Virus Killing Weapon -- Zhongke Yidong Negative Oxygen Ion Machine

Winter and spring are the frequent and frequent seasons of respiratory infectious diseases. The current outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia abroad is spreading rapidly, and the risk of entering China is increasing gradually. In addition, other respiratory infectious diseases are also in the epidemic season, with a high risk.

In the face of severe overseas epidemic, we must do a good job in epidemic prevention and make good use of the world's leading negative oxygen ion killing technology.

First, novel coronavirus pneumonia should be applied to all ports, airport waiting rooms, customs entry windows and warehouses for goods storage, and the imported new crown pneumonia should be firmly excluded.

Two, novel coronavirus pneumonia should be stifled by applying it to hospitals, schools, supermarkets, Gaestgiveriet Hotel and other places.

â–· negative oxygen ion technology: a sharp tool for virus elimination

Scientific practice has proved that negative oxygen ions have the function of purifying air and killing viruses and bacteria.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is negatively charged in air, and it absorbs and absorbs positively and negatively with the positive electricity floating dust (PM2.5) and aerosol. It can rapidly settle down and avoid gathering in air, thereby cutting off the infection of new crown pneumonia virus and reducing the infection rate of virus.

On the other hand novel coronavirus pneumonia can cause the change of the outer potential of capsid and reverse the polarity of internal and external potentials, and kill it directly.

The emergence of the killing method of negative oxygen ion technology has truly realized the harmless killing of microorganisms. It is the only harmless killing method without high temperature, oxidation and ultraviolet rays. It is especially suitable for places where people gather, and people do not need to avoid it. It can kill microorganisms for a long time and continuously.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is very suitable for the fast pace of modern social life, and it can also meet the needs of preventing and curing the epidemic of new crown pneumonia.

â–· effect of negative oxygen ion technology on killing bacteria and viruses

Experiments show that negative oxygen ions can sterilize and remove dust, and play a certain role in air disinfection and purification.

Negative oxygen ions have high activity and strong reduction effect after oxidation. The release of negative oxygen ions can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria or the activity of protoplast active enzymes, so as to achieve the purpose of antibacterial and sterilization.

The experiment found that novel coronavirus pneumonia, H1N1, H3N2 and other viruses, EV71, HFV, COX-B3, Sarkozy, AD3, HSV-1 herpes virus can be effectively killed by negative oxygen ion killing technology. Meanwhile, negative oxygen ion killing technology has the killing effect on RNA virus and DHA virus, including enveloped virus, non enveloped virus, rotavirus and new crown pneumonia virus.

During the anti epidemic period at the beginning of this year, Zhongke Yidong donated relevant negative oxygen ion products free of charge through Guangdong Zhongnanshan medical foundation to sterilize the hospital treatment environment and minimize and reduce the cross infection of doctors and patients.

Hereby, academician Zhong Nanshan personally signed and praised it as an "artifact" to provide strong protection against sterilization, reduce and avoid cross infection between doctors and patients.

â–· breakthrough in negative oxygen ion related technology

Professor Lin Jinming, doctoral advisor of Tsinghua University and expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out in his book environmental health and negative oxygen ions:

The positive and negative ions of air can be divided into large, medium and small ions according to their mobility. Only small particle size anion can exert the greatest killing effect.

Zhongke Yidong innovated and developed the technology of generating negative oxygen ions by using negative corona discharge for nearly a century, solved many defects and shortcomings of the technology, formed a new negative oxygen ion generation mode, innovated the driving circuit and manufacturing method of air negative oxygen ions, and a new monopole multi wire array gold needle emission principle and device. Artificial can finally generate negative oxygen ion particles with high energy, high concentration, high activity, small particle size and cosine resonance.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia machine has been inactivated by various tests, including the new crown pneumonia virus, and the removal rate and the rate of elimination of particles below 0.3 are up to 99.87%. Moreover, the concentration of small particle size anion released by this series of products can also reach 40000-50000 / cm at 4m away from the release port ³, Moreover, it will not produce derivatives such as ozone and nitride. It is an "artifact" in the field of virus elimination.

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