To Put Stamp Date on My Pictures?

yes, its got exif data attached... but if its to go onto a print, then open any photoeditor, (fastone image viewer is free and easy to use) and simply create a text box, and type the date into it... and then print it... (oh and save as)

1. What is considered a tramp stamp?

any, ----- yes ANY tattoo that can be seen on your lower back... above the booty cleavage.. that usually shows while on a bike.. or even if your shirt rides up.. just make sure it isnt tacky... and make it meaning full....

2. How to rename files to exclude the datetime stamp?

You could try the following python code snippet

3. Has the Republican Rubber Stamp been recycled?

I guess since i am not American, my opinion is not worth beans to most of you..but i must say, that the current administration is like a disease that stalks the planet

4. GUYS: what do you think when you see a girl with a tramp stamp?

If you do get this, do not get like a skull or something like that. Get like a fish or something. Something innocent

5. Is it mandatory to take Health Insurance before approval stamp on my visa passport for UK as domestic worker?

No, if you are resident in UK and you have a regular job, you have the universal medical coverage, you do not need health insurance, than by the way in most of european countries is rarely used and give only right to some extra like a private room in a hospital

6. I am looking for a retired rubber stamp. Stampington Co. Deb Strain artist?

We welcome artists who would like to use our images in their own hand-stamped creations and wish to sell these items. Therefore, we give permission to use any designs by Stampington & Company, except those images Deb Strain, for the purpose of resale. When using the approved stamps for items that will be sold, we give you permission if the following criteria are met: 1) Each item must be hand stamped. Mechanical reproductions are not acceptable. 2) The back of the card must contain typed, stamped, or hand-written copyright information. Please refer to the label index on the side of the image you are using for the correct copyright information. It is not necessary to include the copyright date. But be sure to include the copyright information for each stamp you are using. This information needs to be listed only once for each artist, no matter how many images are used by that artist. For instance, if you use three images that are copyright KAREN FOSTER, you need to only list the copyright information Karen Foster one time on the back of the item. If you use a KAREN FOSTER and a TERESA KOGUT stamp, you will need to list both of the artists in your copyright information. If no specific artist is listed, you will credit it as Stampington & Company, just as the stamp label does.

7. Why did colonist protest against the stamp act?

They were English citizens and were not being treated as citizens so much as they were being treated as a profit center for the East India Company. The Crown had a financial interest - major shareholder, in fact - in the company, and Americans were able to use their own ships to do their own trades and still undercut the price East India offered. Stamps were a tax, alright, but they were also not available to make tea legal for anyone else, and people were getting rounded up for smuggling. As a result, the second most traded commodity today behind oil is coffee.

8. Stamp price goes up. Shortage of stamps?

the war is straining the economy, as a result, the government has begun (again) raising taxes. hopefully it wont go any futher than it is already. otherwise we would in a anther depression.

9. Should the government end the food stamp program?

All employers should pay their employees the value of their work

10. Now that we have millionaires on Food Stamps can liberals finally admit that the Food Stamp program is just a?

Almost all entitlement programs are designed to garner votes for the far left. They will never admit it though

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