Take You Closer to a State-of-the-art Surgical Robot and See How It Works

Robot is always a hot topic that can bring topic discussion. From lovely children's robots to practical family sweeping robots, we can often see them in our daily life. But do you know about surgical robots in medical electronics? Do you know that surgical robots have been used in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, head and neck surgery, Urology, gynecology and abdominal surgery for adults and children?

According to the data, in 2014, surgical machines accounted for more than 60% of the global medical robots, accounting for the heaviest proportion. In the United States, 1.7 million patients underwent robotic surgery between 2007 and 2013. Foreign well-known surgical robots include Da Vinci, Zeus and Aesop robots. Domestic surgical robots include Li Yuan, smart hand a, smart hand s, etc.

American Intuitive Surgical Robot company can be called the world's most advanced manufacturer of medical robots, with a valuation of about US $20 billion. The main product of his family is the Da Vinci robotic surgery system. In this paper, we will disassemble the Da Vinci robotic surgery system to see what technology it has.

Da Vinci robotic surgery system is based on the technology of robotic surgery developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). After gradual development, it has become the most advanced minimally invasive surgical treatment platform. The official name of Da Vinci surgical robot is "endoscopic hand instrument control system".

Da Vinci robot passed FDA certification in 2000 and was approved to be put into use. It is the most advanced robot surgery assistance system at present.

● patented Da Vinci robotic surgery system

Intuitive Surgical Robot company has become the leading enterprise of cavity surgery assisted medical robot. This company attaches great importance to technical patent protection.

The patents applied for by Da Vinci system mainly focus on the following aspects:

● mobile phone arm design technology

● micro surgical instrument design

● master slave control strategy

● three dimensional stereo vision

● Ergonomics

According to incomplete statistics, Da Vinci system has applied for more than 700 related patents, covering almost all the technical protection points of surgical robots, which also lays a solid monopoly position of intuitive surgical robots.

The following describes the specific structure of Da Vinci's robotic surgery system.

The above figure shows the operation process of the doctor with the help of the surgical robot. Its working principle is the surgical operation through wireless operation, that is, the doctor sits in front of the computer display screen, carefully observes the lesions in the patient through the display screen and endoscope, and then accurately removes (or repairs) the lesions through the scalpel in the robot's hand.

● structure of Da Vinci robotic surgery system

It is mainly composed of three parts: one is the doctor control system, that is, the main knife doctor operation console; The second is the manipulator system; Third, high-performance vision system.

● doctor control system (console system)

Figure 1 doctor operation console

As shown in Figure 1, it is a doctor's operation console, which is mainly composed of computer system, monitor, three-dimensional image viewer, operation handle, pedal and output equipment. The console is the control core of Da Vinci system.

Next, take the Da Vinci SI system as an example, as shown in Figure 2, the Da Vinci Si console system.

Figure 2 Da Vinci Si console system

The chief surgeon sits in front of the console, controls the instrument and 3D HD endoscope by controlling the two main controllers with both hands and the foot pedal with his feet, and completes the operation by watching the 3D surgical monitor on the console.

The monitor is connected with the HD 3D laparoscopic camera to convert the intraoperative image into HD 3D image in real time. At the same time, the computer system can accurately enlarge the surgical image by 6 10 times through digital zoom, which is conducive to the completion of fine operation.

● manipulator system

The manipulator system includes a mobile platform composed of a manipulator, a camera arm and surgical instruments. It generally includes 2 3 working arms and 1 mirror holding arm. As shown in Figure 3 below, it is da Vinci Si arm system.

Figure 3 Da Vinci Si arm system

The Da Vinci Si arm system has three mechanical arms, which are fixed on the movable base, which is connected to the console through cables and high reliability aviation plugs.

In Figure 3 above, it can be clearly seen that the Central mechanical arm is the mirror holding arm, which is mainly responsible for holding the camera system. In traditional laparoscopic surgery, there may be fatigue of the mirror holding assistant and shaking of the hand, resulting in instability of the visual field, while the mirror holding arm provides a more stable image. The other mechanical arms are armed arms, which are responsible for holding special surgical instruments.

Figure 4 Da Vinci Si arm system booster cart

As shown in Figure 4, it is a power cart with Da Vinci Si arm system. The whole vehicle of the arm system is supported by casters, which have self-locking ability and can also be moved manually. When there is no external power source, the power assist device can provide power support for about 5 minutes.

● vision system

Figure 5 vision system

The vision system of Da Vinci robot is mainly composed of three-dimensional endoscope, camera, processor and observation system. The endoscope lighting adopts high-quality cold light source. The vision system is a 3D high-definition image system, which can enlarge the surgical site 6 10 times, which is conducive to fine operation. It can provide doctors with real vision, easy to operate and learn, and can greatly improve the operation efficiency.

The main core technologies include:

● 3D HD image system

As mentioned in the above visual system, it can enlarge the surgical site 6 10 times, which is conducive to fine operation. It can provide doctors with real vision, easy to operate and learn, and can greatly improve the operation efficiency.

● Da Vinci endo wrist simulation manipulator

Figure 6 Da Vinci endo wrist manipulator

As shown in Figure 6, it is a Leonardo wrist simulation manipulator, which can simulate human hands to realize various operations, which is very convenient. Its action freedom is up to 7 degrees, including up and down, front and back, left and right movements of the arm joint and left and right, rotation, opening and closing and end joint bending of the manipulator. It can rotate 360 ° along the vertical axis and 270 ° along the horizontal axis, and the activity of each joint is greater than 90 °.

● intuitive intuitive motion control technology

Intuitive is a unique computer-aided control technology of Da Vinci robot. Eye hand coordination and hand manipulator real-time synchronization can be realized, and doctors can intuitively control the manipulator by instinct.

Table 1 below compares the different technical characteristics of traditional development surgery, laparoscopic surgery and Da Vinci robotic surgery, so as to understand the advantages of Da Vinci robotic surgery system in detail.

Table 1 Comparison of surgical technical characteristics

Da Vinci system has been produced to the fourth generation and was approved by FDA in 2014. At present, the third generation product Da Vinci SI system is still widely used in the market.

Fig. 7 Schematic diagram of the fourth generation Da Vinci system

Let's compare the core technologies of the first three generations of products and what part of the technology upgrade has been carried out. See Table 2 below for the core technology and technology upgrading of the third generation products of Da Vinci system.

Table 2 core technology and technology upgrading of Da Vinci system's third generation products

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