Just say married for 19 years to a public school teacher. Otherwise, youre drawing attention to a completely irrelevant part of your life story, and you can count on it coming up in the ugliest and most unfair way. Everything in political life must be simple first and nuanced later, if at all. This isnt about word choice. Its about how you structure your narrative

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Setting maximum number of sign-ups in Google Forms

With this little script, you can easily pre-set the number of responses.In this particular case the number of responses is limited to three. Add the script, in the form editor under Tools>Script editor (same as in a Google Spreadsheet). Now the script needs to be activated, each time a submission is being made. In the script editor, under Resources, select the script to run On form submit


Which 8-bit computers were used in German schools in the 1980s?

There wasn't any master plan. Each school did its own thing, depending on the commitment of their teachers (or the lack thereof).Our school in Rendsburg/S-H got a few (5?) Sharp MZ-80K in 1981?, one MZ-80A a bit later (which featured an actually usable keyboard!) for programming in BASIC and Pascal.The MZs were followed by two Commodore PC-10 around 1985 that were mainly used in the science departments.


Evaluate the constant term of $P(x-1)$ if the remainder of the division of $P(x)$ by $x-3$ is $18$ and $P(x1) (x^2 -4)Q(x)3ax6$

Let $F(x)P(x-1)$. Of course, the constant term of $F(x)$ is $F(0)P(-1)$We write $$P(x)g(x)times (x-3)18$$ Then, of course, $P(3)18$Using the equation $$P(x1) (x^2 -4)Q(x)3ax6$$ We set $$x-2implies P(-1)-6a6$$and $$x2implies P(3)6a6$$ Since we already know that $P(3)18$ we deduce that $a2$ hence $$P(-1)-126-6$$


Did foreign language phrase books exist in the ancient world?

At least one case must have been more of an academic exercise than one with any hope of continuing or teaching the language:From Wikipedia on Etruscan:The 20 volumes are referenced by Suetonius in his Twelve Caesars on Claudius, ch 42.2However, I can't actually find a primary reference on this supposed dictionary/vocabulary: all the searches ended up as circular quoting. Happy for someone to provide a source


How can I invite my daughter's friends over without being odd?

Each answer here is excellent. However, you could also simply send the other parents a note with a message something like:If there is a class email list, you could send this out as an email. You could also ask your daughter's caregiver to send it out, or even send it to school as a note on paper and ask that a copy be given to each parent


Bachelor degree in French?

French native here,"Diplome du baccalaurat" is a diploma you pass at the end of your high school years, in France it is worth mentioning what was your speciality (S (science), L (literature), ES (economic and social))A bachelor degree, is equivalent to a "License, bac 3"

bac 3 stand for the 3 years you studied to get your degree.Hope this can help you or someone else in need.


Is it good practice to wave following cars through when safe?

It sounds like you're talking about waving a driver around where there's double yellow lines in the center of the road (and blind double yellow at that) indicating that vehicles may not cross it to pass. Either way, the driver needs to decide when to pass, based on their own visibility and judgment. Waving around just pressures us to make a possibly bad decision, based on a stranger's judgment.


Noah's flood actually happened. When does science prove that it happened?

Most marine life dies. Mass extinction event.Suddenly all aquatic life is living in a low salinity water due to dilution. This will kill almost all fresh and salt water species.As with all mass extinctions, you would have a layer of dead animals. What would be weird is the mix of aquatic and land species in the same area and layer and this layer is found globally


What does a flight to quality mean?

In general terms, we can consider it as move away from the risky conditions to the safer one. Retail investors of stock markets use this term as act of moving capital away from "risky" investments and toward "safer" investments due to uncertainty about the overall economy.In short take a step forward to something better, where there is a growth than to stuck in where you are and suffer!.


How to open QGIS project properties focused on CRS and select choosen projection

I finally managed to find an even better solution for my problem described above. After clicking a specific button in my plugin, following method opens not the project properties dialog, but a dialog which provides the possibility to filter and select a CRS. On closing the dialog via the "OK" button, various text fields of the plugins are filled with the Athority ID and the Coordinate Reference System.


Do you have to be good at math to be a good programmer? closed

I think it is possible. I personally know someone who sucks at math and as I know is a pretty good programmer. However IMHO programming has a relation to discrete math and being good at that does help you in your programming. But being able to integrate and differentiate and that kind of math is not really relevant, while that is where most people have problems with math.


Is Warsaw Concerto a piano concerto?

Yes, the "Warsaw Concerto" is a piano concerto, and I have heard of high school students playing it as a graduation piece. It is very good for that purpose because it is short and sounds much more difficult to play than it actually is. For the same reasons, it is not likely to impress competition judges.

It is very close to Edvard Grieg's piano concerto in style


Is a conductor like a capacitor

I'm not a quantum mechanics expert, but short answer is YES!

According to the quantum tunneling theorem found in here. Electrons can pass through dielectric and end up on the other side of the capacitor.

In fact, there is a chance -however small- that an electron can exist somewhere in between the protons themselves. ------

How should I respond when I lied about my education and the company finds out through background check?

Do you want this job?

Than you need to research every power of persuasion out there.

1. Do not admit to a lie.

2. Take a moral high ground.Someone with better persuasion and manipulation can likely come up with a phrasing far more powerful that what is presented above. Many will dislike this comment. But apologizing, or whatever is stated above, will not get you the job. good luck!


Good tools to parse repetitive unstructured data

OpenRefine can be used to parse semi-structured data into a table like structure, where it can be operated on in a manner similar to a spread sheet and exported.The site features a tutorial on converting a list on wikipedia into a table which may be a good starting point.The operations involved can also be exported incase you need to perform the same cleanup operation again.


Listing all Jobs on Application? (Not Resume)

I would leave the jobs you had in high school and college off of your resume, especially if it's not pertinent to a job you are currently seeking. Another point I'd like to make is, why you would even consider putting those types of jobs on your resume if you already have 25 years of experience? In general employers are only interested in the last 10 years of your employment


How did Newt graduate from Hogwarts if he got expelled?

There's nothing to say you can't go back. Hermione went back after going to hunt horcruxes with Harry.Furthermore, Hagrid was expelled and became a teacher.And we all know rules can change, like how Harry got a broomstick and became the youngest seeker in a century.

Anything is possible in Hogwarts, especially under Dumbledores rule because we know he just didn't care and yolo'd everything xD


The disappearance of the joystick

Well actually for the gamepad you only need your thumb to steer, which gives you a better reaction time.With a joystick you have to move your hand much further to get to the opposite direction, which is in fast games relevant. Plus: This actually makes you to afford more power than necessary, so that Joysticks have to be built much more robust.

Just my two cents.


Rigorous, modern introductions to informal reasoning and critical thinking?

Step 1: Read Chapter 1 of Bertrand Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, where the series 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, ... is shown to satisfy Peano's five axioms. (Page 7)Step 2: Read Chapter 2 of Terrence Tao's Analysis I. Hindustan Book Agency 2015, where, on page 20, Tao proved that no natural number defined by Peano's axioms can be a half-number.

Step 3: Ask yourself whether you have any reason to trust any textbook, any university or any person's advice


Are human lives always more important than animal lives?

I think the more intelligent the creature is, the harder for you, morally, to kill it, that's why it's easier for you to kill a bug over a mammal, also its size matters, the bigger it is the harder it is to kill. And there are other parameters here, like how important is each one of them for you personally and your conscious, and the society pressure


Does Jawohl carry Nazi connotations?

"Jawohl" is the more formal version of "Ja" used very commonly in the Bundeswehr without any connotation. It is also used as shorter version for "zu Befehl" (as you order / at your command) when accepting an order, which is rarely used nowadays.Some examples in military context can be found here. As Germany has had general conscription for quite a while, it can stil be found in civilian life


How do I increase demand in a city, population of around 45,000?

Cities have kind of a maximum independently-sustainable size in SC4. It sounds like you did a pretty awesome job for a single location. Once you've reached critical mass however, neighbor cities become vital. I'm sure you know that having neighbor cities with populations that need jobs will foster job demand in your main city. Having neighbor cities with jobs will foster residential needs in your main city


How do I deal with my mentor giving first authorship of my project to a graduate student? closed

From what you describe, confrontation might not necessarily net you what you want (first author position), given the relationship between your advisor and the graduate student. If you don't confront him, at the very worst you still have a co-authored paper and a strong letter of recommendation, which is not too shabby. I understand it is unfair but undergraduates generally have very little bargaining power to begin with.


What are the pros and cons of having an advanced student skip a mid-elementary grade?

I'm in the UK. Its a different system, but here is a cautionary tale:Someone I know was moved up a year in Primary school, but when he reached the end of Primary the Secondary school refused to accept him. He was forced to say goodbye to his classmates and redo the whole last year of Primary school.Make sure this isn't going to happen to your child.


Phrase order: A house (is being built by them) (next door to our school)

Both are correct, and effectively mean the same thing. They are not entirely equivalent, in that the version in the article indicates where the house is being built whereas your proposed alternative indicates where the house will be located; but in practice, houses are nearly always built on location, so barring some clarification to the contrary, readers of either version will infer the same set of facts


Is there any point in unit testing a client service that simply passes through data from the server? duplicate

Say you just hired me. Say I update 5 different things at once. Now something is broken. It happens to be this AngularJS Rest service. But we don't know that. What test could you have written in the past that would help us diagnose the problem today?You can mock your REST endpoint. Something stable that just gives the service something to talk to that produces predictable responses


How much is a cup of graham cracker crumbs in crackers and weight?

(I don't care that this thread is old, I was looking for this answer and this was one of the top three Google results.)I just pulverized 8 full sheets (Honey Maid, 8 sheets come per wax paper package, 3 of those per box), which resulted in a scant 1 1/2 C of crumbs (just shy of 1 1/2 C, more than 1 1/4 C.) Those 8 sheets netted approximately 4.9 oz of crumb according to my scale


How do I control my emotions when someone disagrees or is a layman closed

Just some thoughts here ...Really, I think you're asking two questions. The first is about overcoming anxiety over public speaking, to which the answer is, was, and always shall be Toastmasters, Toastmasters, Toastmasters! Which is another way of saying practice in a friendly environment.The second question is how to deal with disagreement without getting emotional. A few things I can offer which have worked for me

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