Wearable Smart Device Ula Ring

Smart ring prevention covid-19, new moves in NBA semi-finals

To ensure that players who enter the Orlando closed field are not infected with COVID-19, the NBA alliance will conduct at least two nucleic acid tests before the players enter the stadium formally. In the first test of 320 players on June 23, 16 players found nucleic acid positive results.

In mid July, when 22 teams participating in the semi-finals go to Orlando Disney in batches, they will also undergo nucleic acid testing again to screen confirmed cases as much as possible and reduce the risk of the semi-finals.

So, when the players move into the Orlando Disney park, the players have the opportunity to have close contact. How to manage these players and minimize the risk of mutual contact and infection?

The NBA thought of a wearable smart device that can be used to track the position and distance of players - ula ring.

According to reports, this ring named Oura is made of titanium alloy material, has waterproof performance, and can last for 7 days after one charge. The function of this ring is similar to the arm band fitness tracker or smart watch. It is equipped with infrared LED sensor, three temperature sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Because of its small size, the key to its design is for people to wear it all day. The ring itself can store human data for up to 6 weeks, and can also be synchronized with mobile phone app through Bluetooth.

This ula ring can not directly diagnose covid-19 (otherwise it would be out of stock), but can prevent the virus to a certain extent. There are two main methods. One is that it can track and record various physiological characteristics of the wearer, such as body temperature and respiratory rate, to predict the possibility of people infected with covid-19. According to a study by the University of West Virginia, through the combined analysis of the physiological data obtained on the wearer's ring and the information of the data platform, it can predict whether the wearer has "covid-19 related symptoms" three days in advance, and the accuracy can be as high as 90%.

Second, if two people wearing rings at the same time are within 6 feet of each other for more than 5 seconds, an audio alarm will be triggered. A reporter also disclosed on twitter that if a player wears this ring, other team members can't get close unless they agree to the test of "disease probability score".

Of course, the current NBA policy is that players can voluntarily choose whether to wear it or not. At present, some NBA players have expressed their concerns about the privacy of the tracking device. For example, Lakers star Kyle Kuzma wrote on Twitter: "it looks like a tracker."

In fact, he's really a tracker. However, the official promised that the wearer's personal data would be strictly confidential as long as no suspected symptoms related to covid-19 were detected. That is, the data collected by the ring belongs to the individual.

Of course, after wearing it, the life of the players will still be a little strange. At least both sides will consciously maintain social distance. It is really necessary for both sides to have a close conversation, measure their "disease probability score" and "verify their identity".

However, according to my inference, those players who are naturally bohemian and free will probably not let this little ring bind their hands and feet. Just like a player's sharp question, will big boss Adam Xiaohua wear it when he is with us?

NBA executives should also set an example in order to set a good example for players. Otherwise, these rings will easily be put up by the players after being issued.

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