process and that the term arcus senilis is an unsatisfactory one.
I Have Asian Eyes... What Color Eyeshadow Is Best for Me?
I Have Asian Eyes... What Color Eyeshadow Is Best for Me?
i have to say its whatever color that brings out your eyes and a color that has your mood on that day so if you want go to a local store that sells makeup and you can try there samples out there and see what color fits you but i think a green will bring out your eyes good luck and yes also smokey color does look good on asian people but it depends what you wera that day1. What color eyeshadow should I wear?Go with purples. It goes good with green and anyone can wear it2. I have almond shaped, brown eyes; what would be the best color of eyeshadow for me?Purple, redish brown , light brown, whitish silvery ..those colors will make your eyes pop out and look nice3. which color eyeshadow looks best on dark brown eyes??i have dark brown eyes too i have like a 4-kit shadow thingy from covergirl and when i bloend colors or just use one my eyes look amazing and they definitely pop out more i think you ahould use these too it has........ black dark sparklish brown gold and light lavender4. Some disagree about what color eyeshadow looks good on...?I think it does...but why does it matter what others think? Be yourself and if you are happy with blue eyeshadow then be happy do not worry about what others think or say5. medium purple dress, strawberry blonde hair blue eyes. what color eyeshadow?Go with shades of shimmery browns, then go for a dramatic lip color6. what color of eyeshadow looks the best with brown eyes?I think lovely browns, golds and pale pastels look good with brown eyes, but it also depends on your skin tones. And of course, what you are wearing on that day! It does not help to say wear purple shadow, but you have on a red dress! Stick to the color you are wearing as best as possible. Blue, Violet / Purple etc. looks good too. In fact, these days, we can wear damn near any color's we please!!! Is not it great!.7. What color eyeshadow looks pretty with brown eyes?I have brown eyes, and to make them look natural, but pretty, I use chocolate brown eyeliner, brownish-black extra volume mascara (brownish-black is a mascara color) and I usually get eye shadow shades that have "sand" or "sandy" in the name. So the eye-shadow is different shades of brown, gold, and skin-colored. When I use black eyeliner, I think it loks a bit overdone, and it looks extra yucky when it runs or smudges. Looks like I've got 2 black eyes. You can wear brown eyeliner every day. Good luck :))8. Will you help me with the application and color of eyeshadow for my eyes?Well... You Should Work With The More Smoky Colors And Maybe Throw In Some Blues To Make Your Eyes Pop9. How do I find the right color of eyeshadow & lipstick for my skin tone?The best thing to do is to have an hour free, go to a good mall with make-up counters and get at least 3 different counters to do your make-up for you according to your requirements. They are free, very helpful and informative on all the new products you could try. I know there are long lasting glossy lipglosses that plump up the lips, palettes of eyeshadows put together for a specific skin and eye colouring etc. You will also learn some new techniques of apply make-up that you probably never considered from the make-up artists at the counters. Give it a go.10. What color eyeshadow works best for dark brown eyes and chocolate skin?a shimmery purple11. Which color eyeshadow, blush and lipstick goes with blonde hair, very pale skin and Blue eyes?for day wear very pastel soft and muted colors and at night go RED lips and coals on the eyes12. What color eyeshadow goes good with big, dark brown eyes?Use greens, and purples. Brown eyes are great, because almost anything makes them look great. I have really dark brown eyes, and I use purple eyeshadow then I take black eyeliner and put a thin line on the upper eye lid. After that, I take a pastel purple eyeliner and make a really thin discreet line under my lower lid. To finish off I use black mascara and nude pink lipstick. I know you said no liner or mascara but I think that would look great. Greens are also amazing for brown eyes, and neutral colours like brown, tan, and gold.
Whats Wrong Wiht My Eyes? Or Is It Just the Eyeliner?
Whats wrong wiht my eyes? Or is it just the eyeliner?I had an identical situation, yet what keeps to be on all day for me (and night as quickly as I forget.) is MAC fluidline in blacktrack & that's water resistant. that's like $20 even if it lasts perpetually and it extremely works large. yet do no longer purchase the $20 angled brush to your waterline. i admire the comb that incorporates the maybelline gel liner for utilising the MAC to my waterline. i do no longer use that liner for around my eyes because of the fact i think of its too black and is tricky to positioned on for my section. additionally, in case you are taking an angles brush or think of shadow brush and pat black eyeshadow over the lining on your waterline it absorbs countless the moisture so it is going to proceed to exist longer— — — — — —is this what sunken eyes look like?I think thats the way her bone structure is? Or maybe because of her ethnic background, most indians have that look to their eyes *which is fine bc i do not think it looks bad at all* I use bare essentials because i have dark spots around my eyes and the foundation covers it right up. good luck on your date!— — — — — —Who sings the song that has the following word in it: I can't keep (or take?) my eyes off you?Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You- Muse] Cant Take My Eyes Off You- Andy Willams]— — — — — —What color are my eyes?Since hazel is both green and brown I voted hazel without looking at the pic. After looking at the pic and removing the yellow pigment with PhotoShop I definately think they are hazel— — — — — —What Eye shadow shades bring out the brown in my eyes?!! 10 points for BEST ANSWER!!!!(Pics included)?I have almost the exact shade brown for my eyes! Brown is amazing because you can use almost any colors! A tip I got from a makeup consultant was use a light eyeshadow color and have it be shimmery. But I know from experience that BRONZE and GOLDs are very good for brown eyes. If your playing it natrual then just a light brown is nice to color the lids with. The gold I have comes in a little set with 3 colors and its called OLIVE IT UP by Revlon #865 from the MAKE A SHEEN line. I love it! Hope it helped! :) P.S. Blues, purples (and such) dont make your brown eyes pop, it just looks good and puts the focus on the shadow color. not your eyes. If you meant focus on eyes bronze, light shimmery colors and golds. :)— — — — — —help my eyes are dry?Plenty of vitamin A will be helpful for dryness of eyes. Eat dark green vegetables, orange-yellow vegetables, whole milk, butter, cheese, eggs, fish liver oils, all liver.Avoid exposures to the sun and perform slow neck rolls and other eye exercises. Try some eye care products. Visit the following url for more info:— — — — — —Do You Feel Relaxed When You Look At This List?nope my eyes got kinda tired though— — — — — —What do you think of this survival story from the chinese earthquake?Aww that brought tears to my eyes. The baby will always know that she was deeply loved— — — — — —How can I keep my eyes from getting bugged by my contacts?So i switched to dailies. the dailies cost a few pounds more each month but definately worth it if your eyes stay healthy. Also, you can try this solution from the opticians - it's like little pods of saline solution type stuff and u just put like 2 drops in each eye when you feel it start to get irritated and it eases the irritation. it sounds like u have dry eyes so definately go get a checkup with the optician asap. hope this helps mate x— — — — — —my eyes are burning, why?Could be dry eyes, allergies, environmental (air quality) Use Systane or Refresh rewetting drops. If it does not get better, see an eye doctor. Most over the counter drops for allergies do not work, you will need an Rx for a good one.— — — — — —How to make my eyes stand out?When I want to make my eyes stand out from the rest of my body I use white eyeshadow, 2 kinds of brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I use a light brown and put it all over my eyelid then take the darker brown and start from the middle of my eyelid up to my outer corner of my eye (the one that's the farthest from my nose), then i take the white eyeshadow and put a little bit in my inner corner and on the bottom of my eyebrows, then i take the eyeliner and start from the middle of my eye and work my way out to the outer corner (on the top and bottom) then I apply mascara. Hope it helps
What Make-up Works Best with Hazel Eyes That Are Green and Brown/gold?
What make-up works best with hazel eyes that are green and brown/gold?Lucky you! For a really dramatic look plum eyeshadow makes green eyes look amazing (check out Debra Messing in the Wedding Date). To pull off that much contrast you need to keep the rest of your face subtle though— — — — — —What color eyeliner goes best with Hazel Eyes?I have brown hair and hazel eyes and I wear purple eyeliner. It really brings out the green in the hazel. I would recommend a black mascara just so it is not too much purple. :).— — — — — —Best colours for green/hazel eyes and medium toned skin?i have green-hazel eyes too. do not ever go heavy on the eye liner but if you want top only, pink is a great color (in my opinion) my favorite mascara is Revlon brownish-black and to me bronzer looks tacky— — — — — —What do you do to make your eyes pop?I have hazel eyes but people with brown eyes could wear shimmery purples and pinks , They look really nice and make them pop. Also try black eyeliner on your waterline and wear black mascara . Even clothing that complements your eye color could make them pop :D.— — — — — —Brown/Hazel eyes, fair skin w/o tanning, and freckles. Best hair color?Copper red with blonde highlights!— — — — — —What color eyeliner looks best with hazel eyes?my best friend has hazel eyes. One day we put a lavender eyeshadow on her, and her eyes looked so green. Then we put blue on and her eyes looked really brown. Purple=greener/Blue=browner Any brand will work, you will have to find the one that works best for you.— — — — — —Natural looking makeup toturial for hazel eyes & auburn / light brown hair . ?I think blonde hair is actually sexiest, but brown hair can end up being really sexy too. Black hair is actually never sexy. It's just really boring and boring and flatters few complexions. Blonde hair looks best with glowing blue eyes.— — — — — —What is good makeup for hazel eyes?lots and lots of purple— — — — — —what color eyeliner is good for brown/hazel eyes?I have brown/green eyes and I use Cover Girl's "Gray Khaki" eyeliner. It looks natural and not to dark— — — — — —What is cute name for black 9 week old kitten with hazel eyes and very sweet and mellow?Felix, Fisher, Hazel, Lilly, Brady, Tiberius, Leonidas, Sasha, Lilah, Cobalt, Indigo, Indy, Ebony,— — — — — —I Have Brown Hazel Eyes What Should i USE for smokey eyes?brown, with eye liner that is slightly smuged up the lid— — — — — —What eyeshadow or eyeliner colors to use to accentuate the green in hazel eyes?I have olive colored eyes, so most people think they are brown - they do not pay attention. To bring out the green, I use Almay intense Eye Color products in Raisin Quartz. I do not use shadow though (because of the shape of my eyes), just the liquid and pencil liners and mascara. Reds tones, pinks, and purples seem to be your best bet for bringing out green eyes.— — — — — —For a guy with hazel eyes what is the best eyeliner and mascare to use?You might like this one Almay intense i-color Eyeliner, Bring Out the Hazel, Black Pearl 003, 0.009-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2) Bring out your Eye Color with rich contrasting Color! This Eyeliner softly defines your Eyes with a Pearlescent Color that will make your Eye Color pop. Comes with a convenient built in sharpener that ensures precise application-- and resists smudging and fading throughout the day.— — — — — —What color goes best with hazel eyes??i read something at a makeup studio that said that if you have brown eyes purple was the best and if you had hazel eyes dk brown was a good eyeliner choice and mix the eyeshadow with light and dark brown! good luck and have fun experimenting!— — — — — —what is the best color of makeup for someone with hazel eyes?i would just use browns and different shades of purple, for eyeshadow. for eyeliner, i recommend black for eyeliner, but not to much. :)— — — — — —Brown/hazel eyes suttle make-up??no no no do not use black at all use a soft brown eyeliner a soft pink shadow and a dark dark brown mascara use a soft gold hue to highlight your brow area (also....use an eyelash curler and make sure your eyebrows are well sculpted and plucked) trust me.... I do makeup for photography and this will make your eyes POP out like you can not believe
What Color Eyeliner Brings Out Green Eyes Best?
What color eyeliner brings out green eyes best?Go for greys or brown with some white or gold at the inner corners to open up your eyes! blue is not a good color for green eyes and I would avoid it at all costs. in fact all cool colors are best to avoid. stick with warmer shades like bronzes, browns gold, plums. Best way to find a perfect shade is by trying it out different colors— — — — — —Blue eyes or green eyes?I think green are more rare. I have blue-green eyes that I really like. :) And the color I like best is green because blue is too common— — — — — —Pretty Green Eyes"Pretty Green Eyes" is a song originally written and recorded by Force & Styles featuring Junior. A remixed version appeared on their debut album All Over the UK (1996) and the song was released as a 12-inch single in 1997. The song achieved mainstream popularity in 2003 when it was covered by Ultrabeat and peaked at No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart.— — — — — —BEST make up tips for green eyes?I am they same. I use silver, gold, and white. Looks very cute because it really makes your eyes pop. Also it is very simple so it still looks natural. :)— — — — — —Do girls like green eyes?I love green eyes! & I know many girls who like green eyes— — — — — —What is the best eye makeup for green eyes?purples and browns are your best friend! also, brown eyeliner looks really good with green eyes. and physicians formula has a palette for Green eyes. you can buy it from target for like 5$— — — — — —best makeup look for green eyes? make eyes stand out?Well for green eyes you should wear neutrals. Brown, gold, grey, plum, cream, and navy. First Start by applying a brown eyeliner to your bottom last line. Then apply a light to medium eyeshadow to your eyelid and a shade or two darker to your crease. Then use a dark brown or black mascara and apply it to your top lashes, not to heavy, a coat or two. Then apply a peachy blush to your cheeks, lightly. Hope this helped.— — — — — —8 Best Eyeshadow Looks For Green EyesAttention all girls with green eyes: this article is for you. In the world, approximately two percent of people have green eyes. Other than being beautiful, green eyes are very rare. If you find yourself searching for the best eyeshadow looks for your exotic eye color, stay tuned. I, myself, have green eyes and that is largely what has inspired me to write this article. These eyeshadow looks will enhance the natural beauty of your green eyes. So it's Friday night, and you want to look your best. Hold that thought beauty queen, because gold adds the perfect complementary color to your green eyes. The color can be anything from rose gold, (a personal favorite), to golden color. The reason why gold or subtle shimmery looks pair best with green eyes is that you already have such beautiful, double-take features, that your eye makeup does not need to compete. Another tip is to place a shimmery white/ gold color just in the corner of your eye, near the tear duct, to make your look pop. One of the many reasons why purple is a go-to for green eye shadow looks is because you can do so much with it. Day time, night time, or the middle of winter, you can find the appropriate look just for the occasion. An added plus, many eyeshadow palettes are tailored with that in mind - a purple eyeshadow palette will usually come with a variety of 5 different purple shades to complete and customize your look. Grab some mascara to top it off, and you are good to go. The classic cat-eye makeup is still in style, and I do not think it ever left. You may have heard it being referred to as 'smokey cat-eye', or 'smokey eye', it's all the same. The best thing about this is you can adjust it based on what type of style you are going for - a night out, dinner date, or intense look. You can modify the cat-eye style to what you like best, and there is surely at least one style that you will end up liking. Many cat-eye looks require an eyeliner/ eye pencil, which is usually in darker colors like brown/black to best complete the look. And also, it wo not break the bank. Typical larger retail stores like Ulta, or CVS, everything you will need to complete the look should not cost you more than $25.00 at most. With this eyeshadow look for green eyes, you wo not just look like a Maybelline model - you will also feel like one. What you will need to perfect this look: mascara (of course), dark eyeliner, gray eyeshadow, small brush, dark gray eyeshadow, and a slightly lighter gray color. This look is best for the winter months but can be rocked at any time. Not to mention, it will go with any outfit. These colors are essential for the winter months, and they will match your wardrobe perfectly. A personal favorite of mine, and now my secret is out. I have enjoyed this eyeshadow look for over a year now, and I discovered it by playing around with my makeup one day. The compliments you receive are endless. This look can be rocked any season, any occasion, but my favorite time to wear this is in the summertime. To complete the look, start by applying a white, eye-catching shadow in the corner of your eye near the tear duct. Next, grab any eyeliner of your choice in the color dark blue, turquoise, or green/blue. Apply the eyeliner to the opposite side of your eye, away from the white eyeshadow. Trust me, this look is one of a kind. Rock on, green-eyed beauty. One of the best ways to make your green eyes pop - is the add a little black liner to the top, and bottom of your lash line. The classic look is black, and the amount you choose to put on top and bottom is up to you. This is probably one of the best looks while still keeping it simple. Suitable for work, parties, date nights, and busy days. Best complete the look with a gray eye shadow below the bottom lash line, and a subtle gray color across the top lid. The best thing about this look is that you can not go wrong, and it can be adjusted and tailored to your liking. Listen up beauty queen: green eyes are a never-ending beauty themselves, so your probably wondering where the simple eyeshadow looks are. Well, here you have them. This look is perfect for every day and all seasons. Sweep across the top lid, and follow up with a peach color in the crease, adding definition. The bottom lash line can be left alone, or finished with a very light pink color on the bottom. When it comes to eyeshadow looks, it is important to keep the season in mind. Last but certainly not least, we have the dark purple/ plum look. This look can be satisfied with shades: deep purple, dark gray, dark shimmer, and black eyeliner. This eyeshadow look for green eyes can be best carried out for an evening event, although you will look glamorous at any time wearing it. Not to mention, almost any Maybelline palette should have you covered. So many of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zone when it comes to things like eyeshadow looks. Why not take a chance? You will look flawless while doing it, and you may just end up loving it. Now you have eyeshadow looks for green eyes, so comment below your favorite style.
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