What Are the Common Accessories of Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzer is an instrument for studying the spectrum structure of electrical signals. It is used to measure signal parameters such as signal distortion, modulation, spectral purity, frequency stability and intermodulation distortion. It can be used to measure some parameters of circuit systems such as amplifiers and filters. It is a multi-purpose electronic measuring instrument. When using the spectrum analyzer for testing, in addition to the host, accessories are also essential. What are the common accessories of the spectrum analyzer? Today, Aetna test will simply share with you.

1、 Near field probe

The function of the near-field probe is similar to that of a broadband antenna, which is used to pick up the radiation of components, PCB traces, shell openings or gaps, and any other components that may emit RF. It is commonly used for radiation emission EMC pre consistency measurement.

2、 N-type adapter

The input interface of spectrometer is usually n-type connector, which usually needs to be connected through adapter for SMA or BNC cable.

3、 RF cable

RF signal transmission cables such as SMA or BNC.

4、 Antenna

The components used to receive spatial signals and connect them to the spectrometer are usually divided into omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna.

5、 VSWR Bridge

Standing wave ratio bridge is used to measure standing wave, especially for antenna standing wave ratio.

6、 Power attenuator

The power attenuator is a circuit that quantitatively attenuates the signal power within the specified frequency range. The signal beyond the range of the spectrometer is attenuated through the power attenuator and then measured, which can improve the dynamic range of the spectrometer.

7、 Rack mount kit

The fixed kit provided by the original factory is installed on the rack of the spectrometer.

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