Samsung S10 Focuses on Creating a Five Shot Design, and the Front Lens Can Be Hidden

Samsung S10 series has been hot recently, and there are many rumors about the shape design of the new machine. According to the disclosure on the microblog of Samsung insiders, Samsung S10 will focus on building the front and rear five shot design, and the front lens can be hidden, but it is not equipped with TOF technology. As for the Bank of China Version, there is no firmware test for the time being. It will be equipped with ultrasonic under screen fingerprint technology and pre installed one UI System Based on Android pie, which is expected to officially debut in February next year.

Front lens can be hidden

Previously, the Wall Street Journal reported that the ultimate flagship version of Samsung S10 series will be a front and rear six camera design, with a combination of front two cameras and rear four cameras. Now it seems that the front dual camera is not the unique configuration of the machine. According to the disclosure on the microblog by Samsung insiders, Samsung S10 will focus on Building 3 2 cameras. This indicates that at least Samsung S10 will also adopt the front dual camera design, and the back will be equipped with three cameras for the first time as rumored in the past.

More importantly, Samsung insiders also revealed that the front dual camera of Samsung S10 can be hidden when not in use, but it is not like people guess that a TOF 3D camera will be added. However, the same source previously said that the Samsung S10 series is indeed an on-screen hole digging design, which means that the Samsung S10 may have a unique black technology to hide the front lens without using a single-sided perspective OLED display.

It has a six-month exclusive period

At the same time, due to the unique front lens hidden technology, supplemented by a narrower frame design, Samsung S10 will have an ultra-high screen proportion, which is reportedly about 93.4%. And according to the statement disclosed by Samsung insiders in the past, this technology will have an exclusive period of at least half a year like the ultrasonic under screen fingerprint carried by Samsung S10 series, that is, other brands will not have similar designs until next September.

As for the specifications of the rear three photos of Samsung S10 , Samsung insiders did not disclose more information this time. However, according to the statement previously disclosed by GF Securities (Hong Kong) and disclosure God @ evleaks, Samsung S10 will be equipped with a three shot combination of 16mp 13mp 12MP, covering the standard, wide-angle, telephoto and other viewing angles.

It will be released next February

Samsung S10 has a six-month exclusive ultrasonic off screen fingerprint technology. It not only has the advantages of higher wet hand unlocking rate and is not affected by light, but also has a major feature that fingerprint identification is no longer limited to a specific area, but 30% of the display screen can be unlocked. In addition, the machine will also be pre installed with one UI System Based on Android pie, with 128GB storage capacity. As for the 6.44-inch full view curved screen, it will support 3040 × 1440 resolution and 19:9 aspect ratio.

Samsung S10 will also be equipped with Xiaolong 8150 and exynos 9820 processors according to different markets. It is said that the battery capacity is 4000 . At present, the sm-g9750 version of BOC has been approved for the radio transmission model, and will officially debut together with Samsung S10 Lite, Samsung S10 and other family members in February next year. Meanwhile, according to South Korean media reports, Samsung S10 will be launched in 5g version and equipped with TOF technology, but the release time will be later.

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