Samsung Electronics Plans New Technology to Reduce the Production Steps of Micro LED TV

According to the Korean media the elec, Samsung Electronics plans to use RGB one chip transfer technology to reduce the production steps of micro LED TV and reduce the price of micro LED TV.

At present, Samsung's transfer technology is to transfer R / g / b chips respectively. For example, the wall of 110 inch micro LED TV released by Samsung in December last year adopts the technology of transferring R / g / b chips respectively, that is, more than 8 million R / g / b chips are transferred to the backplane respectively, and the chips damaged in the transfer process need to be repaired. If the defect rate is 1%, it means that 80000 LED chips need to be replaced. Combined with many factors, the TV is priced at $150000.

However, RGB single chip transfer technology integrates RGB into one chip, which means that the chip size becomes larger and it is relatively easy to transfer to printed circuit board.

At the same time, this technology can reduce the time required for the chip to be transferred to the PCB board, so as to shorten the overall production time, finally improve the efficiency, and reduce the maintenance demand after the transfer.

In general, reducing production steps and shortening production time will help Samsung save costs and ultimately reduce the price of micro LED TV.

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