Silicon Labs Launches Aec-q100 Certified Efm8 Microcontroller for the Automotive Market

November 23, 2016 - silicon labs (also known as "core technology") announced the launch of two series of automotive efm8 microcontroller (MCU) products designed to meet a wide range of in car touch interface and body electronic motor control applications. The aec-q100 certified and ultra-low power consumption new efm8sb1 sleep bee series products provide advanced on-chip capacitive touch technology, which can easily replace physical buttons with touch control. Efm8bb1 / BB2 busy bee series products have high-performance analog and digital peripherals, so that these devices can be used as a general choice to control electric rearview mirrors, headlights and seats.

All efm8 MCUs released this time are based on 8051 core and realize the combination of different functions and performance. These functions include high-speed pipelined 8051 core, ultra-low power consumption, precision simulation, enhanced communication peripherals, on-chip oscillator, small-size package, and patented crossbar architecture, which can provide flexible pin multiplexing of digital and analog peripherals, This simplifies printed circuit board (PCB) design and I / O pin routing.

Efm8sb sleep bee MCU series is the most energy-saving 8-bit MCU in silicon labs, providing unparalleled touch performance, ultra-low sleep mode energy consumption (only 50na when memory content retention and power down detection are enabled) and fast 2 μ S wake-up time. The automotive efm8sb1 device supports the ambient temperature range of - 40 ℃ 85 ℃, the core speed is up to 25MHz, and the flash memory capacity is up to 8KB. The series MCU integrates 12 bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), high-performance timer, temperature sensor, and enhanced SPI, I2C and UART serial ports. The on-chip high-resolution capacitive digital converter (CDC) provides ultra-low power touch wake-up capability (1 µ a) And 12 reliable capacitive touch sensing channels, which can replace physical key switches in many applications. This MCU is very suitable for touch based control devices, such as ceiling lights and overhead buttons. Capacitive touch control provides a more durable and moisture-proof user interface and a more fashionable look for today's vehicles equipped with electronic systems.

Silicon labs leverages integration in simplitystudio â„¢ Capacitive sense Library in development tool suite To support the design of touch sensing interface and provide all the logic algorithms required to add capacitive sensing keys in automotive applications. Simplitystudio provides designers with firmware that can be immediately used for mass production, including scanning keys to noise filtering. By using capacitive sense profiler tool, real-time data and noise level of capacitive touch keys can be visualized and opened The developer can easily customize the touch and non touch threshold and noise filtering configuration, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of adding capacitive touch function to the on-board user interface.

Efm8bb1 / BB2 busy bee MCU series provides a good balance between high performance, energy efficiency and price for cost sensitive applications. In addition to the kernel rate of up to 50MHz and 2-64kb flash memory, this series of MCU can also provide a series of high-performance peripherals in packages as small as 3mm x 3mm, including high-resolution 12 bit ADC and high-speed 12 bit analog-to-digital converter (DAC) , low-power comparator, built-in reference power supply, communication peripherals and internal oscillators that enhance throughput. This extraordinary single-chip integrated design eliminates the need for discrete analog components and reduces the system cost and circuit board space.

Because it supports a wide temperature range of - 40 ℃ 125 ℃, efm8bb1 / BB2 devices are suitable for applications that must meet strict automotive qualification, can work in a wide temperature range, and can provide high performance at all temperatures. Efm8bb1 devices can provide optimal cost performance for cost sensitive design, while efm8bb2 products can provide enhanced analog and digital peripheral performance. For Efm8bb1 / BB2 MCU is a good choice for simulating intensive automotive body control applications, such as seat adjustment, fan control, window lifting and fuel tank sensor.

The configurator and energy Profiler in simplicity studio can help developers accelerate the design process and optimize energy efficiency. Efm8 customers can download simplicity studio tools from the official website of silicon labs for free.

Price and supply

At present, we can provide a variety of samples of automotive efm8sb1 and efm8bb1 / BB2 MCU encapsulated in space compact QFN, and can supply them in batches. When purchasing 10000 pieces, the unit price of efm8sb1 MCU is from US $0.59 per piece, efm8bb1 MCU is from US $0.47 per piece, and efm8bb2 MCU is from US $0.71 per piece. The entry-level development kit of these automotive MCU is priced at US $29 per set (manufacturer's suggested retail price). For more information about the new aec-q100 certified efm8 MCU, or to order product samples and entry kits, please visit the official website.

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