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1. Why is it called a "tramp stamp"?

Beginning in the late 1990s, the lower back tattoo became popular, especially among young women. Lower back tattoos are often oblong in shape, following the slope of the back on either side of the person's spine.

2. How to Identify Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a common metal for jewelry because it ages well, is easy to manipulate, and is more affordable than gold or platinum. By definition, sterling silver is silver that is 925/1000 parts silver, or 92.5% silver. Pure silver (99% ) is too soft for jewelry-making so the highest silver content in jewelry is usually .925. The remaining percentage of alloy is usually copper, but other metal alloys can be used too such as zinc and platinum. The best way to identify sterling silver jewelry is to inspect the piece, because almost all silver jewelry has a stamp indicating the silver content. A HUGE catalog of silver stamps used over time and by different manufacturers is located at the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks, and Makers Marks. Researching these makers marks will tell you just about everything you need to know about where and when your jewelry was made. Since the early 1900s, American sterling jewelry is required to have a sterling mark if it is 92.5% sterling silver. Pieces older than the early 1900s will be stamped "STERLING" or "STER" or "SS" somewhere on the piece of jewelry. It may have been stamped this way or it might have worn away over years of wear. However, newer sterling silver jewelry is often stamped "925". To the right is a sterling silver hallmark from a TAXCO piece, including the maker's mark ("Perlita"). If you have a TAXCO piece that includes detailed hallmarks, you can research them in a Mexican sterling marks catalogue. In this case, Perlita is the name of a local shop in Taxco, Mexico, the Mexican town that is so famous for silversmithing. I love Mexican silver and can get lost on eBay poring over the tons of examples and huge range of quality found in Mexican silver jewelry, particularly Taxco silver. You often find the 950 Sterling mark on Mexican sterling from before the World War II era. 950 silver is 95% silver and 5% alloy, and does have a higher silver content than sterling. However this is not seen very often in jewelry because it's difficult to make jewelry with this softness of metal. Older and antique jewelry may include a 900 stamp. This shows that the jewelry is 900/1000 parts silver, 90% silver and 10% alloy. This is obviously not quite as high a silver content as sterling. Coin silver might be an alloy, but it can literally mean you are holding silver made from melted down coins. Vintage Native American jewelry may often not have a silver content mark on it, but often this jewelry has a silver content in the range of coin silver. Sometimes, you will see an 800 stamp on a piece of vintage silver jewelry. This means that the content of the jewelry is 4/5 or 80% silver and 20% alloy. Many times, based on the style of the piece and the 800 stamp, you can begin researching European jewelry and other foreign makers. Some vintage silver filigree jewelry will have an 800 mark as well. Commercial silver test kits are available for silver jewelry online, or you can go to your local jeweler or metal scrapper for testing if you've exhausted your own research. Sterling silver is one of my favorite metals for jewelry because it ages well, often developing a beautiful gray or black patina, and it is more affordable than gold or platinum. Jewelers love sterling silver because it is easy to work with and beautifully sets off precious and semi-precious stones. In the gallery above, I included some of my favorite styles of sterling silver pieces, including Mexican jewelry, Tuareg jewelry, and mid-century silver statement pieces. Learning to identify sterling silver is easy with a little experience and research and will bring big returns to any collector. As with any metal commodity, you can track the value of sterling silver at any given time by getting familiar with the commodities market.

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Quantstamp, a Blockchain Security Company, Won the Blockchain Network Security Award
Quantstamp, a Blockchain Security Company, Won the Blockchain Network Security Award
EMI PiCCO, editorial director of disruptor daily, explained: "the reason why we hold the blockchain use case network security award is to commend those institutions that use blockchain to change the network security industry. We call on our community to nominate and vote for their favorite use cases. Now we are very excited to announce that quantstamp has won the championship!"Quantstamp, a blockchain security company supported by Y combinator, recently won the title of cybersecurity in blockchain use case awards. The blockchain use case network security award, sponsored by disruptor daily, aims to introduce companies that are developing practical use cases for the network security industry. Disruptor daily provides exclusive market research and insights from well-known thought leaders in the industry.EMI PiCCO, editorial director of disruptor daily, explained: "the reason why we hold the blockchain use case network security award is to commend those institutions that use blockchain to change the network security industry. We call on our community to nominate and vote for their favorite use cases. Now we are very excited to announce that quantstamp has won the championship!"The work submitted by quantstamp introduces the open source network quantstamp security network, which enables users to scan smart contract vulnerabilities. Richard Ma, co-founder and CEO of quantstamp, said: "with the exponential growth of smart contracts, the audit demand has exceeded the number of qualified auditors. Quantstamp security network enables developers to integrate security checks as part of their workflow, and the results are stored directly on the blockchain."Quantstamp is a blockchain network security standard creation company supported by Y combinator. The company has a team of security experts focusing on distributed system security to create a better future for safer and more reliable blockchain applications through smart contract audit and quantstamp security network. Quantstamp has offices in San Francisco, Toronto and Tokyo, focusing on launching best in class blockchain innovation worldwide. So far, quantstamp has obtained more than $1 billion in digital asset value through audit, and helped many enterprises innovate safely. Please read the interview with Richard Ma, CEO of quantstamp in disruptor daily to learn more about quantstamp's work.
Terence  Stamp
Terence Stamp
Terence StampTerence Henry Stamp (born 22 July 1938) is an English actor. After training at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London he started his acting career in 1962. He has been referred to as the "master of the brooding silence" by The Guardian. His performance in the title role of Billy Budd, his film debut, earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor and a BAFTA nomination for Best Newcomer. Associated with the Swinging London scene of the 1960s - during which time he was in high-profile relationships with actress Julie Christie and supermodel Jean Shrimpton - Stamp was among the subjects photographed by David Bailey for a set titled Box of Pin-Ups. Stamp played butterfly collector Freddie Clegg in The Collector (1965), and in 1967 appeared in Far from the Madding Crowd, starring opposite Christie. His other major roles include playing archvillain General Zod in Superman and Superman II, tough guy Wilson in The Limey, Supreme Chancellor Valorum in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, transgender woman Bernadette Bassinger in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, ghost antagonist Ramsley in The Haunted Mansion, Stick in Elektra, Pekwarsky in Wanted, Siegfried in Get Smart, Terrence Bundley in Yes Man, the Prophet of Truth in Halo 3, Mankar Camoran in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and General Ludwig Beck in Valkyrie. He has appeared in two Tim Burton films, Big Eyes (2014) and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016). For his acting, Stamp has won a Golden Globe, a Mystfest, a Cannes Film Festival Award, a Seattle International Film Festival Award, a Satellite Award, and a Silver Bear. Stamp has also had voice work, narrating Jazz Britannia on the BBC, and 1966 - A Nation Remembers on ITV in July 2016 which marked the 50th anniversary of England's 1966 FIFA World Cup victory.— — — — — —England and United Kingdom Stamp ActsStamps Act 1694A stamp duty was first introduced in England in 1694 following the Dutch model as An act for granting to Their Majesties several duties on Vellum, Parchment and Paper for 10 years, towards carrying on the war against France (5 & 6 Will. & Mar. c. 21). The duty ranged between 1 penny to several shillings on a number of different legal documents including insurance policies, documents used as evidence in courts, grants of honour, grants of probate and letters of administration. It raised around £50,000 a year and although it was initially a temporary measure, it proved so successful that its use was continued. Stamp Act 1712The Stamp Act of 1712 was an act passed in the United Kingdom on 1 August 1712 to create a new tax on publishers, particularly of newspapers. The initial assessed rate of tax was one penny per whole newspaper sheet, a halfpenny for a half sheet, and one shilling per advertisement contained within. Other than newspapers, it required that all pamphlets, legal documents, commercial bills, advertisements, and other papers be issued the tax. The act was increased in 1797 with greater taxes and wider spectrum of materials affected, reached its height around 1815 during the "taxes on knowledge" struggle, reduced in 1836, and repealed in 1855. The stamp tax was a tax on each newspaper and thus hit cheaper papers and popular readership harder than wealthy consumers, because it formed a higher proportion of the purchase price. The act had a chilling effect on publishers; the tax is blamed for the decline of English literature critical of the government during the period, notably with The Spectator ending the same year of the tax's enactment. Its repeal in 1855 allowed a cheap press again. Stamp Duties Management Act 1891 and Stamp Act 1891All the above Acts were superseded by the Stamp Duties Management Act 1891 and the Stamp Act 1891, which still constitute the bulk of UK law on stamp duties today. The modern UK Stamp ActFrom 1914 to 1928, the Director of Stamping at the Stamp Office oversaw the production of Treasury Notes (a type of banknote, not to be confused with US Treasury notes). These were issued for denominations of £1 and 10's to enable coins to be removed from circulation and were not convertible to gold. Existing Bank of England banknotes in higher denominations continued to circulate alongside the Treasury Notes. In 1963 production of postage stamps passed to the General Post Office. The Finance Act 1986 introduced Stamp Duty Reserve Tax. From October 27, 1986, the charge was imposed on 'closing' transactions at the London Stock Exchange which until then had been transactions where no document was used and therefore exempt from Stamp Duty. A public display of Stamp Office artifacts and records was held at the Courtauld Institute in 1994 to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary of the introduction of UK Stamp Duty. The Stamp Office was also awarded the Charter Mark by John Major's Advisory Committee as a reward for its public service. Stamp duties are the oldest taxes still raised by the HM Revenue and Customs.
Eid  Stamp
Eid Stamp
Eid stampUnited StatesThe United States Postal Service issued a 34-cent stamp on the 1 September 2001 at the annual Islamic Society of North America's convention in Des Plaines, Illinois. It features gold Arabic calligraphy on a lapis background that commemorates two of the most important Muslim festivals: Eid ul-Fitr, marking the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, at the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca. During the festival, Muslims wish each other "Eid Mubarak," the phrase featured on the stamp. "Eid Mubarak" translates into English as "blessed festival," and can be paraphrased as "May your religious holiday be blessed." This phrase can be applied to both Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. This stamp was designed by the Islamic calligrapher Mohammed Zakariya. On 12 August 2011, a new version of the Eid stamp, a Forever stamp for first-class mail, was issued. With a red background, its calligraphy (i.e., text) is distinctly different from the 2001 stamp with a blue background. On the Forever stamp, the text in the upper left corner is "2011 USA", and text in the upper right, running vertically, reads "FOREVER." Text running across bottom reads "EID GREETINGS." Pakistan is among the other countries with an Eid stamp.— — — — — —The Rubber Stamp FilmThe Rubber Stamp Film is a 1983 7 minute 16mm short animated film by Joanna Priestley, using rubber stamped images and drawings on paper. The film was directed, produced, and animated by Priestley with sound designed and produced by R. Dennis Wiancko— — — — — —Poll:: Tramp stamp or art????!!!?i dont think that women with tatoos are trampy actually i think its sexy in certain parts of the women's body— — — — — —James StampJames Stamp (1904-1985) was an American professional musician— — — — — —London 1980 International Stamp ExhibitionThe London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition was an international stamp exhibition held under FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) patronage. It was held at Earls Court from the 6-14 May 1980— — — — — —Mint stampIn philately, a mint stamp is one which is in its original state of issue, is unused, has never been mounted and has full gum, if issued with gum. The term applies equally to postage stamps and revenue stamps. In practice, the term is used within philately to refer to any stamp that appears to be unused, including those without gum, or previously hinged. Unlike other collectibles, a mint stamp may be in poor condition but still be regarded as being in mint state as long as it is apparently unused.— — — — — —Christmas stampA Christmas stamp is a postage stamp with a Christmas theme, intended for use on seasonal mail such as Christmas cards. Many countries of the world issue such stamps, which are regular postage stamps (in contrast to Christmas seals) and are usually valid for postage year-round (in some countries they have a discounted value and are for use exclusively on Christmas cards). They usually go on sale some time between early October and early December, and are printed in considerable quantities.— — — — — —Provisional stampLinn's World Stamp Almanac defines a provisional stamp as "a postage stamp issued for temporary use to meet postal demands until new or regular stocks of stamps can be obtained." The issuance of provisional stamps might be occasioned by a change in name or government, by occupation of foreign territory, by a change in postal rates, by a change of currency, or by the need to provide stamps that are in short supply. An interesting example of issuing provisional stamps occurred during the Spanish-American War when supplies of stamps were low and the U.S. had occupation forces in Cuba. They are known as the "Puerto Principe" provisional stamps of 1898-1899. Over 40 different combinations of overprinted valuations and underlying Spanish Cuban stamps were produced under the auspices of the military forces over a three-week period from December 19, 1898 to January 11, 1899. These were replaced by another provisional set produced by overprinting U.S. stamps in the United States for Cuba. This second set of provisional stamps was sold for about eight months before the U.S. could print Cuban stamps. The U.S. civilian provisionals also included overprinted postal cards and stamped envelopes. Provisional stamps are usually made by overprinting, surcharging and occasionally by bisecting pre-existing stamps.— — — — — —Postage stampOn October 1, 1983, as part of the World Music Day created by the International Music Council of UNESCO, the Swedish Posten AB released a set of five stamps commemorating music in Sweden. An image of ABBA, engraved by Czeslaw Slania from a photograph by Anders Hanser at the fourth concert of the tour (Portland Paramount Theatre), was immortalized on the Pop-music stamp in the Posten set. Other stamps showcased Swedish Classic, Opera, Folk and Jazz performers.
Anyone Here Subscribe to Stamp Delivery From the USPS? How Does It Work?
All info on Stamps are mailed to you. Paid with credit card1. Is there a time limit on a postage stamp?Stamps do not expire. There is no clock that starts ticking when you peel it or lick it. Here's your sign. D2. Stamp Collection, should I buy this stamp ?im not sure technically but i think the worth is your own value towards it. if you think you will be satisfied with it i would say go for it :-)3. If we cut the food stamp program should we also cut farm aid?The latest farm bill cut both SNAP benefits, and farm programs4. Can I ask for a re-stamp on my passport at Incheon airport?I am not sure, but looking deeply into their website, I can not see one. In my opinion, your best bet would be going there and asking at an information desk. They will probably speak good enough English (if it is your main language), otherwise, you can use Google Translate on your phone to talk in the worst case. Good Luck!5. What year did the 23 cent stamp come out?They were issued from February 1991. It might be poosible to date them more exactly from the picture on them. For example, the George Washington 23c was issued in 2002, and Wilma Rudolph in 2004. The "Lunch Wagon" was 19916. The Trump administration has moved to end food stamp benefits for 3 million people. What effect will this have?Other than the obvious pain of starvation, food is a necessity for life. It can thus be expected that starving people will commit crimes in an attempt to survive7. Who else agrees that the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistador's deserve a U.S. Postage Stamp?They slaughtered a lot of people in the countries they conquered, particularly in South America. They had a reputation for cruelty. Not my idea of a postage stamp8. The Stamp Act Congress, Committees of Correspondence, the Sons of Liberty, and the First Continental Congress?neither A or B plato users9. Consequences of Lying on Food Stamp App?The office keeps track of the actual records submitted by the employer, it can take months for then to catch but when they do you must pay back every cent over issued, will be removed usually, and cab face federal charges for knowingly lying10. what did the Stamp act and the Townshend acts do?stamp act - put a tax on paper townshead acts - put a tax paper, paint, lead, glass, and tea (i will remember that for the rest of my life thanks to AP US history =)11. Will I get a Schengen entry stamp when leaving Andorra or Faroe Islands?The Andorrans nowadays do not stamp any passports unless you ask for it, and their stamps are not Schengen stamps, nor do they issue exit stampsThe Faroe Islands, although not itself part of the Schengen Area, is a territory of a Schengen country and has an open border with the Area, so unless you fly to/from Edinburgh, there are no immigration checks. In any case, when there are checks, Danish Schengen stamps are used.An Andorran entry stampAnd a Faroese exit stamp.12. Will the symbol of the democrat party for the midterms be the FOOD STAMP?No. It will be a red crescent13. i tryed to use my food stamp card and they asked for my id. WHY?the "card" was issued to him ! (the same way you can not use his drivers license to drive the car !) ...duh !14. Cap and Trade..."cost of a postage stamp per day"..?Cap and trade in Spain has led to a 31% increase in energy costs. It has also cost 2.2 existing jobs for every green job created. They currently have 18.1% unemployment15. Does anyone know where I can find a Stamps Happen, Inc rubber stamp catalog??The W sign... you know... like Willy Wonka's W! (Its all curvy!!) your favorite japanese/chinese character(my personal fav is the one lacuna coil uses as a symbol.) Your could do a spider web, too! it would be amazing if you could do one of the Kool-Aid man. Or even a partial rainbow with a pot o' gold at the end!.
Problem on Apparent Height of Postage Stamp Underneath Paperweight
I believe you made a mistake at $tan angle NGI fracINd Rightarrow IN d tan 60$. It should be $angle NGI 30$ and not $angle NGI 60$.If you use $angle NGI 30$, you get $d - 1.5 fracd tan 30tan(arcsinfrac 3sin 302)approx 0.5 d $ and $dapprox 3.1 cm$.• Related QuestionsI have done that before vs I have done thatAll of these are correct. They can replace each other easily, and in the same conversation. If you want to stress that fact that you only did something once then throw 'once' in there."Yes, I have done that once before." or "Yes, I've lived there once before."------Creating a new cipher! closedIssues:So, this scheme has some pretty major weaknesses. I would say it's fatally flawed, and is easily breakable. There might be some really, really specific letter->number mappings that make the simple attacks not work right, but I strongly suspect that even those are easy to break.------Assuming that $gcd(a,b)1$, show that $gcd(ab,a^2b^2)1$ or $2$.Let $p$ be a prime divisor of $d$. If $p mid a$ then as it divides $ab$ we have that it divides $ab-ab$. But this means that $p1$, as $gcd(a,b) 1$Now similarly we can consider the cases $p mid b$ or $p mid 2$------Differential Equation involving Polynomial DiscriminantsI would suggest computing $f(xc) -f(x) 0$ as a Taylor series, so that the first coefficient, linear in $c$ will contain only first derivatives, and vanish. You might want to use the definition of the discriminant in terms of roots, or otherwise, also. Hope it helps------can vs be able to in presentLong hours and unsociable shifts are not able to act on their own in taking their toll on health, relationships and family life.They require a person subject to health, relationships and family life. Therefore the most logical answer is C. A and D are non-relevant or opinionated------Prove that $U-f(U)$ is an open set.Set $$overlineUx|d(x,x_0)leq1.$$Then $overlineU$ is closed in $X$ and hence compact. Since $f$ is continuous, $f(overlineU)$ is again compact, and in particular closed. By assumption we have$$Usetminus f(U)Usetminus f(overlineU),$$and we're done.------Interfacing microSD with LPC1769 BoardCheck - it's a software stack for LPC1343, but is has a nice FAT / SD card library that is abstract enough, you shuld be able to copy and use it quite easily, all you have to do is to rewrite SPI calls------How to properly simplify and trig substitute this integral?If $x 5sintheta$ then $dx 5costheta, dtheta.$ That was neglected.You also replaced $sqrt25 - (5sintheta)^2$ with $5 - 5sintheta.$ That is also not correct. Notice that, for example,$$sqrt5^2 - 3^3 sqrt25-9 sqrt16 4 ne 5-3, text so sqrt5^2-3^2 text differs from 5-3.$$------Product of Divisors of some $n$ proofLet the set of divisors of $n$ be $s(n)x_1,...,x_d(n).$ Then $$s(n)n/x_1,...,n/x_d(n).$$ $$text Thereforequad prod_xin s(n)xprod_xin s(n)n/xn^d(n)/prod_xin s(n)x.$$------Does reply use the same path from which the ping has been sent?The ping echo request and its reply follow the current routes on the hosts and routers they cross. So, it's definitely possible that each follows a different route - depending on what exactly you're trying to achieve, using asymmetric routing may be seen as bad practice by some------Choosing between two programmers: experience vs. passion closedI would say it depends on the rest of the team:if you have a lot of experienced programmers already, then pick the passionateif, on the other hand, you have only one or two experienced programmers plus many students/cheap-labor-with-little-experience-but-that-don't-cost-much, then the experienced one will be more useful------Effective Mass structure outside first band minimumThe term as you describe it is the effective mass of a carrier in that band and at that k-point. A constant effective mass resulting in a parabolic dispersion is just an approximation. If it's a good or good enough approximation depends on what you need to do.------Invertibility of Time-Dependent Fourier TransformI have the 2nd edition, and there the case $m0$ is considered, so the equation reads (Eq. $(10.21)$ on p. 716)$$xn frac12pi w0int_0^2pi Xn, lambda)dlambda$$(which of course assumes $w0neq 0$). This makes sense because $e^jlambda m$ equals $1$ for $m0$.------Let (X, d) be a metric space and let A be a subset of X. Prove that A is closed if and only if Fr(A) $subseteq$ A.Suppose that $Fr(A) subseteq A$ and let $(a_n)$ be a convergent sequence in $A$ with limit $a$. We have to show that $a in A$.Case 1: $a in A$. Then we are done.Case 2: $a notin A$. Then $a in Fr(A)$. Hence $a in A$.------Are there long arithmetic progressions non-coprime with the given number?Well take$$qkdnq(d-1)nkdn(d-1)ndnkdd(kn)$$Note $n notmid kd$,I guess this is the solution you could try replacing those numbers and checking if it adds up(I currently got no time to do so)------How to mount a windows administrative share on linux via SMBI would add a line for that purpose to /etc/fstab file:After saving changes to this file, mount the file system by means of the command mount -a.In this case the option rw allows the directory to be read-write, otherwise it should have the option ro------Polar coordinates in simple integralIt's just a matter of simply checking that we get the desired result:$$intint_D dx,dystackrel?int_0^1int_0^2pir,dtheta,dr2piint_0^1r,drpi$$The reason why we get the correct result was already stated by Cocopuffs in his comment above------Keyboard shortcut to location bar without selecting all textThere is no shortcut for this yet if I know correctly but you can do it by using AutoHotKey script very easily. First download the AHK for Windows and install it then run the following script.Here CtrlM will focus to the address bar without selecting url.------UML Sequence Diagram with PGF and Tikz produces No shape named inst1 is knownI think you're using a somewhat old version from pgf-umlsd.sty which does not support empty diagrams. Version 0.6 should fix this (and does that in my case) and TeX Live 2011 uses 0.5 as far as I could see.You could download it from: Rsync to backup to an external driveIt really depends on whether you're running databases or not. Rsync will grab a snapshot of every file, and ignore any intervening writes. If you want to back up a database, you should look at setting up an ignore filter and running DB dump tools before the rsync.------conitional probability-probability this given this$$Pleft(Dmid Fright)Pleft(Fmid Dright)timesfracPleft(Dright)Pleft(Fright)$$ and:$$Pleft(Fright)Pleft(Fmid Dright)Pleft(Dright)dotsPleft(Fmid Svcright)Pleft(Svcright)$$------How to interpret this output from MegaCli? duplicateYour answer appears to start at page 13 of this SNIA specification "Mirrored array"Secondary-3 "Spanned 0x03 A combination of stripping and concatenations involving Basic VDs of different sizes."RAID Level Qualifier-0 "Mirroring across two extents"------A small doubt on calculationYou get two equations in two unknowns $a,d$; solve them to find $d$. Since we only want to find $d$, we can equate the coefficient of $a$ by multiplying the first equation by $q$, the second by $p$, and subtracting to get a linear equation for $d$------derivative of limited summationHINT You can do termwise differentiation which is valid within the annulus of convergence or if you do not want a sum as an answer you can for example use the factorization $$(1xcdots x^n)(x-1) x^n1-1$$ followed by differentiating the function this gives you------Is this gradient an isomorphism on its range?Summarizing the hints by @5pm, we can state:Since the norm in $H^1(Omega)/mathbbR$ is equivalent to the $L^2$-norm of the gradient, one has that the $nabla$ as defined above is bounded from below. Thus, $nabla$ is injective and, as it is linear, also closed.------Format Date (25 Jul) using Javascript Object ModelIf the format does not vary from what you presented, you could use split, and access the desired elements in array notation.You lose any date properties by doing this, so if the other elements of the date object are important you're probably better off with moment.js------Strange 'My Documents' Folder behavior after aborted upgrade to Windows VistaFrom my understanding, when Windows is looking for a user's folder, it goes under 'Document and Settings' and then looks for the logged in computer user's directory. It seems that your installation of Windows is looking directly at the folder rather than thinking it's under 'Document and Settings'------Appium: Same code is working Sometimes and failing SometimesAgree - wait should be introduce before any action. Best practices will be to use implicit wait Each time it wont happen that element will be ClickableI'll suggest to use "ExpectedConditions.visibility" instead of "ExpectedConditions.elementToBeClickable"This solution will work for each and every scenario irrespective of action------Complex integration - How to calculate this one?Draw a multi-keyhole contour $Gamma$ around each of the zeroes of $f$ so that $Gamma$ circles $D(0,1)$ once. $f'(z)g(z)/f(z)$ is holomorphic inside $Gamma$, so the integral is zero. Then calculate the residue of $f' g/f$ at each of the zeroes of $f$.------Converting polar equation into cartesian equation to obtain derivativesVery broad hint:$$x r costheta Rightarrow fracdxd theta frac partial xpartial r fracdrdtheta frac partial xpartial thetacostheta (2 sintheta) -r sintheta2costheta sintheta - (1-2 costheta) sintheta$$Do the same for $y$.------Help with the proof of Max Noether's Residue Theorem from Fulton's bookThe equality holds because the divisors are defined in terms of the local rings of the curve $C$. Since $F$ is the form defining $C$, its residue is zero in the coordinate ring and the local rings of the curve. Hence,$$textdiv(F'F G'H') textdiv(G'H')$$------Problem with 2nd degree in minor scaleLiteral transposition from major to minor doesn't work very well. You have discovered one of the reasons.You seem to think minor' just means 'natural minor'. There's the Harmonic and Melodic minor scales as well. Those non-flattened 6ths and 7ths are very useful options when attempting functional harmony------Remote Power On and IPMI Poweredge 2950If you're running vSphere 5 then this will probably help. Installing DOMSA using VUM (VMware Update Manager) is by far the easiest, but if you don't have VUM then one of the other methods should work. pdf.------Given sequence of harmonic functions converges uniformly on compact subsetsConsider first the case of a disk $B$ containing $z_0$. Then $u_n textRe(f_n)$ where $f_n$ is analytic on $B$. By Montel's theorem the $f_n$ form a normal family. What can you say about the limit of a subsequence that converges on $B$?------Inequality related to spectral radiusOne has$$r_a(A)leq left(left|sum_fin mathbfF(n,d) mathbfA_f^*mathbfA_fright|^frac12n right),$$for all $nin mathbbN^*$.If $n1$, then$$r_a(A)leq left|displaystylesum_k1^dA_k^* A_k right|^1/2||A||.$$------Fermat's Little Theorem: Proving an integer exists which satisfies the following criteria mod $5$ duplicate$mnotequiv0bmod5$, since otherwise $dequiv0bmod5$, contradicting the given facts. Hence, since $5$ is a prime number, $m$ has an inverse modulo $5$ let $n$ be this inverse. Multiplying $am^3bm^2cmdequiv0bmod5$ by $n^3$, we can easily verify that $n$ satisfies the final congruence.------PHP phantom cron jobDebian's cron, like many other modern variants, read jobs in files under directories called /etc/cron.d, /etc/cron.hourly, etc., in addition to the traditional /etc/crontab. In particular, the job you see comes from /etc/cron.d/php5 which is installed by the php5-common package------Proving that a unit disc is open in $mathbfR^2$.Yes, it is correct. And, since you always have $R_(a,b)subset D$, then$$Dbigcup_(a,b)in Dbigl(a,b)bigrsubsetbigcup_(a,b)in DR_(a,b)subset D$$and therefore $bigcup_(a,b)in DR_(a,b)D$ indeed------Invariant Subspaces of a representationYour own characterization for an invariant subspace is more correct than the one you quoted. Such a projection $P$ only exists if there is another invariant subspace $W'$ which is complementary to $W$ (where $W' ker P$).In characteristic zero for finite groups, such a $W'$ always exists.------Do I need a comma before particularly?This sentence had raised a question in my mind. Vitamin D has what property against metabolic, neoplastic and immune disorders..... I think it is better to be specific and clear. May be this sentence can be better rephrased as "Vitamin D has prophylactic/preventive/therapeuti effect against metabolic......"
To Put Stamp Date on My Pictures?
yes, its got exif data attached... but if its to go onto a print, then open any photoeditor, (fastone image viewer is free and easy to use) and simply create a text box, and type the date into it... and then print it... (oh and save as)1. What is considered a tramp stamp?any, ----- yes ANY tattoo that can be seen on your lower back... above the booty cleavage.. that usually shows while on a bike.. or even if your shirt rides up.. just make sure it isnt tacky... and make it meaning full....2. How to rename files to exclude the datetime stamp?You could try the following python code snippet3. Has the Republican Rubber Stamp been recycled?I guess since i am not American, my opinion is not worth beans to most of you..but i must say, that the current administration is like a disease that stalks the planet4. GUYS: what do you think when you see a girl with a tramp stamp?If you do get this, do not get like a skull or something like that. Get like a fish or something. Something innocent5. Is it mandatory to take Health Insurance before approval stamp on my visa passport for UK as domestic worker?No, if you are resident in UK and you have a regular job, you have the universal medical coverage, you do not need health insurance, than by the way in most of european countries is rarely used and give only right to some extra like a private room in a hospital6. I am looking for a retired rubber stamp. Stampington Co. Deb Strain artist?We welcome artists who would like to use our images in their own hand-stamped creations and wish to sell these items. Therefore, we give permission to use any designs by Stampington & Company, except those images Deb Strain, for the purpose of resale. When using the approved stamps for items that will be sold, we give you permission if the following criteria are met: 1) Each item must be hand stamped. Mechanical reproductions are not acceptable. 2) The back of the card must contain typed, stamped, or hand-written copyright information. Please refer to the label index on the side of the image you are using for the correct copyright information. It is not necessary to include the copyright date. But be sure to include the copyright information for each stamp you are using. This information needs to be listed only once for each artist, no matter how many images are used by that artist. For instance, if you use three images that are copyright KAREN FOSTER, you need to only list the copyright information Karen Foster one time on the back of the item. If you use a KAREN FOSTER and a TERESA KOGUT stamp, you will need to list both of the artists in your copyright information. If no specific artist is listed, you will credit it as Stampington & Company, just as the stamp label does.7. Why did colonist protest against the stamp act?They were English citizens and were not being treated as citizens so much as they were being treated as a profit center for the East India Company. The Crown had a financial interest - major shareholder, in fact - in the company, and Americans were able to use their own ships to do their own trades and still undercut the price East India offered. Stamps were a tax, alright, but they were also not available to make tea legal for anyone else, and people were getting rounded up for smuggling. As a result, the second most traded commodity today behind oil is coffee.8. Stamp price goes up. Shortage of stamps?the war is straining the economy, as a result, the government has begun (again) raising taxes. hopefully it wont go any futher than it is already. otherwise we would in a anther depression.9. Should the government end the food stamp program?All employers should pay their employees the value of their work10. Now that we have millionaires on Food Stamps can liberals finally admit that the Food Stamp program is just a?Almost all entitlement programs are designed to garner votes for the far left. They will never admit it though
Stamp and Playing Cards
In 2002 Post Danmark the Danish postal service made four stamps featuring Danish comic book characters. Peter Madsen drew the artwork for the Valhalla stamp and he also made a deck of playing cards with his characters. The other three stamps featured Rasmus Klump, Jungledyret Hugo and Cirkeline.— — — — — —Smart cardsAt the time when the first DVB-version of Nagravision is not yet introduced, Dream Satellite used Conax CAS3 for the main broadcast until they switch to Nagravision 2 and Conax CAS7 encryption on 2006. In 2009, following the Dish Network anti-piracy upgrade, a conditional access swap to the smart card has been completed. This also made the smart card system transitioned to Nagravision Merlin and Conax CAS7. 5.— — — — — —CardsGerman playing cards are used, traditionally those of the Bavarian pattern, with the values Sow (Sau) to 6. The card deck has a total of 36 cards (4 suits each of 9 cards). In the trade, special card games are sold which are labelled Schafkopf/Tarock (see illustration). Card rankingIn Bavarian Tarock, a card's trick-taking value generally increases with its face value. The Sow (Sau, symbol A) is the highest card and it is followed by the: Ten (Zehner) (10) > King (K) > Ober (O) > Unter (U) > Nine (Neuner) (9) > Eight (Achter) (8) > Seven (Siebener) (7) > Six (Sechser) (6) Card valuesThe cards have the same point values as in Bavarian Schafkopf. The 10, with ten card points, is just below the Sow (Sau,[a] 11 points), but well above the King (4), Ober (3) and Unter (2). The value of the Spatzen ("sparrows" - 9 to 6) lies only in their trick-taking ability during a game, but they have no points value when calculating scores at the end of the round. TrumpsIn the original game, Hearts formed the permanent trump suit unless a Solo was bid. In the later variant, Hearts are the permanent trump suit if the talon is used to replenish cards; otherwise in Hand contracts, the trumps are chosen by the declarer. In the complex version of the game, the trump suit is chosen by the declarer; all nine cards of the chosen suit are trumps and the sequence within the trump suit is unchanged. There are no permanent trump cards in this version, as for example, in Skat, Doppelkopf or Schafkopf.— — — — — —Methods of processing credit cardsToday a majority of all credit card transactions are sent electronically to merchant processing banks for authorization, capture and deposit. Various methods exist for presenting a credit card sale to "the system." In all circumstances either the entire magnetic strip is read by a swipe through a credit card terminal/reader, a computer chip is read (an "EMV"), or the credit card information is manually entered into a credit card terminal, a computer or website. The earliest methods, submitting credit card slips to a merchant processing bank by mail, or by accessing an Automated Response Unit (ARU) by telephone, are still in use today but have long been overshadowed by electronic devices. These early methods used two-part forms and a manual device for mechanically imprinting the embossed card number information onto the forms. Credit card terminalA credit card terminal is a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that allows a merchant to swipe or key-enter a credit card's information as well as additional information required to process a credit card transaction. They may be connected to Point of Sale systems and typically have a keypad and network connection and may have a built-in printer. Automated response unit (ARU)An ARU (also known as a voice authorization, capture and deposit) allows the manual keyed entry and subsequent authorization of a credit card over a cellular or land-line telephone. With this method, a merchant typically imprints their customer's card with an imprinter to create a customer receipt and merchant copy, then process the transaction instantaneously over the phone. Payment gatewayA payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers. It is the equivalent of a physical POS (point-of-sale) terminal located in most retail outlets. A merchant account provider is typically a separate company from the payment gateway. Some merchant account providers have their own payment gateways but the majority of companies use 3rd party payment gateways. The gateway usually has 2 components: a) the virtual terminal that can allow for a merchant to securely login and key in credit card numbers or b) have the website's shopping-cart connect to the gateway via an API to allow for real time processing from the merchant's website.
Preserve Modified Time Stamp After Edit
I found a great solution on this web page, which creates a vim function to save the current file while preserving the existing modification time, and binds this function to the F4 function key:However, I found that the original function contains a minor bug, triggering the following warning if F4 is used twice on the same file, because vim gets confused when the modification time changes:Luckily, this is easy to fix: I added an "edit" command to the original function to reload the file after restoring the timestamp, so vim knows what modification time to expect the file to have.Here is the modified vim function with this bug fix, which can be added to /.vimrc:Note: This function relies on GNU versions of date, stat and touch.1. Are you willing to give up a postage stamp per day for the new energy bill?Not even that. NO!2. can i use my food stamp card in a diffrent state?Yes you can, my friend comes up to visit from Georgia and it works in Ohio all the time3. Is Obamacare another 'gimme' program paid for by the middle class for food stamp/section 8 moochers?The Obamacare scam can be viewed as nothing less than open war on the American middle class. The poor get handouts. The rich can afford thousands more for insurance. The rest gets screwed.4. Why doesn't our government cut unemployment and food stamp benefits?Unemployment is okay since it was not the fault of the unemployed to get unemployed. However, food stamps are usually given to those lazy people on welfare5. What happens if by mistake Canadian immigration didn't stamp my passport while entering in Canada?Are you sure it was a mistake?As it stands today (August 04, 2019), until further changes, if you arrive at the international airports in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montral, Ottawa, Qubec City, Toronto (City, Pearson T3), Vancouver, and Winnipeg, you make use of primary inspection kiosks.Since you use these kiosks, your passport will not be stamped with a Canadian entry stamp, unless you specifically ask for it. If there is no indication in your passport (and you are a visitor), you can safely assume that you have been admitted for 6 months from the date of entry. Travellers - Primary Inspection KiosksThe CBSA no longer stamps all passports at airports with Primary Inspection Kiosks.If you need a stamp in your passport as a proof of entry into Canada you must request a stamp from a border services officer after completing a kiosk transaction.If your passport is not stamped, you are only authorized to stay in Canada for up to 6 months from the day you initially entered Canada, or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. If the border services officer authorizes a period of stay of some other duration, either more or less than 6 months, the officer may issue you a document and should stamp your passport indicating the date by which you must leave Canada.(If you have to go through a secondary inspection at these airports, you will in any case get an entry stamp.)This non-stamping of passports is not the norm yet at other airports, and at land and sea ports of entry.6. Can anyone explain briefly how to rubber stamp and then 'emboss' it with the 3D shiny raised outline?Oh my - embossing is simple- you have to stamp with a pigment ink pad - it stays wet longer- after stamp you can use embossing powder scoop over image you stamped be sure to do it over something so you can save your embossing powder with and put it back in your bottle. Take a heat gun hold it a little ways away for card and heat - you will be able to see the image turn the shinny like you want - be sure to hit all the image with the heat gun. Heat guns get hot use with care the first time you use it. you might want to hold the image with a clothes pen to save your fingers til you get used to it.- Hope this helps ask me more if you need to. God Bless Chris7. can i melt copper and nickel and stamp my own coin?leave the melting copper to the experts, it,s very dangerous and you can get arsonic poisoning
A Guide to Buying Rubber Stamps
Rubber stamps are increasingly popular for office, business, private and recreational use. Customers use our rubber stamps for a variety of uses including arts and crafts, party invites, decorations, greetings cards, weddings, and personal messages as well as in the workplace.Since 1971, The Rubber Stamp Company have supplied rubber stamps to a wide variety of business and private customers. If you are thinking of using rubber stamps but are not quite sure of what to do, fear not! Our guide to buying rubber stamps will answer some of your questions.What is the difference between a traditional and self-inking rubber stamp?Traditional rubber stamps use a separate ink pad. These Perspex mounted stamps are widely used for personal and business use. They come in any size, shape or design and we will include your logo or artwork at no extra cost. Many customers use traditional rubber stamps for branding and promotion.Self-inking stamps have a built-in ink pad and are made with high quality materials so they are clean, reliable and easy to use. We supply self-inking stamps in a wide range of sizes and ink colours and we will include your logo free of charge!How many uses can I get from a self-inking stamp?Thousands! And when you notice the ink becoming faint, simply call us or order a replacement pad online.What size can I have my rubber stamp?We will supply your traditional rubber stamp at any shape or size up to A4. Our self-inking stamps come in a range of shapes and sizes that you can see on our website. Simply visit www. TheRubberStampCompany. com and have a look. If you can not find exactly what you need, give us a call. We are always happy to work with you to find the perfect solution!Can you include my logo or my own design on my rubber stamp?Absolutely! Just send your logo or design as high resolution pdf (preferably 400dpi) and we will include it on your stamp. We can add text as well. If you are not sure whether your logo or design is suitable, simply give us a call. Is there a discount for trade?Yes. Regular wholesale or trade customers enjoy discounted prices. Contact us if you would like to open a trade account.Is there a discount for multiple orders?Yes. If you are ordering a large number of stamps, call us on 02890 325889 or email us and we will be delighted to provide a discounted quote.If you've any questions or would like more information of how to order your rubber stamp, simply visit our website or contact our team. All the options and types of stamp are shown online. There's also a FAQ section that many customers find helpful, but if you do not get an answer there or you are still unsure, just give us a call. We are always happy to help and our step-by-step online ordering process is really easy to follow, so you can get started with your rubber stamp order right away!.is vitamins and fiber cover with food stamps?nope,,, not considered a food you can buy a years supply of a multi for about $15 at walmart (equate brand) buy high fiber cereal for fiberFood Stamps question (EBT CARD)?I do not know my 16 digit card numberHow to make potato stampsIf you have a few spuds lurking in your cupboard, use them to make a fun craft. Shaped biscuit cutters help transform potatoes into easy-to-use stamps for little ones. Adults will need to make the stamps as a knife is required, but this simple project wo not take long - if the kids are bored now, you can entertain them in a matter of minutes! You will need large potatoes shaped biscuit cutters sharp knife paint and paper 1. Halve a potato lengthways to make a long stamp, or across the middle for a smaller stamp. Pat the cut ends dry with kitchen paper or a tea towel. 2. Press your chosen cutter into the cut end of one of the potato halves - it does not need to go all the way in, it's just to create an outline to follow. Carefully use the knife to cut into the potato and around the cutter to create a stamp. 3. Remove the cutter from the potato. Your stamp is now ready to use! 4. Cover a table with newspaper and squeeze a selection of paints into shallow pots or a tray. Lay out some paper for stamping - kids can either use a paintbrush to load the stamps with paint or dab them into the pots. What if I do not have cutters? Biscuit cutters are handy for making potato stamps, but not essential! You can use a knife to cut any shape you wish into the potato. Simple shapes or letters of the alphabet are good choices. Remember to be careful when using a knife. If you want to keep your potato stamps, wrap them well and store in the fridge. They will be fine to keep for two to three days - although they may go brown, this wo not affect their stamping ability! Use your potato stamps to create homemade cards, tags or wrapping paper, or decorate gift bags and make pictures. For the neatest result, it's best not to add too much paint onto the stamps - dab off the excess before pressing down onto paper. Indoor activities for kids How to make a bath bomb Playdough recipe How to make slime How to make fake snow How to make hot chocolate cones Salt dough Christmas decorations How to make a snow globe Have you used potato stamps with your kids? Leave a comment below...
How to Embed/indent a Logo, Name, Symbol into Leather?
As @lillycoyote suggested. These are large detailed stamps (pre-designed logos, emblems, pictures, etc).There are also a large variety of small single ones that you can use to make your own design. The individual stamps are also metal. You use a wooden mallet to hammer the tool with, which embosses the leather. You control the depth of the embossing by how hard you hit stamp with the mallet (and how many times). You can use several of the same, or different, ones to make your own design into which ever size you like. It's like hammering a bunch of tiny designs into the leather to make one larger design. Here's an example of single leathercraft tools and some of their designs on leather. You can also get a variety of letter and number styles.I did a lot of leathercrafting when I was a kid. Have fun. :)do you like our mexican stamp its great we know how to mail a letter with class?Way better than the American HistoryWhere can i buy a toast stamp to make images in my toast? do you own one?OH YEAH I HAVE TWO OF THEM I WILL SHIP YOU FOR FREE TODAY ,,,SO GIVE ME YOUR ADRESS PLEASEThe Trump administration has moved to end food stamp benefits for 3 million people. What effect will this have?Three million now starving people who literally have nothing to lose start robbing, killing, rioting and looting in an attempt to get something to f*ckin' eat.What passed as civilization in the United States collapses.Eventually, other countries pick up some of the good parts - mostly former"blue States" -leaving the rest to their Mad Max like existence, maybe bombing them occasionally if they start trying to get over the borders.Is four stamps enough ????? :/?Hard to say. How much was each stamp worth? Stamps come in different denominationsRemember when stamps looked like stamps?One gets tired of boring presidents. personally, I was thrilled when I could get a Little Mermaid stamp, and the current Statue of Liberty Stamp is very nice.Can I get food stamps?yes. it should be very easy for you to get food stamps at what you are making now every month. you jus need to tell them your a single lady living with a single roomate and you are in school. tell them you do nt make as much as you should be. tell them you are practicly living on loans and grants. they should be willing to give you up to $600 a month in food stamp and or moreWhat is stamped gold?10pts?Stamped Gold10k stamped, not plated but not gold?Gold is either passes or it fails. If it fails, either it's fake OR the kid does not know how to read an acid test. Take it to a real jeweler. Stamps are VERY easy to fake. They are easier to fake than the gold itselfHi .I am on a stamp 3 or dependent visa in Ireland. when I approached the embassy they told me that they?You had a visa and to get it you agree to keep to the rules, those rules are not choices where you can do what you want and not do what you do not want.regardless of the circumstances/reasons....... equality means EVERYONE has the same rules to obey....... so do what they told you to do, go back to India and apply.Can I get Food Stamps?Mom and Dad cut you off from food? Here's what you need to get them in most states. Be a single parent with a gaggle of children or else S.O.O.LAre old stamps worth anything?Some of them might be. You can check out books on stamp collecting at the library or do some internet researchhow did we get in touch with others one hundred years ago? did we hand-write and then stamp and mail? help!?Yes, in the old days people sent things by mail. Before the industrial revolution, there was things called the Pony Express where people on horseback delivered mail. It was probably also possible to send things by ship. Also, in those days people also delivered things by walking (after all, very few people in those days had long distance transportation). Long distance transport in the pre-industrial era was very slow and risky
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