Picking the Right Turn Signal Flasher for LED Lights

These types of lamps draw minimal current and do not generate the heat that's needed to "make or break" the circuit in a standard bi-metal flasher can. If there is an incandescent bulb somewhere in the circuit that is trying to flash, a standard flasher unit might work. The solution to this problem is the installation of a no-load LED flasher can into the flasher system.

How do you know when an energy saving light bulb is out?

Take a light bulb that is working now and try it in the lamp, If the bulb works then it is the bulb!

Why is tungsten metal used to make a solenoid type coil in an electric bulb?

High melting point

Would a 8500k bulb work for a 16 gallon planted aquarium?

in the adventure that your aquarium is severe, then you certainly will desire extra watts. attempt yet another bulb paired with the present one. No, the fish wo not help lots with the flora. attempt including liquid plant fertilizer. bear in mind, a million.5watts in step with gallon of water. evaluate precisely how tall your aquarium is. you will would desire to alter the watts.

400W high intensity sodium bulb same as regular 4x100W light bulbs?

I am thinking you are talking about incandecent bulbs when you say " regular." In any event, a bulb will require a certain amound of current to produce a specific amount of light. It is not an exact exchange though, because there is electicity lost through heat & magnatism. So I will simplify it just by saying there are current losses in a bulb. If I operate 4 bulbs and each uses 100 watts then of that 100 watts being used there are current losses in each. This will vary based on components, for example, so the losses will not be the same for each nor be the same over time. But the losses will be 4 times greater than operationg one bulb. If you want to get a specific amount of light you would get from the 400 watt HID then you may actually find 4 incadencent bulbs are not quite the same..those losses are effecting the amount of light produced and you may need an additional 50 watt or 75 watt bulb... Also, the 400 HID produces a specific amount of light per square inch. But 4 100 watt regular bulbs is converting 100 watts of current to produce 100 watt of light per square inch...the amount of light per sq in is very different.

How do I remove a light bulb that was screwed in too tightly?

turn the power off to the light, preferabbly the circit breaker. Put a glove on, or use a towel and turn the bulb. Light bulbs dont need to be in real tight and it really isnt. If you break the bulb, it should break off at the stem and the metal ring should be in the socket. If this happens, then use a potato and back the metal part out

HELP! I broke a light bulb inside its socket. How can I safely remove it without getting zapped?

considering that this is a motor vehicle communicate board, i am assuming you are speaking a pair of bulb of a motor vehicle. vehicles normally run at 12 volts so which you is genuinely no longer getting a marvel. yet once you have been to go the wires, you will see a spark fly. So in case you have any lose wires, then disconnect the battery (unfavourable terminal) earlier commencing. I particularly have replaced distinctive bulbs on vehicles (broken and not) and that i've got by no skill adventure any style of electric powered marvel. good good fortune

if the brake,tail lights or turn signala dont work,is it the bulb or the fuse,if its the new flat fuse how ca?

use a cheap volt meter an see if the fuse has continuity, you can check the bulb the same way

we have to lights on one switch. one has a low energy light bulb - it keeps going on and off - any idea why?

sometimes the tab thats in the socket is bent to far up,turn off the power and bend down the tab in the middle of the socket and try again if not change the socket

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