Take Stock of These Football Technologies in the World Cup

Football is the most concerned sport in the world. The sweat of each player on the field affects the hearts of countless fans, and each goal stimulates the hormones of countless audiences. At the moment, during the hot World Cup, this event that attracts worldwide attention every four years, in addition to the wonderful performances of athletes, the "black technology" inside and outside the field has also become another highlight. Let's take stock of these football technologies in the world cup.

Off court referee - var

As we all know, a football game is a duel of 22 people, but in addition to these players who contribute to the wonderful game, the referee is also a crucial link. After all, a wonderful game also needs to be limited by rules. Referees in football matches have more rights than other sports. As the chief referee, they can dominate the trend of a ball game. Of course, as professional referees, this situation generally rarely occurs, but misjudgments and misjudgments occur from time to time.

The results of the ball game will not change after the game. Even if there is a misjudgment on the court, it will only be punished after the game at most. Therefore, accurate punishment on the field is very important. Today, in order to reduce these disputes, FIFA has also launched var (video assistant referees) for this year's World Cup. By transmitting the real-time pictures taken in the field to the backstage control center, other assistant referees will assist in observation, sorting and editing, and send them back to the field at the first time.

The advantage of this is that it can effectively reduce the misjudgment of the referee. Of course, it may also lead to the conclusion of VaR contrary to the referee's judgment. In view of this situation, the International Football Federation (FIFA) has formulated a clause to deal with it, and the final penalty right is still the referee on duty. But compared with the previous era when the referee was in sole power, the emergence of VaR is destined to make the game on the pitch more fair.

TV star with NFC chip

In addition to wonderful games, as a key prop on the pitch, football has also become a major attraction of each world cup. Telstar, the official designated ball TV star for this world cup in Russia, is not only full of modern flavor in appearance, but also puts an NFC chip in the ball.

This NFC chip can record the progress of football, the strength of players' shooting and whether the football is out of bounds. This can not only assist the referee to make on-site judgment, but also help the coach of each team make corresponding arrangement according to the field data after the game.

Of course, the placement of chips in football did not start with this world cup. This technology has appeared as early as the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Facts have proved that this technology is indeed very effective. Therefore, up to now, this technology is not only used in the world cup, but also used by football in some large-scale events to record the data on the field.

Sneakers with intelligent sensors

Naturally, the players themselves are indispensable in football matches, especially in the world cup. Top players from major leagues gathered at the world cup to represent the country in this quadrennial tournament. Therefore, there are many black technology products on players.

Players keep running on the pitch. Although they can judge the player's trajectory with the help of cameras and football, there may be some deviation in the real-time control of players. Adidas has released a sneaker with intelligent sensor, which can let fans see the real-time actions of players through the sensor and provide first-hand and accurate information for coaches in time.

At present, it can be learned that Messi of Argentina put on this shoe at this world cup.

Immersive VR technology

When it comes to the experience of watching the game, now a variety of ultra-high definition large screen displays, coupled with large traffic transmission technology, have made many fans happy. But if you want to feel the charm of the world cup, it seems that you have no choice but to go to the scene, but is it really so?

In addition to UHD HDR (ultra-high definition high dynamic range imaging) signals, 360 ° VR technology will be used to present a more wonderful visual feast for fans in this Russian World Cup. Fans can feel the warm atmosphere of the world cup through VR, and can directly stand in the stadium and feel the pleasure of players walking around them.

In the future, it will bring more HD VR visual experience. 37 HD sports cameras are installed in the stadium, including eight dual camera cameras to enhance image quality, and various video sources such as UHD, HDR and SDR are available. Of course, a good video source also needs good equipment. Otherwise, it's hard to feel the whirling feeling brought by dozens of hundreds of VR boxes on the market.

Summary: the times are progressing, so is football. The black technology on the pitch is certainly not only there, but also the GoalControl-4D goal line discriminating system can accurately determine whether the football passes through the door line. The wall spray can help the referee to scribe on the grass, and disappear automatically in a minute.

Football is also more modern under the progress of science and technology, and its charm is displayed more incisively and vividly under these football technologies. Then, please enjoy the visual feast brought by the world cup with the charm of science and technology.

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As a new large screen video technology, LED light source DLP splicing products have always been one of the key industrial innovations concerned by the industry. The adoption of sub era light source LED technology is not only a simple change in light source technology, but also will fundamentally change the practical performance of DLP splicing products, and even create many new application modes. So, what unexpected new surprises will the new LED light source DLP splicing bring to industry customers?Lower system cost of ownershipThe first significant change in the application of LED light source to DLP splicing wall products is that the cost of users is significantly reduced. Although the use of LED technology will increase the first investment of DLP splicing wall project by 30%, the service life of LED light source reaches 60000 hours, which is about 20 times that of traditional mercury lamp. 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This will also serve as an important "money saving" node and become one of the important added values for customers to purchase LED light source products. In addition, as an efficient light source product, LED will also bring higher luminous efficiency and higher light utilization, thus reflecting another part of the "low-cost" characteristics of saving electricity.Higher system reliabilityLED light source products are solid-state cold light source products. The utility model has the advantages of high working efficiency, low heat generation and less accidental damage in solid state. The traditional mercury lamp light source has the same vulnerability as an ordinary electric bulb. Its product temperature is very high in the high-light working state, and it is more likely to be damaged, burned or burst due to accidents. The solid-state emission of LED light source significantly increases the stability of the light source itself.Different from traditional mercury lamp products, LED light source is driven by low-voltage DC pulse. The power supply part does not contain high voltage and high current components, so the service life and stability of the power supply are more controllable. Combined with the natural luminescence of the three primary colors of the LED light source, there is no need for mechanical color wheel components for light splitting, which makes the LED light source more stable than the traditional mercury lamp in terms of power supply, control and light splitting.The three primary colors of LED light source work independently, which also makes the whole machine can still display the picture in the lack of color even if a "bulb" fails. This is in sharp contrast to the situation that the traditional single lamp DLP splicing unit cannot work once the bulb is burned out. It can display without color, so that once the light source appears unexpectedly, the LED light source can minimize the loss of customers to the greatest extent, or even no loss. Compared with the simple single lamp DLP splicing unit, the reliability of LED light source products is closer to the dual lamp backup system.Green environmental protection and low carbonLED light source technology is a famous green environmental protection technology. The characteristics of its semiconductor process make it easier to control toxic metals. Unlike the traditional mercury lamp, once damaged, it is likely to cause the leakage of toxic elements in the internal mercury lamp. As a semiconductor element, LED light source can also be recycled, and important metal elements can be recycled in the smelting process again.In addition, LED light source products are also light source products with high luminous efficiency.Under the same brightness conditions, it has lower energy consumption. 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