What Bands so You Like? How Bout Singers? I Like Avril Lavigne and Skillet?

fall out boy paramore hit the lights my chemical romance relient k breaking benjamin the academy is. gym class heroes this providence THE HUSH SOUND and many others but those are the ones that are most listened to on my iPod as of this moment. =)

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How many other men feel as I do?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha... you are funny. In my experience guys are full of themselves... ha

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What made Ulysses S. Grant such an effective general? Why did he succeed where so many others failed?

Many people have touched upon this, but I would like to state clearly that Grant knew, as Sherman did, but no previous Union generals had, that in modern war, battles were irrelevant. Once upon a time winning a battle was critical, in the aftermath a beaten army would be scattered and without supplies and unable to fight for a long time until it could reform and resupply. But in modern war, with railroads and telegraphs, this could be done very quickly. So battles did not matter, it was campaigns that mattered. Before Grant, every Union commander fought a battle and stopped. Even if the battle was a victory, they stopped. Grant knew that whatever the outcome of a particular encounter at a particular spot, you kept up the campaign (his skill at logistics, which many have mentioned, was key to this). Hit strong resistance ? Flank (Grant maybe could have learned this lesson a little sooner; Sherman knew it better (though, again, he failed to follow it once - once) and did not spend his men's lives freely). Keep the campaign going, if the enemy wins 10 battles but is getting pushed back, then they are losing.

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What is the best type (breed) of dog for traveling in a motorhome and on a trawler at sea?

MY friend and her husband have to travel often for her job. She is an author and travels to book signings in their home state and many others. They have 2 Pomeranians

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I've been told that my looks arn't the problem, im honest funny and kind to all women, where am i going wrong?

It's a problem I am familiar with -- and I may be twice your age! A comment I received years ago that has stuck in my memory: "You are intelligent, caring, humorous, a good lover, but........ Why can not I fall in love with you?" Maybe the answer is not being "Bad Boy" exciting, or "Doormat" malleable, or vapidly trendy, or occupationally/socially flaunt-able, or too self/analytically aware, or ......... Who knows? Do not sweat it: accept it. Analysis is self defeating. Like a surfer, joyously ride the crests and paddle through the troughs knowing there will be another wave. Be assured there will be many others who will envy your life for the many more riches you will encounter (some of which may only be appreciated in retrospect). ENJOY!

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What are some underrated albums you love but not many others do?

Gojira - From Mars to Sirius Machine Head - BME, TMTC Lamb of God - New American Gospel Gorguts - Erosion of Sanity Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked

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If Arizona Politicians are lying about illegal immigrant crime statistics, how many others are doing the same?

"29 percent of the U.S. prison population is comprised of illegal aliens, at an annual cost to the American taxpayers of more than $1.6 billion." "83 percent of homicide warrants in Phoenix are issued for illegal aliens." Who cares if the stats are not perfect; these illegal border crossing criminals must be stopped and returned from whence they came.

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I have a e-commerce problem and I need help though I can't even find one of the sites listed. Can anyone help?

I am a member of CJ,Linkshare,Amazon and many others but this one beats them all and especially for the person who wants to do e-commerce and especially if you are on a budget.They not only provide comprehensive training,support but also provide the cart getway for you to process the orders and you will be able to pay your affiliates as well.These guys are the best not only in affiliate marketing but also e-commerce.Once you join them ,you have the ability to learn other online business stuff but you can also just go into e-commerce.I am a member Yahoo are notorious for banning recommending some of these things but you sound genuine

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