Operation Manual of Pickit2 Burner

Please install the MPLAB ide software before installing the kit2 driver

1、 Install kit2 drive

When the USB of kit2 is connected to the computer, the computer prompts: new hardware is found. Select auto install driver, and the computer will automatically search for the corresponding driver until the driver installation is completed.

2、 Connect kit2 programmer

Kit2 is connected to the target board (it can not be connected to the target board temporarily)

1. Select the target chip: configger -- "select device() --" OK!!

2. Connect kit2: programmer -- select programmer -- pickit 2

3. Download operating system: the programmer -- "download OS" is selected to open, and the operating system is downloaded in about 10 seconds.

When the target board is connected, the normal situation will appear

Appears when the target board is not connected

Connect the target board and click programmer connect; The normal prompt will appear.

Note: disconnect kit2 sequence after burning: programmer , select programmer , none; Then unplug pickit2 from the data cable

3、 Power supply equipment

Kit2 can supply power to the target board, but please note: the voltage of kit2 is obtained from the USB power supply of the computer. Because the USB output voltage of the computer is not very high and the current is not large enough, if there are devices connected with high current on the target board, please select an external independent power supply to supply power to the target board, otherwise kit2 will not be connected to the computer normally. The target board with low current can directly select kit2 for power supply.

Operation steps:

Menu programmer -- settings

Check these two items - OK!

So far, kit2 can be online normally!!

If you press online, the above prompt appears -- "please unplug the USB cable (wait for the occurrence of" Ding Dong "--" and then, without inserting the USB cable, press "programmer --" connect "--" in the software, and then insert the USB cable (wait for the occurrence of "Ding Dong" -- "programmer --" connect "--" OK!

The correct operation is:

Select none for programmer or debugger before unplugging the USB cable to avoid this prompt. Specifically: (programmer -- "select programmer --" none) or (debugger -- "select tool --" none)

4: The steps of burning and writing with kit2 are as follows

1. Select chip: configger -- select device

2. Online: programmer -- select programmer -- pickit 2

3. Import hex burn file: File -- import

4. Set configuration word: configger -- configuration bit

5. Start to burn programmer -- "program" appears normally

5: Using kit2 simulator for online debugging, the operation steps are as follows

1. Select chip: configger -- select device

2. Online: debugger -- select tools -- pickit 2

3. Set configuration word: configger -- "configuration bit" (as set above)

4. Open project file: Project -- Open

5. Compile: the source program is compiled

6. Debugger -- "program (Note: Download every time you compile) can be set to download automatically every time you compile

So far, you can run the program, or step-by-step debugging and so on.

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