Test My Dragon Deck Part One?

Test my dragon deck part one?

too many power cards you need alot of the level 4 or lower cards for the deck to function this deck sucks

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Armoured flight deck

An armoured flight deck is an aircraft carrier flight deck that incorporates substantial armour in its design. Comparison is often made between the carrier designs of the Royal Navy (RN) and the United States Navy (USN). The two navies followed differing philosophies in the use of armour on carrier flight decks, starting with the design of the RN's Illustrious class and ending with the design of the Midway class, when the USN also adopted armoured flight decks. The two classes most easily compared are the RN's Illustrious class and Implacable class and their nearest USN contemporaries, the Yorktown and Essex classes. The Illustrious class followed the Yorktown but preceded the Essex, while the Implacable-class design predated the Essex but these ships were completed after the lead ships of the Essex class. The development of armoured flight deck carriers proceeded during World War II, and before the end of World War II both the USN, with USS Midway, and the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), with Taih and Shinano would also commission armoured flight deck carriers, while all USN fleet aircraft carriers built since 1945 feature armoured flight decks. The remainder of the IJN carrier force during World War II had unarmoured flight decks just like the Yorktown and Essex classes of the USN.

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comments or suggestion for my yu gi oh dragon deck?

Yes people still play, I would if I could find an opponent. About the deck, I can not say for sure because I would have to see you use it. I believe that a deck's greatness should not be measured not by the cards themselves, but by how they are used. Basically what I am saying is if it works then I give it a 10 if it does not I give it a 4 (because you made it yourself) since a deck's worth lies in how it is used not in the cards

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Can anyone rate my magic deck?

it would be easier if you would put what color mana is needed for the deck. if it's mostly green then put more green cards etc for any color. my suggestion is to start off with a mono deck which means one colored. unless you bought a pre made deck. i started out with a expert level deck and ended up scraping the deck b/c mono decks are easier to control but if you want to use multicolored decks then go with the following combos Gren/white green/red black/red red/black black/blue or blue/black the difference is that like on the black/blue black is first meaning that you use more black cards then blue cards. notice i did not put green and black and black and white sometimes though deck can work together but most of the time they do not . now for tri colored decks you could put black/red/blue because that a destruction control deck and thouse work well. two more things if they come pre made then a deck can work with 3 or more colors. last thing is green = brute force = low level creature can gain high strength red = destruction = direct damage blue = control = can make the oponent's creature turn against them black = destruction = death killing opponents creatures white = protection = prevents damage of any kind but can still be beaten.

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Merchant navy rank insignia of deck officers and engineer officers

Shoulder rank insignia of a deck cadet or engine cadet Shoulder rank insignia of petty officer or junior engineer Shoulder rank insignia of third officer or fourth engineer Shoulder rank insignia of second officer or third engineer Shoulder rank insignia of a chief officer or second engineer Shoulder rank insignia of a captain or chief engineer

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How to make paint stick to a wood deck?

Your question suggests the deck needs a base coat after sanding

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Deck cadet

A deck cadet (or trainee navigational deck officer or nautical apprentice) is an apprentice who has to learn the basic duties of a deck officer on board a ship. The cadet has to complete the prescribed sea-time in order to take the exams of the second mate. Even though the cadet is on board they still have to complete their studies. They have to undergo various forms of training, watch-keeping with chief officer, at port with second mate and normal deck jobs with the Bosun. In the UK, it is possible to train as a Deck Cadet after a Foundation Degree program or Higher Nautical Diploma . In India usually deck cadets have to undergo a pre-sea training and have to complete the training along with structured shipboard training program.

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