Tax Relief Refund Checks Mailed Accordingly?

Are you sure that's your stimulus payment, not your refund? Not everyone gets the maximum $1200 for a married couple, you only get that if your income tax for 2007 was at least that much, but the minimum for an eligible couple is $600 plus $300 for each dependent child under age 17, so that does not sound right for the stimulus payment. And if you made anywhere near $80K you would have most likely paid at least $1200 income tax unless you had huge deductions and credits, so would more likely be eligible for the maximum $1500

1. Relief from really bad period pain?

Hello Dear! I suffer from horrible pains during my period and I have found relief with a hot pack and most importantly - Muscle Relaxers! Soma (Carisoprodol) is my muscle relaxant of choice and they are really affordable! you can also buy soma online without a prior prescription! i use They are a US Based Online Pharmacy! I hope you find the relief as i have! G/L Dear!

2. A side of comic relief and this question is asked with high respect?

ok so about 15,000 people (maybe more) work at the Empire State Building. Take half of that--7,500--that may actually give a crap about their jobs. so the other half...half that 3750 that actually have access to the copy machines (many are behind locked key card doors or require a key card to work). ...half that 1875 may actually take a pic of their butt on the copy machine...just my opinion

3. Have you ever had to stand on a crowded train? Is this short video a relief to you?

Omg that's nuts O,o I ride the public bus all the time, but luckily it's never that crowded. I mean, one time it was pretty packed so some people had to stand, but that's only happened once!

4. I need cold relief!!! I'm four months pregnant!?

Try this website it will tell u all the mediction that is safe to take during pregnancy

5. What is the best way to get relief from IBS pain?

First talk to a doctor and try alot of fiber

6. Would Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder work for blushing?

No only works for rosacea or permanent redness not Blushing . I think blushing is good Do not be shame of it but sometimes it means that you have medical condition like high blood pressure.

7. Why do I get these horrible headaches?

Your symptoms point out to Migraine. HOME REMEDIES FOR HEADACHE AND MIGRAINES * Place your thumbs right in the center of each temple Massage firmly using a circular motion for a minute or two, or until you feel relief. * A hot water bath or shower may also help to relieve the headache. * Eat 10-12 almonds, for a migraine headache. * Make a compress by putting 5 drops of lavender essential oil in cold (or warm) water. Swish around a soft cloth, and then put it on your head or neck. * Put your hands in hot water, which seems to pull the pressure out of your head. * In some cases sleep gives relief to the headache. Sleeping on back give relief to the headache. * Deep breathing is a great tension reliever. Deep breathing gives immediate relief to the headache. * Tie a tight cloth around the head. It will decrease blood flow to the scalp and lessen the throbbing and pounding of a migraine. * Avoid chocolate, aged cheese, red wine, citrus fruits. These foods all contain tyramine or other histamines which have been shown to begin migraines in people with food sensitivities. * Prepare a paste of freshly ground clay or freshly ground sandalwood and apply to the forehead, let dry, rub off by hand and wash. * Drink a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water or fill the stomach completely with water if not suffering from a cold. * Take equal parts of natural apple cider vinegar and water place in a small pan on the stove, allowing it to boil slowly. When the fumes begin to rise from the pan, lean your head over it until the fumes are comfortably strong. Inhale for approximately 50 to 80 breaths. * Juice of ripe grapes and is an effective home remedy for the migraine headache. * Niacin has proved helpful in relieving migraine pain. Valuable sources of this vitamin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver, and fish. * Take few leaves of the cabbage crush them, and then place in a cloth and bound on the forehead at bedtime, or when convenient during the day. The Compress should be renewed when the leaves dry out. * Make a paste of the lemon crust. The paste should be applied, like a plaster on the forehead. It will provide great relief. * Carrot juice along with spinach, or beet and cucumber juices, has been found beneficial in the treatment of migraine. In the first combination, 200 ml of spinach juice may be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice to prepare 500 ml or half a litre of the combined juices. In the second combination, 100 ml each of beet and cucumber juices may be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice. * The patient should eat frequent small meals rather than a few large ones. Overeating should be avoided. Copious drinking of water is beneficial. * Rutin removes toxic metals, which may cause migraines. * Make a solution by adding half a teaspoon mustard seeds powder and three teaspoons water, put in the nostrils, it helps to decrease the migraine. * A peppermint steam inhalation provides quick relief for sinus headaches. * Mix 1 teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (called dalchini in India) in 1-teaspoon water and applies on the forehead. It is very effective in headache due to exposure to cold air. * Make a paste from dry ginger with a little water or milk, apply to the forehead for relief of the headache due to sinusitis. * Make a paste of 10-15 Basil leaves with 4 cloves and 1 teaspoon dried ginger and apply to forehead for sinus cure. * Cut a potato into 4 pieces, place 2 in the center of your forehead and two at your temple (Hold the ones at your temples in place). Lie down in a dark room and close your eyes. It takes a while to work but it takes away the pain.

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