Tiny House with Expanding Roof That Slides Up to Reveal Another STOREY and Can Be Towed Goes on Sale

A tiny 300-square-foot two-storey mobile home in New York has gone up for sale, featuring an ingenious roof which expands to provide a second storey when parked and retracts when it's being towed.

Described as a 'camper van with a pop-up roof', Devasa was created by Tiny Houses NYC and is on sale for $125,000.

While slide-out spacing saving features are commonplace these days, the slide-up mechanism on Devasa means that the portable home that can sleep a family of four, yet can still be within the legal height for towing.

Incredible images show the unfurnished interior with wood-panelled walls and a wooden floor as well as stairs leading to the second floor.

Other shots show the tiny home from outside in its normal guise and with the roof extended to allow access upstairs.

Devasa comprises around 300 sq ft (28 sq m) of floorspace, with a cosy living room, kitchen and a bathroom with a shower, sink, and composting toilet.

Power and water come from standard RV-style hookups.

A storage-integrated staircase leads to two upstairs double bedrooms.

The expandable roof mechanism runs from a 12 V car battery attached to a motor by the trailer's tongue, which operates four screw jacks on each corner of the house, but can also be operated manually.

Devasa measures 23.5 ft (7.16 m)-long and 12.5 ft (3.81 m)-tall when in the lowered position and 17 ft (5.1 m)-tall when raised, with 6.5 ft (2 m)-high ceilings upstairs.

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How Do to Level a Mobile Home?
how do to level a mobile home?You do not want to try to jack a bunch at a time. I would place a jack securely at each existing support column, then starting at one end, (I am assuming that the existing support columns are equally placed on each side and opposite of each other), raise each pair of jacks two or three pumps, go from one end clear to the other end, then do it again raise them enough so that you can just slide a 1/2 or 3/4 inch board between support and frame. The boards are there to support mobile home frame in case it tries to settle down, you do not lower the frame to rest on them. If you use 3/4 inch boards the second time through you would replace the board with a 2x4, all boards are laid flat. Do this until you are high enough to place a row of cribbage under the frame. Most support columns use 8x8x16 concrete blocks, when you get just over eight inches high slide a new block in place. Raise each jack to new height supporting them securely and start over, keep doing this. By now you should start seeing the pattern, just keep going until you get to the desired height. Extremely important that you have someone inside the mobile home to monitor for wall cracks and /or door buckling, if it happens you are going up too much at one time, slow down.— — — — — —How do I install a ceiling mounted pot rack in a mobile home?This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I install a ceiling mounted pot rack in a mobile home? I live in a single wide with vaulted ceilings. I bought a KROKEN Ceiling-mounted utensil rack from ikea to hang my stainless steal pans from and need some help figuring out how to install it. I'm not sure how the ceiling it constructed in a mobile home. (how far apart the studs are, or if.— — — — — —How to get rid of ants in mobile home?exterminator, probably you have a nest under there and needs to be done by pro— — — — — —Is a mobile home considered Real Estate?cellular properties are already built - do you mean you desire a permit to pass a cellular residing house onto a property, or ? you will choose electric, sewer and water hookups - which could be the place a permit would are available.different than that, i do no longer understand— — — — — —Where can I find a trailer to build a mobile home on?Pretty much any trailer dealer who deals in flat beds. It's going to be tough to make that work for an RV. You might be better off learning how to weld and making your own frame or just buying a mobile home that's already done.— — — — — —is it worth it to remodel a double wide mobile home?Remodeling can be done little bits at a time and cost you a lot less. You can replace the flooring very cheaply--and the carpeting as well. The cabinets may not need to be completely replaced--they could probably use "facing"--new doors and handles--to make them usable until you can afford to replace them completely. This could be a very good deal for you--and remodeling it inside and out will certainly make it more salable if you want to do that later. Make sure you get a contract with your MIL that will protect you--a are nt to own' deal can be treacherous if you are late with a payment or if you fall behind--and then all that sweat equity will be wasted. But I think remodeling would be a better way to go right now. Of course it's always better to build or buy new as far as the worth of the property--but if you can get this place on a good contract, remodeling could really be easier and much less expensive until your credit is good enough to buy or build.— — — — — —Switch Arcing Mobile HomeYou probably have a few switches that were connected using the backstabs instead of the screw terminals. Turn off the breakers and replace the switches with new ones. Do not use the old ones but make sure to use the screw terminals. Backstabs are bad news. check the wiring at the switch locations for any burn marks or melted insulation. The breakers should not really be affected by this as it's down line and a small load. By the way, what is the load on those switches?.
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