Primitive Element for a Hilbert Class Field

According to Franz Lemmermayer's computation the Hilbert class field of $k=mathbbQ(sqrt-17)$ is $k(sqrt4sqrt17)=mathbbQ(sqrt-17,sqrt4sqrt17)$, see his book Class field towers for details of this computation. The class group $Cl(k)$ is isomorphic to $C_4$, hence the class number of $k$ is equal to $4$. For another example see also here.

1. What is the best sign in each element?

For me ill say: Fire: Sagittarius Earth: Taurus Air: Aquarius Water: Cancer

2. New Element in periodic table....!!!?

hey thats really funny...very different indeed!!!u get a star

3. How to locate where an element is generated?

SlickNav looks to be a "Responsive Mobile Menu Plugin for jQuery". Your theme probably ships with it. It's written in JavaScript so try greping for the class name slicknav_menu in the JavaScript files included with the theme.As an aside, another debugging tip for next time:Most browser dev tools allow you to disable JavaScript. If you can not find something in the PHP, try disabling JS on the page and reloading. If the $thing is not there anymore, it's almost certainly due to JS

4. POLL: What is your favorite element?

My favorite is Neon

5. Missing identity element in the Clifford relation

FWIW, a similar issue arises in the CCR$$ [hatq^j, hatp_k]=ihbar delta^j_k hatbf 1 $$of the Heisenberg algebra, where authors often do not write the identity operator $hatbf 1$ explicitly

6. Which is your favorite element and why?

C,H,N,O,SLife was built with then

7. is chlorine a group 7 or 17 element?

They are both correct. It just depends upon the organization of the table. Some call the transition elements "B" elements other tables just number the groups straight across

8. Matrix element-wise exponential

It is common to write $exp[A]$ (and more generally, $f[A]$) to refer to the application of an entrywise exponential (or function) to $A$. This is the notation used, for example, in this paper.It is notable that this exponential can be expressed via a power series as $$ exp(A) = sum_k=0^infty frac 1k! A^circ k $$ where $A ^circ k$ is a Hadamard power, i.e. the entrywise application of $x mapsto x^k$. Consequently: if $A$ is positive semidefinite, so is $exp(A)$. For a citation on this fact, see Horn and Johnson's text.

9. Remove a list element based on condition

You can use FreeQ with DeleteCases, Cases, Select and Pick as follows:All methods above return2 x1 - 5 x1^2 3 x2, 2 x1 5 x2 - 9 x3, x5 Sin[x1 xTo delete cases that does not contain x2 or x3 (to keep only those case that contain both x2 and x3) use Alternatives (|) in the pattern inside FreeQ:All four methods give2 x1 - 5 x1^2 3 x2, 7 x2 - 3 x2^2, 2 x1 5 x2 - 9 x3You can also use a combination of Level and ContainsNone or ContainsAny as follows:to get2 x1 - 5 x1^2 3 x2, 7 x2 - 3 x2^2, 2 x1 5 x2 - 9 x3Note: Variables "gives a list of all independent variables in a polynomial":x1, x2, x2, x1, x2, x3, x5, Sin[x1 x

10. Computing field polynomial of algebraic element

Three things to note here:

11. Form the oxides of the element Z=39

I am not sure that I understand your question, but in terms of establishing the valency in this case the key point is that in d block elements the energy level of the outer s electrons are very similar to that of the d electrons in the shell below, so the valency in this case will be 3

12. Finding the Order of Each Element in a Group

As you stated, the order of an element $a$ is the minimum $nin mathbfN_>0$ such that $a^n=e$ (or $na=0$ in additive notation). If no such $n$ exists, then we say that the order of the element is infinite.Now, let $xin mathbfQ$. If $x=0$, well, $1cdot0=0$. If $x

e 0$, can we find and $n$ sufficiently large that $nx=0$? Similarly, if $yin mathbfQ^times$, there are three cases. If $y=1$, then $y^1=1$. If $y=-1$, then $y^2=1$. If $y

e pm1$, can we find a finite $n$ such that $y^n=1?$

13. If you are familiar with the five element theory?

Never heard the terms you are using but I find it interesting. There some aspects of kyusho that are either overlooked or are not known to all practitioners. Stances have an elemental value and this might fit into the destructive cycle like the "demeaning cycle" you mention? Maybe not? I often found that pressure point are effected greatly by ones stance when they strike or manipulate a point/points. Some say a persons emotional state matters also, fear or anger creates tension that slows you down. At least this is a scientific explanation. Although the esoteric explanation borders on too crazy to mention. I was at a seminar where one instructor went so far as to categorize the emotion/feeling one should have when applying a particular kyusho technique. Freaky and unbelievable but it seemed to work for him and his students. So within the cycle of destruction there are subcategories, if you will, like stances, emotional state, time of day, ya da ya da. Just how much one needs to be effective seems to just be a matter of opinion. Oyata's students have never impressed me but but Oyata himself is incredible. Wonder why... >Dillman definitely went off the deep end. .. There is only one thing in common to all "cycles" and thats the connection to the spine. Some may disagree but whatever... >pugpaw- I have no axe to grind with Oyata but maybe I should clairfiy what/who were "students". I was not talking white belt kids but 5th dan and 7th dan practitioners. Not impressive. About Inner circle, secret circle, or whatever one may call it, there are more lies in martial arts than there are at a used car dealer and I am sure you know what I am talking about

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Question About Set Order Theory
Question About Set Order Theory
Question about set order theoryYou need to use the Axiom of Choice, and in particular, its equivalent Zorn's Lemma, combined with the Recursion Theorem.Assume that $Be varnothing$ does not possess a minimal element. Picking an $a_0in B$ you can define recursively the sequence $$ text$a_n$ is an element of $B$ strictly smaller than $a_n-1$. $$ Such $a_n$ exists in $B$, since $a_n-1$ is, by assumption, not a minimal element, and this leads to a contradiction.— — — — — —Greatest element and least elementIn mathematics, especially in order theory, the greatest element of a subset S of a partially ordered set (poset) is an element of S that is greater than every other element of S. The term least element is defined dually, that is, it is an element of S that is smaller than every other element of S.— — — — — —Let $A, B$ be sets. Show that $mathcal P(A ∩ B) = mathcal P(A) ∩ mathcal P(B)$. [duplicate]Let $X in P(A cap B)$. Then each element of $X$ is an element of $A$ and $B$, hence $X$ is also in $P(A)$ and $P(B) implies X in P(A)cap P(B)$.NowLet $Y in P(A)cap P(B)$.Then $Y in P(A) $ and $Y in P(B)$. Therefore each element of $Y$ is an element of $A$ and $B$. Hence each element of $Y$ is in $Acap B implies Y in P(Acap B)$. Notice that $X$ and $Y$ are arbitrary, hence we have shown that any set in $P(A cap B)$ is in $P(A)cap P(B)$ and vice versa.From this we can conclude that the two sets have identical composition and are thus equal— — — — — —Spirituality and "The Element"Simultaneously with this revelation, in the mid-1950s Baum had begun to turn his attention more fully to his spiritual life. He found in this quest an antidote to the formalist emphasis of Abstract Expressionism as well as a reason for him to continue in an artistic practice at all. For this he returned to the notion of faith, drawing on his Jewish background, though in abstracted ways and through secular-subjects. As one author noted: "Baum seems to be growing closer to spirituality through the study of secular things, such as the staircases, traffic lights, plants, and light-bearing architecture.... Triads of subjects begin to appear in Baum's work." This study of the trinity references not only the three patriarchs of Judaism, but the three pillars of the Kabbalist Tree of Life, the Christian Holy Trinity, the three Trikaya practice of Buddhism. What Baum was proposing by this turn toward spirituality in painting he saw as a continuum with man's past, writing later: . For centuries there existed a symbiotic relationship between religion and painting. This relationship came to an end with the rise of the age of reason. Though religion declined drastically, our spiritual needs survived. And now with the help of high technology we are exploring outer space and all of the universe. We are all the more aware of its vastness, its endlessness and its greatness. Our sense of awe is reawakened and our spiritual life rekindled. This form of spirituality is worth of being subject matter in painting. At this point, Baum took a radical step in his painting: in 1958 he turned completely to the non-objective and began crafting a single glyph that he called "the element," which was based on his revelation about the staircase. He developed this glyph over a period of ten years, from 1958 to 1968, at which point he arrived at its final form. Lutz describes this transition: "a long 5-pronged shape, similar to a pine needle cluster... a wide curved element appears similar to the silhouette of a bird in flight...the final element, which almost has the appearance of a head in profile appears in 1967." From that time on, he would use the element, in varying combinations and colors, as the exclusive mark in his paintings' compositions. Lutz describes that, "When Baum starts using the element the micro and the macro converge in what can only be described as a type of cosmic order."— — — — — —Network Centric Airborne Defense ElementThe Network Centric Airborne Defense Element (NCADE) is an anti-ballistic missile system being developed by Raytheon for the Missile Defense Agency. On Sept. 18, 2008 Raytheon announced it had been awarded a $10 million contract to continue NCADE research and development. The NCADE system is a boost phase interceptor based heavily on the AIM-120 AMRAAM, with the AMRAAM fragmentation warhead replaced by a hit-to-kill vehicle powered by a hydroxylammonium nitrate monopropellant rocket motor from Aerojet. The launch vehicle will be a Boeing F-15C Golden Eagle with an AESA radar.
Interferon Gamma 5' UTR Regulatory Element
Interferon Gamma 5' UTR Regulatory Element
Interferon gamma 5' UTR regulatory elementInterferon gamma 5' UTR regulatory elements are a family of regulatory RNAs. This family represents a pseudoknot containing stem-loop structure found in the 5' UTR of interferon-gamma mRNA. This structure is thought to be involved in translational regulation and the pseudoknot has been found to activate protein kinase R (PKR) which is known to be a translational inhibitor. Mutations in the pseudoknot structure have been found to reduce PKR activation and increase the translation of interferon-gamma.— — — — — —Autobiography elementThe novel draws on his own experiences as a drug addict, and what he calls "the lost 20 years of my life". it took him five years to write the novel, and he called it "the opposite of catharsis. Catharsis gets stuff out of you. But this put bad feelings into me." Thayil decided to call the book Narcopolis "because Bombay seemed to me a city of intoxication, where the substances on offer were drugs and alcohol, of course, but also god, glamour, power, money and sex".— — — — — —Show that $G$ is abelian.The proof requires a slight fix, because you appear to assume that if you take an element of $G$, it must be in one of the Sylow subgroups. The cyclic group of order $6$ show that this is not the case, unless $G$ is a $p$-group itself.There are several ways of doing this correctly. You may first use the fact that for a fixed prime $p$, the Sylow $p$-subgroups form a single conjugacy class. So in your case for each $p$ there is a single Sylow $p$-subgroup $S_p$.Then use the elementary fact that every element of $G$ can be written as a product of elements of prime-power order. Now you argue like this. Let $x, y in G$. You know that $x = x_1 x_2 dots x_n$ and $y = y_1 y_2 dots y_n$, with $x_i, y_i in S_p_i$. You have already proved that the $x_i, y_i$ commute, so you are done.If you know direct products, you are really proving that $G$ is the product of the $S_p$.— — — — — —Fission products (by element)On this page, a discussion of each of the main elements in the fission product mixture from the nuclear fission of an actinide such as uranium or plutonium is set out by element— — — — — —Dropping the most significant elementSun's Java has at times had a hybrid system, where the internal version number has always been 1.x but has been marketed by reference only to the x: JDK 1.0.3 JDK 1.1.2 through 1.1.8 J2SE 1.2.0 ("Java 2") through 1.4.2 Java 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.8.0 ("Java 5, 6, 7, 8")Sun also dropped the first digit for Solaris, where Solaris 2.8 (or 2.9) is referred to as Solaris 8 (or 9) in marketing materials. A similar jump took place with the Asterisk open-source PBX construction kit in the early 2010s, whose project leads announced that the current version 1.8.x would soon be followed by version 10. This approach, panned by many[according to whom?] because it breaks the semantic significance of the sections of the version number, has been adopted by an increasing number of vendors including Mozilla (for Firefox). SuperstitionThe Office 2007 release of Microsoft Office had an internal version number of 12. The next version, Office 2010, has an internal version of 14, due to superstitions surrounding the number 13. Visual Studio 2013 is Version number 12.0 of the product, and the new version, Visual Studio 2015 has the Version number 14.0 for the same reasons.[circular reference] Roxio Toast went from version 12 to version 14, likely in an effort to skip the superstitions surrounding the number 13. Corel's WordPerfect Office, version 13 is marketed as "X3" (Roman number 10 and "3"). The procedure has continued into the next version, X4. The same has happened with Corel's Graphic Suite (i.e. CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-Paint) as well as its video editing software "Video Studio". Sybase skipped major versions 13 and 14 in its Adaptive Server Enterprise relational database product, moving from 12.5 to 15.0. ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary uses numbering 12, x3 (14), x5 (15). SUSE Linux Enterprise skipped version 13 and 14 after version 12 and directly released SLES 15 in July 2018.Geek cultureThe SUSE Linux distribution started at version 4.2, to reference 42, "the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything" mentioned in Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A Slackware Linux distribution was versioned 13.37, referencing leet. Finnix skipped from version 93.0 to 100, partly to fulfill the assertion, "There Will Be No Finnix '95", a reference to Windows 95. The Tagged Image File Format specification has used 42 as internal version number since its inception,[when?] its designers not expecting to alter it anymore during their (or its) lifetime since it would conflict[according to whom?] with its development directives.
Show That If $a$ Is an $n$ by$ $n Symmetric Matrix and $lambda Neq Mu$ Are Eigenvalues of $a$, then
Do something like $ lambdalangle v,wranglelangle lambda v,wrangle langle Av,wranglelangle v,A^twrangle langle v,Awrangle langle v,mu wranglemulangle v,wrangle $ to get $langle v,wrangle 0$, for the respective eigenvectors.And yes, this means $E_musubset E_lambda^perp$• Related QuestionsUsability of Ctrl Enter Submitting of FormsI would say you're making a couple key mistakes by suggesting form submission be accomplished by CTRL enter.Forcing a user to click a properly labeled UI component ensures they are telling the system they want to submit the form instead of doing so accidently or, gawd forbid, not being able to do it at all------Right zero in a finite semigroupYour condition means that $M$ is $mathcalL$-trivial, i.e. the Green's relation $mathcalL$ is the equality. Since $M$ is finite, it has a minimum ideal $I$, which is a completely simple semigroup. Moreover, since $M$ is $mathcalL$-trivial, $I$ is actually a right zero band, and all its elements are right zeroes------Find the smallest positive integer such that $b^|b|e$From $abab^2$, we get both $ab b^2a$ and $ba ab^2$. Putting these together, we get $ba^2b ab^4a$ or $b^2 ab^4a$. But then, substituting into the first equation, $aba ab^4a$, so $b^3e$. Since the order of $b$ divides $3$, $3$ is prime, and the order of $b$ is not $1$, the order of $b$ is $3$------Can this transformation be expressed as a matrix equation?Yes you can. $B$ is a rank one matrix. Use the column vector $vec1$ with $n$ ones and the row vector $vec1^top$ with $m$ ones. Then$$B frac(Avec1)(vec1^top A)vec1^top Avec1$$Where the denominator is a scalar. Note that you need only do the left and right vector multiplication once.------Example of an invertible ideal which contains a zero divisor as one of its generatorsYes, it is quite possible. Let $k$ be a field, $Rktimes k$ and $IR$.Then $a_1(1,0), a_2(0,1)$ form a minimal set of generators for $IRlangle a_1, a_2rangle$ but both $a_1,a_2$ are zero divisors of $R$. Nota BeneContrary to what you claim this minimal set of generators contains no regular element.------In a C*-algebra $A$, $x$ is self-adjoint iff $lim_tto 0(1/t)(Vert 1-itxVert-1)0$.So suppose that $inf textSp(k) alpha$ and $sup textSp(k) beta$. If $beta ge 0$, then $|1tk| 1tbeta$ for sufficiently small $t > 0$. If $alpha le 0$ then $|1tk| 1talpha$ for sufficiently small $t
Wiring Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices to Make Your Gauge Install a Breeze
For example, the Innovate MTX-L Plus is an advanced, stand-alone wideband air-fuel controller and digital readout gauge. It uses a Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor and is compatible with several different fuels. Upon first glance it appears similar to a conventional sensor and gauge combination designed to give the driver specific information. However, the MTX-L Plus is much more sophisticated than a typical oil-pressure or water-temperature gauge. Remember, a wideband sensor requires a heating element that must be kept at the correct temperature to provide an accurate reading.Where Can I Buy Heating Elements?Noland Co. (plumbing and electrical)Where is the heating element in a hot tub?Mine is behind the front panel. There is a removable panel and the motor, heater, pumps and control system are all right there. On my Hot Springs, you must remove the screws to access itIs it wasteful to use a heating element, instead of doing useful work?The energy produced by computers in datacenters is often used for heating purposes. Google with "energy from datacenter used for heating". So, on a larger scale, using energy generated by computers for heating purposes does work.If I add chromium with copper (for heating element), definitely its thermal properties reduce but will it sustain longer from water scaling?They do make chromium/copper alloys (for example: Welcome To Mipalloy), and they do have slightly better corrosion resistance than pure copper. But water scaling in a heater isnu2019t really corrosion - itu2019s minerals (usually calcium sulfate) precipitating out of solution because theyu2019re less soluble in hot water than in cold water. Changing the composition of the metal wonu2019t help you with that.Calculating Power and Setup using resistors as heating elementsFirst concentrate on each of your 12 ohm resistors. Their max rated dissipation is 10 watts. The quickest way to find volts and current from power and resistance is max_voltage = sqrt(max_power * resistance) (or you could simply calculate current and hence power for each of several applied voltages). In this case, sqrt(10*12) is roughly 11v. As you have a 12v supply, you need 2 in series, where the 24ohm total will give you 0.5A, and so 3 watts per resistor. With a 10w rated resistor, if you feel it's getting too hot at 3w, that may mean it's not heatsinked sufficiently, or your expectations need recalibrating. A 10w resistor would need to be big to be air-cooled, or to get very hot. If it looks like it can be bolted down, do bolt it to a heatsink. If it's ceramic with no flat surfaces, then it's supposed to run very hot in air.Two parallel strings of two series resistors will give you a total of 12 watts. Is that enough for your application?[hooligan alert] In my world (turn it up until it blows up, then back off a bit), 12v on a 12ohm resistor will give you 12 watts, which a 10w resistor will probably survive for a while, as long as you keep it cool. Four such resistors in parallel would give you 48 watts, enough? [/hooligan alert]Cleaning electric oven and the heating element sparked.?You could use foil and you wo not have to clean the oven. Just pick up the foil and put more down. I also find that it helps the baking bake more evenly. My heating element lifts up. wrap it in foilElectric Heating Element,12v Rechargeable lithium Battery silicone heater | kapton heater | heated insoles gloves - Ali Brother1. Silicon Rubber Heating Pad/Sheet has advantages of thinness, lightness, sticky and flexibility. 2. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation. 3. They are heating fast and thermal conversion efficiency high.any advice on how to replace a heating element on a hotpoint dryer?so some distance all i've got had to interchange replaced right into a heating element. i am not precisely pleased with Sears on their washers and dryers, so i might get a Volt Ohm Multimeter (VOM) and degree the resistance on the fuse and the element. certainly one of them could degree infinite resistance. If neither does I propose junking it and changing manufacturers. Their washers a minimum of have 1000's of tremendous high priced computing gadget **** of their controls that are unreliable and a genuine discomfort to objective to troubleshoot and $$$$$ to interchange. In different words, i am a upset shopper. The heating element itself could be an uncomplicated alternative, yet i does not take that any farther aside than surely needed
Thanksgiving 2011: Kitchen Gadgets to Simplify the Turkey Day Feast
Every year, exciting new products are released just in time to help with Thanksgiving meal prep and serving. For those who can spring $220 for a luxury cutting board, Chefs catalog ( appears to have an exclusive with the new John Boos carving block made of tough maple wood with a series of pyramid-shaped grips (think of the pounding edge of a tenderizing mallet) that can hold the turkey in place for easier carving. Flip the gridded area and there’s a smooth dicing or kneading surface on the other side.Need a more affordable luxury How about the $20 Deni electric gravy boat, shown above, from Kitchen Kapers It keeps gravy (or syrup) warm with a small heating element embedded in its stand (not shown).Here are a few other options to help simplify the Turkey Day feast.Thanksgiving: Serve with stylePresenting foods at varying heights adds interest and makes room at the buffet table. The Loop serving stands are among options from Mesa Home Products. The six-piece set includes 8-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch white platters with three-legged stands that can be placed individually or stacked for a space-saving dessert or appetizer station. The stands, in black with a brushed copper accents, and microwave- and dishwasher-safe platters are $69 at or (603) 935-9258.Thanksgiving: A place at the tableCeramic place cards are a durable option for designating seats at the holiday table. Placetile Designs offers numerous styles, including the Thanksgiving-appropriate Harvest tiles, $17.95 for six at or (678) 467-4776.Thanksgiving: Dedicated to turkeyThanksgiving's biggest cooking challenge is making room for everything that needs time in the oven. With Nesco's 18-quart electric roaster oven, the turkey needn't be among competitors. In red porcelain with a chrome rack to elevate turkey or large cuts of meat, it sells for $79.99 at or (866)-887-8884.Thanksgiving: Tiny turkey timerA tiny turkey stuffed with a thermometer is a fun way to know when the holiday bird is done. When the real turkey (or chicken or goose) is cooked, the mini turkey's legs pop up signaling sufficient roasting time and appropriate internal temperature. Made of silicone and stainless steel, it's $17 at Time-saving bakewarePeak baking season begins this month, and Anolon's five-piece set in fashionable bronze has a time-saving nonstick finish that eliminates the need to grease and flour its two 9-inch round cake pans or spray the 9-inch square cake pan. In heavyweight carbon steel with silicone handles, the set includes a cookie sheet and cooling rack for $59.99 at selected Macy's stores or Desserts to impressTake Thanksgiving dessert to another level with chef-style presentation. The secret to beautiful stacks of sweetness is a ring mold, and the German company Frieling Zenker has an assembly where a dozen nonstick rings snap into place for baking or cold setting. Works for cakes, panna cotta, terrines, cheesecake, mousse, gelle' and more. Sells for $44.99 at Space-saving serverA sculptural divided serving dish from Rachel Ray's serverware collection would be an attractive addition to the Thanksgiving buffet in its own right. But it's also a great space-saver, holding two side dishes in one great-looking 14-inch bowl. Beyond that, it's safe for the oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. In orange, eggplant (purple) or red, it's $49.95 at Pre-game showTasty appetizers mean hungry dinner guests won't mind waiting for the main event. Crock-Pot's Triple Dipper keeps dips, fondues or meatballs warm in three removable, quart-size stoneware crocks. It has a swiveling base for easy access, and three holders for dippables or picks. It sells for $99.99 at or 800-323-9519. More traditional Crock-Pots are also a great Thanksgiving helper, able to relieve the oven and stove -- as well as the kitchen manager -- of some of the holiday cooking load. Kimberly L.
Heating Element Or Thermostat on Electric Dryer?
The one on the drum is not a thermostat. It's a thermal resistor. If the heat gets to high, it opens as a safety feature. They do burn out, and are fairly cheap to replace. If you have a multimeter (ohm meter) disconnect all power from the dryer, remove the screws at the front that allow you to open the top. Look for the thermister on the drum, and check the resistance. If it is open (no reading on the ohm meter) it needs to be replaced1. How do i take the cover off my maytag clothes dryer to get to the heating element?Chances are it's not the element that's bad. Usually to get to the element you must remove the front panel & the drum2. Where can I find an owners manual online for a Kenmore Dryer, model # 7773279477732? Direct links preferred.?first is your dryer gas? only gas dryers use igniters also it could be your thermostat or heating element I would get a service tech to actually check your dryer before purchasing a igniter because some appliance parts are not returnable3. The heating element in my electric furnace remains on after the blower stuts off.?Electric Furnace Heating Element4. bumped heating element in oven when I was cleaning it, is it still safe to use?Turn the oven on,if it works ok it will be safe to use5. How do I correctly size a power adapter for a heating element? [closed]If the heater is rated for 120V and the resistance is 342 ohms then the current is 0.35A. When you try to operate the mirror heater at 24V you are operating at only 20% of the designed to voltage. This means that the current drawn at 24V will be only 20% as well or something on the order of 0. 07A. At this situation the mirror will heat up way way less at the lower voltage and will not achieve the defogging that you would expect.You would do better to look for a shower mirror that uses a guided stream of water from the shower spout to keep the mirror clear6. What is the name of the tool for removing a heating element from an electric boiler called?whay do you want to remove it???7. I'm building a vaporizer, for my medical marijuana, what would be a good heating element?Buy a good one, or as another poster said,com. I also like to build things, but you sound like you are just building a version of the BC vaporizer and they do not deliver like a good vaporizer does. Save up , buy a good one, or go to gotknockoff and get a cheap plastic piece of crap.8. Heating element burnt out in really old AC unit. Where can I find a replacement?Ask an independent appliance parts store if they can cross reference what you need. Sometimes, different manufacturers use the same part with a different number9. Need to replace the heating element in my dryer. What else should I take care of while I'm in there?Do not know, but I would recommend googling your particular dryer and see if you can find a step-by-step guide on how to fix it. Should also tell you about other stuff to replace while in there. Some appliances you have to place some other things when replacing a major component, so you should definitely do some research. Also I think brb does appliance repair, if you can get his attention. EDIT: on second thought, you should be able to tell if it's the element and/or the fuse that went out if you take it apart. Element is obvious: it will be broken. The fuse might be harder to tell, but if you can find a volt meter you can test it.10. should a coiled heating element glow all over or only in small areas?It depends, the fan forces air across the coil and can keep that part of the coil from glowing. The part that is glowing may have less air across it allowing it to glow11. will a wire the same size in a heating element for a dryer work the same as the old wire if rolled and hooked?As a qualified electrician, do not even think about it. The wires have different resistances and yours would be a short circuit. People working on their own electrical may seem like a good way to save money but I equate it to people doing surgey without a medical background. Harnessing the electron for utlization by industry has been something my brothers of the electron have worked on for a hundred years. Codes, laws and science is there to install to required standards. If you play with your electrical and start a fire or hurt someone, you will have a liability. Let the responsibility fall on the professional, not you.
Can You Help with These Chemistry Questions Please?
Co is an insoluble element Hydroxide is NOT an element. However, most inorganic compounds containing and hydroxide are insoluble. Iron is in soluble However, both Iron (Fe) & Cobalt(Co) will react very slowly(several days) with water to form the corresponding oxide or hydroxide.— — — — — —Eps-Associated RNA elementThe eps-Associated RNA element (EAR; also called epsC motif) is a conserved RNA motif associated with exopolysaccharide (eps) or capsule biosynthesis genes in a subset of bacteria classified within the order Bacillales. It was initially discovered in Bacillus subtilis, located between the second and third gene in the eps operon (i.e., between epsB and epsC). Deletion of the EAR element impairs biofilm formation. The combination of comparative sequence alignments and structural probing data revealed that the secondary structure of the EAR RNA consists of five helical segments (P1-P5) and a pseudoknot (see diagram). In general, mutations that disrupt the conserved helical regions eliminate biofilm formation by B. subtilis, whereas mutations in nonconserved, variable regions exhibit no such effect. Thus, the secondary structure of EAR plays an important role for its function in vivo. At the transcript level, disruption of the EAR motif leads to a significant decrease in the expression of distally located eps genes (epsF-O) without affecting proximal genes (epsC-E). Consistent with this observation, several potential intrinsic terminator hairpins were found inside the epsF coding region. A wild-type EAR element is capable of promoting transcriptional readthrough of these epsF terminator sites. In contrast, mutational disruption of EAR instead permits termination at the epsF terminators. The EAR element also promotes readthrough of heterologous termination sites. From these data it was hypothesized that the EAR element controls eps expression through a processive antitermination mechanism to ensure the complete synthesis of the 16 kilobase operon. Processive antitermination, as opposed to the transcription attenuation mechanism typically used by other cis-acting regulatory RNAs, is a process wherein the transcription elongation complex is altered by accessory factors to become resistant to pausing and termination signals. So far, EAR is the only processive antitermination system specific for Gram-positive bacteria. Further experiments failed to reconstitute EAR-mediated processive antitermination mechanism in vitro or in a Gram-negative heterologous host (E. coli), suggesting that additional B. subtilis-specific factor(s) may also be required for EAR antitermination.— — — — — —Can you name all of the elements on the Periodic Table of Elements?No, I could not . What is special about 337000000$ Are you hinting that someone is to be chosen at random among Quorans to do this and we all should start memorizing the table just in case we are chosen?— — — — — —Element Capital ManagementElement Capital Management is an American hedge fund using a global macroeconomic investment strategy, founded in 2005 by Jeffrey Talpins— — — — — —Let $G$ be a finite group, $H lhd G$ If $[G:H]=m$ and $lvert H vert=n$ with $gcd(m,n)=1$. Prove that $H$ is the only subgroup of G of order $n$.suppose $g$ is an element of $G$ whose order divides $n$. then if $phi:G to G/H$ let $g'=phi(g)$ and $e,e'$ denote the identities in $G$ and $G/H$then we have: $$ g'^n = e' $$ (by inheritance from $g^n=e$)and $$ g'^m = e' $$ (since $|G/H|=m$)$(m,n)=1$ means we may choose integers $p,q$ such that $pmqn=1$ hence: $$g' = g'^pmqn =(g'^m)^p (g'^n)^q = e'^p e'^q = e' $$ this shows any element whose order divides $n$ lies in $H$, a slightly stronger statement than the assertion to be proved— — — — — —The difference between an atom and an element is...?If I have a hunk of gold, it is made out of gold atoms [gold is an element [Au]]. An element is made of atoms, A], but of course only the kind having a certain number of protons in the nucleus [the atomic number of that element].— — — — — —Block elements vs inline elements in HTML: why the distinction?I think the modes of display are so different between block and inline, that a distinction worth making at the markup level— — — — — —What is a water main made of?not iron, iron rusts, not copper, it oxidizes easily probally an element with 3-6 valence electrons— — — — — —Male harem as a central elementThis list shows series in which interpersonal attraction between Male-centric harems and the androphilic protagonist(s) - regardless of cited sex, gender, orientation, etc. - play a central role in their genre or storylines. Such elements are labeled by publishers as harem.
Programming Finite Element Methods in C
One of the authors of fenics, A. Logg, have written a very good paper on datastructures of storing meshes. The paper isA. Logg (2009). Efficient Representation of Computational Meshes fact it's always a tradeoff between storing all the topological informations (nodes around nodes, faces around nodes, etc...) OR having to recompute them before using them. If you store them then you will probably end up with a very massive amount of data to store, if you recompute them using iterators will take some (too much) time. Depending upon the algorithm (typically for FEM, with linear elements you just want nodes of polyhedrons to assemble your local stiffness matrices), you may want to use some specific traversals and then you can generate what you need on the fly.Anyway, the proposed solution in fenics is based on many arrays of integer handles and is probably what's closest to the most efficient method (both in terms of memory and access).I am trying to develop a library for finite element methods in C and for that I am looking at the data structures for meshes. Based on what I've read up on fenics and deal.ii, the general understanding seems to be that a basic mesh class should have the following members:Cells, Faces, vertices.Connectivity relationships (What are the neighbors of a given cell, common faces between cells, vertices of a given cell, boundary indicators for cells, faces and vertices)Cell iteratorsThese are my questions:What is the best way to store cells of a mesh. I think an STL vector would suffice. Is this the popular option? I have also read that linked lists have been used for cells but I cannot see the advantage of linked lists over vectors in this case.Again, for the connectivity relationships, STL maps seem to be the best method for me. Any comments on this?Does the same data structure work for both triangular and quadrilateral meshes. I think it should but I am not sure if I am missing anything basic here?Are there any more connectivity relationships to be kept in mind?Are there any good references for programming a finite element library?Thank you.
Thermaltake Element G VL18501W2Z Black SECC / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Gaming Case W/ 850W Mod
Thermaltake Element G VL18501W2Z Black SECC / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Gaming Case w/ 850W Modular Power?Modular power supply just means you can plug only the cables you need into the supply! A power supply is a power supply now a days since they are all ATX. No issues with the setup you posted... Some modular supplies the cables can sometime be on the short side. But always reach!— — — — — —What is the latest ATX power supply standard?The official ATX specifications were released by Intel in 1995 and have been revised numerous times since. The most recent ATX motherboard specification is version 2.2. The most recent ATX12V power supply unit specification is 2.4, released in April 2013. Hereof, are all ATX power supplies the same size? Re: Are All PSU The Same Size No, the size varies within the ATX specification - the height and width is standard to fit in the standard mounting plate in an ATX case, but the depth may vary. Similarly, what is the difference between ATX and EATX? EATX vs. ATX Motherboards: Functionality For example, whereas ATX usually has 3-4 PCI-E x16 ports, EATX can usually come with 4 or more (I've seen some with up to 8.). Similarly, ATX motherboards usually come with 4 RAM slots, whereas EATX has 6 and even sometimes 8. In this regard, what are the 3 types of power supply? There are three major kinds of power supplies: unregulated (also called brute force), linear regulated, and switching. The fourth type of power supply circuit called the ripple-regulated, is a hybrid between the "brute force" and "switching" designs, and merits a subsection to itself. Which pins to short ATX power supply on? To start up a stand alone PSU for either testing purposes or as a bench power supply, we need to short together pin 14 - Green (Power-ON) to one of the common black wires (ground) which is how the motherboard tells the power supply to turn "ON".— — — — — —Dell Xps Studio 435mt, ATX or mATX ?It is ATX. The upgrade is the best one you can do. The cooling in the "White Elephant" is terrible. I dropped 20C by changing the case. A mid tower ATX case will do the job well. My 9000 resides in a Antec 300 case. Front and back are 120mm fans, top a 140mm. Included with the case. The 92mm rear fan does not do the job in the stock case. Save the front 120mm located in front of the hard drive as a spare. You will need the hardware included (screws & stands) with a new case, Dells stuff is not transferable. The power source is not going to fit and is not standard ATX. It is a fire hazard also. Try to find and purchase a bottom mount PSU case as it will run cooler also. Antec, Coolermaster, Rosewill,and Compucase all offer very nice cases in the 50 dollar range, or less on sale. Link below to shop. Hope it helps.— — — — — —Will a small micro-atx case be able to keep an i7 and 2 GTX cards cool?The case is too small anyway, you are going to have to invest in a larger case. You are putting GTX 670's in there, they take up 2 expension slots in the PCI area and you will be using a Micro ATX board because a real motherboard would not fit in the small case. Your motherboard wont support SLI and even 1 GTX 670 wont fit in the small case, the end of the GPU PCB will hit the hard drive bay.— — — — — —Can't jump-start ATX PSUYou should quit trying to break your own equipment. Why are you trying to send electricity to somewhere that it's not supposed to go?If we want to protect against external electrical problems, then a Surge Protector can offer some protection (against "surges"-- too much electricity), and an Uninterruptible Power Supply can protect against some more things (like "brownouts" that may supply inferior amounts of electricity). The purpose of an ATX Power Supply Unit is not to do these things. The purpose of such a Power Supply Unit is to convert Alternating Current to Direct Current.If a Power Supply Unit does have some super basic protection, and I am not even saying that it does this, then I would expect that to be a nice little bonus. However, if your testing has any likely effect, the effect would be to use up whatever protection may exist. Do not break your unit by testing just how much you can mistreat it. I can understand doing some hardware testing. Crossing wires of different colors is beyond what a normal consumer should be doing.
$mathbbZ Times MathbbZ/langle (1,2)rangle$ Is Isomorphic to $mathbbZ$?
Recall that by the definition of the quotient group, two cosets $g_1 H$ and $g_2 H$ are equal in $G/H$ iff $g_1 - g_2 in H$. Also, recall that $langle (1,2)rangle (m, 2m) : m in mathbbZ$, since this is the subgroup generated by all sums of $(1,2)$ and its inverse $(-1, -2)$.Given a coset $(a,b) langle (1,2)rangle in fracmathbbZ times mathbbZlangle (1,2) rangle$, we want to find another representative $(0,m)$ for the same coset. Thus we need to find an element of $langle (1,2) rangle$ that, when added to $(a,b)$, cancels out the $a$ in the first entry. What could we add to $(a,b)$ that is of the form $(m, 2m)$ to cancel out the $a$ in the first entry? What should we pick $m$ to be?• Related QuestionsWhy would this not resolve the Sorites paradox?In natural language vagueness is a useful concept, and we might think that this is all that the paradox is pointing to. However, I take the Sorites paradox to suggest the possibility that vagueness may be ontologically real; 'solving' the paradox is then missing the point about what the paradox is attempting to demonstrate.Formally, this is 'solved' by notions such as probabilities, or fuzzy logics; however here a number is definitely assigned to all cases - as in your solution.A better possibility which retains the sense of the paradox are modal logics that use indeterminate concepts such as possibility - without specifying how possible they are; one might contemplate such a logic where possibilities are ranked by order rather than number - but I don't know if any such work has been done------tSQL Stored Procedure with CTE; CASE statement in WHERE slowing runBecause you shared image, So I can't detail your problem in depth. I marked main difference between two execution plans.In first plan SQL Server created execution plan for the query and used Non Clustered Index Seek but in second one it used Index Scan. This is main the culprit which increase total execution time.Index Seek:- Only touches rows that qualify and pages that contain these qualifying rows.Index Scan:- Touches every row in the table/index, whether or not it qualifies.When you manipulate data (column) (using function or case statement) in where condition, forst SQL Server scan full index/table and then perform manipulation data and match your condition. This process increase memory utilization, disk IO and increase execution time. Including suggestion from Tara Kizer, I would suggest to Or.------How would one go about proving an infinite set is a set?Step I: Prove that $omega$ is a set, where $omega$ is the smallest inductive set, or the closure of $varnothing$ under the successor operator ($xmapsto xcupx$).Step II: Prove the recursion theorem. Namely, you can define a function on $omega$ by specifying what it is doing for $0$, and how to define the successor steps. Replacement and Union are your friends for this proof. Step III: Use the recursion theorem. Clearly $F(0)varnothing$, how would you define $F(n1)$?Step IV: The range of a function is a set.Alternatively, prove Step I and use the specific instance of the recursion theorem and find a formula such that $varphi(n,x)$ holds if and only if $x$ is the $n$th iteration of taking a singleton with $varphi(varnothing,varnothing)$. Then apply Replacement------How can I draw an arrowhead only at the end of a path drawn with foreach?What you want to do is draw an arrowhead only when you reach the last element.Unfortunately, as discussed in How to get the number of elements in a foreach loop?, foreach has no built-in mechanism to a priori determine the total number of elements that are passed to it; therefore, it has no way of detecting that it has reached the last element at the time it processes it.You have two alternative approaches, here.Reverse the list you pass to foreach (make the end point the start point) and draw an arrowhead only "at the beginning" (when i2).Count the number of elements first, then set up a test in the body of your foreach loop to detect whether the last element has been reached, and only draw an arrowhead in that case.------Powerset (all subsets of a set) in JavaIt's good - but it's not object-oriented! All your methods are static and I guess that's fine but it's a procedural way of thinking. We can't instantiate a PowerSet (in fact, we can but it's useless). In your example, once you recieve your set of sets, the entire semantic that it's a powerset has been lost.What would be better is if a PowerSet object was useful for something. Perhaps we could implement Set or Collection. I suggest we implement Iterable. Because it's easy and I'm lazy.Our PowerSet object is now useful! We can use it like this:orI would also go one step further and use Collections.unmodifiableSet to enforce that a user cannot modify the powerset, thereby invalidating it.You could provide a method to return the original set, if you wanted------Class equation question from Artin's book.When you have a group action and are asked to find a normal group that isn't $G$ or $1$, it usually helps to look at the kernel of the permutation representation that corresponds to the action.In this problem we have $varphi : G to S_r$, where $|S_r|r!$.Since $|G|n>r!|S_r|$, the function $varphi$ cannot be injective, meaning $kervarphi neq 1$.Now all we need to show is that the kernel is not all of $G$ either.This is where we use the hypothesis that $G$ acts nontrivially on the set; this tells us that there exists a $g in G$ such that $gs neq s$. Equivalently, this $g$ is not in the kernel, which means that $kervarphineq G$, so it is a proper normal subgroup of $G$.------Alternative methods to prove that $Z_m$ is a field under addition and multiplication $bmod m$ iff $m$ is a primeSince $mathbbZ_m$ is a ring, it follows that $mathbbZ_m$ is a field if and only if every nonzero element of $mathbbZ_m$ is invertible.I think the following proof is straightforward, and it is the most common one I have seen in algebra/number theory textbooks.If $m$ is not prime, then $m ab$, where $1 _file) with expected format instead of array.Step 2: Have to inject above class in DynamicImageUploader.php model class. For instance, below are example code.File: appcodeVendorModuleModelDynamicImageUploader.phpStep 3: At final step, you have to confirm your Uploader controller file. For instance, below are example code.File: appcodeVendorModuleControllerAdminhtmlDynamicImageUpload.php------Notation/definition problem for commutative binary operationI don't really understand the question, but the structure you've discovered is the unique ITSQ on three elements (well-done!).In detail:An idempotent totally-symmetric quasigroup (ITSQ) is a set $X$ together with a binary operation $#$ such that the following hold:Now let $A a,b,c$ and $#$ be as defined in your question. It's clear that $(A,#)$ is an ITSQ. I claim that:Proof. We know that $$f(a,a) a qquad f(b,b) b qquad f(c,c) c$$If we can show that $f(a,b) c,$ then by symmetry, this completes the proof.Assume toward a contradiction that $f(a,b) neq c$. Then we get two cases:Case 1: Suppose $f(a,b)b$. Then $f(f(a,b),b)f(b,b)$. So $ab$, a contradiction.Case 0: Similar.------Determine the degree of a field extensionClearly $mathbb Q(sqrt 2):mathbb Qle 2$ becasue of the polynomial $X^2-2$ and $mathbb Q(sqrt 2,sqrt 3):mathbb Q(sqrt 2)le 2$ because of the poylnomial $X^2-3$.In fact, $sqrt 2notin mathbb Q$ implies $mathbb Q(sqrt 2):mathbb Q2$.We also have $sqrt 3notin mathbb Q(sqrt 2)$ because $(absqrt 2)^2 3$ implies $(a^22b^2) 2absqrt 2 3$, hence $2ab 0$ and $a^22b^23$; thus either $a0$ and $b^2frac 32$, or $b0$ and $a^23$. But both $sqrtfrac32$ and $sqrt 3$ are irrational.Therefore $mathbb Q(sqrt 2,sqrt 3):mathbb Q(sqrt 2)2$ and finally$$mathbb Q(sqrt 2,sqrt 3):mathbb Q4.$$For the second part , note that $mathbb Q(sqrt 2sqrt 3)$ contains $(sqrt 2sqrt 3)^222sqrt 63$, hence also $sqrt 6$ and $sqrt6(sqrt 2sqrt 3)2sqrt 33sqrt 2$, and finally both $3(sqrt2sqrt 3)-(2sqrt 33sqrt 2)sqrt 2$ and $(2sqrt 33sqrt 2)-2(sqrt2sqrt 3)sqrt 3$.------Choice Problem: choose 5 days in a month, consecutive days are forbidden duplicateThe number 27 is there because he has to work 5 days in January, and January has 31 days. So, after he picks the 1st day to work, he can only pick from among 30 days for the 2nd day, et cetera until he has 27 days from which he can pick his 5th day.The subtractions, I believe, are just illustrating that once the student picks his 1st day, the 2nd day has to have at least 1 day between it, and these increase for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th day. For example, let's say he chooses to work January 1st. Then, he cannot work January 2nd, but he could work January 3, 4,.... So, if our $a_1 1$, then $a_23, 4, dots$ or $a_1
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