Waymo Received External Financing of US $2.25 Billion for the First Time, and the Competition for Au

This financing will promote the development of waymo's automatic driving multi line business and accelerate its step out of the United States and into the global market.

Waymo sounded the horn to enter the global market!

Following the round B financing of US $462 million obtained by pony wisdom bank and the strategic financing of Bosch announced by Yushi technology, Google waymo has just announced that it has obtained external financing of US $2.25 billion for the first time.

This round of financing is led by Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment Committee and Mubadala investment company in Abu Dhabi, followed by Magna International, Andreessen Horowitz, AutoNation and Google parent company alphabet.

Among them, AutoNation showed in its filing with the SEC on Monday that they had invested $50 million in waymo.

Waymo CEO John kravchick made it clear that everything is to promote the global deployment of waymo driver. Some media believe that this huge amount of financing will promote the further development of waymo autonomous truck.

Waymo is in a hurry

It is reported that waymo's external financing has lasted for a long time. A year ago, media reported that waymo was seeking external investors with a valuation several times that of cruise, GM's largest holding subsidiary.

The current round of investors can also be described as a gathering of big coffee.

Silver Lake is a venture capital company located in Menlo Park. It has invested in Alibaba, GoDaddy, broadcon and other technology companies. In addition, it also helps Dell return to the stock market.

Mubadala investment company manages more than US $225 billion in assets and owns shares in the largest company in Abu Dhabi and global companies such as xibaya energy company cepsa and Audley OMV.

Therefore, it is no wonder that waymo CEO krafsik said in the publicity release: "we are expanding our team and adding financial investors and important strategic partners. They have brought decades of experience in investing and supporting technology companies to successfully develop transformational products. “

In addition to financing, waymo is also adding external representatives to the board of directors. After this round of financing, Silver Lake and Canadian pension fund representatives will join the leadership team of waymo and alphabet. Alphabet hopes that these ambitious "other bets" can help the business development outside the company's core business.

For this financing, alphabet CEO Pichai forwarded the financing news on Twitter and said: "I'm excited to see the latest progress of waymo."

Krafsik talked about the key point, that is, with the support of this financing and alphabet, they will further strengthen their investment in talent, technology and operation, all of which are to support the global deployment of waymodriver.

This is the core issue of waymo's anxiety.

Waymo's global ambitions

As a "leader" in the field of automatic driving, waymo has always relied on the generous donation of its parent company, alphabet, without external financing. With the rapid development of the automatic driving industry around the world, waymo is facing more and more competitors and developing rapidly.

At the technical level, take Baidu as an example. In the "2019 California autonomous driving takeover report" released by the California vehicle administration not long ago, Baidu ranked first in MPI, pulling waymo, who has been the top for many years.

Although waymo expressed "dissatisfaction" and questioned that there is no unified and strict standard for judging the trusteeship of this report, the strength of Baidu, Didi, autox and other companies from China can not be underestimated. In addition, there are GM cruise, Aurora and other companies competing on the same stage in the United States.

At the business level, waymo's core business can be divided into two parts: on the one hand, passenger transport business, automatic taxi service waymo one; on the other hand, freight business, automatic truck and truck.

As early as 2018, waymo launched the self driving taxi business waymo one in Phoenix, Arizona, and launched IOS version software for more people at the end of 2019. However, as mentioned earlier, waymo one has many competitors.

Last year, auto x announced the launch of self driving taxi operation in California. It also plans to expand the self driving taxi business to China in cooperation with FCA. Didi's self driving Department has also obtained the qualification and will provide self driving taxi Hailing service in Shanghai. In addition, Tesla CEO musk has long said that it will provide self driving taxi service.

At the freight level, in January this year, alphabet announced that it would expand waymo's automatic driving technology to a new market, that is, the field of automatic driving trucks and trucks. In February, it also announced that it would cooperate with ups to test the use of its automatic driving trucks to transport packages in the Phoenix metropolitan area. At the freight level, Tucson's future and Zhijia technology are its competitors.

With the further support for automatic driving from all over the world, waymo wants to go out of the United States and march around the world to seek a larger market, which is reasonable, but the premise is a large amount of financial support.

Therefore, this $2.25 billion financing is very urgent and will accelerate waymo's pace towards commercialization and globalization.

It is reported that waymo will greatly expand its business scale in the next few months, and its fleet is expected to increase by 62000 Chrysler Pacifica. In addition, waymo also announced plans for self driving trucks and trucks. They named various forms of goods delivery waymo via, and in the future, waymo will test self driving trucks on roads in two states of the United States.

Commercial attempt of automatic driving and intense competition

In less than ten days, the three financing have brought a "breath" of spring to the field of automatic driving, and it is also more expected that the automatic driving industry will have a good performance in the capital market this year.

From waymo's strategy of announcing this round of financing and accelerating its entry into the global market, we can also see that whether automatic driving can be fully realized in a short time, the related commercialization attempts and competition among enterprises have become increasingly fierce.

It is conceivable that waymo's march to globalization will not ignore China, an important market, and even the Chinese market is likely to become one of the important areas of its deployment. So maybe we can remind Chinese self driving entrepreneurs that waymo may be coming and ready to meet the challenge!

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