Nextchip Is Licensed by CEVA Image and Vision Platform and Is Used for the Vision System of Advanced

The Apache 4 preprocessor includes a fully programmable ceva-xm4 DSP core, which provides comprehensive flexibility for a variety of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) applications and workloads including image enhancement, feature extraction and classification.

The two companies will attend the autosens conference in Brussels from September 19 to 21

CEVA, the world's leading signal processing IP licensing manufacturer of intelligent and interconnected equipment (NASDAQ: CEVA), announced that nextchip, a chip design company specializing in embedded visual applications of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) system, has obtained the license of ceva-xm4 image and vision platform for its Apache 4 visual preprocessor, The target market is real-time ADAS vision system. Nextchip has added CEVA's programmable vision platform to Apache 4 to match its characteristic image processing accelerator, so as to realize advanced and reasonably priced ADAS applications.

Kyoungsoo Kim, CEO of nextchip, said: "Apache4 we developed provides a reasonably priced and scalable ADAS system for the mass market. CEVA's industry-leading vision platform adds a high degree of flexibility to our solutions and allows us to realize differentiated machine vision related ADAS products. CEVA's long experience and success in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence makes the company a new generation of ADAS created by nextchip Ideal partner for the system. "

Apache 4 is a visual preprocessor SOC aiming at the next generation ADAS system. Through its special image accelerator and related software subsystem, Apache 4 significantly reduces the workload of the main ECU by up to 70%, so that all image detection algorithms can run at the same time. Apache 4 adds a special detection engine to support pedestrian detection, vehicle detection, lane detection and moving object detection The ceva-xm4 image and visual platform allows Apache 4 customers to use high-level software programming to develop differentiated ADAS applications.

Gideon wertheizer, CEO of CEVA, commented: "nextchip's choice of ceva-xm4 is another recognition of our visual IP for its performance and unique value to the ADAS market. Apache 4 enables every automobile manufacturer and every vehicle to obtain important ADAS capabilities, enabling us to further enhance the safety of drivers and finally achieve a safer road."

CEVA's new generation of image and visual DSP platform can meet the extreme processing capability requirements, while reducing the power constraint of the most complex machine learning and machine vision applications for mobile phone, monitoring, augmented reality, sensing, obstacle avoidance UAV and autopilot. These DSP platforms include a hybrid architecture consisting of scalar and vector DSP processors, and simplification of software development. Surface application development kit (ADK). CEVA ADK includes: CEVA link to help software integrate seamlessly with the main processor; a series of widely used and optimized software algorithms; CEVA real-time deep neural network (cdnn2) Software framework, which simplifies machine learning development and requires only a small part of its power consumption compared with GPU based systems; and advanced development and debugging tools. For more information, please visit 。

CEVA and nextchip will attend the autosen conference in Brussels, Belgium, from September 19 to 21, 2017, which is part of autoworld. For more information or to meet CEVA experts, please contact events@ceva or visit the company's website . for an appointment with a nextchip representative, please contact 。

About nextchip

Nextchip is a major visual technology provider in the semiconductor field, aiming at embedded visual applications from video security to automobiles. Since 1997, nextchip has created innovative image processing technologies and gained significant market share in the past two decades. Through these highly mature visual technologies, nextchip provides a wide range of knowledge and experience, including evaluation and evaluation. As a visual As a professional manufacturer of technology, nextchip provides differentiated proprietary technology and ensures optimized IP with proprietary algorithms, which is nextchip's main competitiveness towards the ADAS market. For more information, please visit the company's website And view LinkedIn.

About CEVA

CEVA is the world's leading signal processing IP licensing company focusing on Intelligent interconnected devices. We cooperate with semiconductor enterprises and OEMs around the world to create energy-efficient and intelligent networked devices for a series of terminal markets including mobile communication, consumer electronics, automobile, industry and IOT. We provide ultra-low power IP for vision, audio, communication and wireless connection, It includes the DSP platform for LTE / LTE-A / 5G baseband processing in mobile phones, base stations and M2M devices, image, computer vision and deep learning technologies suitable for any camera device, as well as audio / voice and ultra-low power always on sensing application technologies suitable for various IOT markets. In terms of wireless connection, we provide the most widely used IP products in the industry, including Bluetooth (low power consumption and dual-mode) , Wi Fi (802.11 a / B / g / N / AC up to 4x4) and serial storage (SATA and SAS). To learn more about CEVA, visit the company's website at

Follow the subscription number of CEVA wechat, please search "ceva-ip". To view the video information published by CEVA in Youku, please visit: 。

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