Pond Fish During the Winter??

Pond fish during the winter??

20 gallon tank would suffice. Keep half the pond water and put in the tank with fresh water a couple days before transfer. Do not be too concerned with algae disappearance. I would start the transition in late October-November at latest. No heater is necessary for the tank. A Whisper 2 water filter should suffice. Normal aquarium maintenance from here. Do not over feed

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Flax Pond (New York)

Flax Pond is a tidal estuary located in Old Field, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. As a 146-acre (0.59 km2) salt marsh, Flax Pond is a natural site of great biodiversity and natural beauty. Flax Pond is owned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and is accessed by researchers at Stony Brook University as a Marine Lab for the state In addition to research, Flax Pond also serves as a recreational beach for Long Islanders, though its location prevents many from utilizing the facility, which has served as a point of contention. In recent years, the management of Flax Pond has become a very important issue. The environmentally conscious group Friends of Flax Pond has used the facility to educate those in the community through lectures, workshops, and science programs. However, the NYSDEC has sought to make the Pond more accessible to residents, thus risking the environmentally pristine nature of the Pond. State Assemblyman Steven Englebright, who has roots in geology, (what about ecology?) has repeatedly stressed the importance of Flax Pond as an environmental sanctuary. He has funded projects for Flax Pond, such as their summer learning institute and has held lectures to promote these ideals.

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Flax Pond (Brewster, Massachusetts)

Shubael Pond is a 48-acre (190,000 m2) kettle pond on Flax Pond Road in Nickerson State Park in Barnstable, Massachusetts. The pond has a popular swimming area and access for small boats or fishing is over that area. Only electric motors are permitted on the pond. Shubael Pond is stocked twice a year with several varieties of trout.

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Pond Farm Pottery

When Pond Farm Workshops fell apart in 1953, nearly all the residents left. Thereafter, a school and workshop on the site, called Pond Farm Pottery, were carried on by the community's only remaining artist, Bauhaus potter Marguerite Wildenhain, who continued to offer instruction through 1980. Wildenhain was known for being thorough in her teachings, making newcomers start with dog dishes and learning all of the throwing steps before moving on to more advanced pottery. Among her students was Dean Schwarz, co-founder of South Bear School, who studied at Pond Farm during the 1960s. University of Utah Professor of Art, Dorothy Bearnson, participated in seven summer workshops with Wildenhain between 1947 and 1964. As early as 1963, the State of California had used its powers of "eminent domain" to require Pond Farm residents to sell their property to the State, in order to expand the Austin Creek State Recreation Area. Gordon Herr was forced to move, but, in response to appeals by her students, it was decided that Wildenhain could continue to live on the property until her death.

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Is my pond deep enough?

You need a minimum of 18" of water, the deeper you can go the better for the fish

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Arn Chorn-Pond as musician

An accomplished flautist, Arn Chorn-Pond is credited with teaching Ron Korb to play the Khloy (the Cambodian bamboo flute) in traditional Khmer style. In 2001 Chorn-Pond performed on stage in Peter Gabriel's Tribute and Homage for Harbourfront Centre's "World Leaders" hosted by Laurie Brown, sharing the stage with Peter Gabriel, Jane Siberry, Tia Carrere, Ron Korb, Donald Quan, Jeff Martin, Andy Stochansky, Loreena McKennitt, Daniel Lanois and Lorraine Segato.

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I have a 10 year old female Red Eared Slider that needs a new home.?

you can either put her in a pond, lake, river,or if you want to keep her still get a bigger home for her

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Kettle Pond State Park

Kettle Pond State Park is a state park near Marshfield, Vermont in the United States. It is one of seven state parks located in Groton State Forest. The park is on Vermont Route 232 two miles west of Groton. The park is located on Kettle Pond (109 acres), an undeveloped pond. Activities includes camping, boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Features include 26 lean-tos arranged into five separate groups designed to accommodate groups. there are also individual lean-tos There is a composting toilet for each group site and two double pit toilets, but no potable water at this site. There are six remote campsites/lean-tos on the pond.

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