They can move from one place to other more good for them. But that think was good ... Other thing is, Do it snow in those times ? And do not forget dinosaurs lived too in south america , europe , and asia ...

1. how to dress warm in winter?

Lots of layers ! Warm shoes and thick socks.

2. How can I keep warm in the winter?

Perhaps you could get an electric blanket? They are not too expensive now, and it would not take up too much space. Otherwise, you could also invest in buying thick wool blankets or pajamas. Or actually, come to think of it, what about buying a large robe and wearing it over whatever you sleep in normally? It's hard to think of things to answer for this really; LA is never really that cold.

3. Is there any sleep wear that is sexy and can keep me warm in the winter ?

well then i dont know...i was going to say victoria secret

4. LOFT's Top 10 Goods to Keep You Warm in Winter | travel guide

This year does not only mark the first anniversary of the new LOFT in Ginza but also the 30th anniversary of the chain as a whole. Fringe Neck Roll - an Infinity Scarf for Every Weather and Outfit! A warm, cozy muffler scarf is an absolute must-have for the winter season. Even more convenient than a regular scarf is an infinity scarf, however, as it resists even strong winds and you do not have to worry about tucking away the ends. LOFT's Fringe Neck Roll - interestingly, infinity scarves are called "neck rolls" in Japan - does not only comes with cute fringes but also with a soft wire inside. This allows you to model your scarf any way you need it. If it starts to rain, just make a hood! If it's especially cold, model it closely around your neck. You get the idea. To boost your creativity regarding scarf design, the package comes with 5 ideas on how to wear it, created for various degrees of cold and outfit choice. According to our LOFT specialist, Ms. Nakai, this infinity scarf has been one of the top sellers of last year, thus returning for the current season as well. Choose between red and green, both with stylish check patterns. Price: 2,300 yen The Bunny Shawl - Hop Away the Cold! Our next highlight is a fluffy shawl with an adorable, little bunny tail - what is not to love?! The picture above shows a way to combine this playful accessory to still look modern and stylish. According to Ms. Nakai, the bunny shawl is a brand-new item and expected to be incredibly popular, so bunny lovers better be quick! The shawl and its companions are available in three colors. Price: 2,400 yen Insulated Socks - Keep Your Feet Warm with Thermos Bottle Techniques! Cold feet are a bane of every winter. Our recommendation to fight against this unpleasant effect is the insulated socks by Kiribai, a Japanese company famous for its heat insulation products. These fluffy socks are made of a special fiber that wars off the cold while retaining your body heat. The insulation effect works like a Thermos bottle, so you are sure to have toasty feet no matter how long you explore wintery Tokyo! Price: 1,600 yen Japan loves eye masks. Recently, there has been a sheer boom of eye mask creations of all kinds of shapes, colors, and purposes. Some of them can even be heated up in a microwave or chilled in the freezer to accommodate to both the season and one's personal sleeping habits. The Relax Eye Mask utilizes the positive effect of negative ions and a slight weight to relax tired eyes. It's both environmentally friendly and people swear by its sleep-enhancing effect! This useful eye mask comes in four different animal designs: shiba inu, sheep, kittycat, and polar bear. Just looking at the adorable little plush faces is sure to have a positive effect, at least on your mood! The eye masks are gently aromatized, helping you to relax even further. Price: 1,350 yen This item really is a must-have for everyone working long hours in an office - we all know the problem of a stuff neck and even stiffer shoulders. Put on this thermal shoulder cover before going to bed - warming it up in a microwave beforehand will keep it nice and toasty for about 30 minutes, enough time to drift away into the land of blissful slumber. The special design of this cover directs the warmth properly towards your back and shoulders, helping to relax stiff muscles. The outer cover is made of raised fabric and feels wonderful even on naked skin and is designed to stay in place even as you toss and turn at night. Price: 1,886 yen The 360-Degree Cushion - Warm Feet All Around This item looks weird at first glance, we know. But once you've stuck your feet in on a particularly frosty day, you will never go back to regular slippers! Ms. Nakai shows us how to do it right: Wrapping around both your entire feet and your heels, multiple layers of foil will keep you wonderfully warm. Whether you are working at a desk or just spending an entire day on the sofa, this foot cushion is pure bliss during the cold winter months. Price: 1,480 yen Mugwort Foot Heat Pad - Treat your Feet to Warmth and Herbs This special heat pad was developed with a special focus on both beauty and health. Waking up with cold feet in the morning is not necessarily a result of dropping temperatures but rather poor sleep quality due to too much water in your body. The mugwort heat pad both keeps your feet warm and promotes blood circulation with the herb mixed in the pad itself. While mugwort is the main ingredient, other little helpers such as chameleon plant, loquat leaves, peppermint, and bamboo vinegar are all added to strengthen the positive effects of the heat pad. This really is a secret weapon for everyone suffering from cold feet in the morning! Price: 900 yen (per box of 6) The USB-Rechargeable Thermal Mat - No Cold Bottom Every Again! Besides your feet, you will want the rest of your body warm and toasty as well. The most convenient way to do that is with a thermal mat that can be charged via USB, making it perfect for the workplace and at home on the couch. It comes in four kinds of designs and two sizes, 38cm x 38cm, and 38cm x 76cm. Use it as a cover of your chair for a wonderfully warm behind or pull it over yourself like a blanket - especially the longer mat fits perfectly on a chair: We especially recommend this thermal mat for sleeping, as either a back warmer or to wrap your feet in it. The temperature can be set to up to 40 degree Celsius (104F) and you can even hand-wash the blanket if you are careful around the USB port. Price: rectangle - 2,980 yen / long - 3,980 yen Thermal Mat for One - So Comfy, You will Purr like a Kitty! This adorable thermal mat comes in either a cat or bunny design and is so fluffy and soft, it will be hard to ever get up from it. From the moment when Ms. Nakai showed us this mat, we were completely smitten by it! The little tails just make this too adorable! Even the LOFT staff seemed tortured by the choice between kitty and bunny. The bunny version is pink while the cat is grey if that helps to make up your mind. The fabric is so soft, it feels like actual fur and sitting down once on this fluffy, warm bed will make you never want to get up again. Ever. The temperature can be either set to "weak" or "strong," and the outer cover can be washed regularly. This mat is also smart, however, as it has a "safe setting" that automatically turns off electricity. Even the box design is too cute, making this a perfect gift for everyone who values a snug day at home. Price: 7,800 yen This foot warmer machine is a great choice for people who suffer from cold feet but also tend to sweat in socks and slippers. It was designed to feel just like a relaxing foot bath and according to people who tried this machine, it seems to do a really good job at that! Because of its small size and little weight, it's easy to carry, so you could even bring it to work without too much hassle. The machine also comes with a carbon filter, keeping your feet warm and the air clean! With 130W, its power consumption is surprisingly low and even if you use it for a long time, you wo not have to worry too much about your electricity bill. Price: 7,980 yen We all put on warmer clothes in winter, often opting for coats, scarves and other items that keep our bodies warm - but which also promote the buildup of static electricity. The consequence of this, of course, is that we have the tendency to zap ourselves and others much more in winter. Loft also has a variety of clever bracelets, hair bands and other items designed to automatically discharge static before it gets out of control. Be sure to give them a look! The tax-free counter can be found on the 3rd floor. To use the tax-free service, the value of goods must be 5,001 yen or above (tax excluded). For consumables, the value must be between 5,001 and 500,000 yen (tax excluded). This value refers to good purchased at the same store on the same day. The value of consumables and general goods is treated separately. The items above were showcased in October 2017. All prices are without tax and refer only to Ginza LOFT.

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