Multiple Choice: Which Wonderful Discovery Has Given Us Our Incredible Standard of Living and Prospe

C. OIL! Most can not wrap their heads around the idea that oil is not just the perfect bio-fuel (look it up, ) but it occurs naturally and does not cost billions to develop only to be available for clown cars. So many materials come from oil, it's a wonder people hate it so much. That Prius would come to a screeching halt were it not for oil. You still need grease and oil to help it run and last. Tires and plastics come from oil. Oil is good, oil is right. Oil is the ultimate bio-fuel. That's why Liberals hate it so much, because it makes us powerful and it helps put people to work. Maybe that's why Obama is trying to shut down all oil production and prevent future exploration.

1. superchager or turbos 1997 4.6 thunderbird?

for your set up a supercharger would provide more power for acceleration. superchargers give nearly instant boost but tapering off earlier in the power band. Where turbos need time to spool which gives turbo lag but give more power in the higher RPM bands. where your car is a smaller V-8 it doesnt wrap RPM like a little 4 banger nor does it like to be up in that 5-6K range for very long. Since Ford used this motor also in the Mustang you should be able to find plenty of parts to do either one. a supercharger will also be cheaper and easier to install and working right where a turbo will possibly require a lot more little things a turbo needs its own ecosystem to run they are more finicky about cooling, fuel, exhaust and most cars dont do well adding an aftermarket turbo.

2. Have you ever been a victim of crime while visiting the UK; if so what happened?

About five years ago, someone nicked my bike, the roofbars off my car and the petrol out of the tank of the car. They were not very bright. I know this because they drilled a hole in the bottom of the tank with an electric drill even though the filler cap door had fallen off and there was not lock on the filler cap itself. I put twenty quids worth of fuel in that car before I noticed it seeping accross the forecourt. Before that, never. Since then - credit card fraud by someone who travelled from the USA to Spain, where they were arresting useing the hotel address on my bank statement. Thieves really do seem to be idiots these days - gives new meaning to the phrase "As thick as thieves."

3. Is this a sign of a bad fuel pump or fuel filter?

and easy way to check things,,take the fuel filter off first,,try blowing through it,,if you can not feel air coming through,theirs your problem,,,but it sounds more like a fuel pump

4. guide-5-cleaning-a-fuel-tank-diesel-fuel

Guide #5 Cleaning a Fuel Tank This guide provides general information needed to clean a fuel tank. It is assumed that this is a tank that has shown some to many of the typical symptoms of contamination, such as: Visibly dark or black fuel Signs of floating debris in the fuel Fuel filters covered with black and/or slime Unusually short fuel filter life Sludge in the tank Water in the tank Smoke coming from engine exhaust All storage tanks naturally accumulate water, solids and sludge resulting from condensation and the degradation of fuel and oil. The more fuel we turn over through a tank, the more debris and water will accumulate in the bottom. The Algae-X Mobile Tank Cleaning System is compact, easy to operate and extremely versatile. This is extremely important for all applications of longterm fuel storage, especially emergency power generators. Algae-X has a range of mobile tank cleaning systems to address every size tank. Although the process may vary slightly between very small tanks and very large tanks, this guide will describe the problem and the process so that a professional commercial tank cleaning enterprise as well as a do-ityourselfer will benefit from understanding the process and procedures. The Algae-X systems can be divided into categories based on two determining factors: 1. Use the proper system for the size tank(s) to be cleaned: a. Use the TK-180 Portable Tank Cleaning (PTC) System to clean tanks up to 1,000 gallons. Before After

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