What Are the Testing Equipment Manufacturers of African Classical Swine Fever Laboratory of Animal H

What are the manufacturers of detection equipment for African classical swine fever Laboratory of jd-pcr1 animal husbandry bureau? After reporting on the work of pig slaughtering and quarantine, "Clenbuterol" monitoring, self-test and supervision of African classical swine fever, harmless treatment of diseased meat, the agricultural and rural Bureau fully affirmed the prevention and control of African classical swine fever and the creation of Patriotic Health in the county and urban areas, and put forward requirements for the next key work. Pig slaughterhouses should persevere in the detection and epidemic prevention and control of African classical swine fever in the slaughtering link, strengthen the establishment of patriotic health, fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises, strengthen honest management, and make contributions to people's eating "assured meat".

The circle is cleaned every day, often padded, and the pig's grains are washed at once, often kept clean. Once every two months, the surrounding walls shall be painted with fire and lime water. At ordinary times, pigs are not allowed to run around or pour dirt into the circle. Good pigs are vaccinated to reduce the chance of pig disease infection.

Farmers are now taking two completely opposite measures. Some people see that the price of pigs has fallen rapidly and are afraid of more losses, so they eliminate sows and sell pigs as soon as possible. Others felt that the price of pigs was low and it was inappropriate to sell them, so they kept them on the fence all the time. The pigs that should have been sold at 230 kg were simply cultivated into "cattle and pigs" of more than 300 kg.

Instrument use

Jingdao African classical swine fever PCR detector (real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument supports variable temperature detection) is used to run virus detection experiments, and the experimental data are analyzed; The instrument can not only be operated in the laboratory, but also be used in field scientific experiments. With corresponding reagents, it can quickly and accurately detect the target nucleic acid in analytes or other analytes from samples to be tested.

Jingdao African classical swine fever detector supporting African classical swine fever virus fluorescent PCR detection kit and African classical swine fever virus fluorescent PCR nucleic acid detection kit have been approved by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, which can meet the needs of on-site rapid detection of African classical swine fever virus nucleic acid. It can diagnose animal husbandry diseases quantitatively and quickly, such as African classical swine fever, avian influenza, classical swine fever, pig blue ear, pseudorabies and other diseases. It is widely used in farms, slaughterhouses, food processing plants, meat products deep-processing enterprises, Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, Animal Husbandry Bureau, inspection and quarantine units.

Experimenters need to be specially trained in laboratory technology, instrument and software operation, and have skilled relevant operation skills.

Technical parameters manufacturer introduction

Sample capacity: 8x0.2ml, supporting 8 tubes

Applicable consumables: common transparent PCR consumables, 8x0.2ml row tube, 0.2ml single tube

Reaction system: 5-120ul reaction mode system

Heating / cooling module: imported semiconductor thermoelectric module

Temperature control range: 4 ° c-99 ℃

Average rate of temperature rise and fall ≥ 2 ° C / S

Temperature control accuracy: ≤± 0.1 ° C

Temperature uniformity: ≤± 0.2 ° C

Number of temperature control areas: Multipoint (2 points)

Number of gradients: 0

Gradient temperature range: None

Number of gradient holes: None

Excitation light source: maintenance free LED

Excitation light wavelength range: 400-700nm

Detection component: imported photoelectric detector

Number of detection channels: standard configuration 1 channel (FAM), high configuration (optional) (FAM, VIC)

Applicable dyes and probes: fam / SYBR Green I, Vic / hex / Cy3 (optional), Rox / Texas Red (optional), Cy5, Tamara (optional)

Software function: fluorescence quantitative PCR system software;

Real time amplification of response curve;

Real time response curve display of specific specimens;

Data analysis function;

Automatic judgment function of yin and Yang results;

Graphical display function.


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