Tech Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with young kids sounds like a lot of fun and I know you are dying to do it (NOT) so I thought I would prepare some tech tips for you from my most recent trip with my girls. I would like to take a quick breath of a moment to mention that because I am a glutton for punishment, I went alone with my two young female children……UH-LONE. My right hand, to whom my girls will listen, does not travel because "why do I need to travel when I can see it on tv?". I digress. By day 3 of these travels that start out as GREAT IDEAS, my technology is the only thing keeping me alive let me just tell you. You may be wondering why. I do not know, some of you may not be but I am just going to comprise you of the details of WHY these trips can be so difficult. The MAIN reason's name is Gray Thomas. A steady 2nd place is India McObsess-a-lot. A steady 3rd is India Mc-Loses-a-lot (like brand new tennis shoes in a hotel room). Again I digress. #notbitterSo if smartphone apps and the like do not step in to FILL THIS WICKED GAP that REEKS of girl attitude my calm mom-plane will spiral to its death. (Sometimes I SWEAR I hear my parents cheering in the distance…)So if this is going to be tough, I am going to meet it head on and we are going to get some SERIOUS lessons out of it, starting with the airport and ending all the way at the last park and ride lot. I want my kid who can and the one who can not read to understand how to navigate through the signs where they are. Not only do I want them to know how to travel, but I also want them to know how to "flip to their back and float" if they are ever separated from me. This was more of a challenging lesson for my 6 year old because of her learning stage, but we looked at and interpreted signs everywhere we went. Beyond that, I tried to use, and to teach the girls to use, technology where it would make things less tedious and more efficient. Below is a list of things we used and did that were necessary AND fun. Pick and choose at your pleasure:UBER (OMGeeez UBER) — We walked everywhere we could to save money and to get exercise. BUT I knew there would be places to where we would need to Uber. I used those scenarios as learning opportunities. (a disclaimer is that most likely Gray and India will have Ubers that will be self-driving by the time they are older BUT they will have to share those rides with strangers. So the lesson-ish still stands. ) I made sure to let the driver state my name. I also matched the tag number, car type and color and driver's name with what the app told us. I talked through it out loud to let the girls know what I was doing. ALL of the Uber drivers were very nice and helpful and apparently do not kick angry defiant children out of their cars. (bonus: they WILL feel sorry for the parent who is, did I mention, alone!?)Uber tip #2 — If you are alone or alone with kids. It is NOT a bad idea to use the 'share your ride' feature in Uber. Once your driver accepts your request you can swipe up on that screen or you can tap 'Share Status' once you are in route and send to chosen contacts. This will send information on the driver including location in real-time, driver's name, and vehicle information, as well as your ETA.Apple maps detour feature — This is not what you are thinking. Here was my scenario. I was in a rental car that I needed to fill up with gas before I turned it in. I was in an unfamiliar place with kids. I needed to keep my maps turned on to get me back to the rental car place. BUT, I REALLY needed to find a gas station right off the beaten path. Apple (iPhone) maps will show you gas stations right off your navigated path without ending said path, and will route you right back. LOVED IT!Google Maps and Trips together — I do not prefer Google Maps for navigating me from point a to b. But I do like using it to research locations I want to visit when I am 'in Rome'. If you are doing this ahead of time, you can save places in Google Maps and it will add it to 'saved places you want to visit' in your Google Trips. It cut out a few steps for me in regards to planning.Yelp — PLEASE do not be a self-righteous yelper. HOWEVER, use Yelp to your advantage. If you have horrible experiences, let people know without the conniving dramatic zingers. Give a place a low star rating with a matter-of-fact review. On the flip side, look at reviews when visiting places. You will be glad you did. Groupon — Simply put, Groupon is an app that will let you know what discounts are available for various locations and services based on your location. When you are traveling, you can look to see if any of your planned spots have any admission discounts, for example. Some of mine did while in San Antonio, so this app absolutely helped us save money. Hashtags — Create a family hashtag for certain things like trips. For those of you that do not know, a hashtag is a way of organizing your posts on social media. For example, in all of my San Antonio posts I hashtagged #thomasgirlstravels. That way, when I want to see all of my posts with those hashtags I can search up just those posts with pictures. It's an organization thing that has become a humor thing ; )Finally, find as many learning experiences as you can that are not forced. My youngest loves numbers and reading so when we got to the hotel, I told her our room number so that when we got off the elevator, she had to figure out which way to go to find that number using the signs. My oldest LOVES to navigate. She has a freak-of-nature sense of direction. So I let her completely take that over and her strengths really showed.This way, the trip makes its mark on the girls in more ways than one. Because we certainly made our mark. Specifically in the Pearl district where my youngest may have been a little loud for a few hours before she fell asleep sitting up in an Uber. But HEY, we made it home alive!Do you have any travel hacks and tips for traveling with kids? I would love to hear them!

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