Simon Cowell's Security Guard 'was in the Toilet' When Burglar Broke in and Stole 1million in Robber

Simon Cowell's private security guard was in the toilet when a burglar broke into the producer's home in the early hours to steal £1million in gems, a court heard.

The X-Factor supremo was asleep upstairs with partner Lauren Silverman and their young son Eric when an intruder raided his £35million luxury home in Holland Park, west London.

Darren February, 32, allegedly broke in through a patio door, grabbed jewellery and two passports belonging to the music mogul from an open safe before making off while private guard Simon Williams was in the lavatory.

Cowell believed the burglary 'was an inside job', the court heard.

A burglar broke into the house through the patio door at 1.30am dropped gloves while leaving the scene, and was recognised by police officers who saw CCTV footage of the incident.

Residential security guard M'Batonha Mendes, who covered the area around Cowell's home said he chased the burglar, who dropped a brown satchel full of jewellery.

He told Isleworth Crown Court: 'There were watches, necklaces, jewellery boxes,' he said.

'When I arrived the security was already outside. I asked him if he knew of any suspicious activity in the area.

'He said he went to the toilet and when he came out and he noticed that the front door was wide open and all the lights were switched on in the house.' February was later identified by Mr Mendes in a police line-up, but his defence lawyers claim this was due to newspaper coverage.

Giles Newell, defending, asked Cowell's private security guard Simon Williams about allegations raised by Mr Cowell after the burglary.

He said: 'Were you aware that Mr Cowell said he thought this case was an inside job.' Mr Williams responded: 'No sir, I had not heard that.' Judge Edmunds asked why had not seen the burglary taking place live on the CCTV.

Mr Williams answered: 'There are only two places I would have been, in the kitchen making a tea or coffee, or on the loo, and I'm assuming it was the latter.' PC Tze Yang Chua, who was first to arrive at Mr Cowell's house, told jurors Mr Williams had been 'reluctant' to let them in, but did after 15 minutes or so.

He said: 'He seemed to be like, we'll deal with the matter in house.' Mr Williams had earlier said it was 'protocol' that 'the home owner doesn't want police on site'.

PC Yang Chua also explained that Mr Williams told him Ms Silverman and Mr Cowell had an argument overnight, and they had left the laptops outside.

February, who previously committed 37 burglaries, mainly in the same upmarket area, was due to appear in the dock for today's proceedings, but instead chose not to attend.

The trial continues.

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