Real Leather=cow Skin for Sofas?

Where Are Dfs Sofas Made

1. What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Santa Rosa, CA?

Do not . It's a nice place but has it's share of drawbacks. Income is pretty low and current rent on a very small 2br/1ba is $2200, the house for sale around the corner is less than 1500sf and not what I would call remodeled but is listed at $565k. If you can afford that you will be fine. Many people are renting sofas, floor space, even tent space and sometimes sharing space with a large number of people. This area is pretty liberal and is very ethnically diverse

2. how do i get rid of itching due to dust accumulated in sofas, old books etc.?

As for old books I have no foolproof method of getting rid of the mites but I did once iron out the pages of an old book that interested me before I started reading it . I managed to finish reading it without as much as a sneeze.

3. do domestic cats scratch leather settees (sofas).?

I have leather furniture but I've never caught my cat scratching it but you never know what each cat will do. As for declawing, do not even think about it. It's the worst thing you can do to a cat. Firespider says she loves animals and that spaying and neutering is cruel but she's for declawing? What if your cat was to sneak out and get lost and then get into a fight with another animal? It would not be able to even climb up a tree. The only thing "bad" that would happen if it was spayed/neutered is that it would not get any action. ;o)

4. Is there such a thing as third-hand smoke?

yes... its when you smoke then the smoke and toxins linger on sofas, carpets, clothing, etc.... and are released. it can make you addicted even if you do not smoke!!!! It's new and weird though from what I have heard.

5. If you have dark blue sofas what color is best for the walls?

Use a clean taupe colour or something neutral. Then whatever colour you use, find some cushions of throws in a similar colour. This will continue the flow. As for flooring...pick that first! Always work from the floor up. Laminate flooring is an excellent choice as there are many different colours and it's easy enough to do yourself to save a few $$. If you are after a natural product, have a look at bamboo. Great product, great look and renewable.

6. How many sofas have you been through since you've had children?

I am in shock! Zorro actually answered for real! Or else he is slipping and thought that was a joke answer! Great answer Zorro! As a parent of kids with lots of pets, getting one off Craigslist every so often is great advice! I am currently looking for an easy chair there! We go through chairs more than sofas. We can not keep from breaking recliners! The handles break off, or they wo not tuck in anymore. Sofa beds are bad too. The metal starts poking though and they sag. Get something ugly and cover it with a blanket! We start off with good intentions, and "no eating on the new sofa" but we soon lapse into old habits. The dogs are banned for a while too, but soon are up on them with such sad, confused eyes, we let them stay! Kids are tough on furniture. Kids are tough on anything. Light switches, TV buttons... they push them on and off, on and off, and they stop working. I find that on chairs and sofas their little shoes end in the middle of the cushions, so there is wear halfway across. What Zorro said about furniture is how I feel about gardens and dogs. You can have a nice garden, or you can have dogs. I prefer dogs!

7. Do they make slipcovers for the curved, sectional sofas?

i hear ya me too

8. what do you think about lazy boy's sofas?

They are a lot better than they were years ago as they now have some designers working for them - Todd Oldham I believe is their best one. A friend bought one - it was expensive - and frankly it's really ugly too. And it broke as soon as it arrived.

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