On Semi Launched the LED Driver Evaluation Board Ncl30051 Circuit Solution

On semi's ncl30051 is a step-down controller with peak current control and fixed off time. It is suitable for LED driver applications. It can adjust off time, source 250mA / sink 500mA peak driving capacity, current detection accuracy at 25 ° C ± 3.2%, 3.3V level dimming input, thermal off, overcurrent protection and maximum off time protection. It is mainly used for LED backlight driver of LCD screen, LED strip lamp, LED street lamp and led bulb. This paper introduces the main characteristics of ncl30051, block diagram, typical application circuit diagram, step-down LED driver evaluation board with input 80V 350mA output, ncl30105gevb circuit diagram, bill of materials and PCB layout.

Main features of ncl30051:

• Constant Off Time Current−Mode Control OperaTIon

• Adjustable Off TIme (0.5 [1]s to 10 [1]s)

• Internal Leading Edge Blanking

• Source 250 mA / Sink 500 mA Peak Drive Capability

• ±3.2% Current Sense Accuracy at 25℃• Internal Startup Delay

• 3.3 V Logic Level Dimming Input

• This is a Pb−Free Device

Ncl30051 safety features:

• Thermal Shutdown

• Maximum On TIme ProtecTIon

• Overcurrent Protection

Ncl30051 typical applications:

• LED Backlight Drivers for LCD Panels

• LED Light Bars

• LED Street Lighting

• LED Bulbs

Figure 1. Block diagram of ncl30051

Figure 2. Typical application block diagram of ncl30051

Figure 3. Typical application circuit diagram of ncl30051

Figure 4. Outline drawing of evaluation board ncl30105gevb: input up to 80V, output 350mA

Figure 5. Circuit diagram of evaluation board ncl30105gevb (1)

Figure 6. Circuit diagram of evaluation board ncl30105gevb (2)

Material list of evaluation board ncl30105gevb:

Figure 7. Evaluation board ncl30105gevb component layout: top floor

Figure 8. Evaluation board ncl30105gevb component layout: ground floor

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