Tesla: in the Future, We Hope to Launch Models Developed by Chinese Local Teams and Promote Them to

On January 20, according to shell finance, Tesla said in an interview that Tesla has been investing resources in the localization of the whole business chain. To this end, the company is also continuing to attract excellent domestic talents in body design, vehicle engineering research and development, autopilot automatic assisted driving, etc. In the future, Tesla also hopes to launch a new Tesla product designed and developed by China's local team and promote it to the global market.

It home learned that Tesla also said that on the new model 3 launched this year, the configuration of electric tailgate is a product improvement promoted by the local engineering team based on the feedback of Chinese consumers. Through OTA air upgrade, Tesla will also bring more functions that domestic users want to have.

Previously, according to foreign media reports, according to informed sources, Tesla is looking for a design director in China to open a "full-featured" design center in Shanghai or Beijing to design electric vehicles that meet the tastes of Chinese consumers. People familiar with the matter said that in the past four months, Tesla human resources managers and a number of headhunters have been searching for suitable candidates in the industry. They are looking for candidates who understand "dual culture", have at least 20 years of working experience, are familiar with the tastes of Chinese consumers, and can bridge the cultural differences between China and the United States.

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