Power Integrations Publishes Reference Designs for High Power LED Lighting Applications

San Jose, California, December 16, 2014 - power integrations, a leader in the field of high efficiency and high reliability LED Driver IC (NASDAQ: powi), today launched a new reference design for LED street lamps, industrial mining lamps and other high-power LED lighting applications. The new reference design rdr-382 introduces a hiperpfs using power integrations â„¢- 2 PFC controller IC and hiperlcs â„¢ Constant current, 43 V (rated), 150 W reference power supply designed by integrated LLC power stage IC.

The traditional two-stage driver adopts independent PFC stage and LLC stage. When generating constant voltage (CV) output, multiple DC-DC converters are required to convert the output to constant current (CC). In contrast, rdr-382 adopts innovative feedback and control scheme, which enables LLC to provide constant current directly at the output. Therefore, the number of elements is reduced by about one third, the efficiency is improved to more than 93%, and the power supply size is greatly reduced after eliminating the DC-DC converter. In addition, the high rated LLC switching frequency (250 kHz) can reduce the size of the required magnetic core components. At the same time, compared with the fixed frequency scheme, the continuous conduction mode variable frequency PFC level can also reduce EMI interference.

Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager of power integrations, said: "reliability is particularly important for high-power lighting applications with an output power of more than 75 W. because the design is efficient, the heat generated is very small and the number of components is less, so it has a longer service life."

About power integrations

Power integrations, Inc. is a supplier of high-performance electronic components for high-voltage power conversion systems, headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company's integrated circuits and diodes can help a large number of electronic products, including televisions, PCs, home appliances, smart meters and LED lamps, design compact and energy-efficient AC-DC power supply. SCALE ™ IGBT Driver system can improve the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of high-power applications, including industrial motors, solar and wind energy systems, electric vehicles and HVDC transmission. Since its inception in 1998, power integrations ecosmart ™ Energy saving technologies have saved billions of dollars in energy consumption and avoided millions of tons of carbon emissions. Due to the role of the company's products in environmental protection, the shares of power integration have been classified into NASDAQ ® Clean Edge ® Green energy index, the cleantech index ® And ardour global IndexSM.