New Fashion Experience: Huawei M2 Youth Tablet

The new Huawei M2 youth tablet is equipped with a 7-inch 323ppid resolution screen with a screen ratio of 16:10, which can play 1080p movies and flash; The front earpiece of the fuselage is a two in one speaker, equipped with a camera with 13 megapixels in the rear / 5 megapixels in the front, built-in GPS chip, and supports Bluetooth, gyroscope, gravity sensing, light sensing and other functions; The built-in lithium battery in the fuselage has a capacity of 4360mah (typical value) and a service life of 480 hours, meeting a variety of daily needs.

The new 7-inch Huawei M2 youth tablet computer has a fashionable and thin design, which is very in line with the temperament of young user groups, and its performance is also quite good; Equipped with Android 5.1 operating system, 3G memory, 16GB storage capacity, number of processor msm8939 cores, eight core A53, excellent performance, easy to deal with both video and games; At the same time, the machine also adopts the eye protection mode, which can avoid the damage to the eyes caused by watching the screen for a long time. At present, this Huawei youth version M2 sells well in JD for only 1599 yuan.

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